Chapter 21-30

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Chapter 21

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“Bruno are you serious?” I said seriously, but I was smiling. He put his hands on his hips and nodded, “You know you want this.” I shook my head. He walked all the way close to me. “Now if you don’t mind, I could help you get undressed.” he whispered in my ear. Ughh, this boy really knows how to get what he wants. He pushed me close to my bed and I sat down. I looked at him and all his glory. I can’t wait till all of this is all mine, every inch of him. He pushed me down on the bed and kissed me. “This time you gotta take all of that off.” I looked at him with a sexy face. He made me so horny so fast..

He began taking my dress off. I undid my bra slowly. I held myself so he couldn’t see me. “What are you doing?” he asked. “What do you mean…” I asked stupidly. “Listen you don’t have to be shy around me, I love everything about you, every inch of you.” I blushed. I guess he felt the same about me. Was this love? When I was completely naked he told me to lay back. The butterflies hit me again.

I reached over into the desk and handed him a condom. “No little Brunos remember?” He laughed. “Yeah.” He slipped it on and this time, he didn’t ask me if I was ready, he went right in. The only difference is this time he started off fast. He used one hand to hold himself up and another to hold one of my legs. He kept going deeper and deeper and I moaned louder. Soon it was starting to hurt. “Brunoo…” I manged to get out. “Yeah?” “Why are you doing that?” He stopped, “What?” “Your.. hurting me..” “I’m sorry you want me to stop?” “I mean no but…” he intruppted me with a kiss. “I’m sorry baby, I’ll take it slow.” He started again and this time, it was slow and passionate. It was amazing. I could feel his soul in every stroke he took. Were we making love?

I pulled him closer to me. He nibbled on my neck making things hotter. “Oh my god Bruno, I love you,” I moaned. Wait, what did I just say. That was the wrong time to say that! “I love you too, baby.” he responded. I focused back into what was going on. I put my legs around him again. I was almost there. “Almost there…” he moaned. I kept moaning his name, it was so sexy. I was trying to be quiet so that I wouldn’t distrub anyone, but I began not to care. All the worries, stress, and pain I was going through in my life, Bruno took it away. Not just with sex, but with his company. I truly did love him. I ran my fingers through his hair and he looked at me in my eyes. He had his sex face on, and he was completly into it. I was loving it. We both climaxed and it was really loud.

I was just waiting for someone to come knock on the door. He laid there still on top of me breathing hard again. He began to get up smiling but his smile quicking turned serious. He looked down and then back up to me again. “What’s wrong??” I asked seriously. “I.. think the condom broke……..” “WHAT???????????????”


Chapter 22

He opened his mouth but, no words came out. “What?! Bruno! You think?” I grabbed my head. He got all the way up and indeed it had broke. “SHIT.” He said jumping off the bed. “I’m just going to pray, pray right fucking now..” I said to myself. I closed my eyes and began to pray. Oh my god, please don’t let this be, I DO NOT need this in my life right now. When I opened my eyes Bruno was back in his boxers sitting on the edge of the bed. I covered myself up with my covers.

“Oh my god Bruno. Say something!” “Diamond I don’t know what to say!” he said looking away from me. He got up and started pacing. “Oh my fucking god,” I said I don’t know how many times. He turned to me, “I love you.” I was so out of it, so scared. “Bruno what is that going to change!” “I love you Diamond okay! I will not let anything happen to you, whatever happens I’ll be here for you, I promise..” He walked towards me and laid next to me. “I love you, just please say it back.” “I love you too Bruno.” I started crying. “No please don’t cry, that’s not going to make it okay.” “Nothing is going to make it okay Bruno! If I’m pregnant I won’t be able to finish college, I won’t be able to do anything with my life! I’m only 18!” I yelled. “Please don’t yell,” he said hugging me. I cried even harder. “We don’t know yet, just please don’t cry.. please don’t cry,” he kept saying.

I couldn’t stop it was so overwhelming. Shit got real. See, that’s what I get having sex with drinking involved. This is what happens, even though we did use protection, theres still always that risk. I beat myself up even more, and cired even harder. Bruno started singing..

