Chapter 21

06/03/2012 21:38

Bruno walks past me and whispers. "I'm so sorry. I open the door now okay?"

I nod not understanding at all what's going on. When the door is open Jaime immediately storms in with paper in her hand. She sees me and while waving the paper in front of my face she screams at me.

"I knew you're a slut! You fuckin like to play with my brother huh?! You think you get him a lame lil job and that will make him your lil bitch huh?!" I can see the anger and fury in her eyes.

"What the hell are you talkin about Jaime! I'm not playin with Bruno!" I'm saying back loudly. I don't wanna yell at her even she disses me like that.

"What I'm talkin about? Here..." She unfolds the paper and holds it in front of my eyes. "You whore this is what I'm talkin about! You fuckin with other guys while Bruno works in London! You're so disgusting!"

I take the paper out of her hands. There are pictures on it. 2 big pictures are showing me hugging Kanye and Tony. They look like they were taken with a phone. There are more smaller pictures below. In the front is always Kanye, but in the back it's me and Tony sitting next to each other. One even shows the damn second when he put his hands on my thigh. Shit!

"I can explain this. I..." I start but Bruno interrupts me.

"Stop!" He says and takes the paper out of my hands. "You don't have to explain anything!" He takes a quick look on the pictures and folds it. "I know this already. Caroline told me about it. She did nothing wrong and now you gonna apologize to her."

Jaime stares at him in unbelief. "What? You know about this? And you let her fuck other guys? How low did you sink? I thought you

changed... You don't need this, Bruno... Please!"

Hell! This woman really starts to annoy me. Who does she think I am? "I'm not fuckin other guys! Damn I have no idea why you think like that Jaime, but don't you ever fuckin dare one more time to come into my house and assault me like that again."

"Caro it's ok. I got this." Bruno steps between me and Jaime turning to her. "I know you're scared about me. But I'm no kid anymore and I know I did some shit in the past but not anymore. I'm with Caro because I love her." Fuck did he just say he loves me???? And what shit did he do in the past? He turns his head a bit and looks at me with a smile. "I love her and if I'm not totally wrong I think she loves me too." I smile back at him and nod lightly. I see a sparkle in his eyes. Then he faces Jaime again. "You see we love each other. That's all. There's no other hidden reason why we're together and she's also not cheating on me. That's her ex on the pics. They met coincidentally and talked. Nothin special! It was like the first thing she told me when I arrived. She didn't have to but she decided to do because there are no secrets between us. I trust her and I know that it's gonna work. Jaime, she makes me incredible happy. Just accept that and don't bother us, alright?! And now apologize to her."

Wow. Did I hear that right? I only wanna jump on him right now. He steps aside a bit and I see Jaime's eyes following him. She looks shocked but also regretful. After some second she gazes at me and after some more seconds she apologizes. 

"Okay, I see I was wrong... I'm sorry Caroline. I don't know what gotten into me... I'm sorry! Just promise me you'll be good to my baby okay?!"

I lightly smile. "It's ok. I know you love him and you just wanna protect him. But I love him and only want the best for him as well."

She nods and smiles lightly. Bruno hugs her tight and she walks slowly outside.

"I'll come by tomorrow. See you then." Bruno says. 

"Okay... Bye... Bye Caroline." Jaime responses. I say goodbye too and Bruno slowly closes the door.

We both breath in deeply.

"Wow. What the hell was that?" 

"That was my sister... just wait til you meet my mom..." He smirks.

"Hahaha that's not funny! She scared the shit out of me." 

"I know but now it's getting better... I'm just mad that it was like this..."


"I mean I wanted to tell you IT in all this romantic perfect way and not in front of my crazy sis..."

I smile and put my arms around him pulling him close to me understanding now that he means by IT saying I love you. "That would be nice if you gonna say it like this somewhen."

"Somewhen? Hm what do you think about now?"

"I think I'd be fine with that."

He kisses me deeply and pulls me close to him. When we part he strokes over my head and plays a bit with a strand of my hair. The tension between us raises with every second. He slowly rubs my cheek with his thumb and looks into my eyes with a smile on his lips. Just when I think that I can't breath any longer he says it. I never heard someone say it to me with so much emotion and honesty.

"I love you." I repeat his words with the same feelings.

We slowly step inside the bedroom not letting go of each other, starting to lose ourselves in kisses and touches... 


"Yeah we said it Lena! And it's just... perfect. I'm so fuckin happy and you should have seen how he talked to his sis. He's incredible. I love him so fuckin much it's unreal! God I never thought to feel like that ever again..." 

"God stop it! I'm about to throw up." She says sarcastically. "But damn I can relate how you feel... Brian and I we are like... together?!"

"NO WAY!" I scream and the other people who sit in the cafe look at us. We both giggle. "Damn when did this happen?"

"You know we had a few dates and I was kinda unsure about what I want from him. I mean I knew I want him, but there was more... he's so perfect. Just look at him..." 

We burst out laughing at ourselves talking like that. 

"Oh girl looks like we found 2 perfect guys." I smile like a fool. I feel so blessed. I have amazing friends, the most perfect man ever and my dream job. Life really can't get any better! If only it could stay that way forever! But I learned that bad things will happen always after good things... The difference this time is I feel like whatever bad comes along the way it'll be nothing I can't get through having those people around me... I lean back, smile and listen to Lena telling me every detail of the last 3 days.


Nothing special happens the rest of the week. The preparations for the MJ tribute go well. I found some other good bands but the main act will be 'Bruno Mars and His Hooligans'. I can't wait seeing the promotional poster with his face on it. But before I can commission that I need to find a fitting venue. All the venues we normally use are already booked for that day. I visited some others but I didn't like them either they were too small or hadn't this atmosphere, this 'soul' I'm looking for.

With Bruno everything goes more than fine, we got closer since we said the 3 words to each other and now it's like we can't stop. Sometimes he only texts or calls me to say I love you. He's so cute. But I still don't know what it's about the shit he did in the past like he said when Jaime was here. I'm curious of course but he blocked when I tried to ask about it once, so I didn't ask again. He doesn't know everything from my past as well, thank god, and as long as it doesn't effect our present or future I don't care about it. 

At Saturday Jaime invited us for dinner. I had some worries but it went fine. She was telling me more about the organisation she founded, it's called Mama Earth and they fight for women's right and health all over the world. I admire her a lot doing that and we talked about doing a charity event and maybe I can add her as a sponsor for the tribute. When I said that I still need a venue she said she knows a good one and wants to show me right the next day. It's called Zanzibar. I happily agree and we met at Sunday. It's perfect, it has the perfect size and the stage is big enough. The atmosphere will be great. Thanks to Jaime the owner gives me a special prize for renting it. I'm glad that we get along very well now and it's like I found a second sister. She's 31 and we have more in common like I thought. I realize she has a good heart. She tells me much about Bruno and his childhood and how he growed up. He told me about it already but hearing it from another view is interesting. My respect for him raises a lot. He was so focused and determined with such a young age and knew exactly what he wants and worked hard for it.


Today it's Monday and I'm about to start cooking. Bruno comes home in about 30 minutes. I make chicken with tomato stew, one of our favorites. Then the doorbell rings. I wonder who it is and look through the peephole but only see a huge bouquet of white roses. I smile and open the door fast. I think it's Bruno wanting to surprise me and that's why he didn't just come and rang instead. The one holding the roses slowly puts them down revealing his face. 

"You?!" I say shocked seeing Tony with a big smile in front of me.