Chapter 22

13/05/2011 22:44

When she was finished, I was furious. Who did she think she was. While everyone is clapping, I'm staring at her and she's giving me the same treatment. I look over at Bru and he's standing up and hooting and hollering. I start to clap too and smile at this Adele. She gets off the stage and Bru gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I flame, this girl is rolling in the deep with me. My body felt hot, I was burning up like someone set me on fire.

“Wow, you did so well” Bru said

“I thought I did ok” she said with her soft voice

“No it was brilliant girlie, I can't believe that came out of you” I said

She started to blush and smile. Oh I see, get in good with the wife means getting good with Bru. After not seeing Bru for how many years now, you still have feeling for him? Well sister you better move the hell on. I don't care if in her song she's talking about finding someone like him, she better find someone else. Pooka started kicking like crazy, I put my hand on my stomach to calm her but it didn't work.

“she kicking?” Bru asked

“yeah like crazy but she wont stop for me” I said

He bent down and put his hand on my belly and started rubbing it.

“you ok in there Linda?” he asked

Pooka stopped kicking and he kissed my belly.

“That a girl, daddy’s here calm down.” Bru said

I looked at Adele and her eyes were glassy. She grabbed a napkin off the table

“Excuse me” Adele said as she walked away.

That put a smile on my face. Soon to frown when I seen Bru following her. When he was out of sigh, I followed him. I hit behind a wall and heard them talking.

“Del, whats wrong” Bru said

“I just get so emotional, when I sing that song” Adele said

“who was that about?”

“come on Bruno, you know who”

“Jack? Really? Your still not over him?”

“We were together for 5 years, Bruno.”

“yeah but that was a year ago”

“well i'm not like you and just run off and forget my emotions”

“but like me you sing about it”

“yes Bruno”

“Oh Del”

They stopped talking and that was making me nervous. So I took a peek around the corner and seen that they were hugging. My heart stung a little, the heat in me was still burning. She was sobbing and had her head on Bru's shoulder. I don't know how I feel about the whole situation, I wanted to feel bad but there was still something in my body that made me feel like I should keep an eye out for her. Maybe I'm just jealous.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was a guy that worked at the club.

“are you Alicia?”


Just then, Bru and Adele came out from the cut. Busted.

“ Alicia, what....were you spying on us?” Bru asked

“uh no babe I had to pee and the lady said the ladies room was this way” I said

“ok, i'll take that but it's the other way” he said with a look.

He gave me a kiss on my forehead then gave me a I know what your thinking look. He put his forehead on mine.

“how many times do I have to tell you, I married you Mrs. Hernandez” he said

“i know” I said

“well then stop with the over thinking, Del is my friend. Only”

“& I know you don't believe me but trust me, I couldn't handle Bru” Adele said with a laugh

“give her a chance, I know you'll get along ok babe?”

“...OK” I said

“Don't make this harder than it is” he said kissing me

“Bruno Mars is up in 10” some one said

He put his hand on my stomach and walked back around the corner with Adele. I walk with the guy and grab the phone.

“hello” I said

“hey Love” Eric said

“how did you...”

“I have the tour schedule in my hand love”

“of course you do, what do you want”

“just to talk to you, I miss you”

“well Bru is about to perform”

“you can watch and listen to me talk”

“I would rather watch them perform”

“or, I could call him myself and tell him, his wife is keeping a secret from him”

“ wouldn't”

“try me my love”

“....I hate you” I said with a sigh

“for now you do but it will turn to love one day and you will be my wife”

“what makes you so sure I'll ever leave him for you”

“you will, you will”

A guy introduced Bruno Mars and the Hooligans and everyone was clapping and cheering. I was hooting and hollering.

“Well I know you want to talk to me longer and all that jazz but I must get going love”


“I Love...”

I handed the phone to the bar tender before Eric could even finish. I didn't want to hear that shit. Looking over at Bru singing, I got teary eyed. I don't know how long I can keep this up but I didn't want him to know because only God knows what Eric could tell his dad to say to him. But no matter the cost, I wasn't going to be the reason that they got kicked out of the industry.

When they guys were done singing their songs I clapped. Wow the energy that the guys had had me wanting to dace. I look around and people were giving standing ovations and even the people working were clapping for them. That made me smile, i'm so proud of them. I looked ad Bru and he blew me a kiss.

“that's my amazing wife over there with her pregnant self, lets give it up for Mrs. Hernandez” Bru said

People started laughing and clapping as a spot light came over me. I just shyly waved at everyone and sat back down. The grabbed their instruments and walked off the stage towards the back.

I look over to my left and seen Adele on a phone crying, her make up was ruined and she was all sorts of messed up she hung up the phone and ran into the back. So I swallowed my pride and followed her, she looked like she needed a friend. I get to the back and see a white door with a gold star with her name on it so I knocked.

“Come in” Adele said

“hey” I said

“Hey, um...”

“you ok?”

“Fine I just...”

She started crying and heaving like she couldn't breath, I looked over and there was a sink and a cup. I went over and filled it with water and gave it to her. She drank from it but that didn't help. I was hesitant but I put my hand on her back and rubbed it.

“'s going to be alright” I said

She turned around, she looked like she took some black powder and punched herself with it and punched hard. I gave her a napkin and she wiped her eyes.

“your right, I'll be ok” she said with a deep breath

“you sure” I said

“yeah, I just...have my weak points”

“yeah don't we all”

“it's just that...never mind you don't want to hear me whine”

“well, you looked like you needed a friend”

She looked at me and smiled.

