Chapter 20-23

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After a 15 minute drive we pull up to the resort. I’m speechless, it’s amazing. I can’t even put into words how amazing it is, I want to pinch myself right now. “Oh, Bruno…” “Don’t say anything Lace, the look on your face says everything. Just that look makes the whole trip for me. I don’t care what happens after this, my trip has been made with the look in your eyes right now.” He leans in and kisses me and then pulls me inside. “Hi, I have a reservation under Hernandez.” After clicking around for a minute, she pulls out our card keys slides them across the counter and says, “Your luggage has been delivered to your room, and you have dinner reservations @ 8. Have a great stay, if you need anything please feel free to call.”

When we walk out, he steps in front of me, “Hop on darling.” I hop on his back and we head out to find our room, “Bruno, your passing all of the hotel rooms.” “I know, we don’t have one of those. We have one of these,” slowing down looking at the numbers on the little cottages in front of the beach, he finds ours and lets me down on the stairs. “Here we are,” He says in a sexy voice. When we walk through the door I smack my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing. It is the most beautiful little cottage I have ever seen. Right inside the door, a little living area, it’s decorated in bright colors, the bedroom door is open, I can’t see the bed, but what I do see is the ocean. The whole back wall is a huge glass door, open to the beach. Shutting the door behind us, Bruno walks up behind me and puts his hands around my waist.

“What do you think booty?” “It’s so beautiful, this is the most amazing thing… I love you Bru. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m thanking God every day for you.” I cup his face in my hands and bring him down for a kiss. When we break for air he smiles against my mouth and says, “You know we have 2 hours before our dinner reservations.” “Well, in that case,” I wrap my arms around his neck, jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, “Off to the bedroom cowboy.”


“So what other surprises do you have up your sleeve?” We just sat down for dinner, we’re having a candle light dinner, in walking distance from our little cottage. “Well, I have a spa day planned for tomorrow, but other than that the rest of the week is just whatever my baby wants to do.” “Spa day huh?” “Mmmhhmmm, girl we gonna get our massage on,” he says weaving his head back and forth. “Your such a nerd,” “Yeah, but I’m your nerd,” he says, bringing my hand up to his mouth, kissing my fingertips. 

After dinner we walk back towards home, when we get near this little bar we slow. It sounds like they are doing karaoke. “Bru, let’s go inside and have a drink!” I grab his hand and pull him towards the door. We have a few drinks and then our names get called to go up and sing, “Bruno, did they really just call our names?” “Yeah, I picked us out something.” It’s a good thing I have some drinks in me, otherwise I don’t think I could do this. Although, I do have Bruno here so I could just lip sing. We get up on the little stage and when the song starts playing I almost die, there is no mistaking what song he has chosen after just seconds.

We are singing Meatloaf’s ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’. Bruno is going over the top with this song, and I literally cannot stop laughing. When it’s over, Bruno takes a bow, and we walk off stage. “Booty, you suck! You didn’t sing at all!” “I’m sorry, I couldn’t get a word out, I was too busy laughing at you.” Bruno ends up singing a couple other songs, and then a couple people talk him into singing ‘It Will Rain’. After getting a couple more drinks into me, Bruno talks me into singing a song, I give a horrible rendition of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, Bruno screams and cheers for me.


The phone is ringing, why is the phone ringing? Why isn’t somebody answering this fucking phone? I roll over and grab the phone, “What?” “Uhh, Mr. Hernandez, this is your wake up call, you have a spa reservation in an hour.” Slamming the phone back down, I roll over onto my back, I don’t want to get up, I have a head ache, I have a hangover. Lacey rolls over and throws her leg over me, “Who was that babe?” She asks in a sleepy voice. “Our wake up call, our spa appointment is in an hour.” She opens her eyes and looks at me, “What’s with the face grumpy?” I don’t know why I just woke up in such a bad mood, but I feel like snapping at her, this isn’t going to be a good day. “Nothing,” I growl, and climb out of bed, after going to the bathroom I stumble back into the bedroom looking for my sunglasses. “Where the fuck are my glasses, I can’t function with all this light!”

