Chapter 21-30

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Chapter 21

I smiled, “I won’t babe.” I could handle this, I would just have to tell her like it is. I got up and put one of my guitars in it’s case and gathered my notes together. I wanted to get something done today, and she was not going to be in my way.

“Alright I’m all done!” I said posing for him. I wore a off the shoulder shirt and some skinny jeans, it wasn’t a dress night for me. He came and hugged me, “You look beautiful.” “Thanks.” “I might need to go with you..” he joked. I laughed, “Na, I’m with the girls I’ll make it.” He nodded, “Right.” I walked out into the living room and put my jacket on.

We went out and he put his guitar in the backseat. “You don’t some serious stuff today huh?” I said getting in the car. “Yes ma’am I’m ready to go to work!” And with that we we’re off. We arrived at Michelle’s house in 10 minutes, it was good that she lived close. Bruno grabbed my hand, “I love you.” “I love you too.” It was actually going to be the first time we weren’t going to be together since what had happened. It still seemed unreal to think about. “Be safe, please.” he whispered. “I will.” We kissed and I got out and waved him goodbye.

I rang the doorbell and I heard Devin laughing and it made me smile. Michelle opened it with him in her arms. “Diamonddd!” he yelled. I took him from her, “Hey handsome, how are you?” I said poking him in his stomach. “I’m good, I got a new toy today.” “Really? That’s awesome.” We walked into the living room and I sat on the couch. Cary was sitting at the desk, “Hey hey how are you?” He turned around, “I’m actually pretty good, and yourself?” “Couldn’t be better.” I put Devin down and he ran over to him and jumped on his lap. He was such a cutie, I never realized how much I loved kids till I was around them. Michelle called for me from her bedroom. I walked in and she held a dress in front of her, “I have no idea what to wear!” I laughed, “You sound like me.” She shot me a look. “Okay I’m sorry, what’s wrong with what you got on?” I said walking to her closet. “It’s not enough.” she said opening drawers. “Look at me, I’m not over doing it.” She took a deep breath, “Okay.”

I got out the car and grabbed my guitar out of the backseat. I locked the doors and stood in front of the door, I fixed my hat and took a deep breath. I walked in and closed the door, “Yo yo the Brunz is here.” I heard laughing as I walked down the hall. Karmen was sitting in a chair and Phil and Ari we’re laughing at the mixer. I fake smiled, “What’s funny?” “Nothing just some stuff we we’re laughing about from college.” Karmen answered. I ignored her, “Well guys look I really want to get something done tonight. Possbily record a song.” Phil looked at me, “Why all up tight man?” I frowned, “What do you mean?” I glanced over to a table in the corner and saw bottles, I figured they we’re tipsy. “Chill out man, have a drink, loosen up.” Ari said. I looked at Karmen, I bet she bought the alcohol.

“Where is everyone?” I flipping threw a magazine. “They should be here in any minute now.” I looked at my phone, 8:27 P.M. I swear time flies. I wanted to call Bruno, but I didn’t want to disturb him, I knew he was getting down to business. I hope the guys liked the song.

I slumped down on the couch and held my head, “That stuff is strong.” “Same thing I said!” Phil said from the kitchen. Karmen came and sat next to me, “I thought you we’re an alcoholic.” I shook my head, “I mean yeah, but I’ve never had anything like that before.” She laughed, and I didn’t like the way it sounded. I got up really fast and almost fell over, I was trying to avoid her as much as possible. I went and took my guitar out of it’s case and sat on another couch across the room from her. The room was spinning like crazy.

I started strumming anything that sounded good. I was just getting into it when she called my name. I looked up she had two shots in her hand, “Take one with me?”..


