Chapter 20-23

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Chapter 20:

At the end of the night everyone said goodnight and Bruno and I went inside. 

“I had fun tonight.” I said.

“Me too. I’m glad everyone likes you.”

“They do?”

“Yeah of course! C’mon let’s go to bed.” he said and winked at me. He grabbed my hand and led me up the steps. He changed into boxers and laid in bed. I looked through the drawers and found my pajamas. I couldn’t help but notice him watching me as I changed.

“Were you watching me?” I asked putting a hand on my hip.

“Mhm.” he said and patted the space next to him. I slid next to him, he wrapped his arms around me.

“Baby.” he said kissing my neck.

“A-huh.” I giggled. 

“You know I love you right?”

“No, I need some convincing.”

“I can help with that.” he said kissing my neck. We were both soon naked. That night was full of steamy, hot, passionate love.


I woke up in his arms, and smiled remembering last night. The sun was out bright, I put on a different bikini, and walked down to the pool. I pulled out a raft and put it in the pool. I laid on my back on it and bent my left leg at the knee. I soaked up the sun for a while until Bruno woke up and came outside.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Well don’t you just look like a beach beauty”

“Thank you! Hungry?” he asked. I looked at him.

“No, I don’t want to move again.”

“I’m not gonna burn the house.” he laughed. He walked in the house. I looked down at the other end of the pool, 6ft, and saw a whole bunch of leaves. I got out, grabbed the net and walked over the dirty side. I reached it in and grabbed some of the leaves. I tried to lean over, but couldn’t reach them all. I walked on the end, careful of the wet surface, but fell in anyway.

“BRUNO!” I yelled as I fell with a splash. I went under swallowing mouthfuls of water. I tried to swim up, but my arm wasn’t helping. 

“I gotcha.” Bruno said pulling me out of the pool. I coughed up water and tried to breathe. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” I coughed. I sat up catching my breath. I tried to pick up my arm, it was super heavy. My cast was starting to melt off.

“Uh, maybe we should go to the doctors.” he said pulling off some of my cast.

“Alright.” he helped me up and we went inside to get dressed. he drove me down to the hospital and were put back in a room.

"I can give you a waterproof cast if you'd like?" the doctor asked.

"Oh please! that makes everything a lot easier." he took off the remaining cast and put on a new one, this one was light blue/ aqua.

"Since you're here, i'd like to check up on the status on if the baby is still with you." i looked at Bruno and said okay. i peed in a cup and they did their test.

"I have some news." he said coming in.

"We're ready." Bruno said holding my hand.

"You are still with child." Bruno kissed my hand. "That's not all. It's healthy, it's gonna survive." Bruno hugged me. "That's still not all of it." he paused. "Twins." he said.

"Twins?" i asked.

"Like two babies, in there right now?!" he asked excited.

"Congratulations. Do you drive?"

"I can, most the time i dont."

"I would recomend you drive as little as possible, and if you have to be in a car, sit in the back." the doctor said giving us a minute.

"Baby, we're gonna have two babies!" Bruno said kissing me.

"Oh my god." i started getting teary eyed.

"What's wrong?"

"i'm just so happy! We're finally gonna have a family for certain."

"I know." he smiled. the doctor released me and we drove home. we warmed up left overs from the cook out, Bruno ate with a smile on his face the whole time.

"So what are we doing today?" i asked.

"You should probably rest."

"Why? i still have months to go with this pregnancy thing."

"Still gotta be careful."

"Ugh fine." 


"Got it." Bruno said and walked to the door. 

"Hey, oh i completely forgot! This has been a crazy week for me." Bruno said still at the door. i walked out of the kitchen and found him at the door with some guy. the guy looked at me, Bruno turned around when he saw the guy looking at me.

"Oh this is my wife Nicholle."

"Wife?" The guy said.

"Hi how are you." i smiled.


"This is Greg, i told him i watch his dog for him this week."

"Oh." Hoolie trotted next to me and sat there.

"Whoa, maybe Apple shouldn't stay here."

"Apple?" i asked.

"My English Bulldog." he said. 

"Oh well you have nothing to worry about, Hollie is the best behaived dog in the world, i can garuntee it. Bring Apple over, he'll sit still unless i comand him too." he hesitantely brought his dog over from the car.

"Be calm." i said to Hoolie. the other dog sniffed Hoolie, he sniffed him back a little. 

"See i have complete control in my dog."


"I'm here, nothing will happen." Bruno said.