While I’m brushing my teeth I hear something hit the wall, “Bruno, what the fuck is going on in there?” I yell with my mouth full of tooth paste. He mumbles something in reply but I can’t make it out. When I walk out, Bruno is throwing things around, ripping the blankets off the bed, stomping around. “Bruno, what are you doing? Calm down,” I say grabbing his arm. “Don’t. Touch. Me.” I back away, I don’t know what is wrong with him, but he’s pissed me off, “I don’t know what your deal is, but apparently you have forgotten who I am, and what I will and will not put up with.” I grab my sunglasses from my purse and walk out the door in my pajamas. I walk towards the water, when I get there I walk in up to my knees and just stand there. There is something calming about the water, the sound, the feel of the waves washing up and down my calves. His words keep running through my mind, ‘Don’t. Touch. Me’, the way he said it, I’m mad again, actually no I’m not mad, I’m hurt. Why would he talk to me this way?

I stand there for a few more minutes and then decide to go put my suit on, I sneak back into the room, Bruno is in the bathroom with the door closed. I quickly change and walk back out. I find a beach chair propped up against the side of our cottage. I walk back out to the edge of the water, extend my chair and lay down in it. It’s around 9 in the morning and already probably 80 degrees out, maybe I’ll get a good tan.  

After throwing up everything I have in my body, I feel a little better. I brush my teeth, find some Tylenol and walk out of the bathroom. Our room is trashed, and I instantly feel horrible for how I’ve acted. I straighten the bed, and pick up the stuff I’ve thrown on the floor. When I turn around I see Lacey laying out at the edge of the water. I’m a horrible boyfriend. Quickly I call and change our spa appointment for tomorrow. Then I head outside to fix the mess I’ve caused.

“Booty, I’m really sorry for what just happened,” I say sitting down of the edge of her lounge chair. “You’re touching me Bruno, remember you don’t want me to touch you.” Her voice has the same iciness that her eye color has. I get down on my knees, take her hand in mine and kiss it, starting at her fingers and working my way up to her neck. “Baby, please don’t be mad at me. I’m sawwy,” I whisper into her ear. I hear some voices over my shoulder, people are starting to hit the beach already. “If you don’t forgive me, I will start singing, right here,” I say standing up, “Look at me, I didn’t even put pants on, come on, you want all these people to see my ding-ding?” She’s laughing now, “Oh, you think your funny, huh booty?” I bend over and pick her up and throw her over my shoulder and carry her back to the house. 



I have changed names, people who are not married, may now be married, people that are married may have different names, people that don’t have kids may have kids…. i’m not paying attention to seasons, so if the grammys end up in the fall then whatever. I’m doing this because I don’t think its fair to put certain people in a story when the only relation they have to certain people are their kids, friends, cousins, band members wives/kids ect…. 

Saying this, i’m in no way knocking any fanfics that are out there using those correct names, I just don’t feel comfortable putting certain people on blast and making fictional things up about them. This is just MY personal opinion about MY story. Also, i’m hoping to save myself some time having to defend my self when someone comes at me saying “so and so isn’t married to sheila, her real name is ######, or that’s not his daughters name. blah blah blah” 



“Bruuuunoooo, put me down!” I yell, smacking his butt. “Shhh did you hear that?” He says in a serious voice. “What?” I say, kinda frightened. “This sack of potatoes on my shoulders was talking.” “Oh my god, Bruno. Come on.” “HAAAAA.” Finally he puts me down on the porch, and sits down next to me. “Baby, I really am sorry about that.” “Bruno, what caused you to act like that?” “Please, you’re pulling your mom shit on me lace, can we just say I fucked up and not make me talk about? I know I was being an ass, but I’m really embarrassed about why, and I’m not telling you. It’s not anything you did.” I just shrug my shoulders, I really don’t understand what happened, but I guess he’s probably right, I am trying to use my mom skills to figure it out, and if he doesn’t want to talk about then I guess he doesn’t have to.

