Chapter 2

08/08/2011 13:05

“Oh my gosh you totally like him!” Ronnie says over-dramatically

“Well obviously! I wouldn’t have said yes if I didn’t like him.” I say over- sarcastically.

“Whatever. Its 715 now, we have 45 minutes until you are going to meet him. You have to shower, pick out an outfit, and tame that beast you call hair! Let’s go!” She starts walking a little faster to get back to my house a little quicker, because apparently my pace is too slow for her.

After I get out of the shower, Ronnie blow dry’s my hair and gives me loose curls. I decided I am going to wear my favorite pair of jeans, because it’s always cold in the movie theater, with a loose top, and my old pair of slippers. I hope I’m not too underdressed.

I grab some cash and yell to my mom that I’ll be out late tonight. I look at the kitchen clock and see that it’s only 745, which will give me plenty of time to get to the theater. I grab my skateboard from the garage and yell something back at Ronnie,

“Ronnie! Just chill here until I get back. I’ll be back before midnight. Cya later bitch!”

“Ok bye hoe!” She says back. I love Ronnie. We always call each other names but never get offended because we have been friends for too long; long enough where I can’t even remember how we met. That girl is my everything. She knows everything about me and visa versa.

As I was riding on the sidewalk that rides next to the beach towards the theater, I watched the last sliver of light slide across the Pacific Ocean. The dark blues and purples it was letting off took my breath away. I felt so spoiled that I live in paradise, and I get to see things like this every day.

As I turn the corner to the KuKui Movie Theater, I see Bruno, with his skateboard in hand, standing next to the ticket booth looking for something, or someone.

“Hey there,” I say to get his attention.

“Ahh, right on time,” he says as he tries to calm his nerves.

“Yup, so what movie are we going to see?”

“We aren’t, it was just a cover up.”

“What?” I ask.

“No movie. I just had to say that for your friend.” I’m still confused.

“Ok, so what are we going to do then?”

“Well good thing you brought your skateboard, we are going to go to the beach and watch the sunset. Then after that you can decide.” He explains. I take a deep breath in to try and comprehend what he is telling me. “Ok, then let’s go.” I agree and we skate off the same way I came. While we are riding I decide to ask him a little more about himself. “So if you aren’t from around here then you must be from Honolulu.” I ask.

“Yup. Born and raised. You aren’t from here are you?” See? I really don’t belong here. “Nope. My mom moved me and my brother here when we were 5. I’m originally from Los Angeles.” “Ooo LA. I’m going to move there one day.” “Oh yeah?” “Yup. I sing ya know.” “You’re 15, how are you going to make it to LA?” I question. “I’m savin’ up now. Just one plane ticket and I’ll make it. Maybe you can

come with me…?” “Oh hey now, it only the first date! Don’t rush into anything you may regret buddy.” I say with a smile. And with that we arrive at the beach, pick up our boards and walk onto the hot sand.