Chapter 2

01/06/2011 15:45

**15 years later**

She sat in front of the mirror looking at herself, she sighed. Her sister had been married for 5 years now…and already had 2 children of her own—Max who was 4 years old and Maya who was only 1. And now it was her eldest brothers turn to tie the knot, oh how she loved weddings but the whole early morning thing was not the idea of “fun” for her. ‘I wish he could have his wedding in the evening’ She thought. She liked her sleep and made sure she got lots of it. She sighed again looking in the mirror, no make-up had been applied  on yet, nor had her hair been done. ‘Why am I getting so lazy’ she thought to herself…she quickly started to get ready after she had noticed it was past 6:00pm…and her brother hated being late, and he would hate her being late especially today since it was his “Pre-Wedding Party”…that boy just needed a reason to throw a party. She jumped in shower and turned the water on – She had 3 older brothers, and what a roller coaster ride that was. They were all so protective – wait no scratch that,  they are OVER protective. Matt the oldest of the 3 was the scariest, he was big…like muscular type, and intimidated every guy that Kiara would bring home. He was one of the main reasons she never had more the 2 boyfriends. He would always do something to scare every boy off…the 2 that did stick with her, ended up  doing something or another to mess things up anyways. One cheated and the other one went to an entirely different level and had gotten one of her friends pregnant…she shook the thought out of her head, no use of thinking about the past. Ryan, the second oldest of her brother batch was a little less intimidating. He was a little cooler, but by a little I mean like 1%...he didn’t scare anyone off…but he did do some physical damage if need to. He was short tempered and didn’t like the idea of his baby sisters heart breaking. Then there was Adam, he was the closest to her age so he was a bit more understanding then the other 2. He knew she would have to experience at least one heart break to learn what real life is all about, with that being said he still didn’t let any boy touch her. Oh how she loved them all, but sometimes it was as though she’s suffocating under them. She got out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her and looked in her closet, she was about too pick out her dress when suddenly a little Lion teddy bear fell onto the floor. She picked it up.

“Well hello there Leo, how you been long time no see” She said smiling at it, and remembering her friend that had given it to her. She hadn’t seen him in years, he promised to come back, but 5 years ago on her sisters wedding day, his whole family showed up without him…apparently he was in summer school due to him failing his class, and not coming to the wedding was a punishment. Even then, he never wrote to me…I think I mailed him about 200 hundred letters, but he never replied back. She was mad at him, but she could still see his little boy smiles when she closed her eyes, those dimples haunted her.

“Kiaraaaaaaaaaaaa” yelled Matt, ”Are you ready?????”

‘Oh shit’ she thought “Yeaaah matty I’m coming, I’m coming”

She still hadn’t even put on her dress yet, why was he making such a big deal anyways, it was going to be in their backyard. She looked out of her window, there were people everywhere setting up all the arrangements, she didn’t get it…’It’s not like it’s their wedding day today she thought, its just the pre-party’ She sighed again and shut the curtains to put her dress on. She heard music starting to play, and thought about the band her brother had hired ‘The Hooligans’…only her brother would hire a band with such a name. She was just about to put her dress on when her door swung open.

“AHHHHHHHH” she screamed at the top of her lungs, embarrassed out of her mind…there she was in her towel standing in front of a stranger. – Or so she thought.

“Oh my god” He said.

“Why the hell are you still standing here, turn around and get out” She yelled

“Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here...I was just looking for the washroom and ---“

“STOP LOOKING AT ME!” She shouted again

“Oh yeaah sorry” He quickly closed his eyes and turned around. “I really didn’t mean to—“

“Just please get out” She said trying to calm down.

“Okay, see ya later”


He left, and shut the door behind him, she quickly ran to the door and locked it. The nerve of that boy, he had no shame he just stood there staring at her. She quickly brushed the anger aside and quickly got dressed, and hurried downstairs.

“Finally the princess decides to arrive” Said Ryan.

“Well, the princess needs to make sure she always looks her best, especially for a Princes’ wedding party” she said.

“I heard you scream, what happened?”

She thought about it, and she didn’t think it would be right to tell Ryan, I mean it was just an accident.

“Oh…that…I uh…saw a spider”

“Hmm, I see” He looked at her with curious eyes…but didn’t say anything. “Well darling sister of mine, we should really go out now Matt will flip shit if we ruin any of his plans.”

“I know, he’s so time efficient”

“May I m’lady?” He said putting out his arm.

“You may” she said sweetly and they both walked out to their brothers wedding party.

‘Wow, what a transformation’ she thought looking at her backyard, there were lights everywhere and it was decorated with pink and blue ribbons, it also happened to look a lot bigger then she remembered it. She walked around to her sister, and her niece and nephew. They were so cute, and she loved them both to death.