Changing the subject he says, “I rescheduled our spa appointment for tomorrow, so what do you want to do today?” “Hmm, I don’t know what is on the list of things we can do?” We end up renting bikes and riding around town, having breakfast at a little café, shopping at little shops, Bruno finds a new fedora, it looks just like all the other ones he owns, but he swears it’s his new favorite. Around lunch time we find a deli and buy sandwiches and have a picnic in the little park nearby. “This island is so relaxing Bru, I could stay here and never leave, well if the kids were here.” “Don’t temp me baby, I’ll buy a house right now!” He misses Hawaii and California, I don’t think you can live around the ocean your whole life and then move to the city and not miss it. “Bruno, you miss Cali don’t you?” He wraps his arms around me kisses my cheek and says, “Yeah, but my heart is in New York,” helping me up from the ground we walk back to our bikes and head back to our little spot on the beach.

He looks over to me and starts singing, “Clothes are not required for what we have planned.” “What do we have planned Bru?” I ask, throwing him a look. All the sudden he starts singing at the top of his lungs, “OOOOHHHH GUUURLLL YOUR MY DESIRE.” “Bruuuu hush, there are people looking at you!” “Guuurl your so delicious, liiike icecream on a sunny day, GOOONNNNNA EAAAAT YOU BEFORE YOU MELLLLT AWAAAAYYYY!” I’m blushing, I can feel it, and he’s getting a kick out of it. “Oh Bootay! Did you know we have an outside shower? Well we do, and we are about to use it,” he says as we pull up to our cottage.

He hops off his bike and throws me over his shoulder, walking in and dumping our stuff on the little coffee table. “Bruu, put me doooowwwwnnnn! What is it with you picking me up like this today?” He ignores my question, and throws me down on the bed, opens the slider door and disappears. I get up and follow him, finding him naked in the outdoor shower. “Bru, what are you doing?” “Nobody can see us booty, come on.” I pull my top off, look around to make we are really safe and walk towards him. “You forgot to take off your pants babe,” he says, his eyes steaming with lust. “Ooops,” I say in an innocent voice.  

He walks through the water and meets me at the entrance. Grabbing my face with both hands he locks me into a kiss. When he releases me, he pulls my shorts down and smiles when he realizes that I was wearing no underwear. “You naughty girl,” he says still looking down, smile on his face stroking his chin. Picking me up, he carries me into the spray of the water. “Bru, I think you have a thing for outside sex now.” “Yeah well, you started it by raping me in your mothers’ yard.” Slowly he lets me down, and backs me into the cement of the shower wall. Lifting my leg, he slides into me effortlessly. Within seconds, he realizes that there is no chance in hell I’m going to be quiet enough. To keep people from investigating our noises, he covers my mouth with his hand.


“Bruno, I feel like I have a sunburn on my back, but I know we weren’t outside long enough for me to get burnt.” We’re lying in bed, my legs are sore from the bike ride and sex. “Oh shit booty,” I say as soon as I look at her back. “What!” She says jumping up. “You have road rash all over your back. I’m sure it’s from the wall in that shower,” of course, I find this hilarious. “Babe, it’s not funny,” her lip is poking out now, “my back is really sore.” “Aww come to daddy, I’ll snuggle you and make it all better little love.” She snuggles into me, poking my ribs, “Who you calling little, your feet show in your driver’s license picture.” “Ouch, that hurt, I’m wounded.” She pokes me again and then kisses my fingers that have roamed up her stomach. “That was a pretty good one Lace, I’m gonna have to use that.” “Use it on whom? Everyone else is taller than you! Boom, I’ll be here all night!” “Ah you got jokes huh,” I say rolling over onto her, biting into her neck, she gasps and arches her body to meet mine. 



