Chapter 23

16/05/2011 15:15

Cinnamon. That's the first thing that I smell. I open my eyes and see those big and brown eyes full of concern. I put my hands into his hair and lock on. My beautiful angel smiles at me and I smile back.

“Hey” he says

“hey” I say

I look around and notice i'm in a bed. I look around some more and realize i'm in a hotel bed.

“how did I get here?” I asked

“we got on Big Bertha, drove to the hotel and here you are” Bru said

I see Adele with a washcloth in her hand. She dips it in the bowel and wipes my forehead. I look over and see a picture of Alisia. A flood of dread comes over me and I feel nauseous, I start to tremble then I remember, Auna and Alisia are gone. That fucking bastard Eric took them, I know he did. He's probably going to use them against me. That bastard!

“shh it's ok” Adele said wiping my head again

“babe, Phred is going to find them. I have faith in him and you should too” Bru

“OK, I'm a mess” I said

“it's alright love” Adele

“i would be the same way if I lost one of the guys” Bru said

“so who do you think did it” Adele asked

“Eric, has to be him there can't be anyone else” I said

“Fucking bastard” Bru said

There was a knock on the door, Bru went to go answer it and Eric's dad was at the door.

“you guys ready for the midnight train?” he said

“Yeah just a second Em, well I guess that's my cue to leave babe” Bru said

“you can't stay here?” I asked

“no we got to get going”

I sighed “OK, i'll see you when you come back?”

“yes babe”

He kissed my forehead and walked out the door. Adele smiled at me wiped my forehead one last time and followed Bru out the door. Em lingered at the door, staring at me with a smile on his face.

“be expecting a call” Em said

“from who?” I asked

“you know who”

As soon as he closed the door the phone rang.

“yes Eric” I said

“hello love, are you feeling better?” he said

“what? How did you..”

“i know your every move”

“ Eric did you take Alisia & Auna?”

“GOD no, what use would they be to me”

“ to use them against me, to make me love you or something like that”

“Hmm I wished I did but no love I didn't”

“don't you lie to me Eric”

“i would never”

“how can I believe”

“by simple believing”

“i still don't believe”

“well that's fine by me but isn't Adele amazing?”

“yes she is”

“funny how he and her know each other”

“where are you getting at?”

“no just saying”

“Eric, what do you want from me?”

“simple you”

“why? And why are you being so nice to Bru and why...”

“stop with the fucking questions”

“don't fucking talk to me like that”

“....i'm...i'm sorry I just had a long day”

“well don't take it out on me, shit why did you fucking call anyways?”

“well I promised to tell you about his mother remember?”

“yeah, well what about her”

“well she...”

“room service!”

“hold on”

I got up to open the door and seen a guy with 2 trays. I let him in and he put the cart next to my bed. He lifted up the trays and there was a Ginger Ale & a fruit bowed made up of strawberries, cantaloupes, grapes, kiwis, honeydew, pineapples and mangoes. There was a bowel of cool whip and when he opened up the other tray all I could do was laugh. It was my favorite sandwich.

“Pickles, ham, turkey, lettuce,mayo, mustard and pineapples sandwich mam” he said

“yeah my favorite” I said putting my hand on pooka

He smiled at me “how far long”

“5 months”

“Wow, but you have a good day mam”

“don't you want a tip?”

“been tipped already”

He closed the door and I thought of Bru. That was so sweet of him, I ate my food. All of my food, man it was so good. I heard a beeping sound and looked over to the phone, shit I forgot about Eric. I reached for the phone.

“you still there?” I asked

“yeah but i'm tired. I'll talk to you later love” he said

“but what about Bru's mom?”

“another day, I'm tired. So i'll talk to you tomorrow, same time”


“Goodnight love”

Fuck, he hung up. Oh well maybe tomorrow, I got up to walk around. The hotel was pretty nice with a nice view of the city. I go into the bathroom and I see a note. It's from Eric.

