Chapter 2

28/04/2011 15:30

'hmm, Ashleigh Jackson. Name rings a bell. Dammit' Bruno winced as he couldn't remember her.


'Michael Jackson's daughter' Ashleigh said with proud. She loved saying that to people, just to see what they'll act like.


'ahh yes! I remember you on the front cover of a magazine, you just turned 18, right?' Bruno asked.


'correct, and how old are you?' Ashleigh asked curiously.


'19. When I graduated from high school I came to LA to live my dream to be a producer, singer and songwriter. You was born and raised here?' Bruno proudly stated.


'Indeed, where did you live before you came to the US?'


'Hawaii. My father is from Brooklyn but then moved to Hawaii and started a family there. That's where I came along' Bruno smiled.


Ashleigh chuckled as she gazed into his big brown eyes. Something in him was magical and she liked it a lot.


'so what about you? What's it like to be the daughter of the King of music?' Bruno smirked.


'well pretty good and bad actually' Ashleigh frowned a little bit.


'why's that?' Bruno said as his eyes met Ashleighs.


Ashleigh was practically melting on her seat. Vanessa got up to get another drink as she finished hers and Ashleigh still had a full cup. She decided to take a sip.


'well sometimes people recognize me and start bullshitting about my father, but other times you just get V.I.P treatment' Ashleigh chuckled as she set her drink on the table next to Bruno's and she kept her hand in her drink. His drink had nearly finished. Boy if he wasn't here, Ashleigh would have finished her drink in one gulp.


Bruno laughed and moved his hands onto the table close to Ashleighs. Their eyes met and they were both grinning.


'hey man come on, you ready to go back on stage?' one of Bruno's backing singer asked.


'yeah Phil, I'll be there in a minute' Bruno turned around and said. 'hey, I gotta go. Please stay.'


Ashleigh sighed 'sure, break a leg up there' she smiled.


Bruno laughed as he put his nerd glasses on and made his way to the stage.


'ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh, ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh, ahhhh ahh ahhhhhhh' Bruno's band sung.


'ohhh, her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like their not shining' Bruno sung whilst melting looking into Ashleighs eyes.


Ashleigh blushed and felt her cheeks getting hot.


'DUDE!!!!! oh my god!! He's singing that to you girl!!' Vanessa screamed whilst running over to their table from the bar.


She was so excited she forgot to get her drink from the bar! She quickly walked back to get it whilst Ashleigh was glued to Bruno's eyes and giggling.


'her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying. She's so beautiful, and I tell her everyday' Bruno continued to sing.


Ashleigh moved the hair out of her face while he sung that too. Vanessa came back again and sat next to her best friend.


'girl, he's a cutie. If you don't get with him I will.' Vanessa said in her strong thick New York accent. She was definitly born and raised in the ghetto as an only child. She moved out to LA to start a new life as her family neglected her from a young age. She got beaten and abused everyday. However when she turned 16 she knew it was time for her to leave, so she packed her bags and went straight to LA to pursue her dream of being a teacher. She is now a teacher in a high school and loves every moment of it. She is from the ghetto and so is most of her students, so she connects well with them.


'jeez girl, I don't even want a boyfriend right now, but he is making it way to hard to stop me.' Ashleigh sighed.


'well dude, you want him? Go get him! Get his number, meet up, get to know each other. This could be love.' Vanessa was always the one when it came to boys.


Ashleigh nodded and smiled but then frowned, her phone was ringing and it was her ex boyfriend. Bruno kept looking at her and when he saw that frown, he messed up on his performance and stopped singing. The whole club was silent. Ashleigh quickly looked up and saw Bruno staring at her with eyes of confusion. She quickly pressed ignore on her phone. What has she done?


Ashleigh's ex boyfriend was James. James Alexander. The boy she first loved for real. But he took advantage of her and he broke her heart so badly, she's still picking up the pieces to her broken heart today.




