Chapter 21-30

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PART 21:

I don’t know when but we both used to fell asleep but our luck that we woke up at the right

time! Bruno went into his bathroom and got ready as fast as he could. After that we drove

to my home cause I just had the clothes from the day before and I needed to take a


When I took my time Bruno launched on my couch. Wrapped in my towel I passed the

living room, where Bruno was still sitting. While passing the room up to my bedroom I kept

an eye on him. He sat there on the couch with some picture frames and a dull face. I was

confused so I stopped and stood in the door, still just wrapped in my towel.

‘Hey lovey?! Is everything OK?!’

He didn’t answer. ‘Bruno?’ Still no answer so I went over to him. Almost reaching him he

looked up to me, he becked light with the frames. I stood next to him looked at the pictures

and just said: ‘Ohhh awww!’, and crawled light his head. Light I put my arm around his

shoulders and sat next to him. The pictures lay under my desk shelf, old pictures.

‘Please talk to me. What do you think right now?’ ‘I don’t know, what shall I think?’ ‘Maybe

believing me, what I told you? That would be a good … the best thing!’ Of all things he

grabbed the picture with me and Tom where we were laughing and hugging each other. I

had him a little in a headlock … just playing.

No answer … again!

‘Bruno … why you don’t talk to me? … … I told you that he was once my best friend! …

And you said it … we both have a past … please don’t be mad at me or something!’, I said

with a puppy face and crawled his head again!

‘No … I’m not mad at you! How could I?! … It’s just weird for me to see you both there …

seems like he’s still meaning something to you! … The picture is still laying there …’

‘Bruno! Look at me!’ He turned his head slowly around. ‘Babe … sure does he still mean

something to me! And I told you! He was my best friend! You can leave the past but never

forget! … Why do you think is this picture UNDER the table, huh?! And not on my wall or

something else …’ ‘I’m sorry babe … your right, it was childish from me! I’m so sorry!’

I lent in from the right side, fondled his cheek from the right side and kissed his right

temple softly. ‘Bruno … you mean the world to me now! And no one else … Please don’t

forget that! Huh!?’ The soft kiss on my lips was the answer to my question!

Then he just realized that I was still in my towel. ‘Uhlala senorita! ‘Don’t dare you to think

any dirty thoughts!’ With that I gave him a little clap on his right knee and got up and went

into my bedroom. His eyes burned my whole body up and down, I felt it but didn’t turn

around. This sweet feeling of teasing him a little was great.

Fifteen minutes later the door of my bedroom opened a little. In the corner of my eye I saw

my little Bruno with his head looking through the door, shy. I angled my head, looked at

him and smiled just. He whispered: ‘I miss you!’ Walking towards him I gave him a small

kiss on his cheek and said: ‘Give me just ten minutes and then I’m back!’

I felt this longing look again all over me, but not this sexual tension … it was more like the

desire of being with me all the time, like showing the world I’m his girl.

This feeling was great! It felt like he was proud to have me as his girlfriend. AND it made

me thinking if this would have for real an ever lasting future. Too early to think about this?

Yeah maybe … but honestly?! Show me just one person who saw a man and never had

thought about the fact how cute your babies could be with this man, even if it was just one

who passed you on the street! So why I shouldn’t think about my future with my boyfriend,

even though we were just a few days together. It doesn’t matter when it feels like you know

each other the whole life!

PART 22:

I snapped back into the real world, did everything what I had to finish and went back to

Bruno. He laid on my couch wrapped in a blanket and it seem like he snoozed but he

opened his eyes when I was going to him. ‘Wooow! You’re so … wow!’ ‘Stop snoozing

babe! We need to go in a few minutes!’ I crawled again his hair. I love doing this, playing

with his little curls.

‘But when I’m right, we still have 15 minutes! 15 LONG minutes … come over to me!’ ‘Noo

Bruno we’ll be too late!’ Still begging: ‘Pleeeeeaaaaseeee!!! … You’re right it’s really so

cold here! Please warm me up!’ ‘Stop that puppy face! You know I can’t resist it! That’s

unfair!’ He smiled, lifted the blanket and I jumped under it.

The couch was to small to lay relaxed next to each other so we had to lay on our side very

close to each other. Face to face! I closed my eyes for a while, just to listen to the rhythm

of his breath, and to feel how it softly blows over my skin. He wiped my hair away and

kissed the tip of my nose. Then he put his hand on my waist and rubbed it up and down

my back. Not to low! ‘I thought I shall warm YOU up?!’ Giggling: ‘I’m fine babe … just

wanted to have you that close next to me! … Honey?!’ ‘Hmmm?’ ‘I feel so sorry that I was

so jealous! … It was childish! I shouldn’t handle you as my property! I’m sorry … that was

just stupid!’

