Chapter 2

21/06/2011 09:30

-A week later-

"V! Get out of bed! It's your first day of school, hurry up!" My mom yelled walking up the stairs. "Here, put this on. Don't forget your backpack. What do you want for breakfast?" She asked throwing my favorite dress and my backpack on my bed. "Come on hurry up! And answer my question." She said. "Um toast." I said rubbing my eyes. I got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs. My mom handed me a piece of toast and I ate it as fast as I could. "Bruno's mom is taking you two to school so go over to their house." She ordered. I nodded and ran back upstairs. I opened my window and climbed out onto a huge tree that was in between mine and Bruno's windows. I climbed into Bruno's room. "Bruno! Bruno time for our first day of school! Wake up!" I said. He got out of bed and started getting ready. "Do we have to go?" He asked. "I don't know, it's not up to me." I said. "But I think your mom would be mad if you didn't go. I'm gonna go wait downstairs. You're taking too long, hurry up!" I walked downstairs and sat on the couch and Bruno finally came down ten minutes later. "Alright I'm ready." He said. His mom walked in. "Let's go! Hurry, you don't want to be late!" She said. We got in the car and his mom drove us to the school. "Ok here we are. Have a good day." She said. Bruno got out and started walking towards the school but I didn't get out of the car. "Aren't you coming?" He asked. "I don't want to, I'm scared." I said. "Don't worry. Everything will be alright, I'll take care of you." He said grabbing my hand and leading me inside the school.

-9 years later (I know it's a big skip but not much happened in those years)-

My mom walked in and opened my curtians. "Get up, it's your first day of high school." She said walking out. I got up and closed the curtians and the door. "Whoopty-f*cking-doo!" I said crawling back into bed. Ten minutes later my alarm went off and I decided to get out of bed and get ready, I pulled on some shorts and my favorite t-shirt and grabbed my backpack. I headed downstairs and walked over to Bruno's house. I threw my backpack down, got him some cereal and went up to his room. He was still asleep, big surprise. "Bruno get out of bed." I said. He grumbled something I couldn't understand and pulled the blanket over his head. "Ok fine, we'll do it the hard way." I said. I grabbed some jeans and a shirt out of his closet and threw them on the floor by the door, then I went into the bathroom across the hallway and turned the shower on. I grabbed Bruno and pulled him out of bed and into the bathroom. I lifted him up as much as I could and put him in the shower. "IT’S COLD!!!" He screamed. I laughed, "You should have gotten up by yourself" I said. "I'm all wet now!" He yelled. I handed him a towel and brought him his clothes. "Get dressed, I'm going to go look for your keys. Do you have any idea of where they might be?" I asked. He just laughed and pushed me out of the bathroom, one of the worst things about Bruno was he never knew where his car keys were. When he came home he just threw them where ever and didn't worry about finding them until about five minutes before it was time to leave. I went downstairs and started looking but I couldn't find the keys anywhere. Bruno finally walked down thirty minutes later. "You still looking for my keys?" He asked. "Yeah, they still haven't showed up." I said. He looked around for a few seconds then walked over to the couch and reached under it. "Found um." He said. I shook my head. "You couldn't have come down any earlier?" He laughed, "Come on, let's go." He said walking outside. We got in the car and Bruno started driving, "I made you some cereal but you took too long and it got soggy." I said. "Oh however will I live?" He said in a dramatic voice. I hit his arm. "Don't be annoying." I said. "I'm sorry. Will you ever forgive me?" He said. "No. Never." I said crossing my arms and pretending to be mad. "Oh you know you can't stay mad at me. Come on babe, don't be mad." He said. "Don't call me that! Now I really am mad!" I said frowning. "Ok how about sweetie?" He asked. "Nope." I said. "Sugar? Baby? V? Victoria? Tori?" He asked. "No. No. No. No. And no." I said. "Fine Miss Peterson." He said. "No! Definatly not that!" I said. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing, it's just my mom. She's so mean to me. I hate her and I guess she hates me too. I don't want to be a Peterson anymore, my family's so messed up." I said. "Don't say that! You're family isn't messed up and your mom loves you but she's not good at showing it." He said. "No, she hates me. I don't get it, she expects me to be perfect but I'm not." I said. Bruno started singing,

"Oooh I know I'm not perfect but at the end of the day, who is? Oooh she wanted someone that's perfect well ok but can you tell me who is? Ooooh ooh ooh ooooh oooh ooh"