I thought you would enjoy this,

Love Eric

I look around and see a plush pink robe hanging on the door. There's slippers to match with it too. Damn how the hell did he get this in here without Bru noticing it, I kept looking at the robe debating if I should put it on. It was already bad enough I was talking to him but accepting a gift was always a no no. I put my hand on it, oh god it was so soft. It would just feel so good on my skin, I turn around & I strip down to nothing,grab the robe and put it on, man it was so soft. It felt good against my skin, I looked in the mirror to see how it looks. I start to tear up because no matter how soft this feels, this was still a gift from Eric.

I take off the robe, walk back into the room and throw the robe out the bed. I go back into the bathroom and take a shower. I wonder what Bru is singing right now, pooka starts to kick and I put my hand on my stomach. I can't wait to see pooka, to see what she has of me and of her father. Just to see the personality that she's going to have. I must have been in the shower for a while because the water was cold. I step out and dry off, I go to the bedroom and stare at the robe. I put it on one last time, I out my hands in the pockets and feel something.

“What the...?”

I pull out a gold necklace. It was simple, just a plain chain, no pendant or anything. I put it up to the light and seen that there was something on there. It said to my love from your love. Fuck him, I don't love him and this needed to stop, tomorrow I was going to tell Bru everything tomorrow no matter what the consequence. I ball the robe and chain and throw it out the window. I lay in my bed and go to sleep, exhausted from all these emotions.

I hear a door slam, I pop up and see Bru at the door.

“hey baaaaaabe” Bru said

“are you drunk?” I asked

“celebration baby! Tonight was good thaaay got nothing on meee baby”

He stumbled over the chair and tripped. He landed on his ass laughing, I was laughing too. I get out the bed and help Bru up. Slurring his words all over the place, He pulled me down to him and he smiled at me, ugh reeked of alcohol and it made me gag.

“damn babe how much did you drink” I asked

“enough to fill your belly” Bru said

“oh boy” I said with a laugh

“babe you are so beautiful”

“thank you babe but lets gets you up”

I pulled him to his feet and he started singing.

Beautiful giiiiirls, aaall ooover the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted, cos they got nothing on you, baaaby, nothing on yooooooooooou.”

we both land on the bed and he kisses me on my neck. I felt his arousal but his breath was putting me out the mood.

“oh come on babe, you smell” I said

“aw babe just ignore it and let's make love” Bru said

“First your going to make love to the shower”

“well I hope the shower is ready for me”

He stands up like the super hero pose, I start to laugh because he was hard. We walk to the shower and I strip him naked. He puts his arms up and starts dancing on me.

“come on babe lets dance!” he said

“No babe lets get you in this shower” I said

“No Dance dance dance”

while he was dancing on me I turned on the shower and pushed him in.

“here, soap, rag now wash” I said

“Why don't you wash me” he said with a sly smile

“wash Bruno”

“awh come on babe”

“i'm going to go lay down”

I walk out and lay on my bed. I look over at the clock, damn it's 3am. What took them so long to get back to the hotel. Bru came out rubbing the towel on his head, and boy still he still had a hard on. He dropped the towel on the floor and smiled at me, so I smiled back. He crawled onto the bed and kissed me on my neck.

“aye yo mios, oh Philippe”

We started laughing, Phil and Maria were next door obviously getting it on. Bru kissed me again but Maria got louder and you could hear Phil moaning just as well so Bruno pounded on the wall

“hey keep it down, i'm tryna get some too!” he said

They didn't hear us because nothing stopped. Bru just laid in the bed with me and after a while he went to sleep. Running my fingers through his hair, I was just hoping that maybe tomorrow when I tell him about Eric that he wouldn't be mad at me. I got up, turned off the light and went to sleep thinking of pooka.

I woke up, hearing running water. I look up and Bru was brushing his teeth, I sat up and stretched up. Outside was beautiful, blue skies and the sun rays shining through the window. Bru was just coming over to the bed and gave me a kiss.

“good morning Mrs. Hernandez” he said

“Good morning Mr. Hernandez” I said

“you hungry?”


