Chapter 2

29/11/2011 19:10

I Pull up to school and immediately see Alicia and Maria sitting on the bench talking. I park my car and walk over to them. I sit next to Alicia and dig in her purse for some lipstick.

“Well hello to you to Alisia.” Alicia says

“Hey girl.” I say

“Um it's called asking Alisia.” Maria said

“I needed a touch up on my lips.” I say

“Awh is it for Phred?” Alicia says

“No! Goodness Alicia. You make everything about him,makes me think you like him.” I say sticking out my tounge

“No never! You know I only have eyes for Ramon.” Alicia said

“Ugh! Chica no no no, he's a horrible kisser.” Maria says

“Jeeze Maria I can't like anyone! You've kissed them all!” Alicia says snatching her purse off of me and walking away.

“Way to go Whore.” I say

I hear Maria cursing me out but I catch up with Alicia. Damn this girl walks fast. I grab her by her arm and she yanks her arm away from me.

“God, what did I do to you?!” I say

“Oh..sorry I though you we're Maria.” she says

“Now you're insulting me.”

She turns around and smirks at me. We both lean on the tree and look across the street at the park. Watching the little kids play remind me of when dad used to push me on the swing..but that was in the past when I gave a damn about him. I barely see him but it don't matter to me,Don't want to see him that much anyways.

I look over at Alicia and she has her eyes closed, I sigh knowing how she feels. Maria always dose this shit to us, if we like someone, we got to make sure she didn't screw them already. I don't why she's that way but I don't care she needs to stop.

“I'm so tired of this shit.” Alicia says

“I know.” I say

“Sometimes I don't even know why I even try. She's slept with damn near everyone I’ve liked.”

“Not everyone Alicia, you just got to hang in there.”

“I don't know, i'm just going to focus on school.”

“Yeah, until you see someone else you like.”

“Yeah, ha ha.”

“Come on let's go to class.”


We both looked over and see Maria standing there looking stupid. Maria is so beautiful it's sickening but I wish she would stop acting like a heifer. She glares at me and I glare back, we're friends and all but sometimes I just want to beat her down. I don’t though because of Alicia and also it's fun having a love hate relationship with Maria. I love her like a sister but hate her like an enemy.

“Well hello, how many guys did you kiss to get here?” I asked

“dios mio Alisia no one.” she says

“Could of fooled me.”

“You know what Alisia, Fuck you OK.”

“Excuse me!”

“Don't start girls! I'm so not in the mood for this.” Alicia says

“Look Alicia, I came over to say sorry and..i understand if you don't want to be friends with me anymore. I'm sorry..”

Oh god here we go with the waterworks, all she does is fucking cry. I roll my eyes as Alicia walks over to Maria, I hate that Alicia is always being so nice towards her all the time. I swear Maria could slap her and start crying and she would forgive her.

“Oh stop crying you faker.” I say

“Alisia be nice.” Alicia says

“No, i'm tired of her tears always getting you to forgive her.” I say

“That's what friends so Alisia, they forgive.”

“If you would stop being such a bitch, maybe I would forgive you for being one.” Maria said

“UGH! Whatever, fine gang up on me then.”

“We're not ganging up on you Alisia, I just wish you'd be nicer towards Maria.” Alicia said

“And I wish you stop being so nice to Maria.” I say

“And I wish you'd stop being a bitch.” Maria said

“Well I don't see a leprechaun to grant us wishes so lets get the hell over this.” Alicia says

Maria starts to giggle and then it just became contagious and we all started busted out laughing. We all hugged each other and I just smiled, we might have a crazy friendship but we're crazy enough to understand it.

Maria walked her way and Alicia and I walked our way to class. When my heart dropped, we had Mrs. B's class next, which means Phred was going to be there. Shit, the dream.

We walk into the class room and I noticed Phred was already there talking to some guy, when he turns around. I look at him and he looks back at me with a smile, now I know this sounds cheesy but the sun was shining on him making him look like an angel. My angel.

“Hey Alisia, Alicia. How's it going?” Phred said

“Good, ready for this class to be over so I can go back home and sleep.” Alicia says

“Yeah I hear ya. What about you Alisia.”

“Um, nothing really.” I say

“Oh, I see.” Phred says


I put my head down and sit down next to Alicia. She starts to get the talking about something but i'm not really paying attention. I'm from time to time looking a Phred then looking away then looking at Phred when he laughs. I look back at him and he's looking at me, smiling. I turn red. Damn it, it hate this.

“Well?” Phred said

“Well what?” I say

“Well are you going to my party or not?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, I can come.”

“Good. I want you to be there.”

“Trust me, she wouldn't miss it for the world.” Alicia says

“Oh really now?” Phred says

“Uum, Alicia can I talk to you.” I ask pulling Alicia

“Uh sure, we'll be back” She says

I pull her out of the class room and pull her to the side. She leans on the wall and rolls her eyes at me. I swear, she keep doing that, Imma really make her eyes roll.

“What. Are you doing?!” I whisper

“What? I aint do nothing” she says

“Yes you are, you practically told him that I like him.”

“No, all I said was that you wouldn't miss it for the world. That could mean anything Alisia.”

“Yeah like, Oh Alisia likes you!”

“No, it could mean you like parties and dancing.”

“No, it doesn't.”

“Ugh Alisia calm down drama queen.”

“Hey you guys OK?”

I look over and it was Phred, standing at the doorway. I swear you could smell him from a mile away. He smelled like vanilla very strongly and I always wanted to know what he washes his hair with. I mean, i'm no stalker it just smells so damn good.

His face changes from concerned to happy. Alicia turned around but I already knew what was going on. It was Gina, His Girlfriend. God I hate her but not because I was jealous of her..ok I am.. a little but just how goody two shoes

I closed my eyes as she walked up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. Ugh, I hate this feeling. That sour, sick like feeling in my stomach, my heart speeding and anger just flaring in me because her lips are on a guy that I like!

“Hey, enough of that you too!” Mrs. B said

“Sorry Mrs. B” Gina says

“You know the rules, no kissing. Now get into your seats and get ready for class.”

“Yes mam.”

We all walked back into class and sat down in our seats. Alicia sat in the back with Gina and I, lucky, sat right next to Phred. I guess that dream wasn't happening, what a drag. I turned to the page Mrs. B wrote on the board andi felt my eyes get heavy as i  tried to pay attention to what the hell she was saying....