Chapter 22

The doorbell rang and I went and got it. I greeted Tori, Carla, and Jasmine. We all hugged and Devin being the small gentleman he is hugged all of them too. We all sat in the living room or for the next 20 minutes talking about any and everything. Time to time I looked at my phone, I really wanted to call Bruno, but I needed to stop being so clingy. Michelle finally walked out of her room with a outfit similar to mine. “See now was that so bad!” I laughed. She waved me off, “It’ll do.” Michelle picked up her keys, “Ready ladies?” We all got up in unison. Cary grabbed Devin and walked us to the door, “Have a good time girls, and not too much drinking!” “Yeah don’t get in trouble mommy!” Devin said. She kissed him on the cheek, “And you do the same.”

We all piled into Michelle’s SUV and turned on the music. Of course Michelle had her TLC CD in and we jammed all the way to the club.

I laid back on the couch with my eyes closed. Damn, I really need to stop drinking. This shit is getting out of hand. I felt a hand on my chest, “Bru you okay?” I looked at Karmen but, my vision was seriously blurry. I smiled, “I’m great.” She kissed my neck, “Your supposed to be working.” “I am working.” She kept kissing my neck, “On what?” I was starting to get chills, I never responded to her question.

We arrived at a club called, The Avalon. It was known for having big celebrities here. I came here a couple times with Bruno after he was featured on those two songs. We got in no problem and the music hit me as soon we got in. Carla had spotted a group of guys checking out since we had walked in, “Look at them.” I shot her a look, “Aren’t you suppoused to be getting married?” “Girl, I’m not married yet.” I laughed, “I guess.”

We all sat at the bar and laughed and joked, danced to the music in our seats. It was good being out with all of them. They we’re all special to me in their own way. Tori elbowed me, “Look at them, still looking!” I laughed, “I know.” Jasmine leaned over, “We should let them buy us drinks.” For some reason, everyone thought that was an good idea, so I went with it.

I was sitting at the keyboard singing Nice & Slow by Usher. Karmen was loving it, and I was too. I was way past my limit and in the back of my mind I knew I needed to stop but, of course I didn’t. The doorbell rang and Ari went to answer it. Karmen whispered in my ear, “You know, we don’t have to stay here.” “Na, I got work to do babe..” I said leaning on the keyboard. She leaned in to kiss me, but Eric called my name. I turned in his direction quickly, “What are you doing?”

We walked over to the guys and greeted them. They we’re all handsome and looked like they should have girlfriends. We talked with them for awhile and our plan for them to buy us drinks worked. After my first two, I should have called it quits, but.. I didn’t..


Chapter 23

“Do you know, Bruno Mars?” I said slurring my words. He nodded, “Yeah he’s on that song Nothin’ On You right?” I smiled, “Yeah, that’s my boyfriend.” “Oh really?” “Yes, I wish he was here.” I said almost falling over. The guy caught me, “Maybe you need to stop drinking right now..” “Shhh… I got this.” I said standing up.

“Nothing..” I said looking at him seriously. He shot me a look, “How are you miss lady?” Karmen nodded, “I’m good, yourself?” “Pretty good.” I got up and went to the kitchen. Phil and Ari we’re sitting at the table. “Brunz! You finally decided to join the party.” Ari said. I smiled, “What ya’ll into?” “Cards. Let’s go.” Phil said shuffling the them.

He grabbed me at my waist, “Whoa there be careful.” I didn’t want him touching me like that but, I didn’t reject. “You okay Dymez?” I heard Michelle say. “I’m fucking great.” I said walking towards the dance floor. I danced with the guy a little more closely than I should, but I’m just having a good time, I’m not having sex with him. I turned to get a better look at the girls at the bar, when I spotted Nicole.

“Brunz! Damn man wake up!” I raised my head really fast, “Huh? What?” Ari put his hand on my shoulder, “You’re falling asleep on us man.” I sat up, “Damn, I’m sorry. I’ll be right back.” When I stood up the alcohol hit me again, I grabbed my head and stumbled to the bathroom. I turned the cold water on and threw it on my face. I stood there leaning on the counter trying to bring myself together. All of a sudden the lights went out and the door closed. I turned around quickly, “Diamond come on.. stop playing..” She came close to me and grabbed me. “You do not want to start something you can’t finish..” I whispered.