"What song is that?" I asked. "It's not a song yet, just an idea. And your mom really does love you. When I'm with her she talks about you like you're the most amazing person in the world." He said. I laughed, "So I'm not the most amazing person in the world?" I asked. "No um I meant...I meant um no you are the most amazing person in the world." He said. I laughed again. "Aw thank you." I said. "Alright here we are, high school." He said. He got out and walked around to my side of the car and opened my door. "Ma lady." He said. I got out of the car. "Ok I think I'm ready, let's go." I said trying to smile. We walked to the front doors and went inside. As soon as we did everyone turned to stare at us. "Don't make eye contact." Bruno whispered. We were almost to our lockers when some guy tried to slap me on the butt. "Hey baby. What are you doing tonight?" He said. "Bruno, don't worry about it. Let's just go." I said grabbing his arm and trying to pull him down the hallway. "What did you say to her?",Bruno asked completely ignoring me. "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the lady." The guy said. "Well the lady has a name and I don't like you talking to her that way." Bruno said. "What are you gonna do about it?" The guy asked. Bruno punched him. "Hey you! You! Get over here!" Someone said. Everyone turned around and the principal was standing there. "Sh*t!" Bruno whispered. "Detention young man! Right now! Is this how you planned to spend your first day of high school?" The principal asked. "No sir, but that guy was..." Bruno said before the principal interrupted him. "I don't want excuses! I don't care what he was doing, you were showing violent and unacceptable behavior." The principal said. I didn't want Bruno to be alone all day and I didn't think I could face high school without him so I stepped on the principal's foot. "What is wrong with you?!" He yelled (after a few cuss words). "You can follow your friend to detention!" Me and Bruno started walking down the hallway but the principal didn't follow us, I guess he had to do something. Bruno started laughing really hard and after a few seconds I was laughing really hard too. "Our mom's are going to be so mad." He said. "I know." I said. We got to the office and walked in. "We both have detention." Bruno said. "Alright you can sit there until the principal comes." She said pointing to a row of chairs by the door. We sat down and stayed there until the principal finally came in. "You two,come in my office." He said. We walked into his office and sat down in the two chairs in front of his desk. "So you guys are going to be trouble makers are you?" He asked. "Sir we usually don't cause any trouble but that other kid was being disrespectful to V and I'm sorry but I'm going to stand up for her and protect her no matter what. So give me detention, I don't regret what I did." Bruno said. "Ok I'll accept that. You still have detention but not for as long." The principal said. "What about you?" He said looking at me. "I wasn't going to let Bruno be alone all day because of something that happened because of me." I said. The principal nodded. "You two have a very strong relationship, I respect that very much. You can go back out and sit in the main office." He said. We sat back down in the office and after the principal left Bruno looked at me. "Man he creeps me out. And he talks like an old man!" He whispered. "That's cause he is an old man!" I whispered. Bruno laughed and the office lady looked at us, "You. Move over there." She said pointing at Bruno and then the chair that was farthest away from mine. The rest of the day was really boring, every time I tried to talk to Bruno or he tried to talk to me the office lady yelled at us. The final bell finally rang at four and me and Bruno both jumped out of our chairs. "Let's get out of here." He said. We walked outside and got in Bruno's jeep. "You want to go to my house or your house?" He asked. "Just take me to my house, I wanna get it over with." I said. He nodded and started driving towards my house. Bruno pulled into my driveway ten minutes later. "I'll go in first and explain it to her." He said. "Ok, go ahead." I said. Bruno opened the front door and my mom popped up out of nowhere. "How was school?" She asked. "We got detention." Bruno said. My mom looked like she wanted to kill us but after Bruno told her the whole story she calmed down. "I'm glad you guys stuck together." She said turning towards me. "And I'm glad you have a friend like Bruno. Who wants some cake?" "No thanks Ms. P, we're going over to my house to tell my mom." Bruno said. Bruno grabbed my hand and we started walking to his house. "I wanted some cake." I said. Bruno laughed. "You can have some later, I want to tell my mom now though." He said. "Oh fine." I said. Bruno opened his front door. "Mom? We're home." He said. "I'm in here." She yelled from the kitchen. "Stay here, we'll go to the beach after I tell her. Go get your bathing suit on and wait in the car." He said handing me his car keys. I went over to my house and put my bathing suit and a sundress on then went and waited in the car. A few minutes later Bruno got in. "How'd it go?" I asked. "She was pretty mad but she'll be ok by dinner." He said. "Where's your bathing suit?" I asked. "Oh, I forgot it. Just a second, I'll go put it on." He