Chapter 24

19/05/2011 17:08

Eric pulled over the car, I rolled down the window because I felt like I was going to vomit. The fresh air was doing me good. I felt a little better, but I had to keep breathing in the air. All I was doing was fucking crying like a cry baby. I kept imagining him and her lip locking, and her damn hands in his hair...

“love you ok” Eric said

“yeah, i'm fine I just felt a little bit of pain” I said

“Oh man are you about to have the baby!”

“No, no i'm fine”

Just as he was about to pull off, looked out the front window and Brunos bike skidded right in front of the car. Eric put on the breaks and Next thing I knew, there was a bang on my window. I jumped.

“Please Alicia please!”


“Alicia please let me explain please” he said

“Eric just drive off” I said

He opened the door and yanked me out into the pouring rain.


“Babe please listen to what I have to say” he said

I tried to get back into the car but he grabbed a hold of me and slammed me against the car. He had his head down and he was quivering. He had his cold wet hands squeezed around my wrist so hard that they were starting to burn. Looking at him, I wanted to scream, to slap him to cry but as I stared at him,I didn't say anything and neither did he.

“Hey Get off of her!” Eric screamed

He came over to us and tried to pull Bruno off of me but he didn't budge. Eric was weak, he couldn't even pull me off of him but for some reason I didn't want to let go of him. I wanted this to be all a dream and for us to be back at home just laughing and making love like we used too.

“Eric just......get back into the car” I said

“No Alicia your...” Eric said



He got back into the car and turned off the engine. I was looking at Bruno and he just had his head down like he didn't want me to see his face. He let go of my wrists and turned around, putting his hand on his forehead, rubbing it. When he finally turned back around he looked at me, his big brown eyes were full of mixed emotions that I couldn't really read.

“Alicia i'm...i was...can I just take you out of the rain so we can talk?” he said

I put my head into the window and looked at Eric. He had his hands on the steering wheel and was looking straight ahead. I bit my lip, I know Eric did somethings in the past but he was my friend now. We understood each other and he listen to me talk when I was all alone then 2 months. I know that leaving him for Bruno would make him so mad but, I just got to hear what he has to say.

“don't even say it Alicia, just get in the car and lets go, if you turn around and take him back, it'll just let him know that cheating ok” Eric said

I turned back around to Bruno, Eric did have a point there. He cheated on me with a women that only became friends with me so that she could get to Bruno. I opened my mouth but Bruno opened his faster and grabbed my hands.

“First of all Fuck him and what he has to say, second of all why are you with him in the first place” Bruno asked

“because he was a friend when you were out and I was lonely” I said

“baby I wanted you to come with us because I love you and I didn't want you to be at that house all alone and I didn't want to miss Linda being born, but how could you forgive Eric after...” Bruno said

“Stop it, this is about you not me and that's besides the point, the point is he's forgiven and you cheated.” I said

“if you can forgive him then you can forgive me and let me explain what happen”

“oh I seen what went down Bruno, her lips were on yours and her hands were in your hair and you had your hands on her back like, you wanted it too...” I said fighting back the tears

“babe, I swear on everything that I love that I didn't want it to happen..”

“peter, i'm wet and cold and...”

“that's why I want you to come with me so we can talk Alicia”

“i'm tired of talking peter”

“well what can I do to take it better?”

“i think....i think...that we should just go our separate ways”


I gulped. Hard. I didn't know why I was saying it but I was saying it. I never would of thought we would come to this but, I just need sometime to coup. A shocking pain went right through me down to my back and stopped. I bellowed over.

“you ok?” he asked

“yes but....if we....come back was meant to be” I said out of breath

“Alicia are you fucking joshing me now?”

“No, I....”

“ Alicia are you sure your ok?”

“yes...i'm fine but peter...just let me go...for a while” I said out of breath

“i'm not letting you go, Alicia”

“peter ”

The pain faded away like it never happened. I took a deep breath and put my hand on my stomach. Bruno put his hand on my face but I slapped it away, I didn't want him touching me after he hand his hands all over hers.

“please just let me talk to you, all I need is 10 lousy minutes”


Bruno fell to his knees. I’ve never seen someone beg so hard to explain something. I wanted to forgive him, I truly did but my heart was broken into pieces.

