Chapter 22

21/03/2012 20:19

I was afraid to turn around. “Bruno, could you help me please?” I asked with fear in my voice. I heard a noise behind me. “Give me a second cutie!” he yelled back. ‘If I walk away, whatever it is can walk into the house, but if I stay…’ “Bruno! Seriously, NOW!” “Fine, fine, I’m coming…” I heard Bruno get up and walk. “Cam, where are you? You’re not in the kitchen. Please say we’re not playing hide ‘n seek. Then I would’ve prepared better!” He spoke. All of the sudden I felt two arms grab me around my waist. I let the pizzas fall to the floor. “BRUNOO!!!!! BRUNO HELP!!!” I yelled but the hands quickly covered my mouth. I tried to scream but it was no use. I tried to kick but I missed. “CAM! WHERE ARE YOU?!” I heard Bruno scream. I heard his footsteps approach the hallway. I still kicked and tried to bite his fingers to slow him down. “You’re going with me.” I heard the voice softly speak and before I knew it, I was being dragged outside. I struggled and closed my eyes, focusing on what I was doing. “CAM!” I heard Bruno yell. “LET HER GO DUDE!” At that moment the person smashed me to the ground. My hands caught me just in time. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Bruno challenging a guy twice his size. “Bruno! Don’t!” I yelled. I tried to get up but my knee stung and I fell back to the ground. I saw the guy was ready to punch Bruno. But in the blink of an eye I saw Bruno’s arm swing towards the man’s face and hit him. The guy fell towards the ground and Bruno rushed towards me. “Come on, quickly!” he said. He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up. “ARGH!” I screamed and fell back. I looked over and saw the man slowly getting up again. “You know what..” Bruno said as he picked me up bridal style, “Let’s just do it like this.” And he ran towards the front door. Once we were inside he quickly closed the door. “Usually I don’t run away, just so you know.” He said jokingly. He walked to the living room and sat down on the couch, taking me on his lap. I blankly stared in front of me. “Camilla, are you okay?” ‘Camilla’ I thought. ‘He never calls me like that’ I was completely terrified of what just happened. I couldn’t even feel the pain. “CAMILLA JALEESA MAY RIVORI!!” I heard Bruno scream as he started to shake me. ‘He never called me by my full name, he really must be worried.’ As a response I crawled against his chest, burying my face in his shirt and I started to cry. I was just so shocked and scared. “Ssshhh… It’s okay.” Bruno said as he rubbed my arms. I felt him holding me tighter. I turned my head slightly and looked at my knee, ‘just a scratch.’ I thought and turned my face again. After 10 minutes I sat up on his lap and wiped my tears away. I gave him a big hug. “Thank you.” I whispered. I slowly let him go. I got off his lap and started to walk towards the stairs. “Cam, what are you doing?” I didn’t speak. Once arrived on top I turned around. “I’m sorry for causing you all this trouble. It’s better if I just went back to Puerto Rico.” After those words I continued my walk to the room. When I was inside I quickly closed the door and got changed. I sat against the bed, just thinking till I broke down in tears again. “Can- can I come in?” Bruno carefully asked. I didn’t reply. After a minute he opened the door anyway. I felt him sit down next to me. “Please, don’t ever say that again. Don’t ever dare to even think about leaving me.” Bruno said as he wrapped his arms around me. “Wh- what?” I said as I looked him in the eyes. “Camilla, I- I love you.” he stuttered out. I looked at him in complete shock. “What…” “I said I love you. Will you please be my girl?” “Bruno, I-… I should’ve told you earlier… I… I met someone.” I said as I looked away. “Oh…” he replied. I was staring at my knees while he got up. Without saying a thing he walked out of the room and closed the door. ‘I must’ve broken his heart.’ I thought and started crying again. ‘I think I love him too but… Enrique is so amazing…’ I didn’t even climb into bed. I fell asleep on the floor, crying.