Chapter 2

22/06/2011 14:58

Rainie opened her eyes the next morning and looked at the clock. 9 AM. She sat up and stretched her arms but stopped when she felt pain in her back. Rainie stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like shit. Her hair looked like birds had been nesting in it. She grabbed the elastic band from her wrist and put her hair into a high bun. Then she examined the rest of herself. The bruise on her jaw was more defined but still not too bad. She decided to go out and talk to the guys. Rainie walked out and saw that they were parked in a stadium parking lot. Kenji, Jamareo, and Eric were sprawled across the floor sleeping while Phil and Phred sat and talked. “Rise and shine!” said Phil. He offered her a cup of coffee but she declined then sat down on the couch across from them.

        “What are all those?” She asked indicating the bags that were all over the front of the bus. They looked like shopping bags.

        “Well, while you were sleeping and while we were drunk, Jamareo, Phred, and I went shopping for you.” Phil said as a matter-of-factly. “We got all your sizes and stuff from your other clothes. I hope you like them.” These guys were so sweet!

        “You guys seriously didn’t have to do that.” Rainie said.

        “Oh, but we did. You didn’t have anything to wear and we weren’t going to take you out wearing Bruno’s clothes.” Phred said as he gulped his coffee. She looked through the bags at the jeans, shorts, and shirts they had gotten her. They actually did a pretty good job. Then she saw the bag with underwear and bras in it. She looked at them and raised an eyebrow.

        “Yeah, that was an interesting experience.” He and Phred started cracking up when Bruno walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

        “Hey.” Said Bruno as he walked toward Rainie. He gave her a friendly kiss on her forehead and she smiled up at him. “So, what do we need to do today?”

        “Well, I could try to call my sister from my phone.”

        “The phone has water damage.” Apparently Jamareo was awake because he just said that whole sentence into the floor. Then he sat up and propped himself up on his elbows. “I tried everything to get it to work last night. The best thing to do would be to go to a phone store and see if they can do anything about it.” Bruno nodded his head like that was a good idea.

        “Okay, sounds like a plan. Let me put on some clothes and then you can get ready.” Bruno went into the back room and closed the door. A few minutes later, he came out wearing a red colored shirt with some dark skinny-jeans, converse, and a black hat. He had his sunglasses in his hands.

        Rainie eyed him. Damn, she thought. Then she grabbed the bags and went back into the bedroom. She put on some white booty shorts and a blue V-neck T-shirt with black converse. The guys really did a great job! Rainie searched for the bag with makeup and applied a little mascara. She checked herself in the mirror and saw the locket hanging around her neck. She opened it and saw a picture of her brother. All of her childhood memories with him came crashing back. She gasped with the overwhelming amount of knowledge she had just uncovered. She half smiled at the thought of having some of her memory back. She walked out to the other room and she watched as Bruno’s eyes bulged out of his head. She blushed and looked away.

        “Wow, you look great.” Said Bruno.

        “Okay, enough flirting. We have rehearsal at noon so let’s go!” Everyone else was awake so they left to the phone store.

        They got to the store and asked the manager for some help. “Sorry.” he said. “But the damage is too extensive for any information to be pulled off of it. I’m sorry.” Rainie was so disappointed. She just wanted to find her sister. Bruno rubbed her back in a comforting way and they left the store. Rainie sat on a bench outside of the phone store and put her head in her hands. Bruno sat next to her and put his arms around her shoulders. All the guys stood around the bench.

        “It’ll be okay.” said Bruno. “We’ll find your sister eventually.” They sat in silence for a while then Eric spoke.

        “Guys, we gotta get back for sound check.” They all sighed and got back on the bus to head for the stadium.

        “Where are we, anyways?” Rainie asked when they were on the bus.

        “Vancouver.” said Kenji while he cleaned his guitar. Rainie stood up and started freaking out.

        “VANCOUVER??? How am I supposed to find my sister who, is in Portland by the way, when I’m in Vancouver?” Bruno grabbed Rainie’s shoulders and tried to calm her down.

        “Rainie, it’s okay. I already called my manager and told him to postpone the next show for a few weeks so we can go back and help you find your sister.” Rainie immediately felt bad for yelling at them.

        “But you all have shows! I don’t want to stand in the way of that!”

        “Look, we all care about you. You’re part of the family now. We can’t just leave you in Portland not knowing where your sister is.” Phil said. She smiled at him and thought about how lucky she was to have been picked up by them the night before.