Over the next couple days we had our spa day, I rented a boat out for a day cruise, we went parasailing, and relaxed on the beach, tomorrow morning we will be leaving to head back up to New York. “I miss you guys soo much! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.” Lacey is talking to her kids on the phone, I really miss them too, I’ve gotten so used to being around them, that when they aren’t there I feel like something is missing. “Tell them I said hi and I miss them too,” I tell her as I walk into the other room to gather my things. A minute later Lacey is handing me the phone, “Helloooo,” “Hi Buno,” says the quiet voice that is none other than Kensley. “Hey Princess, are you having fun?” I can’t help but smile when I talk to her, she is so much like her mother, and so different at the same time. We talk for a few minutes and then when she says bye my heart jumps out of my chest at the most beautiful goodbye I have ever heard. “Bye Buno, I love you.” “I love you too baby girl. See you soon.”

Bru is zipping around the room, he’s floating, I have no idea what his deal is, but he is in an amazing mood. Swooping me up and plopping down on the couch with me in his arms he says, “I have had the most amazing 2 week vacation with you. Actually I have had the most amazing 3 months with you. I have no idea how things could get any better than they are right now.” “I love you Bruno, you’re an amazing man.” After making out for a little bit, he picks me up and carries me to bed, we have to be up in 5 hours to get to the airport. We climb into bed and tangle ourselves around each other. “Kenny told me she loved me on the phone.” “Awe, Bru, that’s sweet, we all love you though.” “I know you do, but she about made my heart explode when she said it, you know how she gets to me.” I put my head on his chest and fall asleep listening to his heart, that heart so full of love for my children and me.


Phones ringing again, when I answer it, it’s the front desk, waking me up for our flight. “Wakey wakey corn flakey,” I say shaking Lace. She grumbles, and climbs out of bed. I follow her to the bathroom and we brush our teeth in silence. We decided to shower last night so we could sleep a little longer this morning. We make one more run through of our room and head out. Booty is wearing my old fedora, and I have to say she is rocking that baby. She’s wearing sweats and a tank top, her hair is in a messy pony tail, and she’s not wearing any make-up. There is nothing sexier in the world than my woman at this moment.

I’m exhausted, the sun isn’t even up yet. Knowing I’m not a morning person, Bruno doesn’t even try talking to me. We climb into the cab, and I curl up against Bru, taking in the island in the early morning hours. “I’m gonna miss this place B,” “Me too, Booty, we’re gonna have to make this a yearly thing, except next time we have to bring the kids.” Yearly, I like that sound, it’s long term, it makes me feel secure. I have no doubts about our relationship, I just kind of wonder sometimes, he has all these amazing things going for him and he’s with me.

Reluctantly I climb on that little plane and we start our 2 hour flight to Miami. I’m too tired to have anxiety over this flight, instead I curl into Bruno’s lap and take a nap. When I wake, Bruno is playing his air guitar and singing quietly to himself. “We’re getting ready to land baby,” he says as I sit up. “What are you singing?” “Not sure yet, just have some lyrics running through my head.” “Whatever it is, I like it.” He pulls my legs over his and leans over to kiss me.

We have a 2 hour layover in Miami, I have some missed texts from Dre. ‘Hey, rumors that you are dead flying around since you haven’t been seen for 2 weeks. I’m heading to NYC to be there for you’ I call him, “Yo Dre, what’s going on?” “Just landed in New York, when do you land here? There are rumors about you being dead since you have been gone. Just thought it would be best for me to be here when you got off the plane.” “Thanks man, we land at 4.” We get off the phone and I fill Lacey in, “Don’t worry booty, it’s better that we are landing in New York, in LA they would be camping out all over the place.” We grab breakfast and head to our terminal. After playing around for a while we are finally able to get on the plane and start our 3 hour flight home.