‘Awww Bruno! Don’t say this … It was cute. I understand that it was weird for you! Don’t

think about it … but bebi I’m so sorry, but we have to go now!’ With that I get up, gave him

a little kiss, reached for his hand and pulled him to the door.

We drove to the venue. I looked in every direction before we passed the last cross. No car!

‘Baby, ready?’ Yelling: ‘Ready for whaaaaaat?’, while I drove full speed, I put the hand

brake on and turned the wheel in the opposite direction! DRIFTING!!!

‘Woooohooohoohohooooo!!!’, I screamed. ‘I’m so sorry hun … but I love this too much! I

can’t stop it!’, I said shiny. ‘NILA! … OK this was another surprise! Damn! Where did you

get that?’ ‘Hmmm … I guess that’s the prize I paid, that I just had boys as friends when I

was younger … I couldn’t really handle girls …’, I grinned. ‘My family has the gas in the

blood! I’m sorry I can’t help it!’ ‘OK … Now I’m a little shocked … but … I think I like it!’, he

laughed. ‘What you’re shocked? I thought after that punk rock thing I couldn’t shock you

more!’ ‘Yes … I thought so, too … But you did … good to see that you have everything

under control, but please don’t do it again!! I need you!’ We arrived at the parking zone and

I found a good lot. I stopped the engine and looked at him: ‘I’m sorry Bruno … I guess then

I shouldn’t tell you that I got a motorbike, too huh?! … I’m sorry, I’m so boyish. I told you

I’m not a princess!’ ‘Hey hey don’t say this … that’s why I love you! You’re not a typical

princess! This is pretty cool! I love it when a girl knows who she is and is not just

pretending! Please don’t change!’ He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

Then we got out of the car, he came to my side, grabbed my hand and we went to the

entry. Much to my surprise was Tom already there, alone!!! ALONE??? I thougth he’ll take

Janett with him?! He recognized me and began to smile a big shiny smile. Then his look

went to Bruno and to our hands. Suddenly he looked fossilized!

PART 23:

I don’t know why, OK I’m a liar … I know exactly why but I loved to see this face! I guess

Bruno didn’t realized that Tom was shocked, so I tried to play the cool! Everything was

normal. We said hello, the usual hard hug and not a hug like friends would do. Then I


introduced both and we went in. Tom was pretty good in playing that he liked Bruno. And I

really wanted to kick his ass therefor.

At this moment I was so happy that I had the best thing in my life next to me and that I

could say I don’t need you any longer! I wasted my time too much with you and all your

games! But now my time is here! The man of my life was right next to me!

Bruno really tried to be nice. And seemed that he liked Tom on a way. He really had no

prejudices, like he promised, anyways … it seemed like this.

When we went in into the venue we met JANETT!! JANETT??? Where did she came


‘Heeeeey!!!’, she said with her shiny, bright and naive smile. I just said confused: ‘Hey!’

She wondered: ‘Huh?! Why are you so confused? Didn’t Tom say that I’m here with him?’ I

guess my ‘NOPE this ass was saying nothing bout you’ face was telling everything, cause

she threw a ‘I KILL YOU … but I forgive you right now cause I’ll never find a better one like

you look’ to him.

Deep inside me I rolled my eyes and after that I jumped so hard of luck cause I had

something what she just wanted to have: Someone who really loves me!!!

I’m not sure if she realized who I had next to me cause all she said to Bruno was ‘Hi’. She

didn’t look to our hands … nothing. And that’s weird, cause usually she’s always the one

who’s interested in everything and everyone! She always needs to know EVERYTHING!

… But not this time …

We went in and we just had fun, I mean me and Bruno. This concert was pretty cool. It

wasn’t amazing or something … I mean a Bruno Mars concert is amazing, but this just can

be cool, if you know what I mean?! I can’t speak for the other two. I tried to ignore them but

I saw that Janett didn’t really wanted to be there. Something was wrong with her …

Even though I didn’t really wanted to spend more time with them they asked to go in a bar

after the concert. I hold off but Bruno really wanted to go. It seemed like he really liked

Tom. Oh Bruno … I just asked you for meet him without prejudices, not being friends.

Anyhow … I said yes!

I the bar I had to sit next to Tom. I had no other chance and painted the worst pictures in

my head. But it turns out that it wasn’t that bad. Was weird but it was a long time ago that

we had so much fun together. It seemed like he was going to be the old, the Tom I knew …

Janett was just sitting in her corner. She wasn’t anymore that shiny, ‘never stop talking and

laughing girl’ I knew … But I stopped thinking about it cause my interest for it was very


Then my look went to Bruno … I saw his look, I saw that he fought with his self. I saw this

face before … At exactly the same day in my living room on my couch! I realized that it

hurt him to see that I may had my old best friend back. So I tried to slow down with Tom

and concentrated more on Bruno.