I’m sorry, I know your mad…

And I don’t wanna be like every other man that you’ve had…

So I’m stopping all these childish things, girl you mean to much to me…

Your love is worth to much to lose…

I got lost in his voice. Those words mean’t a lot. I didn’t recongize the song though. I sniffed, “What song is that?” “Starting Today.” he said whipping my face. “By who?” “Me.” “You?” “I wrote that.” “Just now or?” “No silly I wrote it. I write music.” I smiled. He kind of got my mind off of the situation that was now happening. “Bruno I’m scared.” He kissed my forehead.. “Me too, but we can’t worry about it right now.. We just have to wait.” “Oh my god.” I began to tear up again. “No Diamond, please don’t cry anymore. I’m going to be here for you, I swear I promise.” It got silent, I could feel his heartbeat. “People break promises.” “I don’t. Not you.” “Okay… I’m gonna go take a shower…” “Alright I’ll be here.”

I got up and got my things for a shower and slipped out the door. I turned on the shower and paced waiting for the water to get warm. “Oh my god.” I whispered to myself. What have I done. I grabbed my head in frustration. I just wanted to scream. What is Michelle going to say about this? What about my mom? I just wanted to take my mind off of this. I could feel myself tearing up again. I got in the shower, and cried my eyes out….. I cried a lot more then I’ve ever cried in my entire life. What if Bruno is just like every other guy, things can’t be this perfect..

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice say. I froze up….


Chapter 23

“Yes I’m fine..” I managed to get out. “You sure, cause I heard you crying while I was using the bathroom…” “Yes I’m fine..” I said again. “Okay.. well if you need anything I’m in room #307…” I didn’t respond. I felt weird about it. I heard them walk out. I finished up my shower. I walked down the hall and opened the door slowly. Bruno was already sleeping. I smiled. I hope he really would be there for me. All of this shit, and we don’t even go out. I shook my head.

As I got dressed I thought back to the voice in the bathroom. I’m glad someone cared to say something when they heard someone crying. I slipped into the bed next to Bruno. My bed was a twin so we had to be pretty close to sleep together. I closed my eyes and tried going to an happy place. I knew I wouldn’t sleep well tonight. “You smell good,” Bruno said out of nowhere. I giggled, “Thanks.” He turned around towards me and moved over closer to the wall. “There you go some more room.” I ended up even more closer to him. He started kissing me again.

I looked into his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes. “You okay?” “Yeah, I’m gonna make it.” He stroked my hair and we started making out. I could feel him getting hard. “No Bruno, we are not..” He looked away from me, ”I’m sorry, I can’t control my carrrot.” I looked at him crazy. “What the hell, carrot?” “Yeah carrot, that’s what I call mine.” “Whyyyy?” ”Cause, it sounds good.” “Oh my god, your crazy..” I laughed. He smiled, “Don’t worry it’s your carrot.” I burried my head into his chest. “I love you Bruno.” “I love you too babe.” And before I knew it, I was fast alseep.

I felt myself wake up, but I didn’t open my eyes. I reached out to Bruno, but he wasn’t there. I opened my eyes and flipped around. He was sitting at my desk. He smiled, “Good morning.” “Hi, what are you doing?” “Writing.” “Oh, what homework do you got already?” I joked. He got up and stretched. “I told you I write music.” “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot.” “It’s alright babe, you kind of inspired this song I’m writing now.” “Really?” my face lit up. “Yep, just for you.” He kissed me on my forehead. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry as ever!” “Me too.” “Well don’t just stay there, get up! Let’s goooo!” he said rocking me back and forth like a little kid. “Okay Brunooo!” I laughed. His smile, charm, and laugh took all my attention off of what happened last night. I felt like if I stayed positive then, nothing would happen. I hoped…. “I’m gonna run home, take a shower and get some new clothes on. I’ll meet you there okay?” “Alright,” I smiled. He kissed me and left.

When I was almost done getting dressed I decided to text Michelle (Hey, we’re getting breakfast at the cafe’ in about 10 minutes you coming?) (I’ll meet you guys there, I gotta hear about your night.) I sighed. Ughh, if she only knew. (Haha, okay girl! See you soon!) I sat and debated on if I should tell her or not. I mean what would I do that for I would only worry her. I sighed to myself and put my jacket on.

When I got to the cafe’ Michelle was there already waiting for me. I hugged her. “Where’s Bruno?” she asked looking behind me. “He dosen’t have to be with me all the time!” I laughed. “Right so what happened last night?” “Ummm..” Before I could finish my phone started ringing. I grabbed it out of my pocket, Bruno. “Hello?” “I’m sorry.” “What? Sorry for what?” “I love you.”

