Chapter 21

10/05/2011 17:17

I awoke feeling a little sore. Bru. When he's drunk he gets a little rough in the sex. I didn't mind it but now that I have a baby in me, I can get a little sore. I looked over and Bru, he was sleeping as usual with his mouth all open. I like when people sleep, you can actually see what they really look like.

The Phone rings.


“Hey it's Eric”


“Awh you still like that, even after we talked yesterday”

“i feel like your only helping me just so you can have an exuse to be around me”

“Sort of, so whats up Love you ready for the tour?”

“yeah & I'm going”

“Why, this is our chance to be alone”

“He wants me to go”

“So, we have a meeting tomorrow”

“I can't make it”

“you better make an excuse”

“or else what? If you cut them you'll never see me again”

For once he didn't have anything to say. Hmm, this was a good thing. I realized that I could run him because he want's to see me. So he'll do anything to make me happy. His threats are empty.

“Love, please don't do that to me”

“I wont if you'll play nice”

“if I play nice will I get to see you”


I heard him sigh

“I love it when you tell me yes but Ok my love, i'll see when you get back. Ok?”

“Ok. Fine”

“I love you”

I hung up the phone. This didn't feel right, even though I had totally control over him. It felt as though I was cheating on Bru with Eric. Thinking that made me feel dirty so I took a shower. I lather the soap in my sponge and wash my body. No matter how much I scrubbed I still felt dirty. I started crying, I feel so dirty but if I tell Bru he'll never forgive me. I didn't cheat but it's just the fact I was with the enemy. I must have been in the shower for a while because Bru came into the bathroom.

“babe you ok in there” he asked

“yeah, just give me a minute” I said

I rinsed off and got out. Bru had my towel open for me, he was so sweet. He wrapped me up and picked me up.

“babe you look as bad as I feel”

“i'm ok”

“you thinking about you mom”

No, just the thought that i'm keeping somethings from you. A single tear came out and Bru wiped it away.

“babe it'll be ok, she'll come around just give her time”

All I could do was shake my head. He was being so sweet at the worst of times. I wished he would just throw me on the bed and slap me. I wanted him to hate me right now. I'm in such a screwed up situation and there is no way out.

Bru put me on the bed and I grabbed the lotion but he just grabbed my hand.

“let me do it babe”

“No,please don't I can...”

He dried me off and started to lotion me up starting from my feet. I started to cry again, when he got to my face. He dried my tears with my towel then did my face and kissed me.

“no more tears, piggy is here”

I smiled and kissed him back. “what would I do without you babe?”

“you'd be lost you'd be singing, I'm losing my head, i'm losing mind, i'm losing control of myself this time.”

“new song?”

“i guess but I just made it up”

“babe how do you do that”

“it just comes to me, I mean some people have it and some people don't”

“Cocky jerk”

“you'd Love to Jerk my Cock”

I threw my pillow at him. He just laughed, he always knew what to say to make me smile. The lovely bastard. That's why I love him so much.

“Ok babe lets get ready, the guys are outside waiting for us”

He gave me a kiss and I got dressed in my Black and blue sun dress with my black flats. He grabbed all of our luggage and was walked downstairs. I looked around at all the pictures that now filled my house. Bru and I, Maria, Alisia, Gi and I, mama and dad. I think back to before I meet Bru. I was so worried about working, I didn't have time to put up pictures of anyone.

I looked down on my coffee table and seen my yellow notebook. I’ve had it since I was 13, that's when I started writing. I haven't written in it in a while so I grabbed my notebook so I could write just in case I got bored. When I got outside, there was a tour bus and Phil was outside.

“Welcome to Big Bertha, She's Big, She's Bad & She Smells” he said with a smile

“hey Phil” I said

He hugged me and Bru. Then Bru loaded our stuff and got on the bus. Phil looked at me with a concerned face.

“you going to be ok coming with us?” Phil asked

“is Maria in there?”

“Of course”

“now will you be ok without Maria”

He smiled “i see Bru has rubbed off on you”

“no he gets it from me, monkey see, i'm the do”

He started to laugh and shake his head. He helped me up the stairs to the bus and Oh. He was right, Bertha did smell.

“Alicia Annaliese!” Maria said

“Maria Marie” I said

She came over and gave me a big hug.

“Que pasa?”

“Bueno gurl”

“ I feel like I haven't seen you in forever”

“yeah, how are you?”

“Mas o menos”


“i feel sick on this smelly bus”

“you and me both”

“hey don't talk about Bertha, she has feeling too” Phil said

“Oh Philippe” Maria said

“Hey Alicia” Phred said

“what are you doing here?”

“Alisia made me go” he said with a frown

“who's helping her”

“mom n pop, I insisted that I stay with her know”

“yeah we know how Alisia can be”


“it never gets boring”

He came over and gave me a hug. Phred felt like the brother I never had. He's so easy to talk to and from what i'm seeing from Alisia, to boss around. I looked around and there was a girl sitting in the seat by her self. She was reading something. She was thicker but not fat, pretty faced. She looked up and smiled at me.

“you must be Mrs. Hernandez”

She had an accent, a British one to be exact. When I got closer to her, she was even more beautiful closer. That kind of made me feel some type of way.

“How did you know it was me” I asked

“ Bru likes pretty girls, I know from experience” she said


“yeah, i'm guessing he never told you about me?”


“i'm Adele by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you finally”

She pulled her hand out and I shook it. Who was this girl. Maybe an old girlfriend. With that Bru came out the bathroom and seen me shaking hands with Adele.

“oh so I see you've met Adele” he said

“yeah, I have” I said

“She's my childhood friend”

“yeah but your still a child” Adele said

“what ever” Bru said

He gave her a little push and I felt a ting of hate. I didn't like him touching her. There is more to their story. I don't want to sound like the jealous wife but I just have a feeling that wasn't the whole story.