The thing I didn’t planed was, that Tom began to tickle me, like he always did before …

Bruno took a deep breath and went out of the bar.

I tried to get off of it, slapped his hands and moved also out of the bar.

‘Bruno … Bruno I’m so sorry!’ He stand in front of the door, tried to catch some fresh air.

‘What do you have to say to it at this time?’ ‘I don’t know … I didn’t planned it! … I didn’t

thought that we could have that much fun together again. I don’t know what he was

thinking!! …’ ‘I know it is the same thing like before … but I can’t handle it! I really liked him


. I forgot about all the things you told me about him! But … but what the heck was he

doing? What is he thinking? You are my girlfriend! And not his!’ ‘I am yours. But Bruno …

this is exactly what I feel when I see you with all those beautiful girls …’ ‘Common this is

not the same! You know that this is just my job, and that I never would do something like

…’ ‘Something like what? Like me? BRUNO!!! There is nothing between me and Tom! And

never will! Because I LOVE YOU! … yes … I really love you … even though I didn’t said

something when you did! Now I do! I love love love you! And I never would do something

like this to you!’

I never expected that these words could fill Brunos eyes with tears. He came over and

hugged me as tight as he could. My head on his chest! I could feel how his heart was


PART 24:

Then after a while he pulled a little away, still with tears in his eyes. He looked deep into

my eyes and looked then through the window to Tom and Janett.

‘I think you should be there for her!’, he said. ‘Huh?! Why should I be there for her? What

do you mean?’

He turned around again and looked at her. ‘Cause she has problems she can’t handle

alone!’ ‘How do you know?’ ‘Look at her … can you tell she’s lucky?’ ‘That’s what I also

thought … but honestly … I dind’t really care about it. … But even you see it! … But … but

…’ ‘Nila … you were her best friend … and I know you still care about her! If not you

wouldn’t have thought about it!’ … he continued ‘she hasn’t that luck to be loved by a

person like you are! And I don’t really know her … but I guess she needs someone! She

needs YOU!’

Where did he get that dower? How does he know me so well?

Back on Brunos chest I whispered: ‘You’re right … I still care for her … doesn’t matter what

she did to me … I think I should talk to her!’

‘I know you have a big heart … you can’t be really mad at someone! You’re a good friend!’

‘Thank you Bruno!’ ‘For what sweetie?’ I couldn’t continue that fast cause my eyes also

filled with tears. ‘For being here! That have you! When I see her, it seems for like a little

wonder to find the right person who makes one always happy, is there …’ I looked up to

him and said: ‘I really love you! I didn’t said it just because you were mad at me … I said it

cause I really do!’

He wiped a tear from my eyes and fondled this cheek and whispered: ‘I know!’ He kissed

me softly and then his forehead touched mine. ‘I love you with all my heart!’, he

continued.’What you wanna do now?’ ‘I guess it’s better when we’re going home now,

huh?’, I answered quietly. ‘Ok …’ He kissed the top of my head. ‘Wait here I’ll say good

bye to them and then we can go, OK?!’ I pulled away from him, went again into the bar and

told them that I don’t feel really good that it is better when we leave now.

Maybe it was just my imagination but it seemed like Janett threw a look to me that said:

‘Please stay! I need you! I want you back!’

While leaving the bar I thought about it … about everything, the whole evening. Definitely

tomorrow. I needed to talk to her the next day!

Bruno waited in the outside and when I opened the door, he took my hand and we walked

back to the car. Half before we reached the car I looked for the keys, stopped, looked at

Bruno and gave him the keys. ‘I can’t concentrate anymore … It was a little too much

today!’ He nodded, put his arm around my shoulder and kissed again my head.


We got into the car and he asked: ‘Where shall I bring you to sweetie?’ Almost asleep I

mumbled: ‘Don’t you mean bring us to? … A bed … a warm bed is all I need right now …

work tomorrow …ohhh DAYUM!!! Work! I totally forgot about it!’

Sure thing that he brought us to his home cause my heating is still broken. We arrived and

I tried to open my eyes. It was hard, pretty hard and before I could open the door on my

own was Bruno on my side. He was so cute. And I asked myself again why he chose me.

My legs were tired … it was a long day. How the heck should I get upstairs … a house

without an elevator. Bruno can read my mind! That’s it! Cause, I don’t know why he lifted

me exactly at this time up and brought me into his apartment. While in his arms I wrapped

my arms around his neck. Exactly like I did on Hawaii … exactly like he did on Hawaii! I

gave him a thankfully kiss on his neck. How much I love this man!