I was not happy at all to see her. I turned to the guy, “I’ll be right back, I need to take care of something.” He nodded, and let me go. I walked as straight I could over to her. I put my hand on my hip, “What are you doing here?” She turned to me, “I could ask the same question.” “Don’t get me started because you know how I feel about you.” “Listen, you need to grow the fuck up and let go of what happened. I don’t want Bruno’s ass anymore.” she said picking up her things. She started to walk away but, I grabbed her arm, “Then why we’re you texting him? Yeah I seen it. What good time did ya’ll have? Cause I sure as hell wasn’t aware of it.” She snatched her arm from me, “Do you really want to know that? Cause it would probably break your fragile ass heart.”

She didn’t say a word but, I knew what she wanted. She started unbuttoning my shirt. I couldn’t see shit, so it was hard for me to do anything. I just went with it. “Babe, can we turn on the lights?” I said moving towards the switch. She pushed me back and still didn’t say a word. I smiled to myself, guess she was trying to be kinky. “Alright, have me whatever way you want me..” I whispered.

“I’m listening.” I said balling up my fist. If she said the wrong thing, I swear I would punch her right in her face, just like I did in college. I was not scared of this bitch. “Well let’s start with he was at my house, while YOU we’re at work. He’s been playing your ass, all these years, and you still forgive him and sit back like nothing is happening.” Her words hit me hard, and without thinking I pushed her. “What the fuck!” she yelled. She pushed me back and I almost fell. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was going to beat her ass…


Chapter 24

This chapter contains SOME dirty parts, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

I grabbed her waist and kissed her. She kept rubbing me down there and things we’re moving really fast. I felt around for her button on her jeans and I undid them. I was so anxious for some reason. In less then a minute we both we’re ready. I felt my way around and finally I was in. She let out a soft moan and it turned me on even more.

“Why can’t you just leave him alone?” “Why can’t you just see him for what he really is?” I didn’t need her to answer my question with a question. “The difference is, that I love him.” She got in my face, “The different is, he loved me way before he loved you.” I had, had enough, I mugged her in her face. She fell over and pulled me to the ground with her. “Diamond!” Carla yelled. I was so upset that I forgot where I was.

I put my hands up her shirt and rubbed her while I grinded against her slowly. She moaned my name, and it sounded weird, but I never stopped. I bent her over more and went faster. I closed my eyes and focused.

I managed to get in a few punches until I felt someone pulling me back. “Fuck you bitch!” I yelled at her. “Grown up!” she yelled back. “Ma’am I’m going to need you to calm down.” I looked around, everyone was looking at me. Another security guard came over, “They both need to leave.” I was escorted out and Carla and Tori followed behind me. I sat down on a bench. “What is wrong with you?” Carla asked. “I know you had a good reason to fight her right?” Tori asked. I couldn’t answer their questions, I was just so upset. Her words, I let them get to me.

“Babe, I’m almost there.” I moaned. “Come on Bru..” she moaned. Her voice, it sounded different. I stopped, “Wait.” I reached out and turned on the light. “What the fuck!” I said grabbing myself. She laughed, “What?” “I.. thought..” “You thought what?” she said coming close to me. She tried to kiss me but, I moved away. “What the fuck is wrong with you, I thought you we’re Diamond..” I said buttoning my pants. She laughed at me, “Oh Bru, we’re both two complete different girls, how could you have thinked that?”

“I don’t know what happened.” I said trying to fix my hair. “Who was this bitch?” Carla said. I told them about her and how her and Bruno used to date in college. I told them about the text message I found in his phone. Tori sat next to me and rubbed my back, “I’m sorry..” “It’s not your fault, I just can’t believe I let her get me to that point.” “It was probably those drinks too.” Carla added. I looked up at her and nodded, “I really need to stop drinking.”

