Chapter 2

19/04/2011 21:30

"Wh-why did you take me with you?" Alegria asked, still could not believe her eyes.

"What? You're injured, and basically it's because of me. Right?" Bruno answered while wiping the blood off of Alegria's wound using his hanky.

"But you could just have ordered someone to take me into a hospital.. Then it wouldn't be such a bother for all of you..." Alegria shyly answered.

"Look, all of us are worried about you. If it didn't for us, you wouldn't have been wounded that bad. I feel really guilty about you and I wanna help." Bruno said.

"Thanks.. But I told you I can still walk.." Alegria blushed, but just sat in silence. Bruno smirked but said nothing. She looked at the window to hide her face. A moment of silence.

"Okay.. Let's try not to talk about that anymore. So uh.. You got a name?" Jamareo asked, also worried about her.

"You still studying?" Phred added.

"Can you play an instrument?" Eric asked.

"I bet she can sing. She has that rock star look!" Phil said, laughing.

"Hey hey hey.. Don't crowd her. She might get suffocated by all of you guys." Bruno jokingly said.

"What's that?" Kenji asked, pointing at the fan book that Alegria personally made.

"Uhmm.. It's a fan book.." Alegria said, while handing the fan book to Kenji. Everybody became curious and wanted to look at the fan book that she made.

"Wowww.. You made this?" Phil said, touched by their fan.

"Uhmm.. Yeah.. I designed it my self.." Alegria answered, flattered.

"Wow, it's beautifully made. And the pictures are awesome too! Where'd you get these from?" Bruno curiously asked.

"From the internet, of course." Eric answered.

"You know, this is the coolest fan book I have ever seen! Just take a look at that. Hahaha! Phil, look at you!" Bruno said.

'I can't believe it.. I just made Bruno and everybody in the band totally happy.. This day is one of the happiest day in my entire life!' Alegria said to herself.

"Ohh, so you're name's Alegria, 24 years old, grew up in Philippines, migrated to America after a few years, American-Japanese, Zodiac sign: Gemini.." Phred said, reading the info at the last page of the fan book.

"Wow, your penmanship is really nice too.." Kenji said.

"Talents.. Singing, playing piano, guitar and violin, doodling stuff.." Phred said, still reading.

"Loves tattoos.. food.. music, and most of all, Bruno Mars and his band.." Jamareo added.

"Ambition.. To sing a song with Bruno Mars and the band." Phil said.

"Hey, if you want, we can sing a song to make time pass. And so you can forget about your wound right there." Bruno offered.

"Re-really? I mean, you want to.. sing with me??"

"Of course I do! And I wanna hear that golden voice of yours." Bruno said as he winked at Alegria.

"So, what song do you want to sing?" Eric asked.

"Uhm.. I actually wanna sing Just The Way You Are.. But since it's a duet... Uhmm.. We could sing Before It Explodes.."

"Okay then. We're gonna sing Before It Explodes." Bruno gets his guitar and started tuning it. "The guitar's ready. You ready?" Bruno smiled.

"The question, is are YOU ready?" Alegria confidently said, smiling.

"Well then, let's get started." Bruno said, and started strumming his guitar.

Alegria started the song. "Ohhh.. Ohhh... It's not a question of love. 'Cause our love has never changed. But all the little things keep piling up. And life keeps getting in the way.. "

"She's good..." Phil said, listening to Alegria's angelic voice.

"Wow..." Jamareo said, amazed by her.

"I didn't expect she'd be this good.." Eric added.

Bruno sang with Alegria. "And stop the madness before it explodes. Before it's out of our control.." Their voices match perfectly. "Lets stop the madness before it explodes." Two sounds became one. "We gotta let it go.. Before it all explodes." Bruno ends the song with a strum of his guitar.

"WOOOWWW..." Phred said as he claps his hand.

"You guys are great!" Kenji added.

"When did you learn that? When did you know you can sing?" Bruno asked, curious about the amazing voice that Alegria had.

"Uhmm.. I don't know.. I can't remember really, but I just know I wanted to sing.. I just know I loved music. Then... That's it.." Alegria answered.

"Wow.. That's cool! I mean, realizing that you love music at such an early age.. You must have real talent!" Phil praised Alegria.

"Thank you.. Thank you for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to.. To be with you guys. This means so much to me." Alegria said, touched by their praises.

"No, Thank you." Eric answered.

"We're here." The man in black said as the bus stopped in front of the hotel that they're staying.

Bruno and Phil assisted Alegria as they went off the bus and went to the hotel that they're staying. They were surrounded and protected by body guards as they enter the hotel and went to the hotel room. Bruno had a separate room to the band so he took care of Alegria from then on.

"Here you go.." Bruno assisted alegria to sit on a chair. "We only need to wait for the doctor then, everything's gonna be fine."

"Thanks.." Alegria said, smiling. "This is one nice room you got here."

"Haha.. I guess so.. Uh.. I wanna ask you something. Why did you became my fan? I-I know this might be an awkward question but I've been wanting to hear a serious answer from a fan.." Bruno spoke softly.

"Why did I become your fan? Uhm.. It's basically because.. I like your songs. You put so much emotion to it that you make others feel the pain that you have or the happiness that you feel. I mean... It's just an awesome feeling, understanding the deeper meaning of the song and feeling it, the way the artist wants you to feel about it. Plus, you're just an amazing guy." Alegria explained with a smile.

"Wow.. I never knew I did that.. I just...make music, that's all.." Bruno answered, touched by what Alegria have said. Alegria just kept silent, but smiling and happy to see an expression of Bruno that he doesn't show to a lot of people.

"Okay. Change topic. You said on your fan book that you love tattoos.. Do you have a tattoo or somethin'? Bruno asked.