Part 25:

Carefully as always he laid me down in his bed and took my shoes of. I reached my hand

for his hand. He grabbed it and came closer. ‘I just wanted to feel if you’re real or just a

dream.’ ‘And? What am I?’, he asked smiling. ‘… hmm I guess you are a real dream! …

Thank you that you’re here … And I’m sorry that this all happened. It wasn’t a really good

beginning, huh?! I’m so sorry that Tom even temper with our life!’ He sat down on the edge

of the bed and stroked the hair out of my face. ‘Nila … It doesn’t matter cause I had the

whole time you on my side!’ My eyes were closed but I felt his warm, soft breath on my

skin, so I knew he lent in for a kiss … words can not describe what I feel for this man.

At this moment when he was going to leave the edge, I grabbed his hand again.

‘Brunooo…?! Could you give me a shirt from you or something … compared to my home is

this here hot!’, I giggled. ‘Sure sweetie! Wait a second!’, he smiled. He gave me a shirt and

I tried to get up and sat in bed. But it isn’t so easy to get out of my shirt.

So I decided to lift my arms and begged like a little girl: ‘Pleeeeaaaase help me!!!’ He

turned around and laughed at me when he saw me in my helpless situation, with my shirt

half over my head. ‘Brunooo! It’s not funny! Please!’

The next thing was that I felt his warm hands on the side of my body … on my skin. Slowly

he lifted the shirt up. He pulled it over my head. My eyes were closed … I just felt his lips

on mine. I replied. … Then I pulled away and grabbed his shirt. ‘Now back on!’ I poked my

tongue out at him and grinned. Bruno laughed again, grabbed my arms and raised them in

the air and pulled the shirt over. While the shirt was over my head I said: ‘Stop laughing at

me!’ When I could see again, was Bruno again pretty close to my lips. ‘… But you

shouldn’t stop this!’, I whispered. ‘That’s for sure!’, he said with his sexy voice. …

He went down to my neck and gave me little soft kisses. Suddenly he began to giggle and

these little attacks of his breath on my neck tickled me.

‘Uuaaahhaaaa WHAT? Bruno what?’ ‘Nothing hun … just that I love how awake I made

you with my kisses. You were almost falling asleep and now?!’, he giggled again! ‘Nooo

nooo nouuuaaaahh! Not true!’, pretending that I’m tired. ‘Ahh for sure! You are awake! And

that’s just because of my amazing lips and my amazing talent!’, he grinned.

I threw a pillow at him and laid back down: ‘Uhh yes! Both is amazing … but I really need

to sleep now.’ I opened the button of my pants … don’t no what Bruno was thinking but his

eyes grow and he just starred at me. ‘Bruuunooo! Don’t stare at me like this! You don’t

know how hard it is to get out of those skinny jeans on your own! …’ Still starring … ‘OK I

guess you have nothing better to do, so please grab the legs of my jeans and pull it off!’

Suddenly I saw those shin lights in his eyes and began to grin like a little boy. ‘Ohh Bruno

you little jerk!’, I laughed. ‘Would be an honor for me!’ ‘Bruno stop grinning!’ ‘Sorry babe …


I can’t … so wait on count of 3 I’ll pull it of!’, he winked. ‘1 … 2 … 3!’ ‘Ahhh finally …

wonderful! Thanks!’ ‘Like I said … it was an honor for me!’ ‘Will you ever stop grinning?’

‘Ehhhhhhm NOPE!’ ‘That’s what I thought! … Would you do me an last favor for today?’

‘Everything!’ ‘Switch the light off and come in bed!’

‘Wow! I’ve never seen someone taking off the shirt and the pants AND switching off the

light a fast as you did!’, I said laughing. ‘I told you: Everything for you!’, he said again with

his sexy voice.

Then he jumped in the bed, and I really mean JUMPED! And I turned on my right side, with

the back to Bruno but he came very close and began kissing my neck again. ‘Bruno? What

the heck are you trying? I really need to sleep!’ ‘I know.’, he answered giggling and didn’t

stop. ‘But Bruno … Please!’ I turned around to him. ‘Finally! That’s what I wanted. So now I

can get my good night kiss and you your sleep!’ ‘Come closer lil boy!’, I giggled

PART 26:

‘Damn Bruno! Your kisses make me really awake!’ ‘Haa that’s what I told you! And you

don’t wanted to believe me!’ ‘OK … now I’m addicted! Give me more of it!’ ‘Hmm no! You

need to sleep!’ ‘Ohh Bruno! That’s not fair! I know that you planned this! You are mean!’

And with this I turned again around, on my right side.