“ Alicia, please...”

“I just cant right now...”

“why, is it Eric?”

“this has nothing to do with him peter”

“i hate that you call me peter”

“Look for as long as we been out here you could have been explaining, look it'll be good for you. You can focus on singing and we wont be in the way.”

“you were never in the way and you know I love my daughter!”

“you should of thought of that when you were kissing Adele”

He let go of my hand and stood up. He looked me dead in the eyes and I looked back at him. I’ve never seen so much pain, so much hurt and sorrow in his eyes but I bet that mine showed the same thing. He closed his eyes and balled up his fist, I thought he was going to hit me but he took a big breath.

“ really think we should go our separate ways?” he asked

“for right now.” I said

“fine” he said with a smirk


“you know I never would of thought you would be a coldhearted bitch”

I wanted to slap him, I wanted to fucking smack his eyes open so he could look at me but I restrained myself. A pain went through me but I simply forgot about it, thinking about all the things I gave to him. I gave him all of me, my heart, my trust, my body, my soul, my love and he just does this hurtful thing to us. How could he not think of pooka, but it was too late now.

The damage has been done but I just need a break to think about things. Mama always told me, when something you love leaves, it always comes back no matter what happen, because true love is real love that always finds its way back to its love. Oh god mama....she was gone because of him too. Damn it Bruno, I fucking gave you everything!

I started shaking, I was fuming. I turned around and got into the car, the seat was wet from the window being down but I didn't care. I rolled up the window, Bruno just stood there looking into the window and I stared back. Eric started up the car, put on the heat and drove off with a smile on his face.

I felt like I could hear Bruno screaming. I felt a pain go through me, I know what it is. My body can't coup with the fact that as I lay in my bed, Bruno wont be with me. I tried to breath but, it didn't go away. I bellow over with my hands on my stomach, Eric pulls over.

“Love are you ok?” he asks

“It's nothing i'm just....Ugh!” I said

“Oh god please no...”

I was screaming, something was burning. I felt like my back was on fire and my vagina was trying to claw it's way out of me. I just so happen to look up and it was Brunos bike, he got off and started walking towards the car. I looked at Eric and his face was beyond terrified, he looked like he was going to pass out any minute now. Bruno opened my car door and looked at Eric without looking at me. He was being coldhearted towards me but that didn't bother me because I was too busy screaming.

“Whaaa wha whaat am ii ssuuppooseed too” Eric stammered

“Shut up and listen, follow me to the hospital, she's going to have the baby” Bruno said

Bruno slammed the door and got back onto his bike, Eric put his shaky hands onto the wheel and squeezed it. He didn't move the car, i'm over here trying to breath to make the pain go away and he's over here being a bitch.


Eric jumped and put his foot on the gas but the car was still in park.


Eric put the car out of park and Bruno started driving off and Eric followed him to the hospital. The whole ride you couldn't hear anything but me screaming. Eric didn't speak a word because if he did he looked as though he was going to faint. Eric makes good threats and talks a lot of shit but if you seen him now, he looked like a strung chicken.

We finally get to the hospital and everything was a blur. Bruno was screaming something to someone about something. We ended up somewhere where there was bright lights. I was in my own world because the pain was taking over me. My head was rolling and I seen that Bruno was holding my hand and Eric was in a waste basket throwing up his cookies. I felt a poke and lots of pressure then a gush, my water broke and all of a sudden I came back to reality and I started screaming


“babe it's ok,...some one get something to make her stop” Bruno said

“There isn't anything, we can give her she's already 9 centimeters dilated, we have to wait until she's 10” the doctor said

Bruno just nodded his head and the doctor walked away. I was surprised that Bruno was so calm about everything but calm was what I needed. He grabbed my hand and I squeezed it as hard as I could screaming, I felt like my whole lower side was on fire, there was just pressure everywhere. I felt like I had to go number 2 but worse. Eric was done vomiting and sat on the other chair next to the wastebasket. A nurse came in with a bowel of ice water and a washcloth then left but it was like Bru already knew what to do. He dipped the cloth in the water and wiped my head with it, Golly it felt like I was in heaven. He dabbed all over my face and neck more than once and that got me to calm down a bit.