"Alright, you know my number." he said, dropped a dog bed some food and left. Bruno grabbed Apple by his face and the dog licked him all over his face. Bruno laughed.

"I love Apple." he said smiling.

"Hoolie go lay down." i said and he trotted away.


The week went by and there were no complications with Apple. Bruno "cooked" me breakfast and dinner everyday and left for the studio during the day. 


A month and a half have passed and i my cast and sling was finally gone! my arm is completely healed and the stitches are out of my cheek.


I curled my hair loosely, put on a pair of ripped jeans, a brown leather belt, and a lose shirt with an elastic edge that helped hide my stomach.

"Are you almost ready, superstar?" Bruno called from downstairs, i was going with him to the studio today. my first time out of the house in weeks. i walked down the steps and put flip flops on.

"You look like a bohimian hippie." he smiled.

"Thanks, i was going for that." i said holding up my two fingers in the 'peace' way. he took a picture of me with his phone and we got in the car. i sat in the back and Bruno drove. when we got there, there were kind of a lot of cars. Alex was there, Ryan, the rest of the band, and his manager.

"I see you're still with Bruno." Alex said to me.

"Yes, i am." i smiled sitting down. Bruno brought me a bottle of water with out me even asking.

"You're huge by the way." She said snobby.

"Alex!" Ryan said mad, Bruno chocked on his water and gave her the death glare.

"Thanks!" i smiled. "I should be, I am having twins you know." i smiled as Bruno rubbed my stomach. They all clapped, but she pouted and walked out of the room.

"Twins?" I heard another female say. I turned my head to the left and saw Preeti. I turned my head and ignored her. "I'm gonna be an auntie to two babies?" she asked coming closer to me.

"No, the only aunts Bruno's and my children will have is Loba and Roslyn." everyone felt the tension so they went in the recording area and left us alone.

"Why are you even here?" i asked her.

"We came to see Bruno, well Xavier came to see him. Wanted to introduce him to his neice and nephew." i took a sip of my water. "I'm sorry." she whispered.

"For?" i asked not looking at her.

"What i said the other day."

"It's the truth, dont appologize for not being a liar."

"You don't have to be a bitch about this, i'm trying to apologize."

"Well excuse me and my bitchy-ness." i said getting up and walked over to hear Bruno sing.

"Hey wait, I want Nicholle to sing with me."

"What?" I asked.

"Get in here." he smiled to me.

"What are we singing?"

"Just follow along." he started singing count on me. i stood on the left side of him, he wrapped his arm around me and we sang to each other. it was so sweet, after we finished the song, he kissed me, i put my left hand on the right side of his face and he depened the kiss. We pulled apart.

"That was amazing!" Phil said through the intercom thing.

"I wanna add that track to the album." Kenny said.

"Really?" i asked smiling.

"You were amazing." Bruno whispered in my ear. I saw Preeti starring at me, i looked down. She left and Bruno wanted to keep singing with me. about an hour later i got a whole crap load of phone calls and text telling me to go on youtube. i logged into my account with someone's laptop and saw what everyone was freaking out about. Someone recorded me and Bruno singing earlier and posted it on youtube.

"Bruno!" i called over.

"What's wrong?!" he asked thinking i was hurt. i showed him the video, there was a sudden glare on the video when i kissed Bruno and put my hand on his face, i thought it was from my nose stud but then the camera zoomed in on my finger, it was from my engagement ring.

"Oh no." Bruno said. we looked at the comments and a lot of them were hateful death threats. some were nice, but most were horrible!

"Great." i said. i logged into my twitter and had too many mentions to respond to. "Looks like i finally have something to do while i'm on bed rest: reply to death threats." i smiled.

"Babe, don’t deal with them."

"No, they're just Hooligans, i remember when i would freak out every time you were shown with some girl, i owe it to them. Well some of them." 

"Only if you can handle it." he said.

"I'll be fine, as soon as i figure out who posted it, i have connections, i'll figure it out." i said determined.


