Chapter 2

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"Ohh.. Wait! I forgot to tell Isabella how Lawrence looks like!" Claire said as she smacked her head.

"You have his picture on your locket, so I guess it's not going to be a problem." The rabbit spirit said.

"Ohh.. Yeah.. Wait a minute, you know things like that too?!" Claire asked.

"Of course. After all, I can see all the humans in the world in this well. The well also tells me everything about a certain human." The rabbit said.

"Oohhh.. Cool.." Claire said, and sighed. "I wish I've seen or known my parents before I died.."

"That is also another mission for Isabella to accomplish. To find your parents." God said.

"Really? She's going to do that too?" Claire grinned.

"Yes, it's one of your unfinished tasks in the human world. And Isabella has to do it, since she's now the new owner of your body." God answered.

"Wooowww.. So I guess everything's okay now."

"Claire, are you ready to cross heaven now?" God asked.

"Yes, I am ready now God. I don't have anything to worry about now." Claire smiled as she looked at the tree.

"Hold the tree when you are ready to go." God said.

Claire smiled as she looked at the rabbit spirit. "It's nice knowing ya, Mr. Rabbit. Just say hi for me to Isabella when she comes back." Claire said.

The rabbit smiled back and Claire touched the tree and she vanished.

"God, I do not wish to interfere with your plans, but why did you allow Isabella to go to the human world?"

"She has never done anything to make me upset. She has never requested for anything since she came here. For one hundred forty nine years, she's always been quiet and helpful towards you. Now is the time to pay back all her efforts and kindness. And besides, she still has to learn how to forgive and forget." God said.

"I see.. But God, do You think she would be okay just being alone in the human world? The world has changed. Even though she has seen the world's transformation, it would still be hard for her." The rabbit said.

"That is why I am going to give you a mission."

"Mission? What mission?"

"You have to help her learn all the things that she has to learn in the human world, and you have to help her accomplish all the things that she hasn't when she was still alive."

"It won't be easy for me, but I'll do my best to fulfill my duties."

"If you have been able to do all those, then I'll return you to your true form and give you your powers back."

The Rabbit spirit's eyes widened as he grinned and bowed to God. "I'll do my best!"


Isabella looked around. She was inside a white room, and all these odd-looking machines beside her. She noticed she had something on her mouth, but she didn't know what it was. She then looked around and saw the guy that she loved so much. He was soundly sleeping on her bedside. She then remembered Jacob. Her first love.


She was always locked on her room, with her piano and a big mirror. She can only go out if her father is still at work. By then, she would do other things like cleaning, cooking, eating, studying, and doing the things that she loved the most: singing and dancing. She never got the chance to make friends with other kids, or other people. Her mother, her father, and their maidservant were the only people that she knew and she had seen.

She was fifteen, at that time. Her sixteenth birthday was just months away. She was excited, but sad at the same time. Her father dreaded her birthdays the most. He always locked her up in her room. It was her mom and their old maidservant who would secretly get ready for Isabella's birthday. She sighed. How she wished her father would give her a gift for her birthday, even just for once. She practiced the piano, so her father would be happy at her when he gets home, even just for a bit.

She then noticed that someone was looking at her. She looked at the door, and she saw someone on the door. She didn't know who it was, so she shouted. "Mother!!"

"No, no! Don't shout! Please!" The young man showed up, and begged Isabella.

Isabella then took her pillows and threw them one by one to the man.

"No, stop! I was just taking a look!" He said as he dodged from the pillows.

Isabella's mother and their maidservant then came running upstairs and towards Isabella's room.

"What is it?!" Isabella's mother asked, worried.

"Ohh.. Jacob.. What did you do?!" Their maidservant said as she was trying to catch her breath.

"Nothing! I didn't do anything! I was just looking at her while she played the piano.." Jacob said.

"Ohh.." Isabella said, she was now calming down. "Please forgive me for my rude attitude.. I didn't know you were only watching as I played the piano.." Isabella looked down, her face was all red.

Jacob stopped himself from laughing. 'She's embarrassed..' He said to himself.

"Oh come here you little brat! You should stop scaring Isabella!" Their maidservant said as she pinched Jacob's ear and dragged him downstairs.

