Chapter 22

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Alegria looked around Bruno's house. The floor was filled with flowers, it was dim-lit and it was decorated with romantic candles. The room was also scented. And on the table, she saw a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear. "Wow..."

"You like it?" Bruno's eyes sparkled when he saw Alegria's reaction.

"Yeah.. Did you do all these by your own?"

"Well, I asked for a little help, but I did most of these by myself." Bruno grinned.

Alegria took the teddy bear. "Cute.." She said, smiling. She looked at the bouquet, carnation. She smiled.

"Those are for you." Bruno smiled back.

"Really?" Alegria grinned.



"Here, I have something to show you." Bruno said as he dragged Alegria to the couch and sat down. He was holding a book with decorations on it.

"You made this fan-book for me." Bruno said as he opened it.

"I made it? For you?" Alegria said, surprised.

"Yep. You even wrote your name and info about yourself on it. Here.." Bruno said as he turned to the last page of the fan-book.

"Ohh.." Alegria nodded.

Bruno kept talking about the fanbook but Alegria wasn't listening. She just looked at him. 'Do I really love this guy so much?'

"I have to show you this too." Bruno said, smiling as he took his phone. "This is the first pic we ever took. Together." He showed the photo to Alegria. "You look beautiful here."

"Just here. In this pic." Alegria chuckled. She was flattered at what Bruno have said.

"You're always beautiful." Bruno said, looking into Alegria's eyes.

"Who are you?" Alegria asked, curious. Bruno just gave Alegria a confused look.

"I mean, you know a lot about me, and I know nothing about you. I just know you're Bruno, then that's it." Alegria said.

"Come here." Bruno dragged Alegria to his computer and opened it. He immediately went to Google. "You go type Bruno Mars."

"O-okay.." Alegria said as she typed his name to the search tab. "Ohhh.. So you're a singer? That explains why you sing so good." Alegria smiled. Bruno shrugged his shoulders.

Alegria read more. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Born and raised in Hawaii. Famous singer and produced the songs Fuck You, Nothin' On You, Billionaire, Just The Way You Are, Grenade, The Lazy Song, and more. Won a grammay award. Alegria read everything. "Oooohhh.."

"What?" Bruno asked.

"Nothing, I just can't believe that I'm with a famous singer right now." Alegria said. Bruno smiled at her. Alegria went to youtube, and searched his song "Just The Way You Are" and watched its music video.

"The girl is a hottie." Alegria grinned at Bruno. "You wrote this to a special girl in your past, right? I read it on a site. She must have regretted the day that she left you." Alegria said.

"Hell yeah she did." Bruno said. He remembered the day that Chanel came to his house, begging for him to come back. He shook his head. He didn't wanna tell Alegria about it.

"This song is so nice! I wonder why you two broke up. You make such good songs about her." Alegria said as she finished watching the music video.

"It's.. It's not important anymore." Bruno said. 'Should I tell her? No, no.. Not now..' Bruno said to himself.

Alegria listened to The Lazy Song and was laughing the whole time that she watched the video. "This is the funniest thing that I've ever seen!" Alegria said, still laughing.

"Well, I'm a funny guy." Bruno grinned at Alegria.

"All the laughing suddenly made me hungry.." Alegria said while rubbing her tummy.

"Uhm.. Let's eat?" Bruno said as he lead Alegria to the dining table. Alegria sat down and Bruno put the teddy bear under the table and handed the bouquet of flowers to Alegria.

"Thanks." Alegria smiled as she took it.

Bruno took the lasagna and paksiw to the table. "These were the things that you cooked when you first came here. I.. tried to learn how to cook them.. I'm not that good at cooking.. But don't worry, it's not poisonous. It's still edible." Bruno said as he grinned at Alegria.

"We'll see about that." Alegria chuckled as he took one part of the paksiw to her plate and tasted it. "Hmm.. Not bad." She said.

Bruno turned on some music, Can't Help Falling In Love was played. The songs were shuffled, and he didn't know what would come next. He just smiled as he sat down on the table. "Well, what do you expect from a genius man like me? I only eat cereal cause I can't cook, and I learned this for one day. Hear that? One day!" Bruno bragged.

"You're lying." Alegria said, giving Bruno a suspicious look.

"Well.. two days. I learned this within two days."