"Well actually, I have seven tattoos. I have one on my left shoulder, one on my right. I also have tattoos here, under my left and right arm. Two on my back and one on my chest."Alegria said as she pointed her tattoos to bruno.

"Wow.. For a girl, you sure have a lot of tattoos.."

"Not quite.. Hehe.." Alegria answered. "The tattoo on my left shoulder says courage and on my right, strength. I have 'Bruno Mars' tattooed under my left and right arm."

Bruno's jaws dropped. "Wow.. That's gonna be on your body for your entire life. You can't remove that.." Bruno said, amazed.

"I know." Alegria answered, smiled, then she continued. "The one on my upper back is a large scorpion. I had "I LOVE MUSIC" tattooed on my lower back. And the one on my chest.. It's a secret." Alegria answered.

"Nooo.. You'll tell me about that tattoo on your chest, won't you?" Bruno said, trying to look charming.

"I'm sorry, Bruno, but I can't show it to you, even if you give one million dollars just to see my tattoo." Alegria answered.

"Why? I mean.. It won't hurt you if you told me about it."

"I just... wanna keep it a secret.." Alegria said, while rubbing her chest. "Oh, by the way, the 'Bruno Mars' tattoo? I had it tattooed secretly. My brother would get angry if he found out."

"Why? Doesn't he want you to get tattoos?" Bruno asked curiously.

"Uhmm.. Kind of.. Yeah, he doesn't allow me to get tattoos.. It's a long story.." Alegria answered.

"Oh.. So, does your brother know that you're here?" Bruno asked.

"He knows that I went to see you at the airport, but he doesn't know that I'm here, talking to you right now."

"Hahaha.. I bet he really doesn't. Wait, how 'bout your boyfriend? Does he know you're here?"

'Boyfriend?' Alegria said to herself. 'Peter.' She remembered him. Again. She remembered how she loved him, and how he loved her. She remembered everything. Suddenly, Alegria felt sudden pain in her head. It's like someone is banging her brain. She held her head, but the pain didn't stop. "Ah.. Oww.. Ahhhh.. Ahhhh!!" Alegria starts to scream. She then falls to the floor.

"Hey.. Alegria, you okay? What's wrong?!" Bruno asked, curious and concerned about what's happening. Worried, he carried her to the bed, thinking it might lessen her pain.

"Medicine.. Medicine! Ahhhh! On my bag... Please!" Alegria said, clearly in pain.

"What?! Oh.. Wait.. Uh, medicine.. Medicine.. Here it is! Wait, which of these fucking medicines will I give you?!" Bruno panicked.

"Blue Take two.." Alegria said, trying to control the pain.

"One from each bottle?! Wait, I'll get you some water!" Bruno opened his bag and searched for his bottled water, opened the bottle of water and bottles of medicines and handed it to Alegria. Alegria drank and after 10 minutes, she calmed down.

"Thanks.." Alegria said, lying on the bed and still weak.

"I'm sorry.."

"No, you shouldn't, really.. It was nobody's fault." Alegria answered, but Bruno kept silent, worried. Alegria looked at Bruno, then suddenly, she noticed the ring on the necklace that Bruno was wearing. She was astounded! "The ring.." 'Oh shit.. The sleeping pills' Alegria thought to herself as she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Bruno watched her as she fell into deep sleep. He sat beside her, stroked her hair, leaning closer.. Closer.. Closer.... Then stop. 'What am I thinking?' Bruno said to himself. He shaked his head. 'This isn't right.' He stood up and sat on the chair beside the bed. 'What was I thinking?' He never thought he would do this to a girl he never knew before. He didn't even understand why he brought her with him, inside his hotel room. He just felt like he needed to. No, he WANTED to. 'She's pretty, she's talented, she's damn amazing, but this doesn't make sense.' He thought, still confused. 'I guess it's destiny..' Bruno smiled as he thought of it. He glances at Alegria, and sees her wound. Oh, he forgot. She still had a large wound on her knee. Then suddenly, he hears a knock from his door. He stands up to open it, and it was the man in black and behind him is a doctor.

"Oh.." Bruno said.

"This is Doctor Englebert Williams, a friend of mine." The man in black said.

"Nice to meet you, doc." Bruno politely said while shaking the Doctor's hand.

"Nice to meet you too." Doctor Williams answered.

"Please do come in." Bruno led them inside his room. The patient is sleeping at the moment. Aside from her wound, she had a really bad head ache just now." The doctor nodded and walked inside the room.

As they walked, the doctor starts to recognize the girl lying on the bed. "Alegria?" The doctor asks.

"Doc, You know her?" Bruno surprisingly asked.

"Y-yeah.. She's my patient.. I'm her personal doctor."

"Wow.. What a coincidence.." The man in black said.

"She took sleeping pills, right?" The doctor said.

"Yeah, I guess that's what so took earlier. Why?" Bruno asked.

"Oh, I told her not to take sleeping pills, they weren't necessary. Those pain killers were enough. She wants to have a rest everytime she has a bad headache. Well, enough chit-chat. Let's get her wound treated." The doctor answered.

"Why is she having bad head aches?" The man in black asked.

"Well.." The doctor stopped. "She has a brain cancer. And her days are numbered. She doesn't wanna take any medication or surgery, just pain killers and sleeping pills."

"Wh-why? Why would she do that?" Bruno asked.

"She said it would just be a waste of money and time.. She said she'll die anyway. Well, everyone will."

A moment of silence filled the room. Bruno was speechless. He felt a deep pain in his chest. 'She's dying and she didn't even tell me..' He said to himself. Bruno just looked at Alegria's sweet face, his eyes filled with fear and sadness. He didn't know why he felt afraid, he also didn't know what's in Alegria that he made him feel afraid.


'Why does it have to be her?'