Ashleigh had just finished school and she then decided to go straight home because she was so tired. Normally after school she would go see her father for about an hour, but she wanted to go see her romantic boyfriend and just go straight to sleep.


She got to the door of her and James' apartment and she heard giggling. Why was there a girl giggling in THEIR apartment?!


She stabbed the key into the keyhole as she grew angry, and walked in, froze and saw a sight that ripped her heart out of her chest.


James was on the couch with a blonde haired girl laying down, her legs spread open, with his hard bulge in the middle.


'Ashleigh? I thought you was at your dads?' was all he could say. Well he thought wrong.


'Get out.' Ashleigh said growing angrier by the second.


'who's the girl, baby?' the blonde girl said so innocently below him.


What broke Ashleighs heart is that he's not denying it and him and the blondie are in the same position they got busted in.


'well this is your 'baby's' GIRLFRIEND!' Ashleigh screamed as she emphasized the word 'girlfriend'.


'you told me you was single!!' the blonde shouted at James


'Please get out' I commanded this blonde stranger.


She innocently got up, picked up her stuff and walked to the door.


'i'm sorry.' she whispered.


Sorry for what!? Ashleigh was thinking whilst the blondie walked out the door and shut it.


'you can leave too' She said blankly to James.


He looked at Ashleigh and stood up walking towards her.


'listen baby, I'm sorry. Let me explain, please' James pleaded.


'no James. Please leave, I trusted you. Pack your things and get out of my life' Ashleigh said without thinking.


He nodded and made his way towards their room.


'I love you Ash' he squeaked.


Ugh, so typical.


'I wish I could say the same' Ashleigh whispered. Her voice broke a bit at the end as a tear dropped from her smooth cheek.


She just stood there. Frozen. Staring at the spot James just left from. She sat down and cried.




'Ash! What you doing? You ruined his performance girl!' Vanessa whispered as the club was still silent.


'look at who just rang me' I said standing and holding my phone down to her. It showed my calls and it was full of James' name.


'Um, girl why is he calling you still? He's obsessed.' she said typically.


'I don't know! He's been calling me ever since we broke up. I don't wanna see him again Nessa' I explained to her.


Whilst I said that the club was filled with some chatter between others. Then I felt a presence behind me. I was too afraid to turn around. How do I explain to Bruno that I just got out of a relationship and my ex is still obsessed with me!?


I finally turned around.


'Um..hey' Ashleigh said with a smile.


'hey, what's wrong?' Bruno asked getting worried.


'it's nothing, seriously' Ashleigh said reassuring him.


'are you sure?'


'100%' Ashleigh smiled.


A few awkward seconds past of them two staring at each other. Vanessa went to the bar again. Typical.


'wanna go for a walk?' Bruno said invading Ashleighs thoughts.


'Um..sure, let me just tell Vanessa.' Ashleigh said whilst walking to the bar where Vanessa was.


'hey Nessie' Ashleigh called as she approached the bar.


'what's up sweet cheeks' Vanessa said with a smile.


'i'm gonna go take a walk with Bruno. You can go back home if you want. I'll be back later.' Ashleigh smiled winking to her best friend.


Vanessa knew exactly what she was up to and laughed.


'you sure you ready to let him into your life?' Vanessa asked softly.


'I have no idea, but it's worth to give it a shot' Ashleigh said unsurely.


'well have fun girl' Vanessa winked.


'oh I will' Ashleigh laughed.


She was walking back to Bruno when her phone was buzzing in her bag again. She looked at who was calling and it was James again. She cursed him under her breath and ignored the call.


As she approached Bruno he knew something was wrong.


'what's wrong beautiful?' he asked sweetly.


Ashleigh smiled 'it's nothing. You ready to go for a walk?' she smiled.


Bruno knew something was wrong, but he just laid off. She would tell him when she was ready.


'Sure' he smiled as he grabbed her hand as they both walked out of the club together.