‘OK OK OK! I thought about it … I guess I can give you some more!’ ‘Noho Bruno! … Too

late!’ He started kissing my neck again. ‘Do you really think? Hmmm don’t you wanna get

more of it?’, with that sexy voice. Me totally serious: ‘Bruno! That won’t work!’ ‘Sure? And

what about this?’. He began biting my ear. I loved this feeling … especially because my

neck and my ears are the most sensitive places. I really tried to stay serious. ‘Nope!’

‘Common! I know you like it … you want it! … … you can’t resist me baby!’

Damn he got me … he know me too good!

‘You’re saying this just because you want ME! … YOU can’t resist me! … You know that I

can! … If you remember?!’

‘Damn … you got me … you know me, too good!’ With that saying I started laughing.

‘What what? Why are you laughing??’ ‘Ehmm nothing Bru … nothing … just forget it!’, I


‘OK when you’re saying this … I guess I won’t get more of it today, huh?’ I didn’t answer.

This was the sign for him to stop, so he got off and turned on his side of the bed.

He was right I couldn’t resist him anymore … I was to weak! I wanted THAT KISS!

So I turned stormy around, rolled over to him and gave him best kiss he ever got. I swear! I

mean I don’t know what kind of kisses he got but this was DEFINITELY the best!

This little moan that he made was a good thing, I guess … I think he liked it. And then

totally out of breath: ‘Wow!’ This was the only thing he could say!

YES it was the BEST KISS!

‘Was good, huh?’ ‘Good? It was the best!’ Haaaaaaaaaaa it was the best! He said it, he

said it!

‘Can I tell you a secret?’ ‘Sure you can!’ ‘But you need to promise that you keep it!’ ‘I will! I

promise!’ ‘OK then listen: You were right! I can’t resist your kisses anymore! But just

because I know now how good they are! And I don’t wanna miss a single one!’, I


He rolled me back and lay half over me and said: ‘Then I hope you can handle this!’ He

kissed me with high passion! Now I was the one who was out of breath … ‘I swear you


gonna kill me with this!’

He laughed just and rolled back on his side. But I didn’t want to let him go so easily. I

moved close to him, laid in his arms and lent my head on his chest. His warm and soft skin

with that beautiful tan felt so good. I turned around on my left side so I faced Bruno, still

laying in his arms.

‘Bruno …’ ‘Hmmmm …?!’ ‘You smell so good! I wanna eat you!’, I giggled and kissed his

naked shoulder. ‘Then why you’re waiting?’ ‘You know I’m shy!’, I sniggered again. ‘AND I

should sleep now! …’ ‘Cutie I love you!’, He kissed my head again, like he did it so often in

this day and fondled softly my arm until I fell asleep.

PART 27:

The next day I woke very early up. Bruno was still asleep but I had to go to work so I didn’t

want to wake him up. With my clothes I left the room quietly … Bruno was snoring a little,

what made me giggling a little.

In the kitchen I left a little note: ‘Wish you a wonderful morning snoring hun ;) Had to go to

work :’( and leave you here alone! After work I’ll go and try to talk to Janett but I hope to

see you this evening! I love you!’

The day didn’t really pass fast … and I was scared about to talk to Janett. We didn’t talk

for months. Was a good change to hear my phone ringing! BRUNO!!! ‘Ahhh finally a nice

person!’, I said in the phone. ‘Aww bebi! Is the day so bad?’ ‘Not really bad but I’m scared

about the talk with Janett … I don’t really know what to say! Can’t you help me??? I just

wanna go home … I can’t Bruno I can’t!!!’ ‘Heeey everything will be alright! You can make

it! You’ll find the right words!’ ‘Are you sure!’ ‘Yes I am! But this wasn’t why I called you! … I

just wanted to tell you I miss you and and my bed was so cold without you!’ ‘Aww Bruno

you’re so cute! I miss you, too!’ ‘And I wanna see you today! You wanna come to me after

you ready with Janett?’ ‘Ohh yeah! That would be wonderful! But babe I need to say good

bye, my boss is coming! Love you!’

Finally my working day was over! 30 minutes later I met Janett in a little cafe. She told me

everything and we ended up crying, laying each other in the arms.

At 7 pm I arrived at Brunos home. I rang the bell. Bruno opened and I stood totally tear

stained in front of him. His bright and shiny smile turned into an afraid and worried face. I

just walked into his arms and he hugged me tight. We stood a few minutes in the open

door without saying anything.

Then he pulled me into his apartment a closed the door, again hugging me tight.

‘She told me everything!’ ‘Do you wanna talk about it?’ … ‘Yes … I think so’ …’ ‘Then come

with me …’ He took my hand and leaded me into the living room.

