Chapter 22+23

03/02/2012 22:58
Chapter 22

I moved out the way while Phil helped Bruno inside. I quickly looked over to Bernie and she just stared at him as he drunkenly walked in. I shifted my attention back to the two and Phil finally let him go. He stumbled a bit before coming into my arms, I hugged him and held him up a bit. I don’t know why, but I felt really embarrassed. I looked over his back to Phil and he just shook his head. I needed him to get himself together right now. “Hey Phil.. you think you could talk to Bernie for a second?” I said softly. Bruno finally stood somewhat straight up and looked me in the eyes. I looked away from him and smiled to them as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the patio door. I slid it open and quickly pulled him out and closed it back. I turned back around to him looking confused. “Bruno.. you said you weren’t going to drink a lot since we we’re staying with your mom..” He shrugged, “I mean baby.. I.. I don’t know..” he said stuttering. I shook my head and just went into thought, I just wished he would pick different days to do some of the things he did. As I looked up again he started walking towards me. “What’s wrong?” I looked into his drunken eyes, “You.. you’re so drunk right now..” He reached his hands out and put his fingers in the loops of my jeans. He pulled me close to him, “I’m sorry alright.. I was just having a good time..”

He leaned in to try to kiss me but, I moved away. “Aww come on..” he said disappointed. I took a deep breath, “Look Bru.. your mom is really upset.. and I was hoping we could have talked when you came in but.. we really can’t talk now that you’re like this..” He let me go and backed up a bit. “I’m fine.” “Really?” He shrugged, “Yeah.. I’m fine.” I started for the door and then turned around and signaled for him to follow me. He took a deep breath as he tried to take the short walk over to me, he stumbled the entire time. I went over and grabbed him so that he wouldn’t fall, “You can’t even walk..” He looked up to me and smiled, “Crazy right?” I rolled my eyes, “Don’t say anything.. we’ll just go upstairs alright?” He raised his eyebrow, “You got it babe..” I grabbed his hand again and intertwined our fingers. I slid the door back open and helped him back up into the house. I closed the door again and turned to Bernie and Phil looking at us. I awkwardly smiled to them and walked towards the stairs. “Goodnight Mom.. and Phil.. I’ll talk to both tomorrow.” They both nodded and Bruno waved to the both of them as I pushed him up the stairs.

As I walked into the room Diamond closed the door behind both of us. I walked over to the bed and collapsed into it. I looked over to her as she bent down to untie her shoes, “Bruno.. can you not do this anymore?” I struggled a bit as I pulled my blazer off my arms, “What exactly am I doing?” I heard her take a deep breath. “Look.. what’s the point of being on vacation if you can’t have some fun?” I said raising my voice a bit. She quickly looked over to me, “It’s okay but.. it just seems like you pick the wrong times to do it..” “And I can’t help that..” She shook her head as she went threw her suitcase, “Nevermind Bruno.. I don’t wanna argue.” I started pulling my pants down, “Good.” I felt like I was being a complete asshole, but at the same time I didn’t care. I finally got my pants off and tossed them over by my suitcase. I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. Once again my brain was running threw hundreds of thoughts. The light went out and I watched as Diamond’s shadow walked across the room. She cuddled close to me in the bed and I smiled a bit as I laid on my side.

I closed my eyes but felt his on me, I hated the way he was acting right now. Time, only time will tell. “Goodnight Bruno.” I said softly. “Night..” he said kind of cold. That kind of upset me, but I just tried to not think about it so I could get a good night’s rest. I knew that he was just drunk.


December 24th, 2010 (Christmas Eve)

The past couple of days have been kind of weird. I don’t know how to explain them, but it’s just ughh. Me and Bruno haven’t aruged but, we haven’t apologized to each other either. The day after Bruno had his drunken event, we went up to the airport and told all the guys goodbye until New Years. Phil acted weird the entire time and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know if he was acting tough because he didn’t want to leave or what. I just told myself to stop spending so much time figuring people out. I think I had enough to think about.Like my kids names.