“a friend would be lovely” she said

“so what's the story” I said with a smile

“Jack, is the story. Lets just say he left me for someone younger and slimmer than me”

“damn girl, I been through that too”

“how? Your perfect figure is something I envy. You look good, even though your carrying”

“I used to be heavy when I was all the way up to my teens”

“you can't tell”

“thanks, so back to Jack the Ass?”

She smiled “ yeah, Jack. We were together for 5 years but I’ve known him as long as I’ve known Bruno. No children, it was just us. I was still in love after so long and though he was but he was in love with 3 other women”

“Oh my goodness no”

“yes, 1 ok but 3.”

“how did you find out”

She huffed “well one day on his way to work, I followed him. You know how you just get this feeling ya know, well. He stopped at this diner and he was with this girl. I thought maybe a client because he's in the music business but no it was much more”

She stopped, like she was going to cry. Her hands were trembling but she just shook her head and took a big breath.

“He went to the back and they had sex right there.”

“oh my goodness...” I put my hands over my mouth

“oh but it only gets better, after her, he drove off to a house and she was waiting outside for him. He went inside and all I could do was cry in the car”

“damn girl...”

“but the last girl, was the last stand. This time they were in a park and I couldn't take it. I drove home. I cried like I never cried before. When he came home I was still crying, he asked me what was wrong and I told him what I had seen and you know what he told me?”


“he told me that, he was missing something and that I could never fill it, so he found it in 3 other women, so I just told him to get out and he left. If it wasn't for Bruno, I would have killed myself”

“you really loved him”

“still do, but Bruno brought my only happiness back to me”

“which is what?”

“my music”

I smiled at her, knowing what she meant. Writing always helped me get through a lot here and there.

“Thanks for listening” she said

“sure, I didn't mind it at all really” I said

I stood up to give her a hug and she hugged me. Someone knocked on the door and told her she was back on in 10 minutes.

“oh no my face is horrid!” she said

“here let me help” I said

I wiped her face and did her makeup all over again. Not to much color so she could look natural, waving her hair and putting on her lipstick. She looked like a new women, I smiled at her and she smiled back. Someone knocked on the door again and pooka started kicking.

“you want to feel her kicking” I asked


I grabbed her hand and put it on my stomach. Pooka started kicking again and the look on Adele's face was so funny.

“wow, that's amazing” she said

I just smiled and she grabbed my hand and we walked out of her dressing room. We walked out to the audience and she went to the stage as I sat next to Bru. He was sweaty and gleaming but I kissed him anyways. He grabbed my hand when Adele grabbed the mic. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She really is a pretty girl but sometimes guys don't see it. She smiled at me and I winked at her.

“Ok this next song is called Don't you Remember, I hope you cats feel me on this one.” Adele said

She began to sing and once again I was blown away, she was really feeling this song. Now that I knew the story between her and Jack I was really feeling this song even more. When she was finished, she let a single tear fall and there was a standing ovation. Get got off the stage and gave me a hug.

“wow you are so good” I said

“thank you Alicia” she said blushing

“your ok” Bru said with a smile

“jealous” she said

“maybe just a little” he said

I heard crying and seen Maria with a napkin in her hand dabbing her eyes. I went over to her and she jumped on me, hugging me. I knew what was going on, she was reminiscing about things that happened to her in the past. Before Phil there was Aaron, that bastard Aaron. All I could do was hug her and keep her comfort. Phil came out of the blue and seen Maria crying.

“baby what's wrong?” Phil said

“Aaron” Maria said

Phil shook his head and picked up Maria. I’ve never seen him angry before, and his face kind of scared me. I was so used to seeing the funny Phil, that this face he was making just didn't fit his smiling face. They left the club, with Maria still crying on his shoulder.

“what's that all about?” Bru asked

“Long story” I said

“i hope she's ok” Adele said

“yeah, I haven't seen Phil mad like that in a while” Bru said

“same here” Adele said

They both looked at each other, sharing some kind of information or story I didn't know about. Now that I though about it, I really didn't know anything about any of the guys in the band. Sometimes I feel as though I barely know Bruno.

We all sat back down at the table and a waiter bring us some food and drinks. I never remember ordering any food but looking at Bru and what he ordered, he probably ordered for me. It was creamy chicken Parmesan, buttered noodles and Brussels sprouts. I started to tear up, this was my favorite dish that Gi used to make me. I looked over and see Bru looking at me. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.

“they had it and I knew it was your favorite” Bru said

“thank you” I said

He kissed me again and I started to eat.

“so what were you guys talking about in the back” Bru asked

“just girl things, right Adele?” I said

“yeah” she said

“like boobies and booties because I like those girl things” Bru said

“Bruno” Adele and I both said

“well look who's twins all of a sudden” he said

All of a sudden we hear someone screaming. We all turned around and it was Phred on the phone. He hangs up the phone and puts his head down, banging his fist on the bar counter I see his body shake. We all stand up but Bru puts his hand up.

“wait, let me check it out first” he said

He walks over to Phred, Adele and I watch him talk to Phred and the look on Bru's face....God the look on his face was the same way when he seen me with Eric at the diner. Shock, anger and hurt all in one. What the hell is going on? They talk some more then I see him give Phred something, shake his head, hug then Phred get's up and walks out the backdoor. Bru walks back over with the look still on his face.

“babe what....” I ask

“that was Caitlin on the phone” Bru said

“That's the girl helping Alisia with the baby” I said

“yeah,....Someone broke into Alisia's and Phreds house” Bru said

“WHAT?!” I said

“yeah, Alisia and Auna are gone”


I sit down in my chair, shaking my head and trembling. I scream.