‘Awww Bruno! You did this all?? … And I’m now like this?! … I’m so so sor…’ In the door to

the living room I saw a lot of candles in the room and two glasses and a romantic dinner.

‘This doesn’t matter now! Come sit down and tell me everything what you want!’

We both sat on the couch and I began to tell him everything: ‘I’m such a bad friend. I

should have known that something was wrong. The whole time! You could see it on her

forehead! It was so clear! And everything is my fault. Why did I treat her like this??’ ‘Hey

baby doesn’t matter what it is, it is definitely not your fault. She was the one who played

you a sucker! Nila you aren’t a bad friend! Alone that you made the first move now and that

you talked to her, cause you care about her!!!’ I broke down in his arms. I cried so hard!

‘She has a renal tumor! The operation is next Tuesday, and they think it will be very

complicated cause they found it out so late and one wrong cut can kill her now! I’m so


afraid to lose her. When everything goes good she will be lusty. But they don’t know if it’s a

good or a bad tumor and if it will come back … I can’t lose her again! Not for ever!!!’

‘Hey hey shhhhh Nila please don’t cry so much … shhhhhhh!’, he hugged me tight,

fondled my head and gave me again a kiss on it. ‘Everything will be OK! Just trust the

doctors!’ ‘I can’t lose her … I can’t … And this asshole Tom!!! He treats her like shit! He

doesn’t deserve her! She has enough problems and he doesn’t even care a little … I

wanna punch this little arrrrggg!!!!!’

Silence, except of my crying and my sobbing. Bruno laid back on the couch and just pulled

me close to his chest and fondled my back.

I felt so guilty cause I wasn’t the one who needed this love and someone who cares so

much for me! She needed so much more someone like Bruno. It was so unfair! Even

though I’m also succeeded all the sicknesses of my parents, but I can’t die of it, anyway

not that early … And I was so angry about Tom that he couldn’t give her what she needed!

‘I’m so sorry Bruno! You did this all … and now look at me! This wasn’t what I planned!’

‘Shhhh it’s OK Nila! Everything that counts that I have you here next to me! Doesn’t matter

what is or what not! I’m here for you! So just let it out hun!’

The whole evening we sat there close on the couch! Bruno holding me! Until I fell asleep in

his arms.

PART 28:

The next morning I woke up again in Brunos bed, but that day I felt really sick! I tried to get

up to work, but I felt right back in the bed. Bruno was still sleeping, cause usually he hasn’t

to get up so early like me. But this morning he woke up by my groan. My head hurt so bad

and I couldn’t really speak.

‘Nila?? Is everything OK?’ I closed my eyes again and tried to safe my energy. ‘Nila?’ He

touched my forhead. ‘NILA!!! Man you glow!! Damn!!! You’re running a temperature!!! Wait!

I’ll go and look if I find my clinical thermometer!’

He came back running and I took my temperature. He was right! I was glowing.

‘I guess it was my cold apartment and the rain and …’, I carked. ‘And the stress the whole

week! I’ll bring you to your doctor! You need to stay home!’ ‘But Bruno’, cough, ‘I can’t,

remember? I was already two days sick!’ ‘That doesn’t matter! Fact! You can’t go like this

to work! Tell them you came back to early, you got a backflash!’

‘Shall I help you to get up? When you wanna go to the doctor? You’ll stay here until you’re

lusty again!’ ‘Yes and now and Bruno … I can’t stay here! I can’t make you sick, too!’

‘Naahhh who shall care for you??? And I mean it’s my fault that you’re sick now! I f you

wouldn’t have came to the airport you wouldn’t have walk trough the rain!’ ‘Bruuunooo …

It’s not your fault!’ ‘Anyways … I told you yesterday I’m always here for you so also now!!!’

He kissed my glowing forehead and helped me to get up. Slowly I walked in the direction

of the bathroom and took a shower. While I took the shower, Bruno got ready and made a

tea for me and filled it in a thermos flask.

‘Awww Bruno you’re so cute! Thank you!’ ‘No problem sweetie! Are you ready?’ ‘Yes we

can go!’ He grabbed the keys of his car and leaded me out of his apartment.

My doctor was just a few minutes away and our luck was that we were very early there so

we hadn’t to wait to long!

He told me I should stay the whole rest of the week at home! My luck was that they didn’t

overreact at work. My boss was really caring. And Bruno was even more cute! He

demanded that I stayed at his home, so we just drove to my apartment and I put some


things I needed in my bag and we went back to his home. Even though the heating in my

apartment was already repaired.