"Oww.. Oww! Grandma! It hurts!" Jacob shouted.

Isabella chuckled hard at what she had seen. Then she looked at her mother.

Her mother was surprised at Isabella. She has never seen her daughter laugh like this. She has always been silent, and she did not often smile.

"Mother? Is there something wrong? Do I have dirt on my face?" Isabella asked, confused.

"No, no.. I was just surprised to see you chuckle like that. I haven't seen that expression from you before.." Her mother said.

Isabella just smiled as she picked her pillows up and put them on her bed. "Mother, who is he?"

"He's Jacob. Our maidservant's grand son. Your father wanted someone to do the gardening, and the maidservant suggested him, and so he was hired."

"Ohh.. I see.." Isabella said.

"I have to go downstairs now, dear. I still have to help the maidservant with the house chores." Isabella's mother kissed her forehead as she went out of her room.

Isabella smiled. It was the first time that she had seen a young man inside their house, and their first meeting wasn't very nice. But she didn't really want to apologize for what she has done to him. 'After all, he didn't introduce himself first, and he was slyly looking at me earlier. It's not likely for a gentleman to do that.' She said to herself. She then continued playing the piano.


Everyday, Jacob would peek at her door and stare at her. He never let her find out that he was there so he could freely watch her play the piano. 'Her eyes, her hair, her skin, everything about her is perfect..' Jacob thought that she was the most beautiful thing that he ever laid his eyes on.

Then he decided that he didn't just wanna look at her. He wanted to talk to her, laugh with her, and love her. Yes, he loved her the moment he saw her. Maybe it was because of her eyes, or her lips, but he didn't exactly know why he was attracted to her. He just felt that he wanted to save her from where she is now. Jacob was hesitant at first, but he was hoping he would get a friendly smile from her, so he knocked.

"Come in." Isabella said, thinking that it was her mother or their maidservant who just came to bring her food, so she stopped playing the piano.

Jacob opened the door. "Hello.." Jacob said as he smiled. He didn't want to come in, it wasn't proper for a gentleman to go inside of a lady's room.

Isabella's eyebrows crossed. "Why are you here?"

"I uh.. I came to introduce myself." Jacob siaid.

"I already know your name, so go away." Isabella said as she continued playing the piano.

Jacob didn't answer. An awkward moment of silence came, and Isabella decided to break it.

Isabella sighed as she stopped playing. "What do you want?"

"I.. I uh.. You.." Jacob can't think of anything that he could say to her.

"Well?" Isabella said, raising her eyebrow.

"You have pretty eyes." Jacob said. That was the first thing that he thought of. It doesn't answer Isabella's question, but he wanted to say that, although he didn't know why.

"I do?" Isabella said. Only her mother appreciated her violet eyes. After all, it was the eye color that her mother loved to have. Her father despised her eyes, and said that she was abnormal 'cause she had a different eye color.

"Yes.." Jacob said as he looked at her.

She looked down, then at Jacob. She noticed his eye color. Brown. Just like her father. The eye color that she wanted to have. She became envious of him. "Liar."

"No.. No! I'm telling you the truth.. You have pretty eyes, and I like it. It's beautiful.. It's unique.. Different.. Not like the others.." Jacob said as he looked straight into her eyes.

Isabell curled her lip. She has never recieved such compliment from someone else. "You think so?"

Yes.." He said, smiling. She smiled back at him, sweetly

'She can smile.. I made her smile.. Ahh.. It feels good.' Jacob said to himself. "Uhm.. My grandmother and your mother.. They are out to the market.. They wanted me to gather firewood in the woods later.. Do you like to come?" Jacob asked.

"Well.. I am not allowed to go outside the house.. My father would beat me to death if he finds out about it.." Isabella said.

"He need not to find out." Jacob smiled at Isabella, and Isabella grinned. "You will use a ladder to sneak inside and out of your bedroom. Your room is in the back part of the house, so your father won't notice us." Jacob said.

"Sounds like a good plan." Isabella said.

"So.. Do you still want to come?" Jacob asked.

Isabella smiled and looked down. Then she looked at Jacob and nodded. Jacob grinned. "Well then, see you later." Jacob said as he left Isabella's room.

