Chapter 2

23/05/2011 21:55

We pull away and I look at Bruno. He looks amazing with the moon's reflection shining on him. I smile at him. "I guess we better get to bed so were not dog tired in the morning huh?" "Yea I guess so." We walk to our rooms hand in hand. "Nite Bruno." "Nite Beautiful." I walk into my room and look at the clock. It's 11p.m and I'm not even tired. I decide to play my guitar a little before I go to bed. I sit on my bed and start playing nothing on you. "Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted they got nothin' on youuuu baby, nothin' on you baby. They might say hi, and I might say hey, but you should'nt worry bout what they say....." Bruno walks in and starts singing. "Cuz they got nothin on you baby, nothing on you baby." The whole time he's singing he’s looking right at me with those amazing brown eyes. We finish the song. "Sorry was it that loud?" I ask him. "Naw I was still’re really good." I laugh at him "No I'm not. I can play the guitar really good but I can't sing at all!" " No really you got some talent! You ever auditioned before?" "Me? Auditioned? Never!" He smiles "Listen.....this may sound really crazy.....but I want you to join us....the band...come on tour with us.....we've been thinking about getting a backup singer and you got the best of both worlds. You can sing and play guitar. Just think about ok?" I smile "I'll think about it....I'm gonna go get a drink real quick I'll be right back." I walk into my bathroom and get a drink. I walk back into my bedroom and Bruno's passed out on my bed. I can't help but laugh. I walk over and shake him. 'Bruno wake up please." "ughh." He doesn't budge. Then I get an idea. I lean down and kiss him, he opens his eyes and smiles. "Bet ya never been woke up like that before huh? Cmon get under the covers so you won't get sick." He wiggles under the covers and I slide into bed beside him. "Nite Bruno." "Nite beautiful." He wraps his arm around me and we drift off into a peaceful sleep.

I wake up in the morning to an empty bed and the smell of coffee in the air. I get up and walk into the kitchen and see Phred, Kenji, Eric, and Jamareo sitting at the table and Bruno and Phil cooking. I walk up behind Bruno and give him a hug from behind. "What's cooking?" "We got omeletes, pancakes, waffles, and cereal." "Yum looks good. Oh and Bruno.....nice hair." He rolls his eyes. It's sticking out in every direction and it's all curly. "Hey do you have any ketchup and mayo?" "Umm yea......why?" "You'll see." I pull the ketchup and mayo out of the fridge and sit down at the table. Bruno and Phil set everything on the table and join us. "Can you pass me the ketchup and mayo please?" I hand Bruno the ketchup and mayo. He pours himself a bowl of cereal and puts the ketchup and mayo on his cereal! "Bruno what in the world are you doing?" "What? It's good! try it." "Umm I think I'll pass." "Your loss.......Hey listen not to be pushy or anything but have you decided yet? We found a place to repair our bus and they should be coming out today so we will be leaving for fox theater tonight." "Bruno no one has even heard me sing!" He looks around the table and smiles. "Yes they have.....I recorded you on my blackberry last night before I came in." "You didn't!" "I did!" "Bruno!" "What? Your amazing! You just need to believe in yourself, and if this doesn't make you think your good then your crazy!" I look around the table. "Was I really that good?" They all nod there heads yeah. I think about it for a minute. If I wasn't good they wouldn’t want me to sing with them because that would make them look bad. "I guess I better start packing my bag then huh?" They all start hooting and hollering. I finish eating and start putting the dishes away. "No...put that down we made the mess we clean it up." "Alright Buno if you insist." I go upstairs and grab a quick shower. I throw on my green tank top and a pair of black blue jean booty shorts and I throw on some makeup and throw my hair into a loose bun. I start packing my bags and after about an hour I finally get everything packed into 2 suitcases and a duffel bag. I put my music and song and pictures in my backpack and put my guitar in it's case and lug everything downstairs and look around. I'm gonna miss this place, but I think it's going to be fun. But I never in a million years thought that this would be happening to me of all people. Getting to sing with the hooligans and falling head over heels with Bruno. After my last relationship ended in the guy cheating on me I never tried to fall back in love, but Bruno makes me feel special and safe. As I'm looking around I get an idea. I get on the phone and call marybeth. "Heyy girl wuzzup?!" "Nothing much marybeth.....hey listen I got an offer for ya." "I'm all ears." "This may sound crazy but I'm going on tour with Bruno Mars! It's a really long story but he wants me to sing with him and his hooligans!" "Omg you are so lucky!" "I know right! But anyways while I'm gone I was wondering if you'd like to move in and watch my house and Martha while I'm gone?" "AHHHHHHHH! Of course I will!" "I think I'm going deaf now." "Oh sorry!" "It's ok, but listen I need you to pack ASAP ok because we’re leaving tonight!" "Ok I'll be there soon!" "OK, and Marybeth.......don't tell a single word about this ok?" "Ok bye!" "Bye!"