I looked at Michelle confused and he was silent. “Bruno.. I love you too, what are you saying?” “I felt so bad this whole time I can’t stop thinking about it.. I don’t know what to do.” “Peter, what the hell are you saying?” Wow, I called him Peter.. “I knew the condom was broken before I was done…” I was silent, he was silent. It seemed like the world stopped…


Chapter 24

“Bruno, how could you even… I just…” I couldn’t put a sentence together. “I know I’m so sorry, so fucking sorry. I was just into the moment. I couldn’t live with this on my mind.” “What the hell is going on?” Michelle asked. “Oh my god.” “Bruno just…” I hung up. I ran back outside of the cafe’ and sat on the bench. Michelle followed me. “He fucking lied to me. Why… he didn’t have to lie!” I felt myself starting to cry again. I didn’t want any more tears, I just wanted to be happy. “You want to talk about it?” Michelle asked. I covered my face, “I don’t know.” She put her arm around me. “Tell me what happened….” I started from the beginning and told her everything, every single detail. In the end, she was speechless. I didn’t expect her to say anything, what could she say to me to make anything right.

I saw Bruno coming towards us. I got up. “No don’t come near me.” I said backing away. “Please just hear me out.” “No you have nothing to say! What could you possibly say!” “I promise I’ll make this right.” “Bruno, do you remember what you told me, you promised me! You fucking promised!” He grabbed his head in frustration. “I know! I.. Oh my god, please!” “You could have avoided this….” I shook my head at him. He looked down. I had never seen this face from him before. There were people looking at windows and gathering around.

“I think we should take this discussion elsewhere..” Michelle finally said. “I have nothing to say to him.” I said without looking at him. He walked towards me again. “No don’t touch me!” He grabbed me anyway. He hugged me and held me tight even though I tried pushing him away. “Hey leave her alone! She doesn’t want you to touch her!” Michelle yelled getting off the bench. “Please Diamond, please I’m sorry, I will make this right, I’m here for you, please… please..” he whispered to me. I started crying, hard. I could feel him tense up. I wanted him so bad, I actually loved him, more then anything right now. But, he lied and made everything seem like it was alright, how could I forgive him. I blacked out.

He took my hand and put it on my chest. “Your heart, it’s just like a tree, it’s been broken, played with, and hurt. But, it never stops doing it’s job, beating and keeping you alive. Just like a tree, it hasn’t forgot, and it forgives everyone who comes near it.” I didn’t know what to say. “But, trees don’t have feelings.” I decided to throw out there. “But, no matter how old it gets, it will never, ever stop loving. And this tree will never stop growing. A heart doesn’t actually have feelings either does it?” he asked. “I’m not sure.” I admitted. “He got closer to me again and took my hand and put it on his chest. I froze up. “Just like you, I’ve been hurt, but you feel that? My heart is still beating. It has forgot and forgave everyone who ever hurt me.”

I opened my eyes, I had to blink a couple times. “Shit.” I said to myself. I had a huge headache. I sat up quickly in a bed that wasn’t mine. I was in a room I had never seen before. I was sure I was in a dorm though. Bruno walked into the room. I mean mugged him. “Diamond please don’t you going to make yourself have an worst headache.” he said sitting on the bed. I guessed that I was in his room. Last time I was here I only stayed in the living area I didn’t actually go in his room. I looked around. I saw a guitar and a keyboard and a bunch of plaid shirts all over the floor. He had a couple posters up and on his desk were books and scattered papers everywhere. What a boy I thought.

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked snapping me out of my daydream. “I’m okay.. I still don’t feel right being here with you.” I said not looking directly at him. I heard him breathe hard. How could he be frustrated. I’m the victim here. I looked at him and he looked at me. “I love you.” we both said it at the same time. He smirked and I smiled. “I just want to promise you something.” “Bruno, don’t promise just say what your going to do.” “Well, whatever happens, I’m here for you and I always will be. I’m not going to leave you. And if you are… ya’ know having a baby, then I’m going to be here for the kid.” “I mean you really have no choice,” I shurgged. He hugged me, and in his arms I just felt like everything would be alright.

“I’m confused.” I finally said. “About what?” “Are we dating?” He laughed, “I’m pretty sure we’re dating. After I kissed you by the tree that day, I considered myself dating you.” “Wow, and when were you going to tell me?” “I don’t know, I thought you knew..” I shook my head at him, “Boy your crazy, and your taking me on a roller coaster ride.” I wanted to beat myself up for forgiving him so easily, but I loved him, and people make mistakes, right? I know I have and who am I to judge. He was just a guy, a dumb one for what he did, but nonetheless a handsome, talented, and humble guy.

