Chapter 20

17/01/2012 22:21

“Mom I don’t wanna go dress shopping! Take me home right now!” I plead with her. “No, now shut up and just be happy” Urgh, I hate this woman sometimes…. “Where are we even going anyway? If you’re gonna make me do this then I don’t wanna go somewhere shit…” “That place on Rodeo Drive, you know, that place where all the celebrities go, I got an appointment with the seamstress to have a private meeting with us, cheer up Lex. You’ll be happy when you’re married. Trust me. And it’s not like he’s forcing you is he?” “No… He’s not, I said yes because I wanna marry him” “Exactly, now like I said. Just shut up and cheer the fuck up” “Yes mommy….” We arrive at the boutique and meet Mid outside. Of course she’s here… “Oh I’m SO excited! I hope we get to try some on too” “Yupp, can’t wait” She just gives me this bitch please look and we walk inside.

As we walk in everything is in crystal clear white, everything just looks so calm and peaceful, and the dresses that I can see are all beautiful, all similar and unique in their own way. Just beautiful. My face lights up as I imagine wearing one of these beautiful dresses whilst Bruno waits for me at the altar. Which reminds me, we’re gonna need to find him a tux. God Damn, just imagining that sexy sexy man in a tux does weird things to me…. “LEX!” Mid yells and I come back down to reality. “Sorry… they’re all so beautiful; do you think he’ll like any of them?” “If you’re in it then he’ll love it” My mom says as she walks up to the receptionist. “Yeah he’ll love you in it, but he won’t be able to wait until he can get you out of it, if ya know what I mean…” Mid says as she walks up to my mom. I don’t hear much of what they were saying, I was too busy looking at the dresses, but I did hear the end when the receptionist started speaking to me. “Oh Lexii! I’m such a HUGE Bruno Mars fan! My names Esmee! I can’t believe he’s marrying you! You must feel like the luckiest girl in the word! Is there any way you could get me a signed album!? Oh are you going to bring him in here to look at our tuxes’!? We do a wide variety of men’s tuxes’ in here! Please say yes!” “Uhhh…. maybe if you do a great job of making me a wedding dress then I’ll consider bringing him in” “Of course we will! Sasha makes the BEST wedding dresses EVER!” I just smile and watch her walk off. Wow I can see her start to get annoying. “Hello, I’m Sasha, Miss Roberts is it?” and she puts her hand forward to shake mine. I shake hers and say without thinking “Wow you’re young. I mean uhh, sorry, I was just expecting someone old. I don’t know why…” “It’s fine, I get that all the time, now let’s talk” and we walk over to a table and sit down. “Now, what kind of wedding dress were you thinking of?” “Uhm, I don’t know…” “Come on Mrs Roberts-“I cut her off “Call me Lex” she smiles. “Lex, you must have some idea of what you want, all little girls dream about their big day at some point” I take a second and think about what I really want. “I want. Uhm. A big dress, you know, like those princess dresses, the huge ones. And a veil, a long one held in place with a beautiful tiara. The dress needs to be strapless, like a corset, but not too much going on, simplicity is the best” “See, I knew you knew what you wanted. Everyone does. I think I have a rough idea of what you want. Now, I take it money will not be an issue?” I just shake my head; money will definitely not be an issue. Sasha smiles and starts to sketch something out. She draws exactly what I was thinking. A huge princess dress, that’s strapless with the corset top. “I take it you want white?” Both my mom and Mid start to laugh, what children. “Well, I was thinking black, but white will be fine too I suppose…” I say sarcastically. “It’s just that we do a cream that to the naked eye looks white, but only you’ll know, if you want we can do that” They start to laugh even louder, I just ignore them  “No, white is perfect” She finishes her sketch and hands it to me. It’s beautiful, but “Why does it look like the corset is lumpy, shouldn’t it be all smooth?” “That’s the crystals” “Crystals!?” “Yes, I can make you a corset that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, and the same with the tiara and the shoes. Since you said money was not an option, I thought I’d go all out” I don’t deserve to have my dress filled with crystals, I’m not THAT special to have that! That’s something real princesses have, not music producers….. “Hey, can you make Bruno a diamond encrusted hat that’s made from unicorn fur?” Mid says. Idiot. “Hey I saw that interview! On MTV!” Oh God…. “You’re not gonna make him wear a hat right? Please don’t tell me I have to tailor him one” Sasha says shocked “Hell no! I’ll style his hair perfectly myself on that day” My mom says, being the hairdresser that she is. “Yeah, no hat… but I’m not sure about the crystals on my dress. That seems all too extravagant don’t you think?” They all shake their heads. “Lex, you’re worth it, believe me” My mom says. “Ok, let’s have the crystals…” “Perfect! Now, what’s your colour theme?” “White and Red” My mom says. “It is?” I say shocked, wow; they really did plan this out well. “Yeah, but a deep red, not bright, we’re not stupid and also because it’s Bruno’s favourite colour and it goes so well with these flowers we found, and against the white, it’s just amazing” “Oh, uhh, ok then, yeah, my colour theme is dark red….” “So the bridesmaid dresses will be dark red?” “YES MY DRESS WILL BE RED! You got anything I can try on!?” Mid yells all excited. “I’ll have a look in a second. How many bridesmaids will you have?” I look over to my mom to see if she’s already sorted that out too, since she’s sorted almost everything else. “We thought we’d let you decide on your own bridesmaids” she replies. “Oh, uhh, well, Mid, Jamie, Tahiti, Presley and Tiara. 5. That’s enough right?” “That’s perfect” Sasha says as she takes note. “But Bruno’s sisters live in Hawaii, how are you gonna get their measurements?” “It’s ok, I have boutiques in Hawaii, I can get one of the girls that works for me to get their measurements” We spend more time picking fabrics, looking at different styles of dresses and looking at the different shades of red’s that she has. Then. To Mid’s happiness, we get to try some dresses on….