“well I ordered us some breakfast”

He reached over to the cart that was next to him and pulled down a tray with a dish cover. He pulled the tray off, the plate had pancakes with strawberries on them, a omelet with red peppers and home fries. I reached for the fork but Bru grabbed it off of me.

“let me feed you” Bru

“feed me?” I said

“yeah, feed”

He bit my neck “i want to suck your blood!”

“you are so silly” I said with a laugh

He kissed me and kissed me to the point where breakfast was going to be neglected. Already naked, he started work his way down. There was a knock on the door.

“Fuck, kinda busy here” I said

“ Bruno we got to get going here” Em said

“damn...ok” Bru said

“you got 10 mins” Em said

“damn where we going now?” I asked

“were going to go to do another show” Bru said

“ ok let me pack” I said

“were already packed so lets just go ok babe”

He kissed me, and I got dressed. He could of told me that we were leaving, leaving me out in the dark. I didn't like that. At all but I got my butt up and got dressed, I threw on my green sun dress and my white flats. Giving me a bang that swooped to the side and brushed my hair into a ponytail we were on our way. We all aborted the bus, and in the seat I was in before and Adele sat next to us. She looked over at me and patted next to her seat. I went over to her.

“you feeling better dove?” she said

“yeah much better thank you” I said

“anything for a friend, you know jack called me when I went into my room?”

“really what did you say?”

“i told him that...i was done with him”

“awe i'm so proud of you Adele” I said as I gave her a hug

“really?” she said

“yeah girlfriend, your moving on”

She looked at me with a smile but her eyes were sad. She nodded her head and pulled out a note book and started to write. I looked over behind me and seen Maria and Phil sleeping on each other, Phil had his arm around her. Maria looked all shook up, what was going on between them to. Phil looked at me and smiled.

“ Maria...”

“hey come here for a minute” Phil said

I sat to my normal seat and turned around. When I looked at Phil's face it was very serious So I looked at him seriously.

“what happen?”

“i asked her to marry me” he said


“shh, keep it down”

“damn, you know...about..”

“yeah I just, I slipped up but I love her so much and i'm trying to help her but it just...complicated”

“you don't have to explain, I know about Maria's past.”

“yeah...and the fact that Alisia and Auna are gone”

“yeah...did Phred call to say anything”

“No, all he found was a letter saying mine on it”

“oh my God, who would do such a thing”

“well all think it's Eric but I don't know”

Phil closed his eyes and I turned around. Bru sat next to me and instantly fell asleep.

The next 2 months were the same. They would perform at a place filled with thousands of people. I would go back to whatever hotel we were staying at, I would go to sleep only to be waken up by a drunk Bru. It was that same routine, every single night. Bruno Mars & the Hooligans were getting bigger with the fans and I was getting bigger by a baby,It was getting tiresome. At first I hated Eric but as time went on, he was my only friend. He was the only person that I could talk to about everything and he would just listen to me. Eric and I just became friends again and you know I was ok with it. Adele was a friend but after a while she became to busy to even look at me anymore. Like always, Bru stumbled into the room once again.

“Babe you awake” he said

“i am now, but let me sleep” I said

“awh babe don't be that way”

“be what way Bruno, you come in here every fucking night waking me up.”

“well when i'm up you should be up right?”

“no Bruno I shouldn't”

“You never call me Bruno, whats up with you?”

“i'm so fucking sick of this, staying at the hotel bored while you go out partying and I can't go because i'm pregnant”

“you can come babe”

“ Bruno i'm pregnant, what part of that don't you understand”

“you can still go out and do things. I don't tell you to stay here all day”

“where can I go Bruno”

“anywhere you fucking want to!”

“you know if I knew it was going to be like this, I would have stayed home”

“i wasn't going to miss out of you having our first child”

“you were going to anyways, you always at a concert or a club somewhere doing whatever you do, the only time your here is when your done drinking and I'm tired of seeing you drunk!”

“i'm just celebrating with the fellas Alicia!”

