Chapter 2

31/05/2011 10:52

The next two days before school, I spent time just getting to know the place, my new school was right down the road, so I could walk, or ride a bike.  Hawaii was awesome, there was so much going on, all I needed to do was find a club….and I’d be set! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any close by, oh well I’ll find out from some kids at school.

Monday finally came, I was so nervous, but at the same time, I just didn’t care. I put on a pair of white, short shorts and a blue shirt, and flip flops, grabbed my book bag and my purse and went downstairs. Someone had made eggs and toast. Probably Aunt Brenna, I smiled, she was so nice.

“Oh! Good, you’re ready, oohh look at you girl, you look good, the guys in Hawaii are tan and CUTE, so you’ll have a good day” she winked, I laughed

“Haha I hope so!! Thanks for breakfast!” I said, and sat down and ate, the

 phone rang, aunt Brenna ran and got it,

“Hello? Hey Lu”  Lu, as in Lucy, my bitch mother. “Yeah, hang on” she turned to me, and handed me the phone.

I rolled my eyes “Hello?” I said with an attitude.

“Hi honey, how are you? Are you ready for school?” She asked like nothing was wrong.

“Yup. I’m great, I got to leave now, bye” I hung up. Aunt Brenna just gave me a look and sighed. I walked out the door and walked to school.


The school was kind of big. People were already there.

I was nervous, there were a group of guys in the front playing guitars and singing, there was one with curly brown hair that caught my eye, and he was cute.  Didn’t really phase me, I walked inside and tried to find my locker. Finally I did, my combination was 5 14 23, I couldn’t open it for the sake of my life. I banged on it then put my forehead against my locker. Silently cursing my life.

“You okay?” someone asked, he had a really sweet voice.  I looked up, it was the guy I had seen on the guitar earlier, he had the prettiest eyes and the prettiest smile, his brown hair was so curly, it was cute. He was kind of short, but lord, so was I.           

His locker was right next to mine, and he opened it with no problem. I didn’t want him to talk to me. I wanted to suffer alone.

“I’m fine, my locker won’t open” I said to him, with a bit of a snooty tone, he didn’t notice it.

“Yeah, they really are a pain; do you want me to help you?” He offered, smiling. Damn that smile, no I’m not getting myself caught up in this, he was a stranger and I hated people.

“Uh, no, I’m not giving out my locker combination to some guy that I don’t know” I said with an attitude. He put his hands up and laughed

“Hey, just trying to help, I’ll see ya around” he said winking. Good hell, he was beautiful. He so wasn’t my type though, I like bad boys…the heat is really getting to me, I tried my locker again, and finally it opened, I grabbed my stuff and tried to find my science class, finally I did and I was late.

I walked in, the teacher looked at me

“You must be miss Olivia Rhodes, please take a seat.” He was an older guy, he was sweet though, I looked around for a seat.

“There’s an empty one next to Mr. Hernandez” he said pointing to a lab station, well guess who? The kid was everywhere, I rolled my eyes and sighed. He looked amused.

“Ms. Rhodes, is there a problem?” the teacher asked. I blushed and shook my head. I walked over to the desk and sat down, he smiled. “So you’re Olivia?” he asked.

I gave him a ‘duh’ look. He nodded, “Well, I’m Bruno.” He said. Bruno? What kind of name was that?

“Well it’s really really nice to meet you Bruno, but I’m trying to learn” I shot back, why was I being so rude to him? He was only trying to be nice, he was the only one who would look or even talk to me, oh well, it was my personality, I was a bitch, he would just have to learn.

Science class passed and I was looking at my paper to find math, I was actually good at math, so I was kind of excited to see what we would learn. I found the class no problem and it was really easy.

Soon came lunch, I had nowhere to sit, absolutely no friends. I awkwardly looked around to find a place to sit, everyone was laughing with their friends. Dammit, and this freaking sucked. Then I heard someone yell my name, I turned and looked. It was Bruno, he was standing on top of the picnic table outside with his friends waving his arms. I laughed, this kid was crazy. I didn’t want to sit with him, his friend smacked him stomach and almost feel, he got down and punched him in the arm, they were all laughing. Ugh, they looked fun. Fine, I walked over and sat down.

“ah hah, I knew you’d come and sit with us, don’t worry, we’re pretty darn cool.” He said smiling, “guys, this is Olivia, you can probably tell she’s very new here, she doesn’t like to be talked to and she doesn’t know how to open her locker” He said laughing. I looked at him, with my eyes wide. What the hell?? He put his hand on my shoulder, “Kidding!” he stuck his tongue out at me, he was so outgoing, he didn’t even know who I was and he treated me like me had known each other forever.                      

“Thank you, Bruno for the lovely introduction…” I said sarcastically.

He smiled, “This is my friend Teddy, he’s a faggot, my brother Eric, and this is the lovely CeeCee” He said,

Teddy was a tall guy, he was Hawaiian, he was cute, he flicked Bruno off when he called him a faggot, Bruno and Eric looked alike, I could tell they were brothers, Bruno was better looking, though and CeeCee was a really pretty Hawaiian girl, she was really petite and had long, curly black hair, I wonder if they were together…

“So Liv, can I call you that?” Teddy asked, I nodded. “You’re new here? Where are ya from?”

