Chapter 22-24

01/11/2011 19:59

Chapter 22

A surprise? What could that be, I hope he hasn’t wasted his money on getting me anything. I need to find him work, I need to find him a proper producing job and soon. Maybe I could get him on the new Flo Rida track coming up. I know he’s talented enough to do it, fuck that, he’s talented enough to write and produce his own songs. It depresses me to think of how hard he works and yet he gets nowhere. I’ll change that, very, very soon.

My phone starts to ring. I light up a cigarette and answer “Hey Mid” “Lex you sound happy! What happened?” “What do you mean what happened!?” “Don’t give me that bullshit, something went on between you and Bruno, he just came in the studio all happy and if I’m not mistaken, he’s in the same clothes that he wore yesterday. SO SPILL!” “Nothing happened!” “Bitch please.” “Ok, something might have happened” “Tell me!” “Uhmm, well, we haven’t had sex” she’ll get it from that. “OMG YOU DIDNT!!” and she starts screaming down the phone “Wait where are you now!?” “Oh it’s cool, I’m outside and everyone else is in the studio, so tell me what’s he like?” Oh God. “Wait, wait, wait, so you went down on him, what has he done for you” Fuck, I didn’t tell her about that either. “Well actually, I repaid him the favour” “NO FUCKING WAY!! And you kept this from me!? Ok, let’s start over” “What’s he like? Was he good at it?” “Fuck yes he was! Literally mind blowing, apparently I was screaming, I wasn’t in control of my actions at the time though” “I bet you weren’t, just tongue?” “Just tongue” “Awwwwhh what a gentleman” “Yeah Mid, so gentlemanly….” “Shut up, you know what I mean. OK, now spill the beans on what he’s like” “What do you wanna know?” “SIZE BITCH! Although you can kind of tell he’s big anyway” “Will you stop looking at my boyfriend like that!?” “Nope, now tell me” For fucks sake, her questions are gonna just keep getting worse….. “Yes Mid, he’s big, actually, he’s fucking huge. Happy now!?” “I KNEW IT!!” “Listen I gotta go now, Mom’s invited us for dinner later and I gotta get ready” “One more question!!” “What?” “Did you swallow!?” “Yes. Bye Mid” and I hang up.

At 5:45ish my door rings, oh Bruno’s early. I open the door and I see him standing there looking all indescribably sexy in black skinny jeans, which fit him perfectly in all the right places, a red and black checked shirt and his vans. Not to mention he’s wearing a fedora, I like his hair, but when he puts that fedora on…..”Hey beautiful” and he comes in for a kiss snapping me out of my thoughts. I move out of the way so he can come in. He does a little spin and says “So how do I look?” Perfect, Amazing, Fuckable… “You look really sexy” “Do I wanna come across as sexy to your mom?” “You look fine” “Just fine?” He pouts, Urgh why does he have to do this to me!? There’s too much sexual tension in this room for my liking. “How do I look then!?” He walks up to me, runs his fingers through my hair, I try to keep my breathing still but that’s impossible, he leans in and whispers “You look Amazing” lyrics from that song he wrote for me. I can’t help but smile like a fool.

“I have a surprise for you” and he pulls out a long black box from his pocket. I don’t know how the box fit in to his pocket, his jeans look so tight! From where I’m standing it looks like theirs not room in there for much. He hands me the box. “But don’t open it” THE FUCK! “Then why give it to me now then?” “It’s not the right time to open it now, but I knew that if I didn’t give you it soon, I probably would have told you what it was anyway” Still holding the box in my hand I say “And what makes you think I won’t open it before you say so? It’s not wrapped so I could just sneak a peek” I wouldn’t open it unless he actually told me too, but what makes him so sure I won’t. “Baby, I trust you that you won’t open it. Please” And with that word I melt “Of course I won’t open it” and I lean in for a kiss.

“Let’s go meet your mom!” “Yaaay….lets…” Bruno drives and I direct him, my mom doesn’t live far from me so we get there in no time. “Anything I need to know before we go in?” “No, she’s a calm, laid back woman, like I said, she doesn’t really act like the typical “Mother” figure. But she’s awesome” “Why are you so nervous then?” “I don’t actually know” He leans in and give me a long kiss, I have to push him away before things get too heated “Don’t do that before I’m gonna see my mom!! Ya sicko” He just laughs and gets out of the car. He puts his arm around me and I lead him up to the door. 