I was in shock, I opened my mouth but, no words came out. “Hey what the hell is going on in there!” Phil said banging on the door. I opened the door. Phil looked at the both of us, “I know what I think just happened didn’t right?”…


Chapter 25

“Or just stop drinking as much.” Tori added. I nodded, “Thanks girls.” I looked over and seen Michelle coming with Jasmine following her, “What the fuck happened?” “Nicole.” I didn’t even have to say anything else, she already knew. “What did that bitch say? Do you need me to go back in there?” “No it’s okay. I think I’ve had enough drama for tonight.” She took a deep breath, “Okay. It’s still early, where are we going to go now?” I wondered if Bruno had got done with the song, we could always go to the studio.

“I.. didn’t.. uh..” Nothing was coming out right. “Yeah Phil, it happened.” she said walking out. Phil shook his head at me and walked away. I walked out behind him, “Phil I swear I didn’t know it was her!” He turned around, “How could you not man?” I looked over to her sitting on the couch like nothing had happened. I hated her so much right now, I shouldn’t have drank while she was around, what was I thinking. “The lights were out..” I said looking down. “What happened now?” Eric said walking in. I looked up at him, but I didn’t know what to say.

We all got in the car and I sat there, trying to figure out where things went wrong. I was def the one that was wrong in this whole situation, I didn’t even have to go over to her. I put my head down, and now I was pretty sure she was going to tell Bruno. I would have to tell him before her. And then he would know I went through his phone. I just wish our relationship didn’t have all these other extra things to deal with. I just wanted to be happy with him.

“He’s cheating on Diamond, again.” Phil said. The again echoed in my head. “It’s not even like that.” I said. Eric started walking into the kitchen, “I don’t got anything else to say to him.” I went and sat on the couch, “Why would you do this? Why?” I asked her. “Bruno.. come on now. You we’re into it just as much as I was.” I stood up, “But I didn’t know it was you!” “We’ve been messing around for 2 years, you should know the differences between your girls!” she screamed. Phi looked at me, “2 years…?” It felt like the walls we’re closing in on me.

We pulled up at the studio and we all got out. I was not prepared to tell Bruno what had just happened. If he was in a good mood, I was about to ruin it. “Just tell him the truth. At least you’ll be right on that part.” Michelle whispered to me as we walked to the door. I nodded.

I opened my mouth to say something but, he cut me off, “You’re sick man, I thought you changed.” I grabbed my head and I couldn’t deal with this. The doorbell rang, “I’ll get it..” Phil said still shaking his head at me. I fell back into the couch and put my head back, why is this happening to me. I heard a lot of footsteps and looked up. All the girls walked in. Diamond looked at me and then looked at Karmen, “What’s going on?”…


Chapter 26

“What do you mean?” Bruno said. Why the fuck is she here. “I mean you guys we’re all frowned up and stuff..” He got up, “Aw nah, it’s nothing.” Phil looked at him weird. I knew something was going on, but I had no idea what. He came over to hug me and I smelled alcohol on him, guess he had been drinking too. “How is everyone?” Karmen said sitting up. Everyone said good in unison. I couldn’t take this awkwardness anymore. “Bruno, can I talk to you, outside.” He nodded and we started for the door. I felt closed in, in there for some reason. We went outside and sat on the bench. “Bruno… I got something to tell you.” He looked at me seriously, “Huh?”

What could she have to tell me? “I did something I’m not proud of, I just don’t know what came over me.” I looked down, whatever it was how could I be mad at her after what I just did. “What did you do?” “Well I looked threw you’re phone and saw text messages from Nicole number 1..” I got a knot in my stomach why was she not upset about what she read? “And I ran into her at the club, and I fought her. I didn’t even have to go her way. I was just so angry.” I looked at her, “That’s it?”