Isabella felt excited and nervous about it. It was the first time that she was going to be out of the house. She was so nervous that she played and practiced hard to play the piano piece. After a few moments, she heard a whistle from outside her window. She grinned as she ran and opened the window. Jacob was already there, smiling at her. The ladder was ready, so she climbed down and walked towards Jacob. "Let's go." Isabella said, smiling.

Jacob smiled and held Isabella's hand as they walked to the woods.

Heaven. It was what Isabella felt when Jacob held her hand. It was soft, gentle and comforting. She has never held such hands before. She shook her head and stopped.

"What?" Jacob asked as he looked at her.

"Uhh.." Isabella looked around the woods, finding something that she might be able to talk about. Then she saw a wooden log. She immediately shook Jacob's hand and pointed the log. "There. A log."

"Ohhh.. Okay." Jacob said as he smiled and picked up the log. "So, have you ever been here before?" He said as they walked.

"No.. Never. My father does not allow me.." Isabella said as she looked down. She felt guilty for disobeying her father's rules.

"Really? You've never been here before?" Jacob asked, surprised. Isabella just shook her head as she smiled sadly.

"Ohh.." Jacob said as he picked up some more wooden logs. It was her first time going out of their house. He felt how sad she was, getting beaten and not being allowed to go even just outside the house.

Isabella didn't want to spoil the moment, so she smiled at Jacob. "It looks good here.." She said as she looked around. She breathed the fresh air. "Ahh.. It feels good.. It's like the air is calling me.." Isabella said as she closed her eyes and danced in the woods.

Jacob stopped and looked at her for a moment. 'She can dance..' He smiled.

Then Isabella slowly circled at him as he held his shoulders, still dancing. She looked into those big, beautiful brown eyes and smiled. Jacob smiled too as he looked at Isabella's hands and fingers as they touch his shoulders. He felt a tingling sensation in his spine, but it wasn't creepy. It felt good. Isabella then stopped infront of him and bowed.

"Bravo!" Jacob dropped the logs that he was holding as he clapped his hands. Then one log was dropped unto his foot. "Oww.. Oww! Ouch!!" He said as he jumped on one foot.

Isabella chuckled as she looked at Jacob.

"What?" Jacob asked, smiling.

"You're silly." Isabella smiled sweetly as she looked at Jacob.

Jacob stopped for a moment, and then walked closer to Isabella, looking at her lips.

A moment of silence filled the air. Suddenly they heard a weird noise from somewhere, not far from them.

"Did you hear that strange sound?" Isabella asked.

"Maybe it's a bear. Let's go, it's dangerous." Jacob said as he walked away.

"Wait.. We can't go. Can't you notice? It looks like it's calling for help." Isabella said as she looked around.

"It doesn't matter if it's calling for help, it's still a bear and it's dangerous. Come, let's go." Jacob said as he pulled Isabella, but she shook Jacob's hands off and ran to where the sound was coming from.

"Isabella!" Jacob said as she chased Isabella. 'She's fast.. For someone who doesn't go out too much, she's pretty fast..' Jacob said to himself.

Isabella stopped running and she slowly walked and knelt down.

"Thank God you stopped.." Jacob said as he was walking towards Isabella, catching his breath. Then suddenly, Jacob saw a bear cub, lying helpless on the grass. But he was not sure if it was not going to attack them. "Isabella, stay back. You might get hurt." Jacob said. Isabella was new to the forest, and she knew nothing about its dangers. He was worried about her.

"This bear cub has a gunshot.." Isabella said as she gently rubbed the bear cub's body, trying to comfort it. She then looked around. "No hunter.."

"It might have lost its mother while they were being chased by a hunter." Jacob said as she looked at the bear cub.

"Poor little thing.." Isabella then knelt down and tried to take the bullet from the bear cub.

"What are you doing?!" Jacob asked, worried.

"I'm treating the bear." Isabella answered.

"But if you take the bullet from its body, it might bite you and you can get hurt. What will your father say if he sees you?!" Jacob said.

