Chapter 23

16/03/2012 10:56

Bruno’s P.O.V.

I was almost to Hawaii. Eric and I were up in the airplane. When I told him I was moving my trip up, he basically cussed me out. Seems like everyone was on her side and not on my side. When I tried to explain my reason why, he basically said “I don’t even want to hear it, Bruno.”
Eric surprised me by purchasing his plane ticket moments after I told him. “You’re not going back alone.” He said. During our way to the airport and even on the plane, he didn’t even look at me or speak to me. When we landed in Hawaii, we saw our mom and our sister Presley in the terminal. Eric sighed while we exited the plane. “Just don’t mention anything yet. Just give it a few days before you tell mom and the girls.” I nodded while walking towards mom. “And try to perk up, will ya? You’ll worry mom.” 
Mom and Presley got up from their seats. Mom rushed towards me and pulled both me and Eric into a tight hug. “Oh my boys are home!” She exclaimed. Presley stood there, smiling and smacking her gum. “Goodie.” She said, sarcastically. We laughed and hugged her. We walked out of the airport and got to Presley’s car. “Ooh how about a barbeque?” Mom asked us. “It’s still quite early. I can call everyone to come by.” Presley groaned. “Uh, how about we do it on Friday night.” I suggested. “I’m really tired.” Mom patted my shoulder. “Well, ok. That sounds fine with me.” 
We got to mom’s house where the rest of my sisters were waiting. On the drive over, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I looked at my phone to check the time. It was almost 4:00. In LA, it would be 6:00. I kept looking at my phone even after entering the house. Mom went straight to the kitchen to fix dinner while I sat on the couch with my siblings. All at once, the girls started to ask us questions. They asked about how life was in Los Angeles, how Ari, Brody, and Phil were doing, how my music teaching was going, and last but not least, if I finally had a girlfriend. I skipped the last question and just continued to tell them everything else I’ve been doing-everything but her. By the time Jamie asked. “So do you finally have a girlfriend or not Bruno?” mom called us to the dinner table.
At the table, mom mostly asked about how Eric and I were doing. We simply told her the same things we told the girls. My mom was just as curious as the girls when she asked the ‘girlfriend’ question. When she did, I looked down at my plate. I felt their stares burning through my soul. I looked up and about to tell them everything when Eric cleared his throat. “Um, mom, Bruno had a girlfriend, you see, but they just broke up.” I looked at Eric in amazement. After our little bickering on the plane ride over, he still has my back. “Aw Brunito is that true?” Mom asked, giving me a disappointed look. She didn’t look disappointed at me, but just disappointed that someone broke her baby boy’s heart. Presley and Tahiti snickered while Jamie and Tiara looked like they felt sorry for me and my heart. “Yes mom but the break-up is still fresh. I don’t want to talk about it.” I continued to eat while the girls begged me to answer their burning questions about her. I just ignored them while mom told them to leave me alone.

I was in the guest bedroom laying on the bed watching tv when Eric walked in and handed me a beer. He sat on the reclining chair next to me. “Hey thanks for not ratting me out back there.” I said while taking a sip of the beer. “You’re my brother,” Eric said. “And besides, it wasn’t the right time. And you’re still out of it. You need to talk to a counselor or something?” I laughed and Eric joined in. “Hey I got an idea!” Eric said, straightening up on the chair. “Talk to Uncle John! Tell him first before you tell mom or dad!” I thought that was a great idea. Uncle John was someone who I used to seek guidance about music and girls. Of course I would also talk to my dad about those subjects, but Uncle John knew the smooth and cool way of doing things. 
“Uncle John could even help you on how to break the news to mom, dad, and the girls.” Eric said, getting up from the chair. “Call him up and see what he could do.” He left the guest room. I took out my cell phone from the dresser beside the bed. I scanned through pictures of her, missing her with my all my heart. I sighed and went through my phone address list. I found uncle john’s name and dialed. After a couple of rings, he answered. “Bruno my boy! I heard you are home! How is everything?” I could even envision his smile on the opposite side of the phone line. “Hey Uncle John, I was wondering if you want to meet up later this week. I need to talk to someone about some things that I’ve been going through.” I heard the concern in Uncle John’s voice. “Is everything okay Bruno? Are you in some sort of trouble?” “No, yes, I don’t know.” I stammered. “But it’s nothing bad; it’s just about a girl. I’ll tell you more about my situation when I see you.”