“well I hope we become friends” she said with a smile

“yeah, I hope so too” I said smiling back

I sat down to the seat across from her because that was the last seat and Bru sat next to me. He looked at me a kissed me and smiled. I just looked at him.

“what?” he said

“you never mentioned her” I said

“she was at the gig we had”

“ok but still”

“well you know her now”

“yeah all of a sudden, if I haven’t of came I wouldn't of known about her”

“aw babe don't be that way”

“What way?”

“all jealous, I married you and only you”

I folded my arms and started out the window pouting. I always have to find out everything about him. He can never just tell me and I hated that. A lot. He kissed me and snorted in my neck. All I could do was laugh. I hated how I could be mad at him then he pulls something like this and I would be melting in his hand. I mine as well be chocolate.

“i hate you” I said smiling

“no you don't you know you love me boo boo”

“don't call me boo boo”

“aw boo boo”

I can't be mad at this cat. He never lets me. The bus driver came on and there was a guy that came on after him. He looked like Eric so I assume that was his dad. Man he was an older cat but with those same Big hazel eyes.

“ok ladies and gents, here's the rules, no sex on this bus, no fighting and lastly no drinking on this bus” he said

The guys stared booing him and he smiled. And pointed to Bru.

“No heavy drinking, you carry this band and we need your voice” he said

Bru stood up and saluted him like he was a solider. “yes sir!”

We all started laughing. The guy took a look at me then sat down. What was that all about? God please don't tell me he knows about the whole situation with Eric and I. I pray that he doesn’t. The doors close and we drive off.

Bru falls asleep on me and I eat a sandwich that I packed in my purse. Maria and Phil are fooling around behind us. How do I know this? Maria only speaks all Spanish for two reasons, one when's she's mad and two when she's having sex. I know this from us living together for a month. A long month. Phred, kenji & Jamero are sleep, E is tapping on his book and Adele is humming something.

“mmmh babe can I have a bite?” Bru asked

“no, this is for us” I said

“but i'm starving”

“i'm surprised your not hungover from last night”

“nah, I am but I'm used to it.”

“i didn't even know you drank until last night”

“just here and there but babe please?”

“no, this is for me and pooka”

He lifts up his shirt “ but i'm skin and bones”

I slap his little pudgy belly

“you look well fed to me piggy”

“boo boo feed me please?”

I roll my eyes and pull out another sandwich

“whats on it?” he asked

“you know I can save it for me”

“ok ok”

He takes the sandwich and takes a bite. Then I watch him make a face. And I start to laugh

“that's what you get piggy”

“eh what is on here?”

“Pickles, ham, turkey, lettuce,mayo, mustard and pineapples.”

“Eh, it all sounded good until the fruit part.”

“ I think it's wonderful”

“yeah well you can keep your wonderful sandwich”

He lays his head on my shoulder. I get a large inhale of his cinnamon smell. Pooka kicked. Guess pooka likes the smell as much as I do.

“it's ok piggy”

He looks up and me with those big brown eyes and smiles.

“what?” I say

“I love you Alicia Hernandez” he says

“and I love you Peter Hernandez” I say

He kisses me and we linger there. He slips his tongue in my mouth and I felt a tingle go down my back.

“ Bru no, stop” I whisper

“Why baby?” he wispered back.

He puts his hand under my dress and touches me. I don't like to wear underwear, well I can't fit any so I go naked but I still wear a bra and he knows that. Oh he's so nasty, but nasty feels good. I bit my lip and look at him. His eyes lock onto mine and I see that he's biting his lip like I am. Then he licks his lips and I feel myself get moist. He chuckles and smiled at me.

“ Bru please, I want you to stop” I whisper

“ your says otherwise” he whispers

I pull his hand out from under my dress. I hand him a napkin and he wipes his fingers with a smile on his face. I lay my head on his chest because if I stayed up, I was going to take him to the bathroom and do what I want to do right now.

About sometime later I wake up and we were somewhere else. Everyone was getting off the bus and Bru was stretching and warming up with the guys. I turned around and Maria was all glassy eyed and smiling.

“Hola chica” she said

“well don't you look swell”

“swell alright”

“you guys are nasty”

All she did was smile and get up. She walked off the bus and I followed her. I look up and see where in the back of a club type of place. I smile remembering when the last time I was in the back of a club running out with Bru. That seem so long ago. I felt someone kissing me.

“ Your always smiling, it turns me on” Bru said

“the sun rises and your turned on” I said

“when the sun rises I rise just for you”

He kissed me again and pulled me into the club. We ordered our drinks and sat down. It was a nice club, all black and white. Black walls white floors, black tables and white chairs. There were little lights hanging from the ceiling on the stage. Adele was on stage with a sparkling navy blue dress, navy blue pumps and her hair down and wavy.

“watch this babe” Bru said to me

Phred was on the piano and started to play a song. Adele started singing,

I heard, that your settled down, that you found a girl, and your married now, I heard that your dreams came, true guess she gave you things, I didn't give to you, old friend why you so shy, ain't like you to hold back, or hide from the light, I hate to turn up out the blue, uninvited but I, could stay away, I could fight it, I'd hope you seen my face and that you be reminded that for me, it isn't over, never mind i'll find, someone like you, I wish nothing but the best ,for you too, don't forget me, oh babe, I remember you said, sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead, sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.”


That was the song she was humming on the bus earlier. I thought she was a back up singer up of I was so wrong. Her voice was so unexpected. I wouldn't of guesses it would of came from her but it did. It knocked me out and apparently it had the same affect of everyone else. Especially Bruno, I looked at him and he had his mouth wide open and I looked at Adele and she was looking right a Bru. She was singing to my husband. That was going. To . Be . A. Problem.