Now, it was time to hope and pray that we didn’t have a kid on the way.. I was due for a period in less then a week. I would know by Thursday at the latest. I’ve only been on campus for two days and I’ve already lost all home training.. What am I doing to myself…


Chapter 25

The first day of class were actually pretty fun. I met new people and seen old friends from high school. However, Bruno was on my mind all day. He was like a drug. I was finished with classes at 2:00 P.M. What a lucky schedule I have. I walked back over to the dorms and sat on my favorite bench outside of my hall, the one where me and Bruno first learned about each other. It was once again feeling beautiful outside. I’m so glad I choose to come to college in a state where the weather was awesome.

I decided to text Bruno. (Hey babe, how was the first day of classes?) I smoked in the mean time. (They were FANTASTIC. I’m having a great day.) (:) Awww, that’s great, can’t wait to see you.) (Actually, I’m going to the studio today, I want you to go.) I pictured being in the studio with him, oh my god that would be awesome! (That sounds sooo fun, when we going?) (In about an hour, meet me at my dorm then?) (You got it! <3) (<3<3<3) I sighed, I love this guy. I went up to my room and put my backpack down. It was the first day of classes and I’m lucky no professors gave us work, or anything to read. I sat and watched some TV and the hour cruised on by. I knew Michelle wasn’t out of classes yet, so I didn’t text her.

I walked over to Bruno’s. I knocked and Phil answered the door. “What’s up girl, how goes it?” he said hugging me. “Everything great, how about you?” “Amazington!” I laughed. “Phil your too much!” “If I wasn’t too little then nobody would want to be around me!” he said stretching his arms out wide. I felt like me and Phil’s relationship could only get better from this point. “What you up too?” I asked. “Well about to get ready to hit up the studio, we’re trying to get Bruno’s demo out there.” I smiled. “I’m going.” “And who invited you?” “Bruno of course!” “Alright, well you can’t be touching my shit!” I punched him. “I don’t want to touch your stuff.” I said air quoting.

Just then Bruno walked in. He had a brown paper bag. He greet nodded to Phil and put the bag on the table. He hugged me and I couldn’t have been in a better place. He had on baseball cap today and another plaid shirt, I felt like he had millions. I tipped his hat, “You look cute.” “Awww, thanks.” “Pshh, he doesn’t even watch baseball.” Phil added. Bruno shot him jerk look. I laughed. “So when we going?” “Actually it’s about time to go. You bout’ ready Phil?” “I’m always ready man!” he said grabbing his keys. Bruno picked up the brown paper bag.

“What’s that?” I asked. “Uhh…” he paused and looked at Phil. “Uhh?” I said. “Drinks…?” he said smiling. I frowned. “You don’t do well drunk…” “Aw come on babe, I’ll be in the studio we’re not going out, I’ll be fine.” “Where did you even get them from?” “A friend, come on let’s just go.”

I frowned all the way to the walk down to the parking lot. I wasn’t trying to control him or anything, but I was hoping he wasn’t an alcoholic.. Drinking could get bad when you do it all the time. And he had class tomorrow, what the hell. I stopped, “Bruno….” “Hmm?” he said in stride. He stopped too when he realized I had stopped. “What’s wrong?” “Please don’t drink?” “Come on are you serious?” “Yes very serious.. You got class tomorrow Bruno!” Phil made a face and kept walking, “I’ll be uhhh…. car…. yeah..” He was only 18, and I wasn’t going to let him drink his life away, he had too much going for himself….


Chapter 26

“Bruno you are too talented to throw your life away on some fucking alcohol!” I said to him. He looked down at the ground. “Okay, well can I drink this last night please baby? I want to celebrate.” “What exactly are you celebrating?” I said confused. He came closer, “Well for one.. I got you and…” he started whispering. “Uh no, you are not about to get me!” I pushed him away and started walking back towards the car.

We all got in the car and made our way to the studio. It only took us a good fifteen minutes. Phil got out the car, “We are here! Smeezingtons headquarters!” I giggled and Bruno went up and unlocked the door. He walked and sat the bag down on a end table. I looked around a bunch of guitars, a piano, keyboards, papers everywhere. It was a mess. “You guys need housekeeping.” “Nah, you see we have to keep it like this…” “And why is that?” I said confused. “To keep people like you out of here!” he said punching me back from earlier. 