Chapter 21:

i took a deep breath and logged into my twitter account. 'Hey #Hooligans!' i tweeted, I got an explosion of mentions. 'I PROMISE i will get back to everyone of you but i need a favor.' was my next tweet. 'Any means necesary, find out who posted the youtube video of me and Bruno. DM me with info and i'll call you.' was my last tweet. i sat back and watched as mentions kept coming in, nothing was helping me figure out who did it. they were all question's similar to, 'are you and Bruno married?!' or 'was that really you in that video?' Bruno kept recording songs and i went back to the youtube page. i clicked on the user that uploaded it and tried to figure out who it was in real life. i saw in the bio thing was their twitter link. i clicked on it and Bruno's pictures were the background. the icon was Bruno and the person's name was Bruno's Wifey. in the bio it stated that she (i'm guessing since it says wifey) is in love with Bruno, know's him, and see's him almost everyday. the only girls that i know of working here are Alex and the receptionist. i sent the person a tweet asking her just a random Bruno question. A noise came from Alex's pocket. she pulled it out and said, "Twitter." she read it, looked scared and put her phone back in her pocket. i sent another tweet. this time she read it, turned off her phone, smiled at me and walked out. Oh my god she sent it in! She's trying to invade our life! I left it alone, i dont wanna deal with it. the rest of the day goes by and we get back home. Bruno jumps in the shower and i sit on the couch starring up at the ceiling. my phone starts vibrating.

"Hello?" i ask

"Why didn't you tell me you're married to Bruno?!" Alyssa yelled at me.

"We didn't tell a lot of people yet."

"It's all over youtube!"

"Because this Alex bitch he works with posted it without us knowing."

"Oh, hey im down the street from you house, open the door."

"I don't live there anymore."

"What? Damn you dont tell me NOTHING anymore. Oh, how did you burn your house?"

"Bruno did it, trying to cook." i laughed.

"Oh, poor guy." she laughed.

"OH and i got some more news for you."


"Let's have lunch tomorrow at my new house and i'll tell you everything!"

"Alright, ugh lemme go a cops pulling me over, i just sped through a red light." she laughed.

"Okay." i laughed. Bruno walked down the stairs and sat next to me on the couch.

"I've been thinking." he said.

"What? I know that's so difficult for you, is your brain okay?" i asked rubbing his head. he laughed a little.

"No, seriously, i've been thinking about baby names." he smiled.

"Oh, alright."

"Hold on." he got up and grabbed a few books off the kitchen table. "I bought these books a week ago, i highlighted ones i like, but havent gotten through the whole book yet." i looked in the Girl section first. Annabelle, Annabeth, Anastashia, Crystal, Corrin, Correy, Jesabelle, Samantha were highlighted. In the boy's section Jerrimiah, Cole, Javier, Dylan, Chase, Luis were highlighted. we went through the rest of the books and highlighted what we liked. we made a rule of no more than 5 a page.the next day i Alyssa directions and she came over.

"You live with Bruno?!" she said walking in and looking around. "Everything looks so clean!"

"Yeah, it's a wonder to me how clean it is." i made us lunch and we ate outside.

"So i have some news." i said.

"Yeah?" she smiled.

"I'm pregnant." i stood up.

"No your not, i cant see no belly. i lifted my three sizes too big t-shirt (used to be my dad's) and turned to the side, she gasped. 

"Twins." i said.

"What? Is Bruno the dad?" she whispered.

"Of course i'm the dad!" Bruno said walking out.

"I thought you were at the studio." i said when he gave me a hug.

"I thought i'd come home early and surprise you, but i see you have company. Hi, i'm Bruno he said sticking out a hand to Alyssa.

"This is my friend Alyssa." they shook hands, Alyssa was smiling the whole time. 

"Oh yeah, i meant to ask if you ever talked to that Alex girl about uploading the video."

"What?" Bruno asked.

"I didnt say anything yet." i said.

"Oh." she took a sip of her Sprite.

"Alex did it?" Bruno asked me.

"Yeah, i'm pretty sure."

"Why didnt you tell me?"

"I wanted to wait a while, she knows i know, make her on edge waiting for me to say something." Bruno got up, i assume to tell his manager.

"Well, i gotta get going." Alyssa said.

"Aw, why so soon?"

"Soon? I've been here for like 6 hours." she laughed.

"Really?" it feels like five minutes." we said our goodbye's and i joined Bruno on the couch. i starred down at my stomach and thought about all that has happened to me in the past two months. 

"What you thinkin about?" he asked grabbing my feet and rubbing them.

"How much you've impacted my life."

"I hope in a good way?"

"No, not at all. an AMAZING way! I'm gonna be a mommy, a wife, and a somebody in this world because i'm with you."

"You were always somebody in this world, and you still would be, even without me." he kissed my pinkey toe, i smiled.

"There are two thing we forgot about though."

"And what would they be?"

"A wedding, and telling our parents."

"Ohh." he said putting his head back. "Looks like we're going to hawaii!" he smiled.


"That's where my folks are."

