Chapter 2

28/04/2011 15:32

"It's completely wrong".

"But I worked so hard on it!" I pleaded with my boss to accept my article.

"Aria, this is very good, but this is not what I asked for. This has nothing to do with the magazine or what I told you to write about"

I was so angry, this story that I wrote came from my heart, for people to be able to read it would've been amazing.

My boss, Steve, gave me a stern look. He could tell I was getting frustrated.


"I know, I'll start again..." I mumbled. I bit my bottom lip.

"I'll give you something else to write about okay? Something a bit more interesting, you can put your little creative spin on it. How does that sound?"




The venue was quickly getting filled up with people crowding towards the stage. I got there early, but decided to stay in the back corner. Getting pushed around in a mosh full on teen girls was not really my idea of fun. I had no idea who I was even seeing perform. Steve only gave me a venue, time, and a backstage pass to conduct an interview with the artist later. When I arrived I was hoping to see a poster, or a fan with a sign that gave me some kind of indication of what I'd be in for. Nothing. I got out my tape recorder. "The venue is small, but cute. Audience only has a few guys, mainly girls. The stage set up is simple."


Two women around my age walked in and stood near me. I felt weird asking them who was performing, but decided to anyway. They told me the show was part of Bruno Mars' tour, and it was his last show. The name rang a bell, I remembered listening to Just The Way You Are play over and over again on all the radio stations when it first came out. He had a nice voice. However, I couldn't match a face to him for some reason. I only knew two or three of his songs, so the night ahead was to be interesting. As the lights went down, the crowd started to go crazy as they waited for Bruno. His band came out, followed by Bruno.


I had to do a double take - was that the guy from the coffee shop? No, it couldn't be. He said his name was Peter. I must've been going crazy. But then he spoke. "Ready to have some fun tonight, New York?" The crowd went crazy. Okay, that was definitely him. When he started singing, my heart almost stopped for a second, his voice sounded even more beautiful. I found myself walking towards the mosh pit and ending up right in the middle of everyone. While everyone was screaming and jumping around me, I just stood there and smiled while taking in the beautiful voice that was Bruno Mars.


His songs were all incredible. Even though I didn't know many, I found myself falling in love with every single one. The audience were all singing his songs word for word back to him. He really knew how to put on a great performance, and he filled the room with such a great atmosphere. Writing an article on this wasn't going to be hard at all.


He started singing Nothin on You, and I found myself singing along to all the words. He was so charming on stage, not to mention the fact he could play guitar which automatically made him attractive. But his face was attractive too. Those dimples were amazing. And I still couldn't get over his smile.


"Alright, I'm gonna choose one girl in the audience to sing to, just one..." everyone immediately went crazy. I still quietly stood there, but had a big smile on my face because I was enjoying myself so much. He went to the far left of the stage and looked around, then went to the right side and did the same thing. He went back to his microphone in the middle. I saw a glint in his eye, and looked like he had noticed me.

"That girl in the middle, with the blue top on.. Can we get a light on her please?" I had a blue top on. I stopped breathing for a moment. But then a girl a few rows in front of me started screaming. Oh well.


"Keep going back further... stop it right there." Bruno’s voice was calm.

Okay, now the light was right on me. He gave me a smile and a small wink. I wasn't sure if he remembered me or not, but then he said "Do you like my tattoos? Girl in the blue?" I blushed and smiled.

He began singing. In that moment, I could have melted. My heart could not stop beating.


"Beautiful girls, all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted, they got nothin on you baby..."

He stopped and looked into my eyes. He smiled as the lights went down before he continued with his next song. The girl next to me was crying. "You're the luckiest girl ever!" she said. Then I realized I got to interview him after the concert. "Girl, you have no idea..."