“I’m so ready to get off this plane,” I say 10 minutes into our flight. I think I could actually sleep through this one too, Bruno looks like he could sleep also. “You’re gonna hate being my girlfriend then, I’m always on a plane.” “Well I don’t hate being your girlfriend, I’ll just have to adjust I guess.” I say smiling at him. We end up falling asleep and I wake up hearing the captain giving his landing speech. Bruno is sleeping, and he looks so peaceful that I don’t want to wake him, “Bru were landing,” I whisper to him. He sits up really fast looking around confused, “Damn, I was dreaming that we were at home already.”  

As soon as were able I turn on my phone and let Dre know that we are here. Dre is right there waiting for us when we get off the plane. “Hi Dre!” Lacey thinks Dre is a big teddy bear, every time she sees him she gives him a big hug. Most of the time people are a little intimidated by him. “Hey Lacey,” He says and then raises his eyebrow at me and starts heading towards baggage claim. He follows closely behind us, I know Lacey feels better when he is there. After our ordeal with the paparazzi when they got a picture of her butt, she is pretty nervous around them.

While we are waiting for our bags to come Dre lets me know that there is a van waiting out front for us, so we don’t have far to go once we walk out. But there are quite a few paps outside waiting, apparently today has been a big celebrity day at the airport. Walking towards the door, I grab Lace’s hand as she slips on her sunglasses and pulls her hat lower. “I got you babe,” “I know Bru,” she lifts my hand to her lips and ducks her head as we walk out the door.

Dre is right in front of us as we walk out. Bruno is holding my hand tight, I just keep my head down and follow Dre’s feet. These people creep me out, I know it comes with Bruno’s job, but it’s not fun having someone shove a camera in your face. “BRUNO, WE’RE SO GLAD YOU’RE NOT DEAD!” “BRUNO WHEN IS THE NEXT ALBUM?” “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN BRUNO?” “WHERE ARE THE KIDS?” It takes everything I have not to scream at them when they ask about MY kids, Bruno squeezes my hand tighter. The van door slides open and Bruno helps me in, and then climbs in behind me, I finally release the breathe I didn’t realize I was holding. That was the longest 10 feet of my life. 



Greg has agreed to bring the kids home tonight. We just got home from the airport, and I’m so ready to crash. The first thing I do after throwing my bag in the bedroom is sit down at the piano. It’s been 2 weeks since my fingers have touched this extension of my soul. “Can you play something besides that classical shit,” Dre says. “Hey! You better watch your mouth Mr. before I climb your big ass and wash your mouth out.” Bruno starts laughing, and Dre just shakes his head. “How do you put up with this attitude B? Lacey your threats are as scary as your daughter threatening me. Pointless, I’ll roll you up and toss you around.” I don’t say anything I just run over and jump on him from behind, he’s sitting on the couch, so he easily just tosses me over his shoulder. Puts me on the floor and then sits next to me with his legs on me holding me down. “What you gonna do now tough guy?” He asks, poking me and making me laugh. Bruno makes a lousy attempt at saving me by slapping his arm. “Bru it’s a good thing Dre is here, your rescue attempts are shit!” We’re all laughing, and are suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

When I open the door, my beautiful children are standing there with their Dad. “Oh my babies!” I yell, Brayden launches himself into my arms, but Kensley runs right past me screaming, “Buuuunooooo!” “Thanks Greg,” I say grabbing the kids bags from him, letting him in. He says Hi to Bru and we introduce him to Dre, who has now turned into a human jungle gym. After a few minutes he leaves. “Laaaace, I’m starving!” I don’t feel like cooking, everyone agrees pizza sounds best. While we’re eating, Bruno tries unsuccessfully to get Kenny to say his name right. She can’t say her R’s right so she just leaves them out of everything. “Say Bah-roo-no Kensley” “Bah-oo-no, that’s your name, Buno.” “I give up,” he says throwing his hands in the air.