"I've always wanted to go back home."

"We should take like a few weeks vacation down there. I'll show you where i grew up, and you can show me where you grew up."

"Yeah! It'll have to be soon thought, in a few months they wont let me on a plane anymore."

"Ohh, about that.."


"How do we explain that our child is not a love child?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, technically we were married before we were pregnant, but if we tell my mom that she'll be mad she wasnt invited to the wedding. if i tell her we didnt have one yet, but tell her about the baby she'll think we're getting married because of the baby."

"Yeah..we'll think of something. i'll try to wear baggy clothes and not sit too close to her. i'll do anything to keep her happy." i smiled.

"Well, we should put the babies to bed. It's after midnight."

"Alright, they're not even born yet, and you act all fatherly."

"Well, 6 and a half months for practice."

"It seems so soon. lots to do. lots to buy."

"Good thing i got money." he smiled. he kissed me and helped me upstairs. he laid next to me in bed and we fell asleep....only for three hours.


Chapter 22:

DING-DONG the doorbell went for the THIRD FUCKING TIME!

“Ugh! Someone better be dying!” I groaned, you should stay here.” Bruno said getting up.

“No, they had the nerve to wake me up, they can deal with me!” He laughed. 

I opened the door not caring if it was a puppy or an ax murderer.

“What?!” I snapped when I saw it was Alex, she was crying.

“Please Bruno, I need my job back! I need these credits to graduate!” she pleaded inviting herself in.

“I’m not the only one you have to ask.” he said.

“You lost your job?” I smiled.

“Yeah, I was the one who uploaded the video.”

“There’s nothing you can do or say to get your job back.”

“I need it to get my diploma.”

“Oh save it!” Bruno yelled. “I’m tired of this bullshit, we called the school, they have no idea who the fuck you are!” I got scared, I had never seen him like this. 

“W-what? That has to be a mistake.”

“Yeah a mistake that I believed you!”

“I think you should go.” I said calmly when she looked at me.

“But, I-”

“Get the fuck out! You lied to me, betrayed my trust, and might have ruined my career and relationship with my wife. I never wanna see you ever again!”

“You’re crazy!”

“GO!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

“This isn’t the last time you will see me, I PROMISE that!” she let herself out and slammed the door. 

“Bruno.” I said quietly reaching out to touch his shoulder.

“What!” he jumped when I touched him, I flinched back. “I’m sorry, she just makes me so mad. I was there for her, gave her a chance, and this is how she repays me.”

“C’mon.” he kept talking and explaining everything, we went back upstairs and laid in bed.

“She made me feel like me and you are jeopardized. Like we might crumble.”

“Cookies crumble, this,” I moved my arm between us, “this isn’t a cookie, it’s a relationship, our life.”

“You’re always my rock. Keeping me sane.”

“Anytime babe.”

“I just wanna sleep, with you in my arms.”

“I can make that come true.” I smiled. He hugged me and we drifted to sleep listening to the sound of each other’s heart.


When we woke up we had a surprise on our doorstep. It was a note:


            I have connections in this city, you won’t be able to escape me.


Most likely from Alex. 


“When is she gonna give up?” I asked.

“No idea. don’t let her get to you though.”

“I can’t help it. I don’t know what she’s capable of.”

“I can assure you, you have nothing to be afraid of, but you have Hoolie, and I’m here, and I can have Dre be here instead of with me.”

“No, you take Dre. I’ll be good with Hoolie.”

“I’ll have to get you your own body guard.”

“I don’t kn-”

“It would make me feel better.”

“Fine.” he kissed me on the forehead. 

“C’mon, were going out tonight and I wanna buy you something. Plus were gonna need things for our vacation.”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere special to me.” we got ready and drove around town. We stopped in a few stores and Bruno bought me anything I wanted. 

“Bruno.” I said stopping him from dragging me into an expensive jewelers.


“I don’t need all this. Yes thank you I appreciate the gesture, but I’m not with you for your money. I could honestly care less if you had two dollars to you name, or if you had all the money in the world. I’m with you for you.”

“I hear ya. I’m sorry, I’m just used to most the girls I go out with wanted things like this.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against this stuff.” I smiled. “But I think you’ve bought me enough for today, in fact enough for like a year!” 

“I hear ya.” he laughed. “Well, we should go home and get ready.” 

“Okay.” I smiled. He drove us back home. When we walked up to the door there was blood on the handle. 