When we arrived at his apartment, I changed in Brunos snuggie and the jogging pants he

gave me at our first day together in his apartment. Bruno came into the room and hugged

me from behind. ‘Bruno … I can’t sleep in your bed … I don’t wanna make you sleep on

your own couch cause of me!’ ‘Sure you can sweetie! You need a lot of sleep now! And it

doesn’t matter for me … I can still sleep next to you!’ ‘But babe … I don’t want you to get

sick!’ ‘Just lay down now! It’s OK’ He lifted me up and put me back into the bed. I just could

laugh, even though everything hurt. ‘Wait a minute! I just go and bring you your medicine!’

He was sooo cute! He ran the whole time and cared for me!

‘Do you have everything sweetie?’ ‘Yes thank you! You did more than I need! I really

wanna kiss you now but I can’t!’ ‘Sweetie I would do everything for you! And I CAN give

you a kiss!’, the next kiss on my forehead! ‘I was right you’re a real dream!’

He laid down next to me and just watched me until I fell asleep. Like he was my guardian!

PART 29:

I slept something like two hours and then I woke up. But Bruno wasn’t anymore next to

me. When I looked to the side there were a little note with: ‘I hope I brought you everything

you could need! I had to leave, but just for a few hours, to the studio. Be back soon and

don’t forget that I love you!!!’ With a smile on my face I just fell back asleep.

The next time when I woke up I heard some noises downstairs. I wondered what it was

and I felt a little better so I grabbed the blanket, wrapped it around me and walked

downstairs. Bruno was back!

I just stand in the door to the kitchen when he turned around. ‘Heeey why your not in

bed??’ ‘I just woke up and my back hurts … so I felt like moving a little. And what are you

doing here? I thought you’re in the studio?’ ‘Right now I try to cook! A little soup for you!’,

he grinned. ‘And in the studio wasn’t that much work today … so I hurried to get back to

my princess! Your back hurts? Shall I give you a lil massage?’

‘Bruno … you’re really so cute! But you don’t need to do this all!’ ‘OK … first the soup and

then the massage! Deal?!’ I giggled: ‘Do I have an other choice?’ ‘Ummmhhmm NOPE!’

‘Then OK!’ ‘Great … so you go back to bed and I’ll be there in two minutes!’

Smiling I turned around and waited for him upstairs.

The soup was really perfect but nothing compared with the massage. ‘Is it OK?’ ‘OK???

It’s amazing …! And thank you I already feel much better than in the morning hun! Thank

you!’ I felt how he kissed my neck: ‘No problem sweetie!’

Then he rolled next to me and just starred at me. ‘Brunoo don’t stare like this! I’m looking

terrible!’ ‘That’s what I’m thinking about … you didn’t even lost a little of you beauty when

you’re sick.’ ‘Bruno … stop talking shit!’ ‘Noooo … you’re so beautiful and I love you!!’ ‘I

swear with this words I’ll feel tomorrow perfect’, I laughed.

I fell back asleep.

I just woke the next morning up! Long time ago that I slept so much. Bruno was still

sleeping, it was good for him. He had so much stress with me the last time.

Again wrapped in my blanket I left the bed room. I wanted to take a shower cause I felt so

sweaty cause of my temperature.

After I finished I just felt like before … I was too weak and just wanted to go back into the


bad. But I didn’t wanted to wake Bruno. So I went downstairs and laid down on the couch.

I really tried to sleep but I couldn’t, maybe it was too much the last night. The TV was a

good change, or better a good for falling back asleep.

I had a wonderful dream: Everything you need to know is, it was about me and Bruno. And

that I couldn’t stop smiling!

A warm breeze on my skin woke me up. ‘BRUNO!!’ ‘Yes me! Who else?’ He was about to

kiss me. ‘DAMN! You frightened the life out of me!!!!’ ‘Ohh really?? I’m so sorry! But I

couldn’t resist this beautiful smile! … Just tell me one thing! Was it me in your dream??’

‘First thing: I told you you shouldn’t kiss me! And second thing: If I tell you this, I have to kill

you!’ ‘Aawwww you’re mean! Wait I’ll pay that back!’ Right at this moment he slid the back

of the couch, where he sat, down and laid on me and tried to tickle me. I couldn’t stand

and laughed hard, even though my head was going to explode.

Bruno came closer and started kissing me, but I tried to turn my head away. ‘Bruno! I can’t

allow this!’ ‘But babe … I can’t stand another day without a kiss from you!’ ‘But I guess you

have to! And not even your cutest puppy dog face can change my mind!’

Then he whispered: ‘But I miss you!’ He touched with his nose my cheek and gave me a

kiss. ‘Nila! You’re still so hot! Have you already taken you medicine?’ ‘Ehmmm nope … not

yet!’ He rolled off from me and ran into the kitchen and came back with the medicine.