I looked over to see Bruno already at work. “Phil can you turn the equipment on for me?” “Gotcha,” he said going over to the a whole line of buttons, and knobs. It all looked so important. I went a sat in a chair next to a desk. Bruno went over and turned on a beat on a stereo. He started nodding his head, and I joined him. It sounded good. He started pacing and went and got a piece of paper, started humming and then balled it up and threw it. I giggled so that he couldn’t hear me, I knew he was being serious. He came to the desk I was sitting next to grabbed a pencil and a notebook. He sat on the couch and started writing.

I continued listening to the music, I laid back and closed my eyes. It was so mellow, and beautiful. Bruno started singing:

It took us a life time to find each other

It was worth the wait cause’ I finally found the one

Never in my dreams, did I think this would happen to me

I felt like tearing up. Phil joined him:

As I stand here before my woman, I can’t fight back the tears in my eyes

Oh how could I be so lucky, I’ve must’ve done something right

And I promise to love her, for the rest of my life

“Oh my fucking god, that was amazing!” I said clapping. They both smiled. Bruno turned the song off. I couldn’t stop smiling. “You guys really got something..” Bruno nodded, “I know.” He sat back down and flipped through his notebook. “Aw here we go, I need to work on this one.” He got back up and went and got his guitar. I got excited. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this! He started strumming, and and I tilted back and forth. He read his notebook and started singing:

I’ve been working hard so long,

Seems like pain has been only friend,

My fragile heart been done so wrong,

I wondered if I’d ever heal again,

Just like all the seasons never stay the same, all around me I can feel the change..

He stopped. “Damn Phil help me out, I need something to finish that.” Phil started pacing. “Play the chorus meledy for me again.” Bruno started strumming while he looked at him. He walked over to the desk and went through a bunch of papers. “Here try this,” he laid a piece of paper in front of Bruno. He read it and smiled. “Okay okay.” He strummed again, and I watched carefully.

I will break these chains that bind me,

Happiness will find me, leave the past behind me,

Today my life begins

He stopped, “Aw shit Phil, I think we got a hit!” They both shared a cheesy smile. I started clapping again. He started to write something down. “Well I don’t know about you Phil but, I think we need to toast to that one.” My smile turned into a frown, but I didn’t say anything. I hope he doesn’t get too drunk…


Chapter 27

He went and got the bag and went to a small room off the the left. Phil went in there with him. I sat there awkwardly, listening to them giggle from time to time. Bruno came in first with a drink in his hand, “Dancing juice!” he yelled. I put on a fake smile. Phil came in with a drink and they both toasted and started drinking. The night went on with Bruno playing piano here and there and on his guitar the next hour.  He was on his fourth dancing juice. I could tell he was getting worst when he started singing sex songs. I felt awkward and turned on at the same time. “Phil, I love you man!” he yelled. “I love you too Brunz!” he replied. I shook my head. “You guys got class tomorrow, your so stupid!” I laughed.

Bruno walked over to me, “Baby I know, I’m gonna be there, fuck I’m gonna be the first person there!” he slurred his words. There he goes with that baby again. I pushed him away from me playfully. And he came in and started kissing me. I pulled away from this kiss and looked away. I thought about what happened two nights ago. “Bruno.. no.” I whispered. He shook his head in agreement. He went and sat on the couch and took his hat off. I loved his hair. I went over and sat next to him. He started writing again. I didn’t want to watch him, didn’t know if he would get offended or not. I watched Phil instead who was pacing and humming. He stopped looked at his watch and then started pacing again.

Bruno looked at me and smiled and then started writing again. I wanted to know what was going on in his mind what he was thinking at every single moment. “What?” I giggled. “Oh nothing.. your just..” He paused. I hate when he does this. “I’m what?” I said slightly pushing him. “I don’t know.” I looked at him confused. “What, you make no sense boy!” He got up and went back over and sat at the piano. He played and just hummed. I felt what he was saying, but it was like he had no words yet. It was weird. “Man, I’m gonna go watch some TV.” Phil said out of nowhere. He walked out without anyone responding. We both looked at each other and shrugged. “Your so drunk,” I whispered to him. “No I’m not!” he whispered coming towards me. “I can still do you right though..” he added in quickly.