“Auntieeee Kiki” Max jumped up into her arms. “You’re Late”

“Sorry sweety, I had a little mishap” she giggled…she remembered the strange mans’ wide eyes, now that she thought about it…they looked familiar. She quickly snapped herself out of it and looked at her nephew who was just smiling at her, she put him down at went beside her sister.

“Hey there sleepy head, all set to go.”

“Yes D…I’m all set to go now!” she said smiling.

“Well good because look here comes Lauren and Matty”

I turned around to get a look at my brother’s bride, and my goodness she was stunning. She looked like one of those girls you would see in a movie or something. She was wearing a light pink dress with a black bow around the waist area and her hair was long and wavy, just pinned at the sides. And her brother, my oh my did he look handsome. He had a black suit on with a pink tie to match his bride. They really were the most gorgeous couple!

“Kiara finally made it down didn’t you?” Said Matt

“Well, I mean I couldn’t miss my own brothers wedding party now could I?” She said hugging her brother.

“Well, that’s right…so now lets get this party started.”

At first we did all of the Wedding rehearsal stuff, and practiced where everyone was going to stand and walk in. My sister and I were both going to be the bridesmaids so we had to walk in before Lauren. After all that practicing I was getting a bit hungry so I walked off to the buffet table and started putting myself food, when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder…and for some reason it brought chills down my back, I pushed the feeling aside and turned around.

“YOUUUU?” It was him, that ill-mannered boy.

“Hey, nice to see you again too” He said

Why did his voice make my heart melt? “I didn’t say it was nice to see you” I tried to sound as angry as possible.

“Hmm, you don’t seem to know who I am” He said

Why does it seem like I know him?...Like I’ve met him before, URGGH why does he look so damn familiar. “Now why would I know you?...I believe this is the first time we are meeting”

“You really believe that”

Why is he doing this to me? If he knows me, why can’t he just come out and say it? “Well, I don’t remember meeting you before, well other than that little mishap upstairs”

“Oh yes that, I’m really sorry…I didn’t mean to walk in on you like that”

His apology seems sincere, it was probably just a mistake anyways…and just look at those gorgeous honey coloured eyes, how can I stay mad at him? “Well that’s alright, I mean you didn’t mean too…we can forget and move on.”

“I believe we can…so Kiara you really don’t remember me?”

“Sorry but I-----------wait, how do you know my name?” He was just looking at her…those eyes. And then he smiled. Oh my God….those dimples. I remember those dimples. “Bruno?”…she unknowingly took her finger and touched his dimple.

“Yes….finally! I thought you had forgotten me” He said laughing “And, you can stop poking my dimples now”

“Oh…sorry” she brought her hand back down and just studied his face. My goodness was he handsome now. Those eyes, they just grew and his smile it was bigger then she remembered. And his hair, it was put up differently, his curls were missing.

“Are you just going to stare at me, or are you going to give me a hug already?” He said looking right into her eyes. His heart sank, her eyes – they were much bigger then he remembered and that colour…sapphire blue, never had he seen it on any girl he’s met, her hair was long and  straight and looked like a dark brown colour, oh how he wanted to touch it.

“No, I am not going to hug you…I’m mad at you” she said biting her lip…she didn’t want to be mad at him, but he never kept in contact with her…never replied to her letters, or emails and didn’t even bother to come visit….until now that is.

“Come on Kiki I said I was sorry”

That nickname. Oh how it brought back sweet memories. “No, I’m not talking about that…you never kept in touch Bruno...I wrote to you, emailed you…your mom has came by so many times and not once did you come with her.” I was trying to hold back my tears now…I couldn’t let him see me cry---again.

“Oh, that…well I don’t know what to say about that I wanted to come here when your sister got married, but I was not allowed…mom told you didn’t she?” He said

Why is he so cute for? “Well yes she did, but that doesn’t explain why you never replied to my letters, or emails, or even visited just randomly?”

“I was kind of embarrassed after that day…everybody came except me…and why? Because I failed one lousy class…and had to go to summer school. I thought you might think I was stupid or something. I got your letters, and I did write them…but never got the courage to mail them out. You sounded so smart, and I didn’t want you to think I was becoming some kinda fool. I wanted to see you when I was ready…ready to match upto your standards you know.”

“Bruno, look at me” He looked up at her. “I never, ever thought you were stupid for failing ONE class, its okay it happens…and I still wrote to you afterwards didn’t I?...and get one thing straight Mr. Bruno Hernandez…friends don’t see standards, they just love, so don’t you ever say that again.” I finally gave him a hug and just held onto him.