'Oh.. Right.. He still doesn't know yet.' Isabella thought to herself. Then she sighed. "Just watch." She said as she gently took the bullet from the bear cub's wound. The bear cub whimpered, but it was too weak to bite her. She then put her hand on top of the bear cub's gunshot, and after a few minutes, the wound was healed. The bear cub then huffed.

Jacob's eyes widened. "What.. What was that? How did you do that?!" Jacob said, looking at Isabella.

Isabella smiled at him. "I can heal wounds."

"No.. No.. You can't do that. The wound may just be somewhere here.." Jacob looked around the bear cub's body looking for the wound, but he found a scar instead.. "How in the..." He continued to search around the bear cub's body, but still, nothing. Then the bear cub started huffing and moved away from him.

"Stop.. You're scaring it.." Isabella said as she gently rubbed the bear cub. It licked her palm and it crawled its way to Isabella's lap. Isabella smiled as she petted the bear cub.

"How did you do that?!" Jacob asked, his eyes wide open. He still can't believe it.. 'She can heal wounds?!' He thought to himself.

Isabella looked one the bear cub, sad. "I knew it.. You are going to think that I am a monster.. A witch.." She then started to cry.

"What? No, no, don't cry.. I.. I do not think of you as a witch or anything uncanny.. I was just surprised that you have the ability to heal wounds.. It's.. wonderful. I have never seen anything like this before. You are really unique." Jacob explained.

Isabella looked at Jacob. He didn't seem frightened or scared at her. He looked amazed and happy that his eyes were sparkling. "I am?"

"Of course you are! You have violet eyes.. You can heal people.. You are unique! One of a kind!" Jacob said.

Isabella smiled at Jacob. She thought he was going to avoid her after she has done this.

Jacob then wiped Isabella's tears and looked into her eyes. 'Ahh.. Her gentle and innocent eyes..' Jacob leaned closer to Isabella. Closer.. Closer... He closed his eyes... then he stopped. They both heard the sound of a running horse from afar.

"Father.." Isabella said while looking at the direction where the sound came from. They both stood up and ran towards Isabella's house. Isabella climbed up on the ladder as fast as she can, and Jacob was guarding her, seeing if her father has arrived. After a few seconds, Isabella has already reached the window and came into her room safe. Jacob smiled at her and ran inside their house with the firewood that he has gathered.


Isabella and Jacob continued going to the woods secretly to visit the bear cub that they saw months ago. They cared for it, expecting that its mother would come and take it. But no, no large angry bear mother came. The bear cub was still alone. Until they decided to fully take care of it and they even named it. The cub has grown bigger since then.

"You think the hunter that shot Billy might have also killed his mother?" Isabella asked as they walked to the woods.

"Could be.. We have never seen Billy with some other bears by the time that we started taking care of him." Jacob said as he picked a wooden log along the road.

Isabella sighed. "You know, I pity him. He doesn't have parents. He's alone..." Isabella said.

"I pity you more. It is your birthday today, and your father did not even bother to greet you. It is your sweet sixteen today, cannot he at least be a father to you, even just for today?" Jacob said as he looked at Isabella. He was mad at Isabella's father, but he is more mad at himself. He can't even give Isabella a gift. His salary isn't that high, and he still have brothers and sisters to feed. He doesn't even buy anything for himself.

"He was always like that ever since I was a girl.. So I am used to it." Isabella smiled sadly at Jacob.

Then they heard a gunshot and a man screaming. "Billy!" Isabella said as she ran to where the sound was coming from. Jacob followed and after a few moments of running, they found Billy, filled with blood. But what was more frightening was the man on the ground, looking at Billy, scared to death.

Billy was about to attack the man again, but Isabella yelled. "Billy, stop!!" Isabella screamed, and Billy calmed down and walked towards her. She rubbed Billy and took the bullet from him, and healed him. She then looked at the man, he was still frightened and he looked at her insanely. He can't even talk.

Isabella walked towards the man and knelt down. She looked at his arm. It was bleeding from Billy's scratch. Isabella then put her hand on top of the man's arm and healed it. The man looked at his arm with his eyes wide open and jaws dropped, and then he looked at Isabella. "Witch.."

Isabella moved back.. "No.." She said, her eyebrows furrowed.

"You're a witch!!" The man said as she crawled away from Isabella.