‘You’re the best Bruno! Thank you!’ ‘By the way … why are you laying here and not in

bed? Did I snore to loud??’ ‘Nooo you slept soooo quietly, but I woke up and felt so

sweaty. So I took a shower but after that I felt just like before, exhausted. And I didn’t

wanted you to wake up so I tried to sleep here … but I couldn’t really …’ ‘And then you had

this wonderful dream about me, right?!’ ‘Bruno … I’m not going to tell you!’, I answered

teasing. ‘Damn, but it was a try worth it!’, he said laughing.

PART 30:

Bruno spend the next days with me. He was always there when I needed him. It was so

cute and betimes I felt good enough to hold Janetts hand after the operation.

The days before I got more and more worried and I was waiting the whole time while the

operation in her hospital room.

They brought her back in the noon. Everything went good … just to wait if it was a good

tumor or a bad. I held the whole time while she was sleeping her hand. It took til the late

evening. After work Bruno came and took care of us both. He is just perfect.

When Janett woke up she was to weak … she couldn’t really speak. I just wanted her to

know that I was there. So we didn’t stay there that long. Was better for her to sleep. We

would come back the next day.

And where was Tom? No need to talk about him anymore!

When we got out of the room Bruno put his arm around my shoulder and we went out of

the hospital. Right in front of the door Bruno stopped me again and took both of my hands.

‘You know what? There are minimum two persons in your life who can’t be without you!’ He

lifted my chin and looked into my eyes. ‘You such an amazing women! And this from day to

day more! Janett can be so glad to have you! You’re the best friend someone could ever

get. … And I’m … I’m the happiest man in the world that I can call you mine! You are so

wonderful!’ Then he kissed me very gently and put his arm back on my shoulder and I put

mine around his waste.

Janett had to stay in the hospital for something like three weeks and we were every day


there. Also Bruno. They both became good friends. I was so happy that my life became

finally complete. I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world and finally my best

friend back!

It was time to say thank you! Thank you to Bruno. He did so much for me the last months.

It seemed like he concentrated complete on me and my problems, and then also his work.

He worked full time. And I couldn’t really support him by all this stress. I felt so selfish! And

we couldn’t really concentrate on that US!!!

So I made a little plan! I was already summer! And I asked Bruno if he can may take a half

day break of work! At 4 pm he was at my home. I was at that time in my kitchen baking a

little cake. With flour on my fingers I ran to the door and try to open it. Bruno got a peck

and I went back in the kitchen. He closed the door and followed me in the kitchen. ‘Heey

babe was it all??’ He came close to me, almost kissing my cheek. I turned around to him

and tipped with my flour fingers on his nose. He put his alluring look on, put his arms

around my waist and pulled me close. Then his hands low down to my bud and he

grabbed it and sat me on the counter. I wrapped my flour finger arms around his neck and

pulled him even closer. He came over with a passionately kiss. I just could smile so hard

and tried to handle my blush by making him some Indian stripes on his cheeks, with my

flour fingers. After that he lent in for another soft kiss. He bit his lip and whispered ‘Hi!’.

‘Hi!’, I whispered back.

It was one of the few magical moments we had the last time but I had to finish the cake. I

put one hand one his chest and pushed him a little back and got off of the counter.

‘Give me just 5 minutes and I’m completely there for you!’, I smiled shiny. ‘And what is

when I can’t wait?’, he asked teasing. ‘Well I guess … You have to!’, I winked. Then he

clapped my bud and went into my living room.

Then suddenly he came back and whispered from behind in my ear: ‘I love you!’ Turned

around and went back to the living room. My smile was just growing and growing. I hurried

to finish the cake and put it in the baking oven.

20 minutes time just for Bruno. I sneaked up behind the door to my living room and looked

what he was doing. Before I went in I changed into a beautiful summer dress. Then I went

to him and came through the door and tried to get his full attention. I swung a few times

and landed on his lap.

His eyes began to sparkle. ‘Wow … you look so beautiful!’ He put his hand around my

waist and just starred at me. ‘Thank you … and now would be the perfect moment … to

kiss me!’, I smiled. He was still starring so I laid one hand in his neck and pulled his head

close to me and kissed him. ‘I’m sorry … but you are so … wow!’ ‘You’re so cute …!’, I

giggled. ‘I love you, too!’, I continued. ‘In the last time … we didn’t spend so much time

together … and there were some hard times … and I missed you so much … so just you

and me today!’, a little kiss on his cheek. ‘This sounds fantastic! I missed you, too. You

don’t know how lonely it felt not to have you every night next to me! … So what are we

doing?’ ‘10 minutes for the cake, grab your trunks and a blanket … guess that’s all we

need … I wanna show you something.’