Chapter 2

23/08/2011 04:15

I got up as fast as I could, but I didn't think it was fast enough. I

sat back in my chair and decided I wouldn't look up for the rest of

the flight.

"You all right?" Bruno said, quietly. He didn't want to wake Ari or


"I'm fine," I said, looking at the top of Mr. Bear's head. We sat

there for a few minutes, very awkwardly.

"Why are you going to Hawaii?" I asked. From the corner of my eye, I

saw him turn his head towards me and smile.

"I'm going to visit family. I was born in Hawaii." It took all the

strength that I had, but I finally looked up at him. By his perfect

tan, I could tell he wasn't lying.

"Interesting." I said, in a very monotone voice. "What are you doing

here then?"

"Well, I moved to L.A. after I graduated high school to try to land a

record deal. I was here in Colorado visiting a friend." He smiled.

"Did you ever get signed?"

"I got signed to Motown Records very early, but it didn't do anything

for me. I got dropped."

After a few hours, we were still talking. I told him about me being a

dancer and a model, being an only child, and my mom passing away when

I was six. I told him that I also played the guitar and piano. He

told me about his family and the fact that he grew up around music.

He used to be an Elvis impersonator when he was four. On his phone,

he showed me the scene in 'Honeymoon in Vegas' where he's singing

'Can't Help Falling in Love". I thought it was absolutely adorable.

He also knows how to play the piano, the guitar, the drums, and how

to sing. I kind of already knew that last one.


While I was telling him about me possibly moving permanently to

Hawaii since I had already found an apartment, the pilot said we

would be landing in the next five minutes. I sighed. I was extremely

tired, I was still on Colorado time. Right now, it was 22:25 over

there. My ass fell asleep at least ten times. I sat there quietly

while Bruno woke Phil and Ari up. Phil got pissed, and threw his

pillow at Bruno and he ducked. It ended up hitting me in the face. I

started laughing. While still laughing, I tried to throw the pillow

back at Phil, but ended up knocking Bruno's brown fedora off his

head. He looked at me, trying to look angry, but then he started

laughing as well. We started to have a pillow fight but we stopped

after Bruno 'accidentally' threw a pillow at the stewardess. He sat

there, pretending he didn't do it, and started laughing quietly after

she looked away.


We all got off the plane, Phil and Ari where in the restroom. So, it

was obviously just me and Bruno. He wouldn't stop looking at me.

"Would you like to get dinner sometime?" he asked. I looked at him

and smiled. He smiled back, but he looked genuinely nervous.

"That'd be great." I answered back. He smiled even bigger


"Well, should I call you or something?" He said. I thought about my

phone. I didn't anyone from my past calling me. Except maybe Cesar.

"You should give me your number. I'm going to buy a new phone." I

shrugged. He smiled. I think he understood. I took a paper and a

purple pen out of my bag and handed it to him. He wrote his number

and drew a self portrait. He handed it back to me, and I couldn't

help but laugh.

"Alright," I said, smiling. "I have to go get my luggage and check

out my new apartment. I'll talk to you later." I said backing away.

"Wait!" Bruno said as he ran up to me. He stopped a foot away from me

and gave me a hug. It was most definitely the best hug I had ever

received. He backed away and smiled.

"Talk to you later." He left to the restroom with Phil and Ari. I

sighed. I headed to the baggage claim and waited for my suitcase and

guitar. My suitcase came first and around three minutes later, my

guitar came. I left the terminal to find a taxi and headed to my new



Phil, Ari, and I were in the men's restroom. I had to wait 20 extra

minutes in the airport because one of my suitcases was put on the

flight after ours.

"Bruno, what happened out there with Daisy?" Phil asked.

"Well, if you must know everything about my life..." Phil then cut me


"Yes, I must." He laughed.

"... I asked her out for dinner. And she said yes." Ari started

jumping up and down like a five year old. Phil gave me a high five.

After I washed my hands, we waited at the baggage claim and we got

our luggage and my guitar. We then decided to wait in the lobby. I

got bored and decided I wanted to mess around with my guitar. I

pulled the case in front of me, and opened it.

"What the fuck?" Instead of my mint green electric guitar, there was

a light purple one. I started getting worried. But then I thought if

I had this guitar, the owner must have mine. I mean, we had the same

exact case.