I just knew things would get better after today. I was going to meet so much of his family and even if we we’re having problems we would both have to just suck it up and put on a good smile for everyone. I was really excited to give Bruno his gifts, it had to bring a huge smile across his face. We we’re set to leave Hawaii in 4 days, and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I knew there would be tears, and a lot of hugs. I hear people downstairs as I’m writing this. Well… here goes nothing. Fuck my life. K Bye.


I quickly jogged up the stairs and opened my bedroom door, “Babe.. are you done getting dressed.” She turned to me, “Yeah I guess..” By the tone of her voice I could tell she was upset about something. I slowly went over and sat next to her on the bed. I hunched my back over and intertwined my fingers together. “Babe.. I know..” She waved me off, “Don’t say it Bru…” I looked up to her in her eyes and she finally turned to me. Without saying a word I slowly leaned in and kissed her. We started making out and rubbed her thigh at the same time. As we unlocked, I felt really guilty about what I had done a few days ago. I mean it’s not so bad is it? She smirked, “You can’t always just kiss me when I’m upset..” I smiled, “And why not?” “Because you make me forget..” she said pulling her shirt down a bit. “Well that’s good right?” I said nodding. She sighed and I stood up. I reached out for her hand, “Come on babe.. I need you to cheer up” She grabbed my hand and I pulled her up.

I squeezed her hand as we walked into the hallway and then down the stairs. As we went down them a couple of my family member’s attention shifted to us. They smiled as we walked to them. I looked over to Diamond and then back to my cousins, “This is Diamond my fiancée’.” She smiled and I let her hand go as she went and hugged them. I felt really good from that point on.

I watched Bruno play some kind of game with his little cousins. He was so cute around kids. My phone started to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket. “Hey mom. Merry Christmas Eve.” I said smiling and walking away so I could hear her better. “Hey sweetie… I..” she said softly stopping mid sentence. I frowned a bit, “Mom you alright?” All of a sudden she started hysterically crying. I didn’t know what to think, I started to panic. “Mom.. please just tell me..” I whispered. I had a hunch on what it was, I just knew that neither of us had the courage to say it…..


Chapter 23

Time started to go in slow motion. All I could hear we’re my mom’s soft cries and the laughter of the kids behind me. “Diamond.. He’s gone.” I quickly covered my mouth and felt tears coming, “Please don’t tell me that..” I said from behind my hand. She just cried even more and I wished that we could both be hugging each other right now. “When? When did it happen?” I cried. “About 35 minutes ago.” I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to Bruno with tears rolling down my face. “Babe what’s wrong?!” he whispered. I just shook my head, “Mom.. I will be home.. as soon as possible okay?” “Okay sweetie. I just don’t know what I’m going to do..” I guess Bruno got the idea of what had happened because he started to rub my back as he looked down to the floor. “I want you to be strong okay? We can make it threw this.” I said trying to calm her and myself down. I knew in the back of my mind though, that it was going to be hard to stay strong. Even though we knew that this day was coming, it was hard to actually go threw. My dad had been fighting cancer for over 4 years now. A year ago, his doctors told him that he had just a couple of months to live, but he did outlive that. I just wished I had the chance to say goodbye.

“Diamond.. I love you so much..” she softly. “Mom I love you way more.. just please stay strong..” I said almost at a whisper. I turned to Bruno again and he looked into my eyes and blinked slowly. I took a deep breath, “Did you want to stay on the phone?” “No no, I don’t wanna mess up your time there in Hawaii, I’ve already gave you enough bad news for today.” I shook my head, “You sure?” “Yes baby.. I’m sure.. tell Bruno and the others… I said hello.” she said breaking her words up. “Yes ma’am.” “Bye..” “Goodbye.” she said sniffing. I dropped the phone from my ear and just stared at it as I moved to click the end button I felt more tears coming. “Aww babe..” Bruno said taking me in his arms making me cry even harder. I had so prepared myself for this day, but it had just came so randomly and on the worst day it could have happened. He slowly rubbed my back and stroked my hair, “He’s in a better place now.. I promise you.” I just shook my head, I would miss my dad so so much.