Alegria raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, okay.. I've studied how to make these for three weeks.. While you were still at the hospital." Bruno sighed as he confessed.

Alegria grinned. She busted him that easy. She chuckled.

"What?" Bruno asked, confused.

"Nothing.. You know, I appreciate all these." Alegria smiled sweetly. He made big efforts for this day. Bruno smiled back. They continued eating without saying a word. Bruno cleaned the table after they finished eating.

"Let me help you." Alegria took the dishes and brought it to the sink. She was starting to wash the dishes.

"No, no, let me do that." Bruno said as he took the sponge from Alegria.

"Bruno, you've done all these for me, and I've given you nothing. Let me at least do the dishes for you." Alegria said as she took the sponge from him.

"You want that sponge so much, eh? Take this!" Bruno splashed some water into Alegria's face.

"Heyy!!" Alegria said and she did the same thing to Bruno. Now, they were chasing after each other.

Alegria ran to Bruno's bed room but Bruno was fast, so he caught Alegria and tickled her to bed.

"No, no, please! Stop!" Alegria laughed hard as Bruno tickled her.

"Feel my wrath! Mwahahahahaha!" Bruno did the evil laugh which made Alegria laugh harder. Bruno looked at Alegria. He recalled the time that Alegria was here, and the same thing happened now. He stopped tickling Alegria and stroked her hair.

"What?" Alegria said as she was still laughing.

Bruno wanted to kiss Alegria, but he just shook his head. He was still a stranger to her. He can't move that fast. He sat down on the bed and sighed.

"What? What's wrong?" Alegria said as she sat beside Bruno.

"Nothing.. Just.. Nothing." Bruno sighed.

Alegria stared at Bruno, trying to figure out what he was thinking.

Bruno realized that Our First Time was the song played in the background. He smiled as he listened to the song.

Alegria smiled as she heard the song. She understood what the lyrics meant. She looked at Bruno and felt that something was dragging her towards him. He was a human magnet, she can't help but be near him. Alegria sat on Bruno's lap. Bruno was surprised and confused at what Alegria did.

She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt the urge to kiss him. She has just known this guy for a day. She stared at Bruno's eyes, and then his lips. "Can I kiss you?"

Bruno's eyes widened, but he felt the heat in his body as he heard Alegria say it. He leaned closer, and gave Alegria a quick, soft kiss on Alegria's lips.

Alegria grabbed Bruno's neck and kissed him back. Bruno rubbed Alegria's back gently, then he slid his hand inside Alegria's shirt. He took Alegria's bra off, and felt her breasts. He held them gently, then he took Alegria's clothes off. He kissed her neck, then licked her lips and sucked her toungue. Alegria moaned a little as she felt Bruno's tongue. She then took of Bruno's shirt. Bruno rubbed Alegria's thighs as he buried himself on Alegria's neck. Bruno then unzipped Alegria's jeans and took it off. He did the same to his, and he pulled Alegria closer to him. Alegria sat on his lap. He smiled and kissed her passionately. He slowly slid his hand inside her undies and took it off. Alegria felt Bruno aroused, so she took his boxers off.

Bruno went on top of Alegria, going slow at first, then faster. Alegria moaned as she felt Bruno inside her. She kissed Bruno passionately, sucking his tongue. Bruno moaned a little, going even faster. Alegria wrapped his legs around Bruno. Bruno kissed her neck, and he licked Alegria's earlobe, then gently sucked it.

Alegria suddenly thought of the music video of The Lazy Song. "Oh my God..." Alegria breathed deep. "This is great.."

Bruno went even faster, smiling at Alegria, giving her a naughty look. "I know.." Bruno said as he pressed his lips against Alegria's.

Alegria went on top of Bruno, riding him. Bruno held Alegria's hips as Alegria gently went up and down, then faster. "Damn.." Bruno moaned. He grabbed Alegria's waist and went on top of her again. He kneeled and lifted Alegria's legs as he went inside her. "Yeah.." Bruno said as he slowly pushed his inside her.

Alegria wrapped her legs around Bruno and pulled him closer and looked into his eyes.. "I got you all night.." Alegria smiled as she kissed Bruno.


Alegria opened her eyes, and she saw Bruno staring at her.  She stroked his curls and smiled.

"What?" Bruno said, smiling back. He pulled Alegria closer and wrapped his arms around her.