“well do you have to fucking celebrate every night, I barely see you any more”

“Then come with me”

“i don't want too”

“you don't want to support me, you don't want to be known that your my wife”

“it's not even that”

“then what Alicia what”

“i would just be in the way”

“babe just one time, come out with us”

“No I don't want to”

“babe please just”


He stood there in silence, I sat on the bed with my arms folded. He stood there for what seem like and eternity. He walked out the room and I heard a door slam, with in minutes there was a knock on the door.

“Dove, you ok in there? I heard yelling” Adele said

“yeah i'm fine” I said

She opened the door and came in. she was dressed in an all black sparkly hugging your curves type of dress. She had her hair up in a updoo and she had on some black pumps, her make up was done just right and her lipstick was making her lips pop out of her face. She looked stunning. She walked over and sat on the bed.

“ Adele you look so gorgeous girl” I said

“thank you very much but you look so down in the dumps, whats wrong?” she said

“nothing, who are you looking so good for” she said

“a special guy, i'm going to tell him how I feel”

“go for it, and good luck”

“thank you but what was going on with you and B?”

“it's just that, I want to go home. I can't do anything here but just wait and be pregnant”

“well I think that's a good idea to just go home love”

“you think so?”

“yeah, love I mean that is up to you”

“no I think your right Adele”

“well I got to get going, I have a guy to get”

“yeah you get him girl by the way where are you guys going”

“to this after part at The Blue Moon”

She gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I went into the bathroom and looked at my belly, I seen Pooka's hand pressed up against me. I put my hand there and smiled, I swear no matter how much of a bad mood that i'm in, pooka always makes me smile. I stripped down and hopped in the shower, shit. Maybe before I leave i'll go apologies to Bru. I do feel bad for yelling at him and all he was doing was trying to get me out the room. I wash up and get out the shower, dry off, lotion up and put on my red sundress and my red flats. I grab mu suitcase, call a cab and go outside to wait, the cab comes. I throw my suitcase in the back seat and tell the cab where to go.

When we get there, I hear loud music playing. I pay the guy grab my suit case and walk to the door. It starts to pour down rain and the bouncer was staring me down.

“excuse me, i'm Brunos wife” I said


“I'm Bruno's wife!”

It was raining so hard that I had to scream just to make sure he heard me

“yeah that's what they all say!” he said

“please i'm pregnant and it's raining out here just let me in!”

“No can do mam!”

“please, just ask him who his wife is, tell him it's Alicia!”

“Someone already tried that!”


“ don't t yell but Yes that would help mam”

“can I have a clue!”

“if he's your husband, you should know!”

“i don't know um hooligans!?”



“No, do you seriously think It would be that easy”


“No the other one”


The guy smiled at me and I didn't even care. I'm soaked, my feet hurt and it's fucking cold. He opened the door and I hear a slow song come one. I walked inside and something was making me want to look over at the corner. My stomach, rolled. It was Adele with the guy that she was going after, fingers all in his hair and kissing him. Kissing Bruno. Fury filled up in me and I ran over there, pulled them apart I pushed Adele into a table and she fell but then I slapped Bruno. He grabbed my arms and slammed me into the wall. He looked at me with anger but then he let me go as he looked at me in shock. I looked over at Adele and Phil was holding her. She was smiling at me, I tried to go after her but Bru held me back but I slapped him.


“babe I...” he said


I shook and shook to try to get out of his grip. He looked at me, he had a tear running down his face.

“babe please..”


“babe just let me”


He finally let me go and I wanted to walk over to Adele and beat her to death, I was so disgusted with her that I spit on her, threw the ring at Bruno and walked out the club. Rain falling from the sky me and my suitcase walked to a pay phone and called the last person I wanted to call.


“Eric, can you please come get me?”

“where are you love”

“i'm at a payphone by the Blue Moon”

“i'm on my way”

Within minutes he came around the corner. Eric got out and threw my suitcase in the trunk then opened the door for me. Not asking question I got in the car. As Eric was driving off I seen Bruno running after the car. I turned back around, I didn't want to see pain. I felt a shock wave of pain go through me. Oh God please, not right now.....