She put her head in her hands, “I’m sorry.. I swear..” I put my arm around her, “Babe it’s okay..” I whispered. She looked at me with tears in her eyes but didn’t say anything. I nodded, “I don’t talk to her anymore, I’m pretty sure the message you read was old.” She hugged me and I closed my eyes. How could I tell her about what just happened now. We unlocked and she grabbed my hand, “Now what was going on in there?” “Phil and E we’re picking on me, bringing up old things from the past.” I lied. She laughed, “They’re always messing with you.” I smirked, “Yeah.” How was I going to get myself out of this one. I couldn’t believe I had just lied to her, again.

She stood up, “So did you let the guys hear the song?” The song, fuck I had forgot all about it. “Not yet, we ended up working on something else.” “Oh okay then, you ready to go back inside?” I nodded and she helped me up.

I grabbed his hand and started walking towards the door, I was so glad he wasn’t mad. I actually couldn’t believe it. It was nice to be able to talk to him about something without it leading to an argument. I opened the door and we both walked in. All the girls we’re sitting around talking and smiling. I joined in with them and Bruno went in the kitchen with the guys. “What you girls talking about?” I said squeezing in between Tori and Michelle on the couch. “Those guys at the Avalon.” I shook my head, “Crazy.”

I sat down at the table and they all looked at me seriously. “You told her right?” Phil said. I shook my head. “What? Why?” he whispered. “Phil I can’t do that to her, I told you I thought it was her.” E shook his head and Ari nervously shuffled the cards. “You always manage to get yourself into some shit.” E said. I rubbed my face, “I know, but I’m done with Karmen, like seriously.” Ari started passing out the cards. “I hope so. You know, you’re lucky you my homie.” Phil said picking up his cards. I grabbed my cards and looked at them, “Thanks man, I’m done cheating and all of that, I’m going to get myself together.” In all honesty I actually meant it.

After an hour of talking and laughing, I was getting pretty tired. I was guessing Karmen got the memo from Bruno. I’m glad he ended things with her, maybe this was it, no more problems for usNow we could focus on Bruno’s album. I smiled to myself at this thought. I rested my head on Michelle’s shoulder and before I knew it, I was out.

I waved goodbye to everyone and closed the door. I walked down the hall and looked at Diamond sleeping on the couch. She looked tired so I decided we would stay the night here. I started cleaning up a bit, picking up papers and taking glasses to the kitchen. Then, my phone vibrated. I looked up to the clock on the wall, it was 1:02 A.M. Who would be texting me this late I thought taking my phone out. It was Karmen, I felt myself getting mad….


Chapter 27

(Hey hey Bruu coming out tonight?) What the hell is she thinking.. (No. I told you, we’re done. We can’t do this anymore.) I started pacing, I didn’t feel like arguing with her. (Aw, Bru, you we’re serious?) (Yeah, very serious. We can be friends, but that’s it. You can work on my album with me, but that’s it.) I stood there anxiously waiting for her reply. (Oh! Okay, see you whenever.) I had to read the message again. Was she really going to give up that easy? In a way it scared me, but I was glad she finally got the damn picture. One less problem for me.

I went over and lifted Diamond’s head up and put it on my lap as I sat down. I got as comfortable as I could without waking her up and fell asleep faster then I expected.

“No.” I heard Bruno say. I knew I was laying on his lap but, I was half woke and whispered back, “What?” He didn’t saying anything. I opened one of my eyes and realized that I was in the studio. It was just about pitch black but, I managed to see the clock, it was damn near 4 A.M. “Please stop.” he moaned. I sat up, “What the he—” I quickly covered my mouth. He was talking in his sleep. I watched him closely. “I can’t.” he mumbled. I held a laugh in, I never caught him talking in his sleep. “I’m sorry.” he moaned. He started shifting positions and turned his head in the opposite direction. This is priceless I thought. “I love you.” he mumbled. I sat up and moved right next to his ear and whispered, “I love you too.” He suddenly opened his eyes and jumped almost hitting me in the face with his head. He scared the shit out of me, I jumped back on the couch. He started looking around frantically and breathing hard, I grabbed his arm, “Bruno!” He looked at me seriously but, didn’t respond.