“Kiki, you’re the best. I’m sorry for never writing to you, but I want you to know there was not a day when I didn’t think about you.” He let go and looked at her face. “You were my very first friend. I was never able to forget you”

It’s getting harder to hold back the tears. “I didn’t forget about you either. You were there for me when my parents passed away, you were always special.” Tears started to fall down her cheeks now.

“Hey, please don’t cry…after that day I never wanted to see tears in your eyes again. So please no more tears.” He wiped her face and hugged her again.

“I see you 2 have finally met”

“Oh My God! Aunt Bernie, you’re here too” I couldn’t believe my eyes

“I said, we would both come visit when we could right? So here we are!” She said pulling Kiara into a hug.

“I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too sweey”

Kiara smiled, Bruno’s mom always smelled like Cinnamon, just like her mom use too…maybe that’s why she always felt so close to her.

“And now, we have a special performance by a special band” Said Adam through a mike. “So will you all put your hands together for “THE HOOLIGANS”

“That’s my cue, watch this Kiki!” Bruno winked at her and ran upto the stage.

“Wait……..he’s part of this band?” I asked looking at Aunt Bernie.

“Why, yes he is…he wanted to surprise you sweety”

“Well…it worked, I’m surprised. He said he would one day be a singer, and there he is now singing.”

“You just wait darling. He will be the next big thing, lets go closer so we get a better view”

I smiled at Aunt Bernie, she’s so simple and sweet. “Okay, lets go.”

Watching him perform was like a dream, he was such a good singer. I can’t believe he can sing so beautifully, he has an amazing speaking voice but his singing is heavenly. I can see his eyes on me, and it feels like its burning my flesh, suddenly he stops singing.

“I’d like to dedicate this next song to a very special friend. Kiki, this one’s for you!”

I could see everyone’s eyes on me, I didn’t like people staring always made me uncomfortable. Then he started to sing…

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see, I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of, When we are called to help our friends in need
You can count on me like one, two, three…I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two, And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do, oh yeah, ooh, ooh..”

As I stood there watching him in complete amazement, it brought back her childhood memories.


It was the first night without her parents, and it wasn’t an easy night. Auntie Bernie took me home with her, so I wouldn’t feel so alone, and I was glad…I needed a mother figure, it was too hard to be alone.

“Here sweety you can sleep in Bruno’s room tonight okay?”

I just nodded at her. I liked the idea of him being there, even though we had only known each other for a little while, he made me feel safe. I walked holding Auntie Bernie’s hand over to Bruno’s little bed, he looked so innocent, quietly breathing no worries or anything.

“Just crawl in” whispered Auntie Bernie.

“Okay” I did as she told me, and she quietly walked out and shut the door behind her.

“Is she gone” he finally spoke.

“Yeah, I thought you were sweeping”

“I was pwetending silly”

“Ohhhh, and I was thinking I distuwb you”

“No you will never do that, we’re best fwends member?”

“Yes, forever and ever!” I smiled at him, he was my very first friend and I wanted him like this with me forever.

“You can count on me like one two twee, and I will aw-ways be there…okay?”

“Well, you can count on me like fou, twee, two..and I’ll be there” I said smiling back to him

“One day, I will sing fo you…I pwomise”

“Okay, I will wait…goodnight Bruno”

“Goodnight Kiki” And like that, they both fell asleep, beside each other without a worry in the world.



And now here was, singing those words as a song to me --- just like he promised. He finished the song, and smiled and me, I smiled back. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

“Now a song, for the future bride and groom to finish this off” He said, and started singing ‘From this moment’ by Shania Twain. Whilst singing, his eyes never left mine…it was silly but it felt as though he was singing to me. All the coupled around me started to dance, I could see tears in Laurens eyes while listening to Bruno singing and looking at my brother. ‘I wish one day I am able to love so deep’ I brushed the thought I aside, I didn’t want love. Suddenly, I felt someone tap my shoulder…I turned around and saw Jamie, he was Ryan’s friend he asked me for a dance…I could not refuse. So we went over to the dance floor, but my eyes were still on Bruno.

“You look lovely today” He said to me staring into my eyes. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Well thank you.” My reply was very dry.

“So how you been?”

‘When is this song going to be over?’ “I’ve been good thanks and you?”

“Better now” He said winking at me

I just smiled, and thanked God because the song was over.

“The band just had to finish the song now didn’t they?” He said laughing a little.

“Oh well” I said, “Thanks for the dance” I walked away as fast as I could around to where Bruno was. I saw him coming off the little stage that was set up.

“Hey you, how did you like the performance?” He asked me.

“It was really good, I can’t believe you made our little words into a song” I chuckled.

He then looked at me with serious eyes. “Those were not little words, they meant a lot to me”

I could tell what I said, hurt him. “I’m sorry,  I didn’t mean it that way…I meant our little kid talk helped you write a song, it was amazing” I put my hand on his shoulder.

