Chapter 23

15/04/2012 13:02

I sighed. “Lyne, wait… Bruno’s not that bad, but I hated the thing that he did. He ruined me,” I say. She turned around and started to cry. “I don’t want anyone to hurt you.” “Didja have to go there?” I nod. “What the hell, Cass!! I’m so fucking torned between them. I can’t-” “I been there. I was torned between Bueno and Bruno. I couldn’t decide, but he caused the pain that I had to go through.” “What?” “He did something that I shouldn’t talk about, right now.” I stood up, grabbed Lyne’s arm and took her to my car. I opened the door and got it. She follows. I drove towards the studio.

A few hours later. She left me in the studio alone with Jesse. “So, did ya talk to Lyne?” he asks. I nodded. “What did she say?” “How about we go shopping and I’ll tell you then, yeah.” “Sure.”

A couple of moments later. Jesse and I was in a store in Paris. He tries on a tux. “Will Lyne like this on me?” I smile and say, “Yeah. She will. You know her with men in tux, right?” He nods. “So, what did she say to you?” I sigh. “Cassandra!” “She said that there is no one else for her than you. Trust me, she loves you more than I can ever love a guy like you.” “What does that mean?” “It means that there’s no other guy. England was just a work stop.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah. I think so, I mean… She told me, herself.” He sighs. “What is it?” I ask. “It’s just she been acting so so strange, lately.” “Jess. That’s just Lyne. Always. It’s not strange at all.” “How about you? Do you still have feelings for him?” I nod. “Well, what are you here for go get him?” “I can’t… Someone already got there, before me.”