I frowned, “Are you okay?” He grabbed my hand and squeezed it, “I don’t know.” I looked at his hand and then back up to his face, “What happened?” He let go of my hand and buried his face in both of them. “I almost did it.” he whispered. My heart broke a little, I knew what he was talking about but, I didn’t want to say it. I ran my fingers threw his hair, “I’m sorry.” He hugged me unexpectedly and whispered in my ear, “Thank you so much Diamond, so so much.” I rubbed his back, “It’s okay Bruno..” When we finally unlocked he laid his head back and took a deep breath. I cuddled back close to him and put my head on his chest. I listened as his heartbeat went from fast, back to normal again. I was just as scared as him.

I was almost sleep again when he whispered my name. “Hmm?” “I haven’t been sleeping.” I leaned up and looked at him in the eyes, “Why?” He closed his eyes and turned from me, “Nightmares.” I could tell he was ashamed, but he didn’t have to be, I understood. I rubbed his thigh, I really was lost for words. He turned to me, “I jumped this time.” “This time? How many times have you had this nightmare?” “4.” I shook my head, I felt for him, deeply. “Bru.. I just don’t know what to say.” “Just don’t let me do it.” If he was trying to get me emotional, it was fucking working. I pecked him on the lips, “I won’t. I promise.” He smiled and I laid back down in my same position. I couldn’t help but relive the whole situation in my head again. It really was like a nightmare for me. I hoped that neither one of us would have to go through that ever again.

Some lyrics from one of Bruno’s songs popped into my head. I never really sang much, unless I was in the shower. But, I felt like now was a good time to do it. I was no where near as good as him, but my voice was just soft enough to sound okay. I started to sing,

If you’re tossing and you’re turning and you just can’t fall asleep,

I’ll sing a song, beside you..

And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me..

Everyday I will, remind you..

I smiled the entire time she sang. I closed my eyes and let her words take me away. The little sweet things that she did for me like this made me love her more and more. Her song worked enough to settle my nerves. I fell right asleep, and surprisingly no more nightmares…..


Chapter 28

I woke up with a slight headache. Fucking alcohol, I really need to stop drinking. I looked down to Diamond, she was still sleep. She ususally never sleeps longer than me. I looked up at the clock, it was 10:27 A.M. I tried slipping from underneath her without waking her up. Of course I failed. “Morning Bru.” she said sitting up. “Good morning.” I said smiling to her. “How’d you sleep?” I nodded, “A lot better.” She smiled and rubbed my arm, “Good.” I got up and stretched, I wished I was at home. “You ready to go home?” Diamond asked. She read my mind. I nodded, “Yes please.” We gathered all our things together but, I left my guitar. I was planning on coming back. We hopped in my car and was home before we knew it.

I went into the room and instantly collapsed on the bed. “Ahhhh.” I moaned in pleasure. I leaned up and saw Diamond stripping down. “Owh.. shower.” I said smirking. She looked at me, “By myself.” I got up and ran into the bathroom taking my shirt off in the process. “Bruno!” I closed to the door and locked it. “Okay okay, we can take one together.” she said through the door. I opened it and smiled, “Much better.” She walked in and I leaned over to turn the shower on. She turned off the lights. I had a flash back of last night. “Diamond, please turn the lights on.” “Why, you scared of the dark now?” she joked. “Na, I just.. please.” I begged. She turned them on and frowned, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.. I just want to be able to see you.” I lied. She rolled her eyes, “Whatever.” I laughed and took her in my arms, “I love you.”