“Shh.” Bruno whispered to me, he grabbed a spot where there was no blood and opened the door. Hoolie was sitting right there growling ready to attack.

“Hoolie.” I said, he saw it was me and calmed down. He had red stained fur around his mouth. There was a little blood on the floor. I took Hoolie to the bathroom to wash off his fur and screamed when I saw the bedroom.

“I’M COMING!” Bruno yelled running up the steps. 

“Look what that sicko did to our room!” the pillows were cut up, feathers everywhere, the bed itself had slits and gashes in it, our picture together was smashed with glass everywhere. There was red writing on the wall.

‘If I can’t have you Bruno, no one will!’ was what it said. It had an arrow pointing to the right, we looked over there was a little doll that looked like me, it had pins in it everywhere and the eye’s were x’s. 


Chapter 23:

"Okay I'm officially creeped out." I said. "Where's my camera?"

"You really want your camera right now?" he asked worried.

"Evidence." I said pulling out my phone. I took pictures of the wall, the bed, pillows, floor, the doll and an overall room shot.

"What should we do?"

"Get a restraining order."

"I'll call Dre and tell him to bring some more people. You can start getting ready, I'll protect you until they get here."

"You still wanna go out tonight?"

"Yeah, we can't let her ruin tonight and our lives, then she wins."

"You're right." 

"Oh and just put whatever on."

"But what about this afternoon, aren't we going somewhere special to you?"

"This afternoon was just an excuse so I could spend some time with you. And yes this place is special to me." 

“You didn't need to make up excuses to spend time with  me." He smiled and hugged me. I threw on jean shorts, a low cut loose tank top, and let my hair hang loose. He threw on black jeans, a graphic tee, ray bans, and a fedora. 

“Can I just tell you something?” I said.

“What’s up?”

“You look really good.”  he chuckled. “I mean, it’s hard for me to not be on you right now.”

“Well, you know, real quick we could just…” he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and put his hands on my butt. I smiled up at him. 

“Can I kiss you on your lips, babe?” he sang, I nodded smiling. He leaned down a lightly kissed me lips, barely touching them. It gave me a shiver. “Put my hands on your hips, girl.” he continued singing. I grabbed his hands off my butt and put them on my hips. “Touch you all over-” he started to sing when he was interrupted by the door bell.

“Damn it.” he said lowering his head.

“Oou, you got me goin.” I whispered.

“I just wanna do you right.”

“Please baby, tonight.” I said and kissed his bottom lip.

“Mhm.” he said biting his lips and pulling me closer to him so one of his legs was in between my legs. The doorbell went again.

“Ugh.” I said throwing my head back.

“Waiting for something this good, will make it all the more pleasurable in the end.”

“You better be able to live up to that.” I whispered and walked downstairs, he followed me smiling.

“Dude, open the damn door already!” Dre’s voice boomed from outside. I opened the door and he walked in with three of his friends. 

“Roman, Jimmy, and Cliff.” he said pointing to each one. “Roman and Jimmy will stay here, and Cliff and I will go with you two tonight.” Dre said.

“Alright, let’s kick it.” Bruno said grabbing my hand. We got in the backseat, and Dre and Cliff got in the front. Bruno held my hand the whole way and kept rubbing my leg with his other hand. 

“Making sure you stay nice and hot.” he whispered in my ear and squeezed my way upper thigh. I shivered and had to kiss him. We started making out, rough. I licked the roof of his mouth and he shivered.

“Damn baby.” he said out of breath a little. I smiled, satisfied that I made him feel this way. “Might have to cut this night early!” he said hyped up.

“No no, remember, waiting for something this good, will make it more pleasurable in the end.”

“I love you.”

“I know.” I smiled, he laughed lightly. We pulled up to an ice cream parlor. I looked at Bruno confused. 

“C’mon.” we got out and he grabbed my hand.

“Peter!” and older Italian man said. 

“Hey Don.”

“Bout time you come back, been waiting for ages! I’m almost dead here.” he said in a heavy Italian accent. Bruno laughed.

“And who is this, lucky lucky guy you.”

“This is my wife, Nicholle.”

“MOGLIE?! Wife, you’re married?” he exclaimed.

“Yes.” he smiled.

“Honored to meet you.” he held a hand out, I offered my hand and he kissed the top of it.

“Any bambinos?” he asked smiling with a wink.

“About 6 months.” I smiled rubbing my stomach.

“What? You’re pregnant now?!”

“Twins.” Bruno smiled.

“Aye! Twins? This is great!” he smiled and clapped his hands once.