I don’t want to try it on! Can’t I just wait for mine to be made? Please? “No” They all say in unison. “Pleasee??” “Lex I need you to try this dress on to see if you like the style, if not then we can find you something else and then when you’ve chosen one you like, I can finally start to make yours” “Fine” I go in to the room and try on this dress. It’s huge! Maybe I shouldn’t have a princess dress… maybe a regular size dress would be better. “Ya’ll are gonna have to help me get this on because there’s no fucking way I can do it myself…” All three of them walk in and attempt to get me in this thing. Once it’s on they make me walk out in to this separate room which is filled with mirrors. Yuck, I hate looking at myself in all different angles… I look up at both of them and they all look shocked. Fuck, do I really look that awful!? I refuse to look in the mirrors… “Uhh, how do I look?” I ask scared. “Sweetheart you look beautiful” My mom says as her eyes start to well up, is she really crying? I can’t look THAT good, can I? I decide to slowly open my eyes and look. As I do, I turn round to the mirror and I see myself standing on the podium in this huge but beautiful white wedding dress. That’s all I can say, it’s just a beautiful dress. Sasha comes up behind me and says “Now, when we’ve got your dress made for you, it’ll be tailored in all the right places, the corset will be tighter to make you feel more secure, and obviously the corset will be filled with crystals and won’t be as plain as this one is” I’m still speechless, I manage to say “Do you think Bruno will like it?” They all nod in unison. “Of course he will, you know he will” Mid says. “Lex, I’m going home, I’ll leave you with Mid and I’ll speak to you later” and with that my Mom leaves. That was odd. “Right, lingerie time!” “Wait, what?” “You need something HOT to wear under your dress Lex, don’t think I’m just gonna let you wear your usual stuff under there! You need something that’s gonna shock Bruno and make him wanna fuck the living daylights out of you!” I look over and see Sasha laughing to herself. “Bitch, he already wants to do that to me” “Sure Lex…. now come on!” Lingerie for Bruno? This should be interesting….