My alarms going off, I’m not ready to go back to work. I sit up and have to climb over Bruno to turn it off. Of course that wakes him up, “Morning darlin,” he says, trying to slip his hands into my underwear. “Bru, stop! I have to get ready for work.” “Just quit, you don’t need to work.” “I have two kids and bills to pay, money doesn’t grow on trees,” I say kissing his cheek, I sneak away to the shower, hoping he will go back to sleep. I start the shower and put toothpaste on my brush and then turn the radio on and jump under the hot water.

I get out of the shower and slip into my bra and panties and brush my hair out. As I’m grabbing my hair dryer, Bruno comes on the radio. With a big smile on my face I turn it up and flip my head over, shaking my butt as I dry my hair. When I flip my head back up, I almost have a heart attack, Bruno is standing in the door way. One eyebrow arched, and the only thing he’s wearing is a smile. “Bruno, don’t even get any ideas,” I say throwing my towel at him. “You’re standing there shaking your ass like that and I’m supposed to ignore it?”

I walk over to her, pick her up and sit her on the counter, when she wraps her legs around me, I take her away with a deep kiss. “Bru, kids will be up soon, and I have to finish getting around before I make them breakfast.” I put my finger to her lip and say,”Shh, give me 3 minutes, baby, look at what you’ve done to me.” Looking down she bites her lip. “Don’t move booty, I’ll be right back.” I run to the bedroom door, shut it as quietly as I can and turn the lock. When I come back she is in the same spot but she’s lost her underwear. “3 minutes Bru,” “Bout to be the best 3 minutes of yo life lady.” I pull her off the counter, and turn her around. Putting my chin on her shoulders I reach my arms around and play with her breast while I’m biting her neck. Letting one of my hands travel south, I tease her, and when she’s ready I bend her over. Locking eyes with her through the mirror I slide into her.

I love the face she makes every time I go in her. Knowing I only have 3 minutes, I let myself go and get rough with her. Within seconds I feel her tightening and pulsing, her climax is close. That’s one thing I love about sex with her, she can cum fast and more than once. Our record is 6 times. She’s biting her knuckle to keep from screaming. I feel close, setting a pace I like I thrust into her over and over, “Damn Lace, you feel so good.” “Oh God, Bruuuuu, Oh shit, Ahhhhh.” “Let it go baby,” the sounds of her climax send me over the top. Without thinking I release inside of her.

“Oh My God, Bruno! You did not just do that!” She says running to the toilet. “I’m sorry babe, I got lost in your faces and I wasn’t paying attention.” She’s peeing, in front of me, and somehow this doesn’t bother me at all. “Will you please run me some water in the bath tub? I need to wash this out!” “God you act like my sperm is going to kill you!” Shooting me an evil look she says, “Won’t kill me but It might get me pregnant.” Shit, okay , so here’s the deal, she never had her tubes tied because her husband got fixed instead. Then after her divorce she never got on birth control cause she wasn’t messing around with anyone. She told me this all the first time we had sex, and for a while I used a condom, but I really hate that shit, so I’ve just been pulling out.

I throw my hair up in a ponytail and jump in the tub. As I’m washing myself Bruno climbs in with me. “B I don’t have time to take a bath, I just want to wash down there really fast. Really I have to get around and take care of the kids.” “Lacey, this is our office. We’re talking, look I’m sorry that I did that, please don’t get mad at me.” “I’m not mad, I’m just saying, a baby is the last thing I need right now.” I wash myself, kiss him quick and jump out of the tub. “Booty, don’t worry about the kids, I’ll take care of them,” he yells at me as I’m running for the closet.  

Around one Dana whispers into my ear piece, “Flowers here for you, you have to sign.” I pick up the phone and hit her extension. “I’m on my way.” The delivery guy has 2 vases of flowers, one is pink tulips, and the other a mixture of tropical flowers. The card on the tropical flowers says ‘Sex in the shower on the beach Love B’ and the card on the tulips say ‘Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last. 2 beautiful children already, imagine what the next one would look like….’