Chapter 21

18/09/2011 17:49

Chapter 21

Bernie, Tahiti, Tiara and Presley decided to ride with me in my car. Eric, Pete and Jaime walked to Eric's car and Eric followed me from behind to my house. We walked out from the car.
"Wow! Sasha! This is your house?" Tahiti asked.
"Yup, it's mine." I nodded.
"Damn! It's big and awesome!" Tiara smiled.
"Aww, thanks guys!" I smiled and opened the door.
"DAMN! Your house ! INSIDE AND OUT?! ITS FREAKING AWESOME! I want to stay in your house and I don't wanna go anywhere." Presley said. She jumped onto the sofa.
"Me too! I don't wanna go anywhere!" all the girls said and laughed.
"Damn, lazy girls in the house!" Eric laughed.
"Where's Pete?" I asked.
"He's making a call. He'll be in here soon" Eric smiled.
"Okay, thanks." I said and I walked to my room.
"SASHA! Don't leave me!" Presley ran to me like a toddler and the other girls ran to me too. 
"Okay, come here." I smiled. "I have a surprise for you all." I giggled.
"OKAY, WHAT IS IT?" Presley said after she jumped on my bed. They all really love my house. Especially my bedroom. They didn't see nothing yet.
"Here." I opened a door. They all rushed into it.
"SASHA! Fuck! You have such a big wardrobe !!! Damn BIG! I can have my own bedroom inside here!" Tahiti screamed.
"I'm not showing this." I giggled.
"Then, WHAT?" Presley asked. I winked at her.
"This." I opened a medium-sized box with a full nail painters!
"DAMN SASHA! You know I'm in love with these!" Presley smiled and took away my nail painters (polish)
"Sasha! Your wardrobe ! It's officially mine now!" Tiara said. 
"NO, IT'S MINE!" Tahiti said to Tiara and they both keep on fighting about it. 
"Okay, enough with being childish! Now, who wants to get some rest before we go to the party?" I asked. They put back all of the things and said
"I'll come here to steal your things" and winked at me. We all burst out laughing. I stayed in my room while the others walked downstairs.


After the wedding, I looked at Sasha right after she hold the flower that Fyza threw. I can't stare at her. I feel bad. I can't stop thinking bout her after I walked back to the studio. *beep beep, beep beep*
"Hello?" I said.
"Hello Bruno. It's pops." 
"Oh, pops! What are you doing?" I asked. Maybe we could hang out together while he's in L.A.
"I'm at Sasha's house. And I want you to come here. Right now!" he sounds like he's angry,
"But I-"
"I don't care! I want you to fix everything with her! And bring along your tux for the party tonight! Eric are on his way to pick you up. If you won't come, I won't be there for you anymore." he put the phone down. Damn it. I have to be strong. I really want to ask for forgiveness from her. The perfect woman. Eric called and I walked out from the studio. He asked me to get in the car. I took my tux with me. Few minutes later, we're at Sasha's house. I looked around and my sisters greeted me.
"Don't you dare to try and hurt Sasha ever again! Or else, I'm gonna cut your balls off!" Tiara whispered.
"I hope not." I smiled.
"Good." she smiled and went into the house. I didn't see Sasha yet. Maybe she's in her room.

"Good. You're here. Now, don't ask me what to do and be nice to her." Pops smiled and hugged me. 
"Wish me a good luck guys!" I screamed but not too loud, so that she won't hear me. I walked up the stairs and walked in her room slowly.

"Hi, Sasha." I said. She was sitting on her bed. She turned and she was shocked.
"Bru- Bru- Bruno? What- What are you doing here?" She asked. She closed an album. That album?! The pics of me and her?
"Look, I'm here, to say sorry about the last time. I know, you're engaged to Shawn by now. But, I hope, things can work out between me and-" I couldn't finish my sentence and she slapped me on my face. Her tears started to fall.
"I'm so sorry. Please. Just." i looked at her. I wiped her tears away.
"I broke up with Shawn." her voice cracked.
"What? Why?" I asked her.
"We... We... I mean, I don't love him. After we left London, I told him things are not going to work out. He said he love me and left." she cried.
"I'm so sorry. I should know." I said and I hugged her. She hugged me and pushed me to the wall. 
"I hate you for being selfish!" she screamed and she collapsed on the floor.
"I'm so sorry. I'm selfish. I just can't share you with anyone. I'm so sorry. I love you." I said and I kissed her. She gently touch my face. And slapped me again.
"You threw me away from your life! And now?!" she screamed and walked to the door.