I looked up at him, “I love you too.” I could tell something with bothering him, but I didn’t know what. He always loved when I turned off the lights on him. We both stripped all the way down and right before I jumped in the shower, I grabbed him. He immediately went to guard his self and I laughed at him. “Now you know, if you get me started I won’t stop.” I pulled the shower curtain back, “Try me.” He got in and came right behind me and started kissing on my shoulder. “Bruno.” “Hmm?” he said still kissing me. I turned to him, “Do you want kids?” He frowned and choked on his words, “Uh yeah, wait why?” I giggled, “I’m just asking.” I honestly just wanted to throw him off, I was pretty tired and I just wanted to sleep most of the day. I had a long work week ahead of me. We both washed each other and tried my best not to get turned on with the things he did. But, of course that didn’t work. The way his fingers glided across my body made me want to just jump on him, but I didn’t have the energy to do it.

He started rubbing up and down my back and it felt incredible. “Babe you okay?” he said. “Mhmmm.” I said not able to make words. He really knew what he was doing. Before I let myself get all the way to that point I told him I was ready to get out. He pulled the shower curtain back and got up. He grabbed and towel and held it out for me to wrap up in. I loved when he did things like that, it made me feel warm inside. I jumped out right into the towel and he wrapped me in it. I got lost in him and watched closely as water droplets fell down his neck to his shoulder. My hormones we’re raging for some reason. I just had no idea why I was fighting them. I hurried out of the bathroom and dried myself off and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. I went and sat on the bed and rubbed my eyes.

I went in and grabbed a pair of boxers out of the drawer and put them on. I looked at Diamond, I could tell she was really tired. “You wanna take a nap?” I said crawling into the bed. “Please.” she said turning to me. I wrapped us up in the covers and kissed her on the forehead. I closed my eyes and breahed in her scent.

I watched him closely and observed him. His hair, his nose, his lips. I wanted him so bad for some reason. I didn’t know what it was about him that still drove me crazy every single day. After fighting with myself for the next 2 minutes, I came to my decision. “Bruno.” I whispered. “Hmm.” he said his eyes still closed. “I give up.” He slowly opened his eyes, “What?” I kissed him, “Let’s just do it.”….


Chapter 29

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

He smiled, “Anytime.” I leaned closer and kissed him. He grabbed my face and kissed me even more passionately. I loved when he kissed me like that. I was so ready for him. He started kissing down my neck to my shoulders. He took one of his hands and put it up my shirt. He slowly rubbed up my stomach and I shivered from his touch. He got up on his knees and helped me pull my shirt off. I laid back and he smiled at me as he laid in between my legs.

I looked right into her eyes and kissed her again. She ran her fingers threw my hair massaging my head as she went along. I started reaching for her shorts and took both them and her underwear off in one motion. I smiled against her lips. I leaned up and she watched me closely as I pulled my boxers down. I didn’t even bother taking them all the way off. I went right inside and watched as she clenched the covers.

I started slow making sure she felt all of me. I propped myself up with my arms and watched myself. After awhile I looked back up to her and she had her eyes closed. I closed mine as well and focused. I listened as her moans grew stronger, it only motivated me to do more. I opened my eyes back up to find her watching me. I smiled and laid down on her grabbing her legs in the process. I sped up and whispered in her ear, “You like this huh?” “Mhmmm.” she moaned. I closed my eyes again and listened to the noises our bodies made. I felt myself starting to sweat. I kicked my boxers all the way off. After awhile, I let go of one of her legs and propped myself up again. I watched as her eyes went everywhere. She put her hands on my chest. That’s when I knew she was close.

I had no control over my moans anymore. I kept creeping closer and closer to my destination. I didn’t even care that he was on top the whole time. I watched as sweat ran from his forehead down his neck. He smiled and bit his lip when he saw me watching him. He could be so cocky sometimes, but he was really putting in work this time. “I love you Bruno.” I moaned. “I love you too.” he said never stopping. I grabbed his arm even though it was hard for me to grip because of the sweat.

We had been going for awhile now, longer than we usually do. I was seriously getting tired, but the pleasure was so overwhelming. “You almost there?” he whispered. All I could do was nod. He made his strokes longer and softer. It didn’t take me long after that to be done.