I grab my stuff and walk out to the bus. As soon as I get to the door Phil walks out. "Hayyy!" he says in a really high pitched girly voice. I laugh "Hey where am I crashing?" He walks back in and shows me to my bunk. It's all the way in the back closest to Bruno's room. It's about the height of a normal bed and it's all by itself. "Thanks Phil." He smiles "No prob....I figured you'd like it." I raise my eyebrow at him. "And just what makes you think that?" "I woke up last night because I got hot so I walk to the window to open it and let's just say I saw enough." I smile and feel myself blushing. "You saw that huh?" "Yea.....He's never fallen this hard for anyone before. Before you came down this morning all he was talking about was you and when you’re around he's always smiling." "And just what was he saying about me." I put my hand on my hip. "I think you can figure that out yourself." He winks at me and leaves me to unpack.

I'm almost done unpacking when I hear a car screech. I walk out of the bus expecting to see Marybeth but instead seeing my ex Drake. "Drake what the hell are you doing here!" "!" Great he's drunk. "Get outta here Drake I told you we’re done! You cheated on me and lied right to my face!" "Naw...come..on..were...going place!" He lunges for me and I try to run but he's still fast even though he's drunk. He manages to get ahold of my waist and starts dragging me to his car. "Let me go you bastard! Bruno!" I try to kick him and punch him but he doesn't let go. He just grips me tighter. "Bruno! Phil! Help!" "Wh....who'" "He's my boyfriend and when he finds out what your doing to me he's gonna kick your ass!" "But....but..he..he..he....can't be your boyfriend! I...I'm your...boy..friend!" "Drake he loves me!" He grips me tighter. "No you!" "Drake your drunk let me go! I love Bruno not you! He loves me back too! And there's nothing you can do to stop us from loving eachother!" "Hey asshole let my lady go!" Bruno! Finally! Drake grips me even tighter when he sees Bruno coming. "Oww Drake that really hurts! Bruno help me!" Bruno walks up to Drake and kicks his knees out from under him. Drake falls and lands on the cement with a sickening thud. I land right on top of him and he doesn't even go 'umph'. He's probably kicked out. Bruno picks me up. "Did he hurt you?" I nod my head and lift up my shirt revealing an already bruised arm mark on my stomach, "Oh god I'm so sorry! I was inside with the guys and we were talking and laughing...and oh." He starts crying. "Bruno stop it's not your fault." I say hoarsely. We hear police sirens and ambulance sirens. The ambulance and police arrive. The officer says that Drake will probably be in jail for 10 years at the least and he will be charged with Public intoxication, domestic battery, and coming within limits of a restraning order. "You got a restraining order on him?" "Yea he took our break up bad." The paramedics load me up and Bruno hops in back with them. We start driving away and the paramedics hook me up to a machin that monitos my BPM and such. Bruno grabs my hand and starts kissing it. "I'm so sorry." "It's ok Bruno." Then all of the sudden the machines start to beep and I find that I can't breathe and there's a horrible burning pain in my stomach. I start feeling light headed and I look up at Bruno. He's looking frantic and yelling at the paramedic but I can't hear what they're saying. He sees me looking at him and mouths "I love you." "I love you to Bruno........forever and always." Then blackness engulfs me.