Chapter 2

18/04/2011 21:10

 I wake up to the sound of ringing not realizing I fell asleep.

“hello?” “Alicia get up girl!” maria said

“Maria I don't feel like going anywhere.” “another one nighter....?” I didn't say anything. I hated that she could read me like that. “look ma, I know your down & in the dumps but come on to this shindig that I heard about.” “I really don't feel like it maria.” “Mamacita forget him & lets go ok?” “fine i'll get ready & meet you at the park” “OK”. My head was pounding as images of him flashed into my head. His smile, Us kissing, The moans.. I shook my head to get it together. “stop it” I took a deep breath & headed for the shower. Washed up, put on my baby blue skirt & my White collared shirt with my black flats, Curled my hair, Put on my make-up & looked at myself in the mirror. I put on a smile & walked out the door heading to the park.

I walked into Gabby park when I see Maria. She's my best friend & without her I wouldn't know what to do without her. If it wasn't for her I would probably still be at home with the sheets over my head.


“Maria Marie.” “Alicia Annaliese” we hugged. The embrace so tight, I thought I would pop.“ you ok ma?” “yeah i'm good maria.” “well good we're going to this party & there's going to be some guys there so that you can flirt all you want!” “yeah i'll be the pretty fish in the sea.” I said. Maria just stared at me strangely. “what's going on?, I’ve never seen you like this over a guy.” “ me either, that's why I need to go to this party to get a fresh start.” “Laundry?” she said. “Laundry.” we say laundry, It's a saying we say to start over, fresh & new. We started to walk to the party & maria was telling me about her current O.N.S. , One Night Stand, that she just met last night sometimes it would last for a month or so when it cam to her relationships. “so he invited me to this party he said he was going to be at” said maria “& that's where we're going now” I said. “Si mejor Amiga!” “so what does he look like?” I said. “you'll see when you get there.” we get to the party & pay a quarter to get in. Gosh I hate party fees but the ones you have to pay at are the best ones. The radio was playing the latest hits & everyone was dancing. Me & maria started to sway our hips to the music. Maria always danced the latest dances, but I just went with it. I let everything loose, just letting everything go, letting everything slip from my mind. With my hands up & my eyes close, I was gone within the music. After about an hour or so I heard someone talk on the microphone announcing someone playing. I didn't turn around to see who because I truthfully didn't care. They started playing & once again I started dancing when I heard something familiar. A voice that was so sweet & emotional yet strong & full of energy. Maria grabbed my hand. “That's him, that's him! Look!” I turn around & seen those eyes. “you see him in the green with the glasses?” she pointed “that's Phil, my new guy.” I wasn't even paying attention to her.

He was staring at me like he was trying to read my soul. As I stared back, he started to smile but I didn't smile back. “hello? Mamacita are you listening to me?” she said. “yes I heard you, he's cute girl.” she smiled “i know, I pick them well.” I turned back to him & he was still staring at me, singing those beautiful words to me with those beautiful lips. “do you know him?, he's been staring at you.” “yeah, I know him. That's Mr. last night.” “Que? What?” I just nodded . She started going off in Spanish. I couldn't understand her when she spoke as tho she was speedy Gonzales. The song ended and they got off of the stage & started to walk towards us. I grabbed maria's hand & started to walk out the door. I turned my head back & a group of girls were talking to them & he was smiling but then he just looked at me. I gave him a look of anger then walked faster out the door with maria on my tail.

As soon as we got outside she pulled me across the street & hugged me. “aw you ok chica?, I'm sorry I didn't know novia..” I put my hand up. “it's ok, i'm fine” “no your not.” I turned around & seen it was him. I couldn't fight the urge so I slapped him. He just stood there, staring at me. I was waiting for him to hit me, yell, scream, something! But nothing. He just grabbed my hands & I snatch them away from him. “fuck you” “fuck me?” he said. “yes fuck you” “fuck you too mam.” I pushed him away from me. “get away from me, I don't want you near me” he started to walk away from me “fine then fuck you too heifer!” I swear if maria didn't grab me, I was going to claw him with my nails & slap those curls right out of his head. Maria stared speaking in fast Spanish again, I only caught words of what she was saying but she still had a hard grip on me. He got in the car & drove off. “good writtens!” I said. Anger flared all through my body like I blue flame of a stove. We started walking when maria seen Phil. “go head, I need to cool off.” “no I staying with you” she said. “no. just go i'll see you tomorrow.” I walked off & just left her. I really needed to clear my head.

I get to my house & call maria to tell her i'm home but no answer. I go upstairs, take a long hot shower, lotion up & put on my pajamas & curlers in my head when I hear a knock “coming maria”. I run downstairs & open the door “maria I just...” I slammed the door. How dare he!?!. How fucking dare he come to my home & agitate me even more than what I was. There was a rap on my door. “go away or i'm calling the cops”. “Can you just open the door so we can talk” “talk about what, I don't want to see you” I heard him sigh “look i'm sorry ok but you didn't have to slap me like that.” the hell you didn't!” I said. When I didn't hear a response I hoped that he's get the message & leave. When I didn't hear anything i walked to my living room & sat down on my sofa. Another rap on my door. I get up & storm to my door & swing it open. “what the hell do you want!?!?” he had a bouquet of purple orchids in his hand. “forgiveness, if that's no to much.” I was speechless. I’ve gotten flowers but never orchids. “can I come in? It's kind of chilly out here.” I let him in & he puts the flowers in my once empty Vase & leans on the table. “Look i'm sorry, how I was yesterday night.” I didn't say a word. Waiting for him to continue. He walked over to me grabbed me hard & kissed me. At first I was tense but then I couldn't help but relax. His lips were so soft & he smelled like cinnamon. As I finally kissed him back, he lead me into the bed room & we stripped each other of our clothes. It happened so fast, it was like a blur. He tore off my panties & turned me around. Next thing I knew we we're making love & then It was over. He rolled me over & put his arms around me. As the heavy breathing slowed down I pulled his lips to mine. When he pulled back, he smiled & rubbed his thumb against my cheek. I ask myself, how can I be so into someone I just met.....I've lost my mind