He laid on top of me again and I put my arms around him. My moans went right into his ears, and his into mine. “Come on Bruno.” I moaned. He thursted a couple more times and let out a deep moan. He was finally done. We both laid there out of breath for a minute. I decided I would be the one to break the silence after sex. “What gave your stamina a boost today?” He laughed and wiped his sweaty face on me. I screamed in disgust, “Oh my god stop it!” He laughed even harder and I pushed him off of me. He rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed. He got up and searched for his boxers. He went over and wiped his sweat off on a towel. ”What you doing?” I said pulling the blankets up on me. “Gonna take a smoke.” I nodded and shifted positions in the bed trying to get comfortable.

I pulled on some jeans and threw on a t-shirt. I grabbed my cigarettes and walked outside to the front. I leaned against the wall and lit my cigarette. I couldn’t help but replay what had just happened in my head. Damn she made me feel good. I didn’t understand why I still always found myself cheating. I glanced over to my car and saw that there was a piece of paper underneath the windshield wiper. I frowned, flickered my cigarette and walked towards it……


Chapter 30

I looked around and grabbed it…

*Easy come, easy go.. That’s just how you live.*

I instantly looked up and around me again. Someone was playing with me. These were my lyrics, I had never even spoken them before. I crumpled up the piece of paper in anger and flickered my cigarette. I walked into the house and threw the ball of paper in the trash can. I started looking around for my notebook. I always kept it around and I rarely said the words from them out loud unless I was ready too. I walked in the the bedroom, “Diamond.” She turned to me and frowned, “What’s wrong?” I walked over to the desk and looked threw things, “You seen my notebook?” “Bruno you told me not to touch it.” I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed my face.

She leaned up and rubbed my back, “What’s going on?” I turned to her, “Now I know I’m not too crazy but, either someone is reading my thoughts..” I paused and shook my head. “Or someone’s got into my damn notebook.” She started thinking. I stood up, “Some of my lyrics were wrote down on a piece of paper on the windshield of my car.” “Huh?” “Exactly, I’m confused too.”

I knew how private Bruno kept his notebook. He was always writing and thinking. He had lyrics upon lyrics in there. I knew how much it mean’t to him, and when someone fucks with that, he’s going to be really upset. “Babe I’m sure it’s nothing, you may have left it at the studio.” I said trying to keep him calm.

He went over to the closet, “I need to go find it.” “Okay well, just call me babe.” I watched him as he slid on a yellow and blue plaid shirt. He seemed to never run out of these, but I guess I did keep buying them. “I will.’” he said putting on his shoes. He crawled onto the bed and kissed me. “Love you Brunz.” I said as he went out the door. He looked back in, “Love you too.” I hoped that he found it and there really wasn’t someone reading his thoughts, that would be creepy. I pushed the situation to the back of my mind and turned over to try and sleep.

I grabbed my keys, phone, and sunglasses off the counter. I walked back outside and jumped in my car. As I pulled up I could see that Karmen was here. There was really no way I could get rid of her considering she was helping me with my album. I hopped out the car and walked right in. “Yo yo, what’s good?” I said closing the door. I walked in to find Phred and Karmen sitting around. Before Phred could say anything, his phone started ringing. He looked at it, “One sec Brunz, I gotta take this.” I watched him walk into the kitchen and I grabbed my guitar. I sat on the couch and started strumming, I honestly didn’t want to speak to her.

“You know, you don’t have to ignore me, I did what you asked.” I looked up at her, “You haven’t done anything I’ve asked YET.” She threw her hands up, “I’m done Bruno, I swear.” I nodded and continued strumming, “Alright, prove it.” For some reason, I felt like she had my notebook, but I wanted to make sure. “Have you seen my notebook, with all my lyrics in it?” She looked around as if she really concerned, “Last time I seen it, it was on the desk.” I instantly stopped strumming and looked over to the desk. There is laid closed like it had been untouched. I put my guitar down and walked over to the desk. I opened it up and flipped through the pages, “What the fuck did you do?”………