"Hey, there's a tag hanging from the handle. Maybe there's a name and

phone number on it." Phil said, with his mouth full of French fries.

I nodded and closed the case. I pulled the guitar up to me and stared

at the tag.

"Well?" said Ari.

"Daisy Reynolds." I grinned from ear to ear.


My apartment wasn't very far away from the airport. Five minutes from

it, in fact. I handed the driver $50. He looked at me as if I were


"Ma'am, I think you gave me the wrong bill."

"Did I give you a 50?"


"Yes, ma'am."

"Then, I didn't give you the wrong bill. You have been very kind to

me." I looked at him through the rearview mirror and smiled. He

smiled back and tipped his navy blue fedora. It reminded me of Bruno.

I made my way out of the taxi and into the apartment lobby. Inside, I

talked to the landlord, and told him I had emailed him about the open

apartment. It was the most expensive one they had. He told me that

they had problems trying to get someone to move in. I took it with

out a doubt in my mind. I paid the deposit and first three months

rent. I shook the man's hand, his name was Daniel, and he handed me

the key. I headed for the elevator with all my stuff. Once the doors

had closed, I forgot to ask Daniel what floor my apartment was on.

Just as I was about to walk out, I looked at the key. It had a tab on

it that said: 17D. I couldn't help but laugh. I turned the over and

it said: 10th Floor. I pushed the button that had the ten on it and

headed up. I was excited except for the fact that I would have to buy

all the furniture and appliances.

The elevator stopped on the 10th floor. I stepped outside and held

Mr. Bear tight. The first thing that I noticed was that the hallway

was absolutely beautiful. I walked down the hallway, admiring all the

paintings that were hung up. My apartment was at the end of the

hallway. I put the key in the lock and turned it. I took a deep

breath, turned the door knob, and opened the door. My jaw dropped.

Besides the fact that it was huge, it was already furnished. I

dropped my luggage, set my guitar on the couch, ran to my new

bedroom. Which would have been so much better if I knew where it was.

First, I opened the bathroom, then a spare bedroom, after that the

hallway closet, finally the master bedroom. My jaw dropped once

again. The room itself was huge, the furniture was stunning, and even

though I had a balcony in the living room, I had one in here too. I

set Mr. Bear on the bed, and made my way to the balcony. I slid the

door open and stepped outside. I closed my eyes and the ocean breeze

hit me in the face. I took a deep breath, then opened my eyes. There

was a gorgeous patio set to my left. This Daniel sure knew how to

decorate an apartment. Either that or he knew how to hire people.


"I didn't know she played the guitar." said Phil. He started stuffing

more French fries in his mouth.

"She plays the piano too." I started drifting off. I started to think

where I should take Daisy. I didn't want us to be around a whole

bunch of people. Just me and her.

"Hey! Bruno!" Ari got in my face and yelled. "You gonna call her or


"I want to but she told me she's going to buy a new phone and change

her number." I said.

"You better hope she likes you as much as you like her; if she does,

she would hurry up and buy that phone. Or else you're going to be

stuck playing a purple guitar." Phil said, cracking up.

He was right. But I wasn't as concerned about my guitar anymore.

We headed to the baggage claim again after we heard that the plane

had landed. We found my suitcase and headed outside. Presley promised

she would pick us up. When we saw her, she looked pissed.

"Really Bruno?! You made me wait out here 45 minutes. I'm pretty sure

I got two shades darker," she said, sticking her arm out. We started


putting our luggage in the trunk. I brought Daisy's guitar up with


"Calm down. One of my suitcases was put on another plane." I said.

"And he got a girlfriend!" Phil screamed, in a high pitched voice.

"Really?? Is she pretty? Is she nice? Does she like to shop?" Presley

asked me.

"She's not my girlfriend..."

"Yet!" Phil and Ari said at the same time, cutting me off. They

started laughing.

"... and she's absolutely gorgeous. And nice. I don't know about the

shopping part."

"Well, we'll see if see really is when I meet her." Presley said,

starting to drive.

We were almost to my parents' house. Phil, Ari, and I were going to

stay in a hotel. About block away from the house, I saw a bunch of

people waiting out in the front yard. Out of nowhere, I started

thinking about Daisy. I missed her. I wanted to hear her voice. Now.

"Daisy, please hurry." I whispered.