“I can hear you guys!” Phil said from the other room. We both started laughing. “Well turn the TV up stupid!” Bruno yelled. And he did just that. Then out of nowhere Bruno got on top of me and held me my arms down. “Bruno stop…” I whispered. He started kissing me and sucking on my neck. “Oh my god, no..” I lightly moaned. “You know you want this baby.” he whispered right into my ear, it sent chills down my spine. I struggled trying to get away from him, I did the last thing I could do.. I licked his face. He stopped and looked at me with a sexy smirk. “You nasty.” “That was not mean’t to excite you!” I pleaded. “Well it did..” and he held me down tighter so I really couldn’t move now. I started to get serious. “Bruno really your drunk, we can’t do this while your drunk! And Phil is here come on..” “I get can Phil to leave for fiffteen minutes,” he said still kissing on my neck. He totally ignored the first part. I was starting to get really turned on now. “Come on baby..” “No.” “Please.. please please please please…” he kept saying like a little kid. I sighed. “Bruno but…” “But nothing, I’m never going to make the same mistakes I did, I promi—- er swear.”

He remembered what I told him about promises. He knew wrong from right. “So please, cause your carrot is ready for you.” I giggled. “Oh my god Bruno, okay!” He finally let me go and got up and went to the door where Phil was. I heard him mumble something and I heard the TV go off. Damn why did Phil agree. Bruno came back and sat on the couch and Phil grabbed his keys and walked past with a smirk. I blushed. “Come on he’s my best friend, he won’t tell anyone…” “I guess,” I said crossing my arms. Soon as Bruno heard the door close he was all over me again, turning me on taking me to another whole level. Was I really prepared to do this AGAIN?…


Chapter 28

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O Enjoy!

I pushed him up from me, “Bruno..” “Hmm?” “I don’t want our relationship to be just sex.. That’s not right.” He looked like he was trying to understand. I mean it wasn’t that hard to think about. “I understand.. but…” I interrupted him, “What you want to do it this last time?” “Oh, you know me so well. I like it,” he smirked. I shook my head. “Seriously Bruno.. After this we really really need to slow down.” “Okay, we will.” He went in to start kissing me again, I pushed him up. “I don’t care if your drunk now and it’s going in one ear and out the other. You need to understand what I’m saying..” I really wanted him to understand that I mean’t business. “Babe, I got you. I understand, I’m just a young guy, and I’m gonna keep it real, I’m horny almost every waking hour.” I laughed at him. “Not funny.” he said seriously. “Okay well, don’t let it get you in trouble.” He nodded in agreement. He stared at me. Awkward silence. I looked at him funny, “What?” “Can I go now?” I laughed, “Yes!”

He got back in his mode, doing what I guess he does best. Besides singing? I don’t know. I need to stop over thinking everything, especially everything about Bruno. I wondered how many other girls he had got to do these same things with him. I wondered if I was just another one of them. I knew that with his looks, charm, and talent he could get any girl out here if he wanted. I pictured him being famous, and how many girls would be after him, and how many people would love him as much as I have already. I felt like he wasn’t the type to settle down with just one girl. Or was he? Maybe I should just enjoy him now and love him as much as possible. So that when that one day comes, I could say I had him first, or maybe he would possibly remember me. I think too much. “Diamond.” I snapped out of it. “Uh.. yeah?” “What’s wrong with you?” I guess he could sense something was wrong, because I was not paying any attention to him kissing all on me. “Nothing why?” He got off of me and sat next to me on the couch. “It is something wrong..” “I just said nothing Bruno…” “Can I tell you something.” “As long as it isn’t going to break my heart, or make me cry sure.” “Well it’s not going to break your heart, but I’m not sure if it’ll make you cry or not.”

“Okay… I’m listening.” “I love you.” I smiled, “Okay Bruno, I love you too. The last time you started a conversation off like that it went downhill.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to lose you.” “Your not, wait. What are you saying? I can’t deal with anything else, I swear to god. What haven’t you told me now.” “Nothing like that, I just know that were young right now, and anything can happen and well I really like you.” Why did he have to make things so complicated. “Okay.. let’s just stay in the present today, we can’t think about the future right now.” I said. I realized that I had just said the opposite of everything I was just saying my head. I was so confused. I wish he wouldn’t make me think this much, but he was just always constantly on my mind, even when I was with him. How can one guy do this to me. “You know you get really emotional when you’re drunk,” I told him. He laughed. It got quiet again, I hated that. “Let me show you some real emotion..” he said leaning towards me again. “Your so corny,” I laughed. He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. It was like the one when we were by the tree. He gave me all his love, and I returned it.

