Chapter 2

27/08/2011 17:57

Chapter 2

~still on SASHA P.O.V~

"Well, Mr. Right is the one who wont hurt me, inside and out. More to, PERFECT." i smiled.
      She wanted someone thats perfect,
       But at the end of the day, WHO IS?
Bruno sang and i laughed.
"That Mr. Right is perfect to me, just, i dont think Kevin is Mr. Right though." i smiled. He smiled to me.
"Who knows?" he said.
"Well, how bout you? Dont you like anyone? Youre the cutest boy in town though." i giggled. 



"Me? Maybe Ashley. MAYBE." i highlighted the word. Sasha doesnt know that I fell for her. I told her I kept the money from every show to go to L.A but actually, my other reason is, to bring her to the expensive restaurant in town named "Red Sasha". She told me she really wants to eat there. The view at night is so beautiful. Plus, the restaurant next to the beach. Who wouldnt love it? Back to the story, I really wants to tell her about how i felt for her. She doesnt know that she's the prettiest girl in town. Every boy asked her for a date. Her reason? Waiting for Mr. Right. Thats mean she doesnt have her first kiss YET. Who wouldnt love Miss Perfect? I'm so lucky to be her best friend. Even though, i wish to be more than that. Some girls at school couldnt stop staring at me and Sasha everytime we walked together. Who cares? Maybe because I'm the cutest boy who walks with the prettiest girl at school.
"Tell you what, you asked Ashley to be your prom date and i'll asked Kevin to be my prom date. Deal?" she smiled to me.
"DEAL!" i dont really care to ask Ashley to be my prom date, i really want to ask Sasha to be my prom date.
"Okay then," she smiled and stood up. She clean her shorts because we sat on the sand. She started to walked and I starred at her, well, ass.
"BRUNO!" she turned and screamed.
"What?" i asked.
"What are you waiting for? Come on ! i need some rest." she kept on walking. I stood up and ran after her. I get into my car and locked it before she have the chance to get inside.
"BRUNO!" she screamed. Her face changed.
"Tell me that you love me!" i said, laughing.
"NO WAY!" she crossed her arms.
"Suit yourself," i winked at her and started the car's engine. I changed the gear and suddenly,
"BRUNO! I LOVE YOU!" she screamed on top of her lungs. I wish she really meant it. I unlock the car and she jumped inside. I started to drive. We didnt talk on our way home.



I cant believe we're going to the prom night. Feels like yesterday we just met, and today. BOOOOM! We're 17. Bruno parked his car and i jumped out. I ran to my house and locked the door. I walked into my room and jumped on my bed. I left my curtains closed because i want to sleep. Few seconds later, I fell asleep.