Chapter 20

18/09/2011 17:48

Chapter 20

She's gone. I can't stop crying. I can't eat. I lose my weight. My soulmate left me again. I can't find her. I just can't. I have to let her go. Phil and Ari try to hook me up with some random girl they found but I won't treat them well. Just as friends. She knew she took my heart away. And I took her heart with me. I promised myself I wouldn't hurt her but... I gave her to Shawn? It's my fault. I'm supposed to propose her long time ago. If it's not because of.... EVERYTHING. I stared at the moon and I started to sing.
     I knew you're somewhere out there,
     Somewhere far away.....
     I want you back. I want you back.

And there it goes, a song with the title "Talking To The Moon". I couldn't help myself. Few days later, we went back to L.A. I can't go to her house to apologize to her. She'll ask me to get the hell out from her house for sure. Things gone back like the same. Me pretending like I'm happy while I'm not. It's worse than ever.


Me and Shawn are over. I told him I can't be with people I can't love. So, after I left from L.A. Shawn looked for me for the wedding thing. I told him I can't marry him and I dumped him. Two months after the London tragedy, with all the money I've saved from my salary, 10,000 dollars a month, that's mean, I have 240,000 dollars. I opened my own company. Named "The BruSha". My company will provides a studio for new singers. It doesn't matter who signed them. We even sells our own musical instruments. We can even writes name on the Drum Sets or guitar or whatever. I don't find any man after what happened in London. Fyza are getting married tomorrow. So, I've requested some of my friends that can sings to sings on Fyza's wedding such as Hayley Williams and more. Fyza sent her owns invitations. She wouldn't let me see it. What a GOOD sister! I can't imagine being without her. With my big house... And no other people except me. Like, forever alone. Thank goodness Fyza will come and stay at my house because Taylor are going to work with Hayley and some other people on their new band named Paramore. They said they need my studio. That's great! It's funny how no one will continue with my family name. I fell asleep.

"Sasha! Wake up!" Fyza said as she shakes my whole body.
"what?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes.
"We're going to the church. Now, let's get ready!" she smiled. I throw myself in the shower and changed into a simple outfit. I'll wear my dress at the church so it won't be dirty or whatever. I sent Fyza to her dressing room. I  changed into my red dress. I walked into the church and see if everything has gone perfectly. I was preparing for some flowers when a guy bang into me. I fell down on the aisle. 
"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you." I looked at him. It's an awkward silence.
"Sorry, I'm Brandon. Brandon Creed." he said and passed his hand. We shakes and I grab the flowers I dropped just now.
"I'm Sasha. Sorry, I have to go." I smile and walked back to Fyza's dressing room. Few minutes later everything is prepared and I waited with the groom and bride's maid. Fyza walked through the aisle with a big smile. She stands next to Taylor. I can't stop looking at this lovebirds. I looked at the crowd. I saw Brandon. He waved at me. I smiled and I saw Bruno's sitting next to him. My face changed and I looked next to Bruno. Pete, Bernie, Tiara, Jaime, Presley, Tahiti and Eric. I smiled. I miss them all so much. Fyza and Taylor vowed and they kissed. They walked out from the church and Fyza threw her flower. I got the flower accidentally and now, everyone's smiling at me.  Awkward. Fyza and Taylor left the church to the hotel and they'll be back to celebrate it later. Bruno looked at me and turned. I walked to Pete, and before I could hug him, Presley, Tahiti, Tiara and Jaime hugged me.
"Good luck Sasha. I hope you and Bruno are going to be next." Jaime smiled.
"Sorry, me and Bruno... Well, we broke up... It's two years ago. I went back to Hawaii, he didn't tell you?" I said. I managed to hold back my tears.
"Oh my god. He didn't tell us ! The last time he said to all of us about you is he's lucky to meet his soulmate since you both were 5! And.... it's two years ago.. Yeah, we didn't keep in touch that long. He's busy with his work I guess," Presley said. She hugged me.
"Well, I hope you both are going to be okay soon!" Tiara smiled.
"I hope so." I hugged her.
"Well, since we're all here, let's go and shopping!" Bernie said and she smiled.
"It's your family, I won't disturb!" I smiled.
"No! You're part of our family since you're small! You should come!" Tahiti make a sad face and I can't say no. They're like my own sisters.
"Okay, but we gotta be at Fyza's party before 7pm!" I smiled. They nodded. 
"Okay, Imma grab some things and I'll be back in a minute!" I smiled.
"Make it fast!" Presley screamed as I walked to take my car's key. I walked to the dressing room.
"Hi, you're Sasha right?" Brandon said.
"Yeah" I said and we talked for awhile. We exchange name card and I walked back to the girls.