"Nothing. I just.. I don't know how to say it.." Alegria smiled as she put her forehead against Bruno's.

"I'm amazing, right?" Bruno smiled.

"Well, yeah.. I just don't understand it though.." Alegria said as she caressed Bruno's cheek.

"Understand what?"

"Why I feel something pulling me towards you everytime I see you. You're like a magnet.." Alegria said.

Bruno tried to stop his laugh.

"What? It's true! I mean, I'm trying to stop myself, but I can't. I only ended being with you here. Right now." Alegria explained.

Bruno just smiled at Alegria, rubbing her back gently. He kissed her lips. "I love you." Bruno looked straight into Alegria's eyes.

Alegria stared at them, trying to see if he truly meant it, and she couldn't find any lies. "Tell me everything that happened."

Bruno gave Alegria a confused look.

"Tell me how I met you, how I became your girlfriend. Everything. I wanna know." Alegria said as she sat down.

Bruno sat down beside her and hugged her tight. "Don't think that I'm bragging, but you were my fan." Bruno said.

Alegria looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Really, you were my fan."

"Oh..Kay.. Then? What else?"

"I was having a concert here, and I was at the airport. Then I saw you, on the floor, and your knee was bleeding. I was worried, so I brought you to the hotel to get treated. You know.. I can't go to the hospital.. So we just called a doctor in. And coincidentally, he was your personal doctor."

Alegria looked at Bruno, waiting for him to talk again.

"A lot really happened... A lot. But yeah, we made it through. And you're here with me now." Bruno smiled as he hugged Alegria tighter.

"Oh come on.. Tell me more. Puh-lease?" Alegria said, trying to look charming and blinking her eyes beautifully.

"Well.. That don't matter anymore.. Right?" Bruno said. He didn't wanna tell all of it to Alegria. He felt that it still wasn't the time to tell her everything.

"If you don't wanna tell me, then fine." Alegria said as she pushed Bruno away and got up. Naked. She looked outside the window, upset at Bruno.

Damn, she looked beautiful. Bruno didn't realize he was staring at her body for minutes before he got up. He grabbed Alegria's waist and hugged her tight.

"Does it matter to you that much?" Bruno kissed Alegria's neck.

Alegria faced Bruno. "I just wanna know everything about us. About what really happened. But alright.. I know it's not that easy. You can tell me some other time, right?" Alegria smiled.

"I won't tell you, I'll show you." Bruno said. He gave Alegria a quick kiss. Bruno saw Alegria's hand. She was still wearing the first ring that he gave her. He smiled. "You're still wearing this." He said as he held Alegria's hand.

"Calyx gave me this and told me to wear it. I didn't know this was from you." Alegria smiled at Bruno.

"You know, I realized I have only bought you gifts like rings or teddy bears."

"Really, that was all you bought me? How can a famous singer be such a cheap-skate?" Alegria said, smiling.

"That's why I bought you this." Bruno walked to the corner of his room and took a red and black box with a ribbon on top. He handed it to Alegria.

"What's this?" Alegria said as she took the box.

"Open it." Bruno smiled.

Alegria opened the box and saw red heels, a red sleeveless dress with a black ribbon on it. It was simple, but it looked elegant. Under the red heels were a t-back and some panties.

"What's this?" Alegria asked as she took the t-back from the box.

"Well.. I just saw that and the panties from the store where I bought the red dress. I just thought I should buy those and.. Yeah." Bruno said as he grinned at Alegria.

Alegria chuckled. "You know, let's just eat some breakfast." Alegria took her clothes and got dressed. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Nothing. "What the.." Alegria looked at Bruno.

"What?" Bruno asked as he was wearing his shirt, walking towards Alegria.

"Why is the fridge empty? Didn't you cook the lasagna and paksiw last night?"

"Yeah, but I cooked it all."

"That was 'all'?"

"I only bought the exact amount that two persons can eat.."

"You mean, you didn't even buy something for your breakfast?"

"I bought a box of cereal.." Bruno grinned at Alegria.

Alegria sighed. 'Oh well..' She said to herself as she looked for the box of cereal inside the cupboard and took it.

Bruno took a bowl, a spoon, mayonnaise and ketchup and sat down on the chair.

"You only took one bowl and one spoon?" Alegria said as she opened the box of cereal and sat beside Bruno.

