Chapter 2

11/05/2011 22:37

I heard drums. The closer I got, the louder the drums got. And then I entered a big red room with a stage in it. And then I saw the band. They were loudly laughing and playing a song. I took my jacket and bag off and placed them on a piano that was standing next to me. I quietly leaned on the piano and enjoyed the performance.

And then one of the members turned his head to me. It was Bruno. He smiled and put his hand up to stop the band. When the others noticed me too they stopped.

''Well lookie here, lookie here, aww what do we have.'' he waved at me. ''Come on.'' I walked over to the guys and said shyly: ''Hi''. ''I'm Bruno. This is Phil. You already met him at the audition. And these are Phred, Eric, Kenji and Jamareo.' Bruno intruduced. ''It’s such an honour to meet you guys,'' I said. ''So what were you guys playing? It sounded good.'' ''Well, it was nothing. We were just having fun. That's what we always do before rehearsals start.'' Bruno laughed.

''So now everybody's here, we can get started. We've got alot to do.'' Phil said. ''Alright then. First we have to explain our newbie how it goed down here.'' Bruno said and handed me a few papers with lyrics on them. ''First we'll start off with 'The Other Side'. Here you can see what your lines are. I already marked them for you.'' He pointed to the lines that were marked with a pink pen. I smirked. ''What?'' he asked curious. ''Pink? Really?'' I laughed. ''What? I only had a pink one left.'' he said, acting embarassed. ''Haha, your funny.'' I laughed. ''So me and Phil sing the same, only we both sing in different highes?'' ''Correct. Any questions left?'' he asked. ''No I understand. Let's get started.'' I said excited. ''Oke then.''

We all stood were we should stand. I stood behind my mic stand, next to Phil. He flashed a smile at me. Bruno was standing in the front with his guitar. Eric started of with the drums. Then the rest of the band began to play. It sounded so great. And then Phil and I began to sing: ''Aahahahaha Aaaaahaahaa.'' Bruno looked up at me surprised. And then he began to sing: ''Truth of the matter is I'm complicated. You're as straight as they come. You go out your day, baby. While I hide from the sun. It's better if you don't understand. 'Cause you won't know what it's like until you try. You know I, I'll be waiting on the other side. And you, all you gotta do is cross the line. I could wait a whole life time, but you just gotta decide. You know I, I'll be waiting on the other, waiting on the other side.'' And then the band stopped. ''That was great. Let's try it again.''

And that's how it went like three/four times. After this we took a break. I walked to my bag at the paino and took out a bottle of water, when I realised bruno was standing behind me. ''Gosh, you almost gave me a heart attack.'' I said, grabbing my shirt. Bruno just laughed. ''Do you want a bottle too? I asked him gently. ''Naw, thanks.'' he smiled. ''So tell me more about yourself.'' he leaned on the piano. ''Is Bre your full name?'' ''Naw. My birth name is Aubrey, but my family and friends call me Bre. And how about you? I bet Bruno Mars isn't your real name. '' I said, looking mysterious at him. ''You got that right. My real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Bruno came because I was a little chubby kid and there was a wresler called Bruno Sanmartino. And that's when my dad started to call me Bruno. Mars came of a joke. People saying that I'm out of this world. So I guess I'm from Mars.'' We laughed. ''When did you realise that you wanted to sing? You sound amazing.'' Bruno asked. 'Well, it started with singing in the shower. When I was like 15 I joined a singing competition. I got thirth. Then I just thought of making my job of singing. So I started to do auditions, but I wasn't good enough, so I quit singing for a while. But then I missed it alot so I tried again, and here I am.'' ''Wow. It's a long way to fame. I had to work my butt off too, to get here.''

We kept talking for like ten minutes and then we went back to rehearsal. We had so much fun, while rehearsing. The band was amazing.


''Enough rehearsing for today. Hope we will rock tomorrow in New York. Yall go home and get some good rest, cause tomorrow it's gonna be sick.'' Bruno said. The band started packing their instruments and said goodbye. One by one they left, until only Phil, Bruno and I were left. ''So, are you nervous? Tomorrow's your first show.'' Phil asked me. ''A little bit. Of course it's creepy because I haven't performed for a big crowd for years.'' ''Aww, you shouldn't be. Your amazing. Were gonna help you throught it.'' Bruno laid his hand on my shoulder. At that moment I felt relieved. ''Anyways, you should take a very good rest. You're gonna need it. We can give you a ride home if you want.'' Bruno suggested. ''Ehm well...' I did came here with a cab, and it's pretty late... ''Oke.'' I said.

Bruno put his guitar in it's guitarcase and put on his jacket. Phil opened the door and let me go outside first. He walked to his car and opened the cardoor for me. Bruno and Phil put their stuff in the thrunk and sat down in the front seats of the car. I explained the directions to my house to Phil and we took off.

I almost fell asleep when the car slowly came to a stop. ''We're here. You have a pretty nice house.'' Bruno turned around to me. ''Thanks. Thanks for the ride guys. I better get going before I fall asleep. '' They laughed. ''Have a good nightsleep and we'll see you tomorrow.'' Bruno said. ''Thanks, you guys too. Drive save.'' I stept out of the car. ''Goodnight.'' Phil said. I looked back and waved. When I got to my door, the car took off.

I opened my door and went inside, straight upstairs to my room. I let myself fall on the bed, too tired to dress in my pj's. I kicked off my shoes and fell asleep.

Tomorrow's gonna be a crazy day...