Chapter 23

My Mom opens the door and greets us with a huge smile “Hey you both! Come in come in!” she hugs Bruno and me both and ushers us in to the living room. “I hope you both are hungry, I’ve made so much food” “I’m starved and it smells so good” Bruno says as he sits with me on the couch. My Mom sits opposite us as if this is an interview. At that moment Chewy comes running up to us, Mid must have dropped her off here after I stormed out of the studio. “Bruno can I get you something to drink? We have everything here” “Do you have a beer?” “One beer coming up, Lex?” “Diet coke” and she leaves to get our drinks. “Baby, I think this house is cleaner than yours, and I thought that was impossible!” “Where do think I got it from, watch your feet on her carpet” “Yess ma’am, her house is so beautiful” he says as he looks around in amazement. “I bought it for her” “you did?” “mmhmm, when I got my first big producing pay check, the first thing I did was buy her a house” “That’s exactly what I’d do too, I’d make sure that Mom and Dad were comfortable back home, then I’d buy myself a Cadillac!” “Typical! You’d buy yourself a car” “I’d buy you stuff to” “I don’t need you to buy me anything, being with you is plenty” and he kisses my forehead. And at that moment my Mom walks in. “Awwwhhh am I interrupting you both?” She says as she lays our drinks down on the table. “Shut up Mom” “Perlease Lex, it’s not like I haven’t caught you doing worse things. In my house. On my couch. While I was in the house” OH MY GOD “SHUT UP WOMAN!!” “No no no wait! I wanna hear about this!” Bruno says as he sits up in excitement. “No you don’t” I say as I push him back. My Mom goes on anyway. “Well, this was in our old house, one day I came home expecting Lex to be in the studio, she clearly wasn’t. All of a sudden I hear heavy breathing *Bruno’s eyes pop open* and then I hear Jake moaning. Loud. *Oh God, shut up, shut up, shut up* and I walk in, and I don’t see anything but I realised when I saw the back of Jake’s head thrown back in pure ecstasy” “You bad ass Lex, so what did you do?” I take over her story “She says, Is your room not good enough Lex? Make sure you’re safe, and walks away!” “You are a cool Mom Katie” Bruno says. Hmmmm, he called my Mom by her first name, and he likes my Mom, this makes me happy and I can’t help but smile.

The night goes on fantastically and the food was delicious as usual, I help my Mom in the kitchen with the dishes whilst Bruno sits in the other room watching TV. “So Mom, what do you think?” I say in a hushed tone so he doesn’t hear. “Lex, he’s perfect for you, I’m really happy you two found each other” I smile like a fool, as long as my Mom likes him, that’s all I ever ask for. “So, have you two… you know” “Ugh, just say it” “Have you two had sex yet?” “No” “I knew it! So why haven’t you yet?” “I don’t know, I just don’t feel it’s right, I’ve been hurt so many times before and I just wanted to wait” “Sweetheart, do you think Bruno will hurt you like the other jackasses did?” “No! Of course I know he won’t, Bruno’s different, he’s not pressuring me in to anything, and it’s not fake like how all the other guys pretend to wait for you, I genuinely believe that he cares” “Lex, do you love him?” I pause, I know I do, but I’ve never said it to anyone face to face before. “Yeah Mom, I do, I really do, he makes me so happy that I can’t describe, I’ve never felt like this before” I put my head on the counter top because I realise what I really want to do. My Mom starts to stroke my hear “Lexii, its ok if you want to have sex with him. I’ve always taught you to not sell yourself to anyone; I believe you two have waited long enough” I lift my head up and reply “Soon, when the time is right”

At about 10pm I get a call from Jacques. “But now!? It’s late; can’t I do it tomorrow morning? I’ll come in early and do it tomorrow, but if I come now then I won’t leave till around 2am! Fine!” “Baby what’s wrong?” “We need to go, the fucker Jacques said I need to go sort some paper work out, otherwise CeeLo’s album won’t come out on time” “Can’t you do it tomorrow?” “Nope, he wants it done now, so he can send it off asap” We say goodbye to my Mom and we leave. “Are you gonna go home or come with me?” “I’ll come with you, it’s too late for me to leave you on your own” I love how protective he just got, I grab his hand and we lace fingers. He lifts my fingers up to his lips and kisses all of them. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like he lingered longer on my wedding ring finger. We get to the studio and we seem to be the only ones there. I see a not from Jacques, it reads “Fax me the papers as soon as you’ve signed and sorted them all” Jackass.