He kissed my hand and I looked into his eyes, they weren't like before but they were full of calmness. His eyes were a cup of milk chocolate with a little dark chocolate and I was drinking it all up. He was breathing slow and I was following him, just breathing slow but then another shot of pain came, I started screaming and squeezing his hand but he kept his calm.

“Alicia breath with me baby” he said

“UUGH....I....AAAHHH...CAN'T...” I started crying

“Shh just breath like this”

He started breathing in and out, squeezing his hand I started breathing in and out my nose and mouth, in and out just like him. My breathing wasn't as mellow as his because I was crying but it was slower than before and you know what the pain became a little less.

“There you go babe, deep and easy breathing” he said

He smiled at me and started humming Earth Angel. He was still breathing easily and I was following him the best way I could but it was getting harder to breath. A Doctor and two nurses came in with a pan and some towels and other things that I didn't know. The doctor put on a glove and poked around in me, it hurt like hell and it was a lot of unwanted pressure that I didn't want to feel but he looked at me and smiled.

“well Mrs. Hernandez we can start so when you feel a lot of....”

“Ughh BRUNOOOOO...” I cried

“Babe just breath and push” Bru said

“Uh yeah put your legs up...ladies help her keep her legs up...put your head down and push with your butt....yeah there we go... and you keep wiping her forehead with the cloth” the Doctor said

The nurses got a hold of my legs and Bru stood up, Eric ran out the room. Bru held onto my hand and did what the doctor said to do. All I felt was pressure like I was going number two and burning, I pushed and pushed and pushed with everything that I had. I felt a big burning and started screaming.

“Ah there's the head, ok Mrs. Hernandez you can take a break until you feel an urge to push again again” the doctor said

Bruno peeked over and his eyes widen and he looked at me with an excited look on his face. He smiled at me and I tried to smile back but I think It looked more like and sneer. I felt this urge to push, so I did. Bruno kept wiping my forehead with the water.

“your doing great babe, and she has a lot of hair!” Bru said with a smile

“ok just a couple more pushes....” the doctor said

I felt a pulling sensation then the biggest relief I’ve ever felt in my whole entire life. My body felt so weak that I didn't want to breath. The nurse gave me some oxygen and that helped a greatness.

“it's a Girl! You want to cut the cord sire?” the doctor said

Without the slightest hesitation, Bru went over there and cut her umbilical cord. I heard her cry and I started to cry. Bruno came back over and kissed me and my hand. He had the biggest grin on his face that I swear his cheeks were going to burst.

“I told you, Linda” Bru said

All I could manage was a smile.

“4 pounds and a ounce” the nursed screamed

We watched the nurses come back with Linda all cleaned up and wrapped into a blanket.

“Congratulations on the baby girl.” the nurse said giving Linda to Bruno

“Thank you” Bru said with a smile

“Whats her name?”

“Linda Rene' Hernandez”

I looked at him and smiled a little. It was sweet that he already had her name all picked out. The nurse looked at me and smiled. I just nodded my head and she patted my head.

“ok, we just need to do her foot prints and make sure she's ok then she's all yours ok?” she said

“ok” Bru said

He handed her back to the nurse and she walked out the room. The doctor shook Brunos hand and smiled at me.

“Ok i'll be back to get the placenta out” the doctor said

He walked out of the room and I just looked at Bruno with a big smile on his face, but my stomach clenched and pain was all through me again.

“Babe whats wrong?” Bru asked

“.....Pain” was all I could say Bru ran out the room and a second later the doctor came back in, with a concern look on his face.

“ are you feeling any pain here” he said pointing to my vagina

“yes..” I said

“Ok, i'm going to need to get this placenta out Stat...ok Alicia just like before but not as bad...ok push”

the doctor said

Bru ran to my side and held my hand as I pushed. Doc was right, it didn't hurt as badly as Linda did coming out but I still felt the same pressure and pain. I pushed and pushed until I felt that relief again. Oh thank goodness that was out, I looked over at Bruno and seen his face. I looked down at the doctor who had the same surprised face as him. Before I could even ask, I heard a cry of a baby, I looked down and the doctor was holding up another baby.

“it's a Boy!” the doctor said

Bruno simply dropped to the floor and I fainted just as well.