Chapter 23

07/04/2012 17:33

I slowly opened my eyes. “Where am I?” I softly spoke. I looked around. I was in a grey room. Then I saw Lotte and Moniek. “Guys!” I said as I ran towards them. “Do you know whe-.“ They disappeared into thin air. I turned around and saw Julie, Paõlo, Kyra and Joshua. I reached my hand and stepped towards them. They also disappeared. I sat down and pulled my knees to my face. “Sweetie, are you okay?” I looked up and saw Bruno in front of me. “Does it look like I’m okay?” I answered harsh. I looked back down again. I felt him sit down next to me. I felt him pull me into a hug. I fell on the ground. Bruno disappeared too. “How I could use a hug now…” I mumbled. I felt lonely. “CJ…” a voice spoke. I looked up. “Enrique!” I said happily. He stepped towards me. I was afraid to move, thinking he would disappear. “Darling, come here. I won’t leave you.” He pulled me in a hug. I hugged back and he didn’t disappear. “But everyone else I love did…” I whispered. Enrique let go of me and just sat next to me. It felt like I’ve been sitting here for months. I missed them all so much. Enrique is great company but it just felt wrong. It was like something is missing.

I opened my eyes and gasped for air. “Just a dream…” I softly spoke. I looked around. I still sat on the floor. “Urgh… My back!” I moaned. I opened the door and walked to the stairs. When I was downstairs, I saw Bruno sit on the couch, watching TV and eating his breakfast. I knew he heard me coming down because I was everything but silent. I went to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast. I went to the living room and sat next to Bruno. “I’m sorry.” I said when he wanted to go away. “Sorry for what?” “What?” I asked surprised. “I asked, sorry for what?” “I thought you were angry.” “Why should I be angry?” “It is just that… You left so suddenly… And I thought that-…” “Relax, Cam. It’s fine, okay?” “Okay.” I replied with a smile. “Uhm… Bruno…” I continued. “What it is ye want to say?” he said with a funny accent which made me chuckle. “Well, Enrique is coming over today…” “Who?” I looked away. “Oh, I get it.” He walked to the kitchen and came back a minute later. “Please don’t make a scene.” “Why should I? I don’t even know him.” Bruno said as he sat down next to me. “Thank you!” I said joyfully. I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “And don’t worry, you don’t have to see him that long. I’m looking for my own place.” I said as I ran to my room to get changed. “Wait… What?!” I heard Bruno yell after me. I threw on some short, a t-shirt and put my hair up in a ponytail. I was combing my hair when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly put the brush down and ran downstairs to see Bruno opening the door. I quickly joined them, hoping to avoid an awkward silence. “Hey babe!” I said cheerful. ”Sup sexy?” Enrique replied. “Well, Enrique, this is Bruno. Bruno this is Enrique.” I said with a small smile, hoping they would not get in a fight. To my relief they shook hands. “Bruno Mars.” Bruno said full of himself which made me roll my eyes. “Enrique Rodriquez.” They both had this challenging look in their eyes which made me a bit uncomfortable. “So how long have you two known each other?” Bruno asked. “A few weeks.” A silence followed. “Enrique, do you want something to drink?” I said breaking the silence. “Yes, I would love to sweetie.” He said emphasizing ‘sweetie’ whilst looking at Bruno. I walked to the kitchen thinking ‘please don’t let this end in a fight’. I got Enrique his drink and took a deep breath before walking to the living room again. “Here ya go.” I said when I handed the drink and sat next to Enrique. “Well, nice meeting you but I have to go the studio. You know, album stuff…” “Yeah, I get it.” “See you later Bruno!” I yelled but I didn’t hear a reply, I just heard the door slam shut.


Bruno’s POV


I drove as fast as I could to the studio. I didn’t care about the tickets I might get I couldn’t stand to see her with another man. I was such a fool for telling her I love her. I just should’ve kept my mouth shut. I walked into the studio with an angry face without noticing myself. But Phil and Ari did notice. “What’s wrong dude?” Phil asked. “Nothing.” I replied sharply as I let myself fall on the couch. “Yeah right, you’re never here this early and you have a mad look on your face, now lie again.” Ari said. “Just tell us Bruno.” Phil said. “Cam has someone else.” I spit out. “I told you.” Phil replied. “I know, but I told her last night I love her… But…” “She already met someone else…” Ari finished my sentence. “Yeah…” I looked down. “Who is he?” Phil asked. “His name is Enrique Rodriquez… I don’t trust him man…” “You have every right to that.” Ari all of the sudden said. “What do you mean?” “Well, uhmm… One of my friends dated him some time ago. They looked genuinely in love but…” “But what?” I said as I looked at him curiously. “But… He cheated on her and told her that’s what he does to every girl. He was even cheating on someone else with her for a few days.” “Are you serious? Please say this is some joke.” I said. “Sorry.” He just said. “That’s fucked up man.” Phil finally spoke. For a second I sat there, completely shocked. But in the blink of an eye I ran to my car and drove back home. I had to protect her from him. I won’t let her heart get broken.


Camilla’s POV


I sat on the couch snuggled up against Enrique while we were watching a movie. I felt my eyes getting heavy. It was 3Pm but I was so tired. I had just closed my eyes when Bruno stormed in, almost giving me a heart attack. “DUDE! Do you mind not giving me a heart attack!” I said as I sat up again. But he ignored me. It was like I didn’t exist to him at that moment. He rushed over to Enrique and before I knew it, he lifted Enrique off the couch. “BRUNO! PUT HIM DOWN!!” I yelled but he didn’t listen. “You think you can do the same shit to my girl huh? Well, let me tell you, you can’t.” Bruno spoke. “Put me down!” Enrique said angrily. “Bruno, what are you talking about?” “I won’t let him hurt you Cam.” He put Enrique down. “Thanks man, what was that for?” “Oh, I’m not finished yet.” And he punched Enrique in the face. “Bruno! What the fuck are you doing?!” I said as I ran towards him trying to stop him. At that moment Julie, Paõlo, Kyra and Joshua came in.  I forgot I gave them a spare key. Bruno kept punching and kicking Enrique. I tried to pull Bruno off but he was too strong and heavy. “Paõlo, por favor, ayuda!” I screamed. Quickly Paõlo did as I said, getting Bruno off Enrique. He was tensed and ready for round 2. I ran over to Enrique. “Babe, are you okay?” “Okay? OKAY? I WAS JUST ATTACKED BY THAT PSYCHO ROOMIE OF YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU BITCH?!” he yelled. I was taken back by his tone. “You know, it ain’t worth to cheat on you. It’s over!” And with that he walked out. I sat on my knees, not moving a muscle. Meanwhile Paõlo let go of Bruno. “Cam, I’m sorry… I-“ “Leave me alone.” I said softly. “What?” he said as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “I said, leave me alone!” I yelled. “But…” Bruno kneeled down next to me. “I’m sorry, I really didn’t-“ “Don’t talk to me.” “Cam, listen, I know you’re upset and” I stood up and walked to my room. A single tear escaped from my eye. Before I closed my door, I could hear Paõlo yell at Bruno. “All this shit again, and it still is my fault…” I mumbled as I broke down in tears again.