said. He came back a few minutes later, "Ready?" He asked. "Yep. Let's go." I said. We drove to the beach and when we got there the first thing Bruno did was rip off his shirt and run in the water. I sat on the sand for a few minutes before I decided to work on my tan. I took my dress off and layed on the sand. "Hey whatcha doin?" Bruno asked. "Gettin my taaan on." I said laughing. I got up. "Let's go swimming." I said. "D*mn baby, remind me again why you're single." He said. I laughed and pointed to his abs. "Why are you still single?" I asked. "Cause girls don't dig the afro." He said. "I do." I said messing his hair up. "Don't do that!" He said trying to fix his hair. "It takes me hours to get it like this!" "Are we going swimming or not?" I asked. "Yeah come on, let's go." He said. We walked down to the water and swam for an hour or two. "You wanna go home? I'm kinda hungry." Bruno said. "Yeah sure, let's go. I'm kinda hungry too. Let's go to your house, my mom's a terrible cook." I said. Bruno laughed. "Yeah, that's kinda true." He said. We walked over to Bruno's car. "Hey you drive, I'm tired." He said. "Alright, toss me the keys." I said. We got to Bruno's house and went up to his room. "Ugh I'm really sandy." I said. "Why don't you take a shower?" Bruno asked. "I guess I should, but I don't want to go home. Can you go get me some clothes from my house?" I asked. "Yep, I'll be back." He said. I finished my shower and Bruno still wasn't back so I put on a towel and went in his room. I turned the tv on and waited for ten more minutes then I walked into Eric's room, "Do you know where Bruno is?" I asked. Eric started laughing. "If I didn't live here and know you both really well right now I would be thinking..." I interrupted him. "DON’T SAY IT!!" I yelled. "You know we aren't doing anything like that!!" I walked back to Bruno's room and sat on his bed and Bruno finally came back thirty minutes later. "What took you so long??" I asked. "I was finding some clothes. Did it really take me that long?" He asked. "Uh yeah, it took you like an hour! Just give me my clothes then we can get something to eat. "I said. "Ok here you go. Oh and my family already ate so we'll have to go to some restaurant to eat at." He said handing me my clothes. "Ok, let's go somewhere fancy. I'll get some money from my mom." I said. I looked at the clothes Bruno had brought me. "What are these?" I asked holding the clothes up. "You brought me a tube top and booty shorts?" "Oh did I? I just grabbed something out of your closet." He said trying to sound innocent. "Ok get out. I'm going to change then I'll go over to my house and get some money and some new clothes." I said closing the door. I got changed then went to get Bruno. "I don't get why you don't just wear that. It looks good." He said. "We're going to a fancy restaurant not a strip club." I said. You need to change too. Do you want to get your own clothes or do you need me to pick them out?" "Well I guess you should do it cause I'm apparently not good at picking clothes out." He said trying to act hurt. I laughed. "You're such a bad actor!" I said. I walked over to his closet and picked out some nice jeans and a plaid button up shirt. "Here put this on." I said tossing the clothes to him."Meet me outside in ten minutes. Don't make me wait on you again!" I walked over to my house and went up to my room, I put on jeans and a cute shirt and went downstairs. "Mom can I have some money?" I asked. "Yeah sure. How much?" She asked. "Um...a hundred." I said. "Alright, it's in my purse." She said. I went over to her purse and got a hundred fifty dollars out. "I might need a little extra." I thought with a smile. I walked outside and waited in Bruno's jeep but after twenty minutes I was tired of waiting on him so I went inside. "Bruno! Get out here! Bruno!" I yelled. Bruno came running down the stairs. "I'm sorry, I had to take a shower and find some shoes." He said. "It's fine but let's go." I said. "I'll drive." Bruno said. We got in the car and Bruno drove to an expensive restaurant he liked. "How many?" The man at the front asked. "Two." Bruno said. "Right this way." The man said leading us to a small table on a balcony that you could see the ocean from. Bruno pulled a chair out for me. "So your mom just gave you the money?" He asked. "Yeah, I don't know what's up with her. First she didn't get mad about us getting detention and now she's giving me a bunch of money. It's weird." I said. "Yeah it is. Maybe she's got some bad news or something and she's trying to keep you from being so mad. "He said. "Yeah, probably." I said. We ordered our food and ate then drove home. "Hey can you drive me over to my house?" I asked. "Uh yeah sure. You scared of the dark?" He asked poking me in the ribs. "Yes, do you have a problem with that?" I asked. He laughed. "Don't try to act tough with me." He said. We got to my front porch and stood there. "Well goodbye I guess." I said. "Wait!" Bruno said. "What?" I asked. "Um...." He said. We stared at each other. Bruno stared leaning towards me and before I knew what was happening we were kissing. I pulled away. "I...I have to go. I'm sorry." I said. "Yeah, bye." Bruno said. I went inside and ran up to my room, I locked the door. I knew what we had just done was so wrong but what I couldn't figure out was why it had felt so right.