Then other hunters showed up and ran towards the man.

"A witch! There's a witch here!! Help!!" The man said as he ran away.

"Isabella, let's go!" Jacob grabbed Isabella's hand and ran towards her house. Isabella immediately climbed up to her bedroom, but she saw her father standing there, his face was red and his eyes were like the eyes of a devil, glaring at her like crazy.

"Father.." Isabella said as she walked towards him.

"You insolent brat!! I have given you rules and you disobeyed them!!" Isabella's father then slapped her face and spanked Isabella as hard as he can.

"Francis! Stop this immediately!" Isabella's mother then ran towards her and protected her.

"Move back Georgia, if you don't want to get hurt!!" Isabella's father pushed his wife to the ground and continued beating Isabella.

Georgia suddenly felt so mucn anger inside her. She stood up and saw the gun on his husband's gun belt. She grabbed it and shot Francis in the head. He then fell to the ground, bleeding.

"Father!!" Isabella said as she looked at her father, astounded. "Father... Don't die!!" She took the bullet from his head and healed him, but nothing. He didn't breath. He was already dead.

Isabella's mother cried. She can't believe that she has killed her own husband. She could not take it anymore. She put the gun on her head and shot herself. She then fell to the floor.

"Mother!!" Isabella looked at her mother, she still can't make everything sink in. Isabella took the gun that fell on the floor, and looked at her mother and father. She wanted to kill herself too. Her life was useless now, now that her parents were dead. She put the gun on her head, but their maidservant came and saw her. She gasped as she put her hand on her mouth..

"Goodness gracious!!" She said as she stared at the dead bodies. "You.. You killed them?! You killed your own parents! You are a killer!!" The maidservant said as she ran outside the house.

"No.. No.. No!!" Isabella said as she cried and followed the maidservant. She wanted to explain everything. But when she went outside the door, she saw the townspeople with torches and pitchforks.

"The witch! She's the witch! She's the one who talked to the bear and healed my wound! She's a witch!" The man said.

"No!" Isabella said as she looked at him.

"A killer! A killer, I say! She's a killer!! She killed her parents!" The maidservant frantically told the townspeople.

"No! I am not a killer!" Isabella shouted as she cried.

"Burn her and her house down before she kills someone else!" A man said, ordering the people.

Isabella immediately closed and locked the door. She then ran upstairs and to her room. She cried there, covering her ears. She did not want to hear any of those accusations any more. She was tired of it. The room felt hotter, and Isabella looked around. Her room was on fire. She had nowhere else to go. No one saved her. Not even Jacob. She cried as she felt fire on her body. Isabella closed her eyes.


"Isabella.." Isabella heard someone calling her name. She opened her eyes and saw the spirit rabbit floating in the air.

"Rabbit? What are you doing here?" Isabella said as she took the strange thing off of her mouth.

"God sent me in the human world to follow you. He wants me to guide you so you could accomplish your tasks as he wanted them to be done." The spirit rabbit said.

"Ohh.." Isabella said as she nodded her head.

"Isabella, you are now in the human world. You need to learn a lot of things from me and from the people around you. But the things that you have to learn right now, at this very moment is your new name." The spirit rabbit said.

"My new name?" Isabella asked, confused.

"Yes, since you have only borrowed Claire's body, you also have to take her name and identity. Claire's full name is Claire Eleanor Simmons. Remember that you are an orphan, but you are not going to reveal that to Peter or to anyone. You should keep it a secret." The spirit rabbit said.

"But how? How could I keep it as a secret?" Isabella asked.

"You just won't talk or don't answer if anyone asks you about yourself." The spirit rabbit said.

"It's hard.. But alright.. I will try my best.." Isabella said.

"I also want you to know that only you can hear me, but other people can see me." The spirit rabbit said.

"Oohh.. Okay.." Isabella said.

"Another thing, you still have your power to heal. But you shouldn't use it right now, and people shouldn't find out about it. You already know why." The spirit rabbit said. Isabella nodded. "And oh, you're not going to tell anyone about me. That's all for now. I will teach you more things as days pass by. I need to hide. Humans might see me." The spirit rabbit said.