Before I knew it we we’re both out of our clothes and Bruno was walking in the other room to get protection. I laid on the couch and looked at the ceiling. I felt all naked and out of place there. He came back with a cover, “Okay, sorry about that.” He got back on top of me and put the condom on. “I’m gonna check it time to time this time.” I gave him the you better face. He went inside me and I moaned the first time he stroked like I do. After about five minutes, he started to sweat and this time, so did I. He stopped. “Babe, can we do something different?” “What you got in mind? Whatever it is we need to hurry, Phil will be back soon.” “Uhhhh… turn around?” “You are not putting it in my…” “NO NO.” he interrupted me. “Just turn around, I got you.” I did as he said and he held me up so that my knees and hands were in the couch. He grabbed my hips and went back inside. He went really fast, our bodies made noise as they collided each time. I absolutely loved this and I could tell he did too. I would try and look back time to time to see his face, and he would have his eyes closed and he would bite his lip. “I’m.. almost.. done.” he moaned. I kept moaning his name, making him grunt louder. And once again, we both climaxed at the same time, it was like heaven. We both collapsed on the couch him on top of me. “Too bad that can’t happen again for awhile.” “I just don’t want it to get played out.” “Sex? It can’t be played out.” I just laughed and elbowed him to let him know I wanted to get up. We both got up, got back dressed and cleaned up. We did our best to make it look like nothing happened. Soon as we sat back down we heard the door open. “Perfect timing..” he smiled to me. I returned it.

“Bruno!! Ya’ll done? Can I come in? BIG NEWS!” Phil started yelling. Bruno stood up and ran towards the hall. I followed him. “What’s up?” he said with a smile ear to ear. “You won’t believe it man!” Phil said pulling a paper from his back pocket..


Chapter 29

“Alright man, lay it on me!” he said. “They fit us into that huge gig!” he said putting the paper directly in his face. “Nahhhh!” he grabbed it and read. He started smiling ear to ear. He ran towards me and hugged me. “I was praying for this spot baby!” he said kissing me. I cheered, his smile was contagious and I found myself smiling like a idiot with him. “That’s not it man, guess who’s going to be there?” Phil said. We both looked at him, ready for the answer. “Atlantic Records and B.o.B!” he yelled. “No way! Man we need to start preparing… NOW!” he went over to the desk and sat down. “When is it?” I asked still finding it hard for me to stop smiling. I was happy for them. I felt like they had worked so long for this and it would finally pay off. “Next Friday… next friday. I can’t wait.” he looked up to me with his beautiful eyes and they spoke to me, more then anything.

“Bruno, as much as I want to get started preparing we gotta get back to campus for class it’s getting late.” Phil said turning off equipment. “Yeah, true stuff.” I said looking at my phone. 8:49 P.M. I realized that I had 3 missed calls, and 7 text messages. Shit. Two calls from Michelle, and one from my mom. All the texts were from random people. “Hey you guys get all ready to go, I’m gonna be outside talking to my mom.” I said walking away. “Alright, we’ll be out soon.” Bruno replied.

I stepped out into the night. It felt beautiful like always. The stars were out tonight too. I looked up to them and they made me reflect back to that first night with Bruno. I looked back down, everything reminded me of him. I guess this is what it felt like to have something special in your life. I would be back to campus soon and see Michelle so, I dialed my mom. “Hey sweetie, how was the first day?” “It was great mom, everything went as planned.” “That’s really good to hear, you know you have to keep me updated on things like that.” I could feel her smile though the phone. “You know I will, I have no choice!” I laughed. “Well, I know your all busy being a college girl now, so I won’t hold you for too long.” “Awww mom, I’m not doing anything I always have time to talk to you.” “Alright, well what you up too?” “Well I’m at a studio with… err..” I paused shit do I call him my boyfriend? Should I tell my mom that? “With?” “With Bruno.” “Bruno, hmm… weird name but okay.” I laughed, “I know I said the same thing too!” “I’m guessing Bruno is a guy, I think?” “Yes, a guy.” “Well…” she paused. I knew she was thinking of something motherly to say so I just didn’t say anything. “Be safe, please.” I thought about all that happened this past weekend. It was the exact opposite of safe. How sad. All this shit in just one weekend. “Always mom.” “I love you, so much.” “I love you way more!” “Call me if you need anything.” “Oh you know I will.” she laughed. “Bye sweetie.” and she hung up.

It felt good to talk to my mom. Actually really good. She could always put a smile on my face. Too bad I couldn’t call her like a day ago. Telling my mom something like what was going on now was handing her a heart attack on a stick. I decided it’s just best to keep it all on the low until I knew what was going on. I sat on a lawn chair outside of the apartment and rested my head on the wall. Like always, I looked up to the sky and started to count. I would always lose track of where I was. But, I never gave up and I started over.