He looked down at my hand, he understood what  I meant and just smiled at me. “Well thank you, but now I wanna just chill”

“You want to see my house?” I asked him, I hoped he would say yes I kind of wanted to be alone with him, without the chaos of so many people, and Jamie eyes constantly on me.

“Sure, I would love too” He smiled, and it made my heart skip a beat”

“Come on.” I said holding his hand, pulling him towards my house.

We got to the back door of my house, I was kind of nervous about being alone with him…I don’t know why though…I push the thought aside and just open the door.

“Welcome home” I say. I see him looking around, kinda amazed. It’s a big house, people often give that look when they come in for the first time.

“Wow, it looks a lot bigger on the inside.”

“This is just the back area, wait till you see the whole thing” I smiled at him, I felt 2 years old again. I grabbed his hand and took him around, I showed him everything from the kitchen to the bathrooms, I could tell he liked it, that amazed expression never left his face and it made me smile.

“So what about your room?” He said after a little while of sitting on the couch in our theatre room.

“Oh you’ve already seen that!” I said

“No, I didn’t get a chance to look around, I was kicked out remember” He said. Well he had a point

“Okay, come I’ll show you…but don’t touch any of my things!” I warned him. I took his hand again and led him upstairs. We reached my room, the door was shut and it had my name written on it.

“Well, looky here miss. Princess over here gets her name written on her door.”

“Shut up! It is my room, do you want to see it or not?” I asked.

Sorry..sorry open the door already” I opened the door, and he just stood there soaking it all in. This was my room, and it reflected me…everything about this room screamed out Kiara…I had posters of people dancing on my wall…I loved to dance and took classes since I was three, now being 17 almost 18 years old I was able to teach. There was a shelf full of love stories, I had read them all more then once…there was a big walk-in closet and a bathroom. A little dresser with pictures of my parents on it. He picked one of the pictures up.

“Is this you and me?” He asked looking a picture of 2 children sleeping.

“Yeah, your mom brought for me…and I’ve had it ever since”

“I’ve never seen this before, my God was I a cutie…no wonder you fell in love with me”

“WHAT? I did not fall in love with you!” I panicked I wasn’t even sure how I felt about him.

“Mmmhmm sure you didn’t, your eyes told me you were madly in love from the day we met” He winked at me…I knew he was joking. How could a 3 year old understand love?

“Okay there Mr. Bruno lets not get our head stuck in the clouds now.” I took the picture from him and set it back down…I liked everything of mine to have a little place of its own. My room was always clean, just like the rest of my house, being the only girl living here made it a bit difficult but I managed to keep everything organized. It was one thing I was good at.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt Bruno’s hand on my cheek, I could feel my face instantly burning up. ‘How does he do that, with just a simple touch’ I thought to myself.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about how I like my room clean”

His hand dropped and he instantly began to laugh, I was a bit confused “What?”

“That’s what you were so deep in thought about? I thought you were trying to re-collect your feelings for me or something” He was still laughing

I just stared at him. ‘Am I….or Was I ever really in love with him? I was only 2, how could I be in love at such a young age, but even then…he’s the one thing I remember so clearly, sometimes even more clearly then my parents’

“What?” He asked interrupting me.

“Nothing, I want to show you something” I took him to my closet and pulled out Leo, he looked at me surprised.

“You still have this?” He asked.

“Well yes, it always reminded me of you…and whenever I had a bad dream or missed my parents…or ever just felt alone Leo was always there…reminding me of you…keeping me safe…being the only one there.” I smiled at him, but he didn’t smile back…instead he walked over and hugged me, I hugged him back. “What’s wrong” I finally asked.

“Sorry for not being there, I swear if I knew you were feeling lonely…I would walk to you.”

I looked at him, that was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me…I started tearing up.

“No Kiki, please don’t” He stopped the tear before it fell…”I never wanna see you cry, your to special for tears.”

I hugged him again, being in his arms felt so safe…like nothing could go wrong being with him felt like being in a fairy tale. He let go and made me face him, he held on to both sides of my face and leaned closer. ‘Oh my God, is he going to kiss me?’ As soon as I start to close my eyes, I hear a knock at my door, startled I look up and see Jaime standing there. ‘Oh great’ I thought.

“Umm…sorry to interrupt but your brothers looking for you” He said in his most mean tone.

“Uh okay, I’ll be right now.”

“Well he told me to bring you with me, so I’m not leaving till you come.” He basically spit the words in my face.

“Okay, come on Bruno.” I held out my hand and he grabbed onto it, I looked at him and he just smiled. ‘Oh God, those dimples will be the death of me I thought’ As we walked outside.