"Where are you going to hide?" Isabella asked, curious.

"On that locket on your neck. The diamond in the middle of it, I'm going to hide there." The spirit rabbit said.

Isabella tried to move her head, but her neck hurt, and there was something on her neck that's stopping her. "Owww!" Isabella yelled.

Bruno then started to wake up.

"I'm going to hide now.. He might see me.." The spirit then hid on the diamond on the locket, and as the spirit rabbit went inside the diamond, the diamond turned violet in color.

Bruno opened his eyes and saw Isabella staring at him.

"Oh.. You're awake now.. Wait here, I'm going to call the doctor." Bruno went outside the room.

Isabella then looked around the white room that she was staying at. The weird machines that were surrounding her, she has seen them from the well, but it still amused her. She then started poking one of the machines and stared at it as it beeped. "Why is this thing making such a weird sound?" She said as she poked it even more.

Bruno then opened the door and went inside the room with the doctor and a nurse. They both stared at Isabella as she poked the machine. Isabella looked at them, curious.

"Ehem.. Uhm, miss.. You shouldn't touch that.." The nurse said.

"Ohh.. I'm sorry.." Isabella said as she stopped.

"I can see that you are awake now. You see, you've been hit by a car. And this man here was the one who was driving it." The doctor said.

Isabella stared at Bruno. 'He really looks exactly like him..' She said to herself.

"Look, I'm willing to pay all your hospital bills and your needs.. Just don't sue me.." Bruno said, almost begging.

"Sue...?" Isabella tilted her head. She heard that word from another soul before, but she couldn't remember what it meant.

Bruno and the doctor just stared at her, curious.

'He said he doesn't want you to put him in prison..' Isabella heard the spirit rabbit's voice.

"Ohh.. Oh, of course not!" Isabella said.

"Whew.. Thank God you agreed right away.." Bruno said as he sighed in relief and smiled.

"Miss, can we ask you what some information about yourself?" The nurse asked.

"Sure.." Isabella said.

"What's your name?"

"Uhm.. Cl-Claire Eleanor Simmons.." Isabella said. It felt weird to introduce herself as another person.

"How old are you?"

"Uhm.." Isabella didn't know what to tell the nurse. The spirit rabbit didn't tell her about that.

'Twenty three.. Twenty three years old..' Isabella heard the spirit rabbit's voice again.

"I'm twenty three years old." Isabella said.

"Do you have any family that we can contact or inform about your situation?" The nurse asked.

Isabella went blank. She didn't have a family. And neither did Claire. "Uhm..." Isabella looked down. "No.."

"Oh, so you live alone? Do you have any friends that could come pick you up and take care of you while you are recovering here in the hospital?" The nurse asked.

"....No. I am... homeless." Isabella said, ashamed of herself. She didn't want to look at anyone at the moment.

"Ohh.. I see." The nurse said. It seemed like she didn't believe her, but she should not ask further questions.

"So I guess you would have to take care of her then." The doctor said, looking at Bruno.

"What?" Bruno said, surprised.

"You hit her with your car and you've broken her bones, so she is your responsibility. You would have to take care of her until she gets better." The doctor said.

"But.." Bruno looked at the doctor, then at Isabella. Her eyes weren't pleading, but he felt lonely while staring at them. "Ohh, alright. Until she gets better." Bruno sighed.

"Alright then. Her broken bones will heal after two months, but you can already take her home after a week. You just need to have regular check ups for her broken bones." The doctor said as he opened the door.

"Thanks doc." Bruno said as he watched the nurse and the doctor go out of the room. He then stared at this woman that he accidentally hit. He sighed. "You're homeless?" He asked. Isabella looked at him and nodded.

Bruno sighed. "I guess I would have to take you home then.. Until you get better." He said as he sat down.

"Only until I get better?" Isabella said as she looked at Bruno. She was disappointed. She thought she was going to be with him within one thousand days. But now, it seems like the opposite.

Bruno stared at her. He wasn't planning to take her home in the first place, and now he's having second thoughts about making her stay in his place for as long as she likes. "You.. You really don't have a home? Don't you have parents or friends or something?" Bruno asked.

Isabella's eyes turned red. She didn't have any o