Me and Bruno sit for the next two hours until midnight sorting out all the legal papers and I sign them all. “I hate doing this shit; it’s not even my job!” I burst out “Who’s job is it then?” “It’s Jacques! He’s the head of the stereotypes, so he should do all this shit!” He can see how worked up I’m getting so he starts to rub my shoulders. It feels amazing. “Then why are you able to sign everything?” “Because I’m basically his equal here, but somehow he has more power than me, I know it’s confusing, but…” “Why don’t you just leave?” “I want to, I really want to. One day I will, I’ll leave and start my own production team” “I’d love to do that too” “You would?” I turn and look straight in to his big beautiful eyes. “Yeah I would, and I’d love for you to be a part of it too, you’re so amazing at what you do baby” I melt. He leans in and kisses my neck, it feels so damn good, and he  whispers “Open the box”


Chapter 24

I need air; things are getting too heated in here. “Baby can we open this outside?” “Anything you want” “I know the perfect place” and we go outside for a walk. The air outside at 12am is perfect; it’s hot but with a cool breeze. Naturally Bruno places his arm around my waist and we just walk. It’s only until we get up to the gates of the park that we realise its locked. “Fuck! And I really wanted to go inside” Bruno walks up to the gate and examines it. “You know, we could probably just climb over it” and he starts to climb the fence. “Get down from there! You’ll fall” “Here, give me your hand” and he reaches his hand down and helps me climb up and over. “Bruno you’re such a Hooligan!” “Whatever my baby wants my baby gets” I get serious for a moment “And what if I want you?” he leans in close so I can feel his breath on my face “Then baby you’ve got me, I’m here as long as you say you want me. The day you say you don’t, it’ll kill me inside, but all I want is for you to be happy and if that’s with me, then that suits me just fine” and he leans in and kisses me whilst I try to hold back the tears. I lead him in to my favourite part of the park which is right in the middle and directly under the moon. We sit on the floor, Bruno sits and I sit in between his legs so my back is resting on his chest and we just look up at the sky. “It’s beautiful” I say “Yes. You are” “Stop it, I’m nothing special” “Baby, you’ll never understand just how much you mean to me” and he starts to kiss my neck. “You don’t even know everything about me, what about if you find out stuff that you don’t like” “I know everything I need to know. You choose to keep stuff from me, but I trust that you’ll tell me in your own time” Why does he have to be so perfect? “I wrote another song” “What’s it about?” “You, naturally, you inspire me so much, but this one I wrote when I was at home without you and I couldn’t get you out of my mind” “You write a lot of love songs” “Well what do you expect when you’re in love?” He just said he loves me! But I need to hear him say those three words, why won’t he say it to me? Can’t he just say the words “I love you”? After a while of him just kissing the back of my neck, he says “do you wanna hear it?” “Anytime” and he starts singing “I know you’re somewhere out there, Somewhere far away, I want you back, I want you back. My neighbours think I’m crazy, But they don’t understand, You’re all I have, You’re all I have. At night when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself, Talking to the Moon, Trying to get to You, In hopes you’re on the other side, Talking to me too, Or am I a fool, who sits alone, Talking to the moon”

He finishes singing the song and my eyes start tearing up like a waterfall, I need Bruno. Now. “Shhhh, don’t cry, just open the box” I’d completely forgotten about the box, I grab it from my bag and open it. Inside I find a necklace, a beautiful tiffany key necklace. I’m speechless, it must have cost him a fortune but it’s so beautiful. I look at it closer and see all the way round it’s inscribed with “I Love You. I Always Have And I Always Will, From The Very Start. When I Met You I Fell In Love With Your Smile, Your Eyes, Just You. I Love You.”. He takes it from me and puts it round my neck and whispers “It might be cheesy, but it’s the key to my heart and its yours, it’s always been yours and only yours” “I love it” is all I manage to get out. I turn around and kiss Bruno with all the passion and hunger I have, what am I doing? Why am I waiting and putting us both through misery? Now is the perfect time, I need to show Bruno how much I love him and I need to give him the chance to show it back. When I pull away Bruno’s really out of breath but he leans back in and attacks my neck with kisses. He knows what I want but I have to stop him and push him away “Not here baby” and I lead him back out of the park and back to the studio. We rush in to the studio room where I first met Bruno, everything is getting all hot and me and Bruno are getting all sweaty, heated and out of breath. These clothes need to come off. Just before I start to undo Bruno’s shirt, I whisper “Make love to me?” “My pleasure”