As I looked over her shoulder I saw my mom coming towards us. I mouthed ‘her dad’ to her and she tilted her head a bit and just looked at her. This was a very sad time, but at the same time I’m glad we all knew that it was coming. I felt like she would have been a whole lot worst if she hadn’t of known. I kissed her on her cheek and we swayed back and forth a bit, “I love youuu.” I said trying to cheer her up. “I love you too Bru..” she said softly. I’m glad that I was here for her at this time. The rest of the day went well, Diamond met the rest of my family and she stayed strong throughout it all. I stayed by her side as much as possible and a few times, I stopped her before she could cry. I hated that this had to happen to her, I knew that she loved her dad more then anything. Dads are people that honestly can’t be replaced.

I sat there sipping on a cocktail and watching the kids open up their first presents. We had all agreed that we would open one present at midnight just to ease some of the Christmas tension off. It took me back to the times when I was a kid and how my dad would always let me open more than one gift behind my mom’s back. I smiled to myself a bit as I thought about that and Bruno’s nephew held his new toy in the air. “You like it?” he said smiling. “Yes.. yes I love it so much!” he said walking over to Bruno. He hugged him and I smiled as Bruno closed his eyes as he hugged him back. He was such a loving person to any and everyone. As they unlocked Bruno looked at his watch, “I’ll be right back.” he said turning and walking towards the stairs. I looked down to Jamie helping her son open his new toy that Bruno had got him. After about 4 minutes Bruno came down the stairs lugging a huge bag. I smiled a bit as he carried the bag over and slowly sat it down in front of him. I had no idea where he had been hiding a bag that big. “Alright.. Santa is here.” he said opening the bag. I smiled a bit as he started pulling out presents.

He put one up to his ear and shook it and then looked over to Presley. She smirked and nodded and he tossed it over to her. “Wait.. don’t open it yet till’ everyone has theirs.” He kept going threw the bag distributing gifts out to all of his sisters then to his mom. He reached into the bag and pulled out one more present. It was little but, it had a bow on it. He looked over to me and I smiled as he put it in my hand. “You wait till everyone else is done.” he said smiling. I nodded slowly and put it close to me. “Alright go!” he said raising his arms. Everyone started racing opening their gifts like little kids. Even Bernie got in on the act and it made me smile from ear to ear. After the noises of paper ripping stopped her heard nothing but ‘oh my gods’ ‘yesss!’ and ‘owhhs’ and ‘ahhs’. “Alright Bruno.. you stepped it up.. better then that sweater you got me last year.” Presley joked making everyone laughed. “Yeah yeah whatever!” he said smiling. He took a deep breath and looked over to me, “Alright babe.. it’s your turn.” I smiled as I looked down to the gift in my hands. I felt everyone’s eyes on me as I slowly started to rip the paper off.

I seen Bruno walking towards me as I ripped off the last piece of paper. There in my hands laid a square black box. I slowly took the top off and instantly smiled at a charm bracelet. I slowly turned it and observed everything, it had musical notes, a letter B, a letter D, and some words that I couldn’t read. However, I knew they we’re Hawaiian.

‘No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa.’

I quickly looked over to Bruno, “Babe it’s beautiful.. but, I don’t know what the words mean.” He came over put his arms around me and pulled it out the box. I held my wrist out as he slowly put it on, “It means, from this day, from this night, forever more.” I turned my head and looked up to his big beautiful brown eyes, “Oh my god.” I said softly. I just couldn’t put into words how much this mean’t to me. I looked back down to the bracelet and turned it reading the words once more. I looked up to everyone with tears in my eyes, how could this be so amazing. “And that’s just the first one.” Bruno whispered into my ear. I closed my eyes and smiled, I knew he was going to out do all of the Christmases that we’ve ever spent together.

We all started cleaning up a bit and Diamond said that she was going to the restroom. I picked up all the bits of pieces of Christmas wrapping and helped my mom take cups and plates into the kitchen. “You’re such a sweetheart Bruno.” she said to me as I pushed a chair in. I smiled, “I get it from you!” She smiled as well, “You’re starting to out do me!” I laughed and turned to see Diamond coming down the stairs with a present. My face lit up as she walked towards me. “Alright Bru.. it’s your turn now.” she said holding the gift out towards me. I smiled as I took it from her hands. “Let’s see what I’ve got!” I said ripping off the paper….