Chapter 20

05/03/2012 17:36

The guys gave me their gifts. They were all so lovely. Meanwhile it got kinda late. Julie, Paõlo, Kyra and Joshua had already left. Now it was just me, Bruno, the guys and the girls. We were all getting pretty drunk, except for Moniek and Eric since they had to drive. We were all talking a lot and listening to some music. After more than an hour of laughter they all went home. Now it was just Bruno and me. “YO CAM!” he yelled, “CHECK THIS OUT!” He climbed on the bar and started to dance like an idiot. “Hahaha! Get… Haha… down you moron!” “Fine.” He said acting like a 4-year old. He pouted his lip and looked at me with a mad face. I stepped closer to him. “Aww… Is little Brunito mad?” He just nodded. “Why can’t I stand on the bar?” “Because, you might fall off since you’re reeaallyyy drunk!” I said slowly walking to him, swinging a bit from all the liquor. When I was in his range he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him, almost making me trip. “Who’s the one falling now?” “Shut up!” I say lightly slapping his chest. “You know…” Bruno said, making me look up into his eyes. “I know what…” I replied. He carefully placed a lock of hair behind my ear. “This.” He said as he leaned in to kiss me. I felt his soft lips on mine. I closed my eyes and just got lost in the moment. Soon the kiss was filled with passion and lust. He carefully lifted me up. He moved his head to my neck as he walked towards the couch. He started to kiss my weak spot. I startled a bit and grabbed his hair. I felt him smile against my neck. He slowly placed me on the couch, climbed on top of me and continues to kiss my neck. I knew the alcohol was getting the upper hand. I couldn’t do this. I tried to push him off but he pressed back twice as hard as he slowly kissed every part of my neck. “Bruno…” I said trying to get his attention. ‘SHIT! That sounded more like a moan.’ I thought. I felt him smile against my neck, even harder than before. “Bruno, quit it.” I carefully said. I knew drunken people are unpredictable. “Bruno! Stop it!” I yelled a bit, trying to push him off again. He still didn’t listen. “BRUNO! STOP IT! I’M SERIOUS!” I yelled as loud as I could. He finally stopped and looked at me with a shocked expression. “Is there something wrong sweetie?” he asked completely surprised by what I did. “I don’t want this.” I said avoiding his eyes. “Cam, look at me.” Bruno said as he lifted my chin so that I have to face him. “Listen, if you don’t want it, you don’t have to. And I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” I just lied there looking at him completely speechless. He got off me and we both just sat on the couch with an awkward silence between us. “Luckily we probably won’t remember a thing in the morning thanks to all the alcohol we drank.” Bruno said breaking the silence. “Yeah… I guess so.” I wasn’t really paying attention to what he said. “Is something wrong?” “No, I’m just tired, that’s all. I mean it’s been a long day. I’ve been up for over 19 hours now.” He softly chuckled. “Bruno…” I said before I got up. “Yes, that’s me.” “One more thing.” “And that is?” he said questioning.  “This.” I gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Thanks for the beautiful necklace.” I softly spoke and went upstairs to my room. From the corner of my eye I could see Bruno smile a bit. I slowly got into bed, pulled the covers over me and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up with this horrible hangover. “Guess I drank more than I thought.” I said to myself. I got up and tiptoed to the bathroom in my shorts and oversized t-shirt. I opened the medicine cabinet and got some aspirins. I took them with a glass of water. Next I carefully tiptoed downstairs, hoping not to wake Bruno. I looked at the clock. ‘Wow! 4Pm already…’ I thought. I walked over to the kitchen and made myself some coffee and something to eat.