“uh, North Carolina…” I said quietly. Looking at them.

“WOAH! Really? Why are you out here?” CeeCee asked.

“CeeCee! Don’t be rude to our guest” Bruno said sarcastically.

“No!! No I didn’t mean it like that…Bruno!” She said, I laughed.

“No, don’t worry, I gotcha” I didn’t want to explain to them exactly why I was out here, they all looked like they were good people. “I’m staying with my aunt and uncle for a year” I said.

“ahh ok, well Hawaii is awesome, maybe I’ll show you around sometime” Bruno smiled at me, nope, he was definitely not with CeeCee, the way he looked at me, I blushed. Eric gave Bruno a look and they had some weird eye to eye conversation.

“What grade are you in?” CeeCee asked.

“Oh, I’m in 11th, what about you?” I answered

“We’re all in 11th, except Eric, he’s a senior.” She said.

We all talked a little more, all getting to know eachother, I was kind of starting to like Bruno.

The bell rang and lunch was over, Everyone got up and walked off, but Bruno stayed next to me.

“What’s your next class?” he asked

“ugh, American history” I grumbled. He smiled.

“Me too!! Come on, I’ll show you where it is”  He said, grabbing my arm. He was always so happy, and I was happy with him, he brought out a side of me, that I didn’t even ever see at all.

He interrupted my thoughts, “Here we go, American history!” he said, he walked in, then I heard someone.

“Bruunnoooo!!!! Ahh oh my gosh, you got cuter over the summer, I haven’t seen you in forever!!” The girl said, running up to him and giving him a hug. She was gorgeous, really tiny though, she was perfect though, perfect figure, perfect face, perfect hair, teeth, eyes, lips, nose, ears, you name it.  He smiled and hugged her back.

“and you……nope, no, you didn’t get any taller.” He laughed at her messing up her hair, she smacked him. Bruno turned back to me, and motioned for me to come and sit next to him. The girl looked me up and down and sneered. Bitch, what the hell? She came over and sat on Bruno’s desk.

“Hi, I’m Kylie, and you are?” She said snooty.

“New” I said sarcastically, giving her a bitchy look.

“Alright, well nice to meet you too”

”She turned her back to me sittin in front of Bruno, they were talking and she was flirting with him like crazy, he laughed with her, but the flirting really wasn’t returned, in fact, he kept looking over at me during their chat. The bell rang and class started, little miss bitching perfect had to go and take her seat.

The teacher started the class and told us what we were going to be learning for this year.

Bruno was humming next to me, tapping his pencil to some beat in

 his head.

“Psst, Olivia, watch this.” He whispered to me, he balled up a piece of paper and threw it at some guy in the front, the guy turned around.

“Really, Bruno? Is this going to be a repeat of 10th grade? Come on” the teacher said, I guess she had him last year. “Grab your desk.”

“Dammit” Bruno muttered. He got his desk and went and sat in the hallways, I was laughing along with everyone else, Bruno seemed to be the class clown, he was hilarious.

“Yeah Hernandez, just like always, sit yourself in the hallway” someone yelled laughing.

“Shut up Stu!” I heard him yell from the hallway. The teacher walked back in, she was pretty, kind of large, but pretty, she had an amused look on her face and rolled her eyes.

“Expect a lot of this from him, kids” she said, everyone laughed. This class was sooo boring, but Ms. Piper made it somewhat fun, she was really cool.

Class was almost over, we had about 5 minutes left, she let us do whatever we wanted, Bruno came back in smiling and happier than ever, he put his desk back down.

“The hall is so boring, I don’t suggest it.” He said

I laughed, “So you’re a troublemaker?” I asked.

“Ehh, yeahh, I’ve been known to cause a little bit of trouble.” He said smiling and winking at me. I blushed and got butterflies in my stomach, I guess he saw me blush and smiled, he was about to say something, when Kylie came over and interjected.

“So where are you from, new?” she asked.

“Kylie, her name is Olivia” he said seriously. I smiled,

“I’m from north Carolina, I’ll be here for this year” I said to her, smiling.                        

She gave me a look, then smiled at Bruno and walked away. He rolled his eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“Ugh, nothing, she’s like been in love with me since 9th grade” he said quietly.

“Well she’s a pretty girl, not interested?” I pressed.

“Nope, not at all, she’s not my type, she’s pretty but her personality is rotten, I’m more of a personality type of guy” he flashed me a flirty smile. “What about you? Whats your type? He asked.

“Hmm, I like bad boys” I said sexily.  He laughed, and pulled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo. That was hot, oh wow.

“That bad boy enough for you?” he said.

“Haha, Bruno are you flirting with me?” I smiled and laughed.

“I don’t know, it depends, is it working?” he laughed. Before we could finish our conversation, the bell rang.

“Adios!” he yelled running out, haha what the heck? Okay…

I had one last class and it was French class, I hated French, I couldn’t speak it for the sake of my life. Luckily it ended.