"We'll share." Bruno said, smiling at Alegria.

"Oh.. Okay.. But what's up with the mayo and ketchup?" Alegria asked as she poured the cereal into the bowl.

"What? Cereal tastes delicious with mayo and ketchup." Bruno said as he put the ketchup and mayo on the bowl.

"There's no way that I'm going to eat that." Alegria stood up but Bruno pulled her back.

"I'm telling you, it's delicious. Here, eat some." Bruno said as he took one spoonful.

Alegria closed her mouth. She didn't want to eat that... Well, whatever it was.

"You ain't eating this cereal, eh? Then taste this!" Bruno said as he tickled Alegria.

Alegria laughed so hard, and opened her mouth. Bruno took this chance and put the spoon into her mouth.

Alegria stopped laughing as she tasted the cereal. It was really delicious. "Nice.." She said, while chewing the cereal.

"See? I told you this tastes delicious. Here, have some more." Bruno said as he feeded Alegria another spoonful.

"Its really delicious." Alegria said while chewing.

Bruno just smiled at her and ate some of the cereal. They ate the cereal together.

Alegria was happy. This guy who visited her everyday at the hospital, she didn't know anything about him. She didn't care. She even gets irritated when he sees his face. But here she was, sitting beside him, eating this weird cereal happily. She does not know a lot about him, but she liked it. She didn't know just exactly why, but she liked it. She liked him. She loves him.

"I love you." Alegria said as she looked straight into those beautiful brown eyes of his.

Bruno stared at her, and started to cry. It's been so long since he heard Alegria say those three sweet words.

"What? What's the problem? Did I do anything wrong?" Alegria asked, confused.

"No, no.. It's just that.. It felt good." Bruno sniffed as he wiped his tears. "I love you too." Bruno smiled at Alegria.

Alegria was touched. She just saw a man cry because of her. 'Awww..' She said to herself. "It's obvious, you know." Alegria said as she smiled at him. "Well, let's get these cleaned up now." Alegria said as she took the bowl and spoon to the sink. She started to wash them.

Bruno went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth then he went outside the bathroom and looked at Alegria while brushing his teeth.

Alegria noticed Bruno was staring at her. "What?"

Bruno shook his head and smiled. He walked to the bathroom and finished brushing his teeth then he went straight to Alegria and hugged her. He tried to kiss her, but Alegria stopped him.

"I haven't brushed my teeth yet." Alegria said.

"I don't care." Bruno tried to kiss her again, but Alegria still stopped him.

"Wait, I don't get to brush my teeth until I get home. I don't wanna use your tooth brush, you know."

"I bought you a tooth brush since you used to sleep with me here before." Bruno grinned at Alegria.

'So I really had an amnesia, eh?' Alegria said to herself. She was starting to believe everything. "Really?"

"Yep. Now, go brush your teeth so I could kiss you some more." Bruno smiled.

Alegria went straight to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She decided to take a bath afterwards.

Bruno then went inside the bathroom. "You decided to take a shower without me.. Hmmpph.." Bruno said as he acted like he was upset at Alegria while he took his clothes off.

Alegria pulled Bruno closer. "Come here you.." Alegria kissed Bruno's lips and smiled. They took a bath together and got dressed.

Alegria took the high heels, dress and underwear the Bruno bought for her. Bruno looked at Alegria while she got dressed. Damn, she looked hot.

"I really wanted to bring you somewhere today and show you something.. But we could just cancel that and stay here if you want.." Bruno said as he grabbed Alegria's waist and kissed her neck.

Alegria chuckled. "Nah.. I prefer we go to that place and show me that 'something'." Alegria said as she sat down and put the high heels on. Then she looked at Bruno.

"Oh look, we match." Alegria said, smiling.

Bruno wore his black and white suit with a red tie. He looked stunning. Bruno smiled at Alegria. "Of course, we're a match made in heaven."

Alegria just chuckled as she combed her hair and braided it. She took her bag and looked for her red lipstick and put it on. Good thing she always brought it wherever she went.

Bruno looked at Alegria. Man, she was beautiful and hot as hell. He smiled at her and grabbed her waist. "Let's go." Bruno opened the door and they went to his car.

"Where is it this time?" Alegria asked. She felt nervous and excited at the same time.

"It's a secret." Bruno smiled as he drove the car.