“You got everything man?” I asked Phil. He looked around him, “Looks like it.” I started walking towards the door. “Bruno wait.” I turned around, “What now, gotta take a leak?” “Nah, I need to talk to you.” I dropped my guitar and my bag by the door and walked back towards him. “Alright, I’m all ears.” “You know if we finally get this record deal, and we blow up… You going to have to make some changes.” I didn’t clearly understand what he mean’t. “Changes? What do you mean?” “You going to have to stop playing with all these girls’ hearts.” I turned away from him. “Can we not talk about this right now man.” “Nah Brunz, I think you need to hear it right now. Diamond’s a nice girl. And she might even be pregnant.” His words hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything he was saying was completely true. 

“I know man, and I regret doing what I did. If I could take it all back, you know I would.” He shook his head. “You don’t understand man.” “Just tell me, flat out. What do you want me to get.” “When are you going to tell her about Nicole..?”


Chapter 30

I shook my head. How could I tell her about Nicole. Nicole was just.. I can’t even explain her. One minute she made me feel like the best man in the world, and the next minute a piece of shit. I did love her though. But, I also loved Diamond. Here I am stuck between the two. Once again. I can’t keep doing this shit. “I don’t know man..” He shrugged, “Alright man, well listen. I’m your homie till the end, I’m not going to tell her right now, I’ll give you time too. But, that’s going to be your problem to deal with in the long run if you don’t. And if you do something stupid, then I’ll tell her myself.” I opened my mouth but no words came out. I did need to tell her as soon as possible. But, how could I now after all the shit that happened. How could I be mad at Phil either, he was telling the truth and the truth always hurts. “Okay, I’ll tell her.” I lied. I don’t think I could ever tell her. But, like he said I had to make a choice. “Good, now let’s get out of here.” he started walking towards the door again. I grabbed my things and followed him out the door.

I jumped up when I seen them. “Hey you guys took longer then expected.” I joked. They both laughed, but even I knew that they were some fake ass laughs. I tilted my head. “Everything alright?” “Yeah everything is good,” Bruno answered really fast. I knew something was wrong, but I just let it past. Whatever it was it was between them and who was I to get in between their friendship. I got in the car and we started driving off. After five minutes, the car was still silent. I hated silence, they are usually all live, making jokes, singing. They could be doing something. And after that news about the gig I expected them to be ten times more perky. “Okay I’m done with this silence, what the hell is wrong with you two?” I announced. Phil looked at me in the rear view mirror. “Nothing, why do you say that?” “I don’t know, cheer the hell up! You guys are killing me.” Bruno turned to me and put on a smile that I knew was fake. I made his smile bigger with my fingers. “There! That’s the smile I want from you,” I said dropping my hands. He held the smile I made and I laughed at him. “No really Bruno, you okay?” “I’m good baby, just a little overwhelmed that’s all.” “Okay, I’ll take that as an answer..” He turned back around and turned the radio on. Of course Phil had it on the oldies station, but I’m not complaining. The Temptation’s “My Girl” was playing and we all started singing along. Bruno of course acted like he was actually on stage doing his thing. It warmed my heart. I couldn’t wait to see him at the gig, I bet it would be purely amazing. We stopped and got some burgers and fries from one of Bruno’s favorite, “burger joints” as he called it.

When we got back to campus and I said goodbye to the guys and went up to my room. I went in and instantly went and kicked my shoes off. I realized how tired  I was. “Hey I’ve been calling you and stuff! I thought you was dead, I called the coast guard!” I fell out laughing at her. “I was never out at sea!” We both started laughing really hard. “I love you girl, what would I do without you!” I said still laughing. “I don’t know, fall into the sea?” I kept laughing. “Okay okay, I can’t. Stop.” After we were done laughing I got up and got things ready for a shower. This shower was about to feel fantastic.

When I got in my room and finally sat on my bed, I felt horrible. I looked over to my alarm clock, I should sleep now. But, I had way too much on my mind. I did what I always did to get away from my pain, and that was sing and play guitar. I got up closed my door and started strumming away. Then suddenly I got a piercing headache. I set my guitar down and rubbed my head. Damn man, not again. I laid down, not bothering to take my clothes off. Soon as I was drifting away, there was a knock on my door. “No Phil, I don’t want to play scrabble!” I yelled. A voice laughed, “I’m not Phil silly boy.” I sat straight up in my bed. Shit.