Chapter 24 + Forbidden Love lmao

18/02/2012 12:49

Sorry it’s short, but the next couple of chapters should be good ;)

About an hour later they’re still not out of the meeting! I look through the window and see Bruno thoroughly bored. Bless him. It’s like he felt my eyes on him because he looks up and our eyes lock, he mimes the word “Help me” I just laugh and shake my head. And he places his head back on his hands. Well, I suppose I could help him out a little bit… I take my phone out and send him the picture that I took in the dressing room earlier. It’s quite revealing, but fuck it, he’s gonna see me in the other colour on our wedding night anyway. I press send and look up at him. He takes his blackberry out of his jeans and just stares at it. I think I need to give him a crash course in how to work it! He’s had that damn phone for ages and yet he still doesn’t know how to do the simplest of tasks. He starts to play around on it for a while until he looks up at me for help, oh God Bruno… I just shake my head at him and wait; he goes back to messing around on it again. His eyes pop open and so does his mouth and he just stares at it. Wait, Phil, Ari, what are you doing! I see them looking over Bruno’s shoulder at his phone and their eyes pop open too! Shit, this will be awkward, Bruno hasn’t noticed yet because his eyes are glued to the screen. Eventually he notices them looking and he kicks them both under the table so they look away. He looks up and me still in shock, but I just laugh and walk off and wait for them to come out. EVENTUALLY they all come out “Well helloooooo Lex” Ari says. “Shut up” Bruno says back. “So? What did they say?” “They said everything is perfect and they’re gonna put the album out” “I told you…” “Yeah, shut up” and he kisses me. But doesn’t pull away. Just as I’m about to pull away he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me harder. I think I can hear the guys yelling in the back, but I really can’t think straight when he does this, his hands roam all over me and I just let him, I wind my fingers in his hair and gently pull as he pushes me even harder against the wall. I part my lips slightly as his tongue enters seeking entrance. The only time we break apart is for air. We stare at each other, both knowing what the other wants. He leans in and says “Remember when I was going away for London, and we went in the bathroom? *He lowers his voice even more* and you were on top? Let’s do that again” and he starts to kiss my neck. I look up and see that Ari and Phil have walked away. I don’t say anything, I just let him continue. Eventually he stops and says “Well?” I look up at him apologetically. “WHY!?” he yells. “Shhhh! don’t yell, I don’t own this studio anymore remember?” He speaks in a normal tone. “Why?” “Because we’re going on stupid tour tonight and we gotta go pack!” “Stupid?” Shit, did I really say that? “Baby, I didn’t mean that, I just, urgh, you know how much I hate that tour bus” “I told you you didn’t have to come, I mean I want you with me, but not if it’s gonna upset you” “No, don’t be stupid, I don’t think I can take 2 months without you! I wanna come” I say re assuringly. And it’s true; I couldn’t even take a week without him when he went to London, longer than that would kill me. He smiles, pecks me on the cheek and says “Good. Now let’s fuck” I just laugh and walk to the car, I guess I’ll have to beg Jac for my job when we get back.

“You know I’m sick of packing your shit!” I say frustrated. “Ok, then I’ll pack my own stuff” he says from the floor whilst he plays on the Xbox. I wait for him to get up. Nothing. I continue. “Do you want your converse and your vans?” I ask. “Yeah yeah I’ll pack my stuff in a minute” What an idiot. “What about your red beanie?” “Shit, I’m gonna fuck this guy up!” Why do I even bother talking to him when he’s on that thing? “Is Street Fighter more interesting than I am?” “Yeah, pack that too….” OH MY GOD! “Forget all this dumb packing! Fuck me Bruno! Really hard!” and like a ninja he throws the controller to one side and jumps on me making us fall back on the bed. “What is wrong with you!?” “Uhh, you don’t wanna have sex do you?” He says slightly disappointed. “No. I wanna pack” “Fine” he says annoyed as he gets up off of me. He starts to pick the clothes up and attempts to fold them and throw them in the suitcases. I just watch in horror, my OCD is starting to kick in. He slowly looks up at me watching him. “What?” I say nothing. He looks down at the clothes and says “Am I doing it wrong?” I nod. “Do you wanna do it for me?” I nod again. He smiles. “Does this mean I can go back to playing my game?” unfortunately I nod again. “Wooo!” and he jumps back down on the floor and continues to play. What a child. But I love him. About an hour later, all of our packing is done, and we have to leave again for tour. I’m gonna miss this house. I always do. As we get on the tour bus, my pone starts to ring. Why is Jacques calling me!?


Forbidden Love

LOL I wrote this as a joke! Hahahaha enjoy it or get creeped out by it, whatever :P

“We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s not right” “Shhhh Bruno, like you said, just go with it, just trust me, I know we both want this” “But, what about Lex? I mean, I already cheated on her once, I don’t know if I can do it again” I place a light kiss on his head. He looks up at me with his cute brown eyes. I know that he wants this just as much as me. I run my fingers through his hair and he closes his eyes and smiles. God he’s so damn sexy. I can’t take seeing him every day and not having him, just touching him, just standing this close to him, this is all I need. I slowly start to remove his jacket, I can’t believe he’s letting me do this. Once his jacket is off I start to undo his buttons, slowly. One button at a time, just as I reach the last one, he places his hand on top of mine and says “Stop, this is wrong” I ignore him and fully open his last button revealing his magnificent chest, wow, what a sight he really is. I push his shirt off of his shoulders and remove mine. He keeps looking down. Poor Bruno, he’s just scared. But I know he wants this too. You can’t deny how much sexual tension we have. I know he loves me more than he loves that stupid Lex. She can’t make love to him the way I can! Why can’t he see it’s me that he needs to date!? I take his hand, kiss it first, and slowly move it down my chest, and place it on my erection. Fuck that feels amazing. “Oh God Bruno….” “DRE, WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING!? LET’S NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN.” And he storms out of the room. At this. My heart breaks….