Chapter 20-22

24/03/2012 14:02

Chapter 20

I walk up to the door and knocked. “Lyne,” I say. “Come on, I’m going to be so late.” I hear her footsteps coming towards the door. Door. I kinda say that a lot, door. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she yells. I place my hand on the wall. Leaning towards the door. I hear her open the door. “Yes,” she says. “You ready?” I ask. She opens the door, a little wider and steps out her hotel room and closes the door, behind her. “I’ve been ready.” “Come on, let’s go.” When we got to the studio, I see Chrystal with her laptop and her people. “Jesse,” she says. “Subrina, go and take Jesse into the booth.” “He needs to listen to the fucking song, first.” Lyne got mad. “And you must be the girlfriend.” I couldn’t hear the rest of their conversation inside the booth and the headphones covering my ears. I see Chrystal press something. “Ok… Jesse, begin.” I nod my head. Lyne folds her arms, she was sitting on the sofa. I look at the lyrics, in front me and sing: “Used to be the richest But I didn’t pay attention Messed around and maxed out of love So now my hearts empty…” An hour later. After finishing recording the song. I turn to Jeramiah. She used to work of the Stereotypes. “Girl… Tell Chrystal that the song is amazing and that I will put it in the album.” “Great. I’ll tell her.” “By the way, how was working with the Stereotypes before Chrystal came to you, Jers?” I ask her. “The Stereotypes was a huge deal back then. They were working with new coming artist and not the greats like you, Jesse. So, when they told me about them working with this guy that was dropped by Motown.” “Motown? Isn’t that a huge deal?” “Well… yeah. But not, now,” she says, fixing her hair. “He’s name is Bruno. You may have heard of him.” I didn’t answer her. “You never heard of Bruno.” “I actually… I had heard of him.” “He’s a producer, now. The Smeezingtons.” Lyne looks at me when I said the Smeezingtons. How do I know that? How? I take Lyne’s arm when she was about to leave with everyone. I kiss her on the lips and pulled back. She slaps me across the face. “Why’d you do that?” I ask her. Lyne starts to cry. “I don’t know, Jess. I don’t fucking know. It’s just when they mentioned Bruno… I wanted to run out, you know. But then, you mentioned the Smeezingtons. I wanted to slap you, which I did. Jess. I slapped you.” “You know. What?” “What Jesse? What do you want?” “You know. The song that I just recored, right?” “Well, yeah. I do.” “Well… I only took it, because…” “Because of what, Jesse!!” “Because I’m afraid of losing you to him. I’m afraid that I’m might lose you to Bruno. And god, I wish that your friend never have dated that guy, so fucking much.” “I don’t care about Cassandra or anybody else, Jesse. Remember that.” She left the studio.

Chapter 21

I couldn’t stop thinking that he has mentioned Bruno, after all of that non sense that he keeps on thinking. He’s so sensative. I mean, really sensative…

This is it. I’m calling him. I pick up my phone and I dial his number.


“I’m so sorry, Brunz. What happened to us in London was somewhat real to me. You know. And I’m really am sorry for everything. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but it turns out that I’m hurting myself. Bye, Brunz.”

I hang up.

“Who was that?” He asks.

Oh… Shit!

“Nobody, just Brunz. My agent.”

I had to come up with something. Jesse nods and believes me.

That. Was. So. Close.


Chapter 22

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this part if you don’t want to spoil “Music of the Sun”.

“I took off when Jesse fell asleep. Ok, Cassie. Now, you know.”

“Yes, Lyne. I always knew that you’ll cheat on him.”

“I’m not cheating on him.”

“What’s with the lies, Lyne?” She sits down at a table.

I sit down at the same table, I take my shades off. “I’m not lying.”

“Oh, come on. I know it all. He’s making you happy, he’s wrote you a song. Come on. Do you ever think that I never went through that?”

I look at her confused.

“What I meant was… I know, Bruno. He’s not what you think he is.”

“Bruno is just a friend and you should know that.”

“God. Lyne. Wake up!!”

“I’m already awake.”

“I meant wake up for this thing that you think you had with Bruno in England.”

“How’d you know about that?” I ask her.

“He kisses and tells. That’s all, I’m going to say.”

I sigh and the radio in my head starts to play Big Time Rush’s Worldwide. I couldn’t have cheated on Jesse. And How did she know about my friendship with Bruno. Damn. I’m so confused. What does she have against him? If I knew. I’ll just smile and forget.