Chapter 24-27

01/03/2012 16:26


3 months later…

“Lose dem clothes lady,” I haven’t seen Bruno in 2 weeks, it’s the longest we’ve been apart since we got together. He’s in LA, writing and producing for a couple of artists. Why they can’t come to NY is beyond me! “Bru, you’re at the studio, I’m not taking my shirt off, and anyone could walk next to you and see me!” We talk for a little bit longer and I flash him once or twice, and then I say good night. I’ve taken up Skype, it’s a shitty replacement for the real thing. That’s okay though, cause tomorrow I’m taking off work early to fly out to see him!

“Baby, I miss you!” “I miss you more!” It’s my lunch break and in 4 hours, I will be boarding a plane and heading to LA for the first time! Not only do I get to see my baby, but I also get to be his date to the VMA’s!! He is going to perform and debut his first single off his 2nd album! I’m so excited and nervous! “Impossible, I can’t wait to see your face,” he says, in his mushy voice that he’s been talking to me in for the past 3 days, “I wish you could bring the kids, I miss them too.” “Yeah, me too, stupid Ex and his visitations, always ruining our fun, maybe next time.” We talk for a few more minutes, he tells me that his sisters and mom are all in town, I’ve met Jamie and Tiara before, and I talk to his mom on the phone weekly. “Bru, I gotta get going. I’ll be there at 7 tonight.” “That’s too long, babe, its only 8 here… and I’ll be in rehearsal at 7, Dre is gonna have to come pick you up.” “Does that mean that Dre gets my Thank You for picking me up from the airport kiss?” “You better not! Ok, get back to work, I love you soo much Lace, I can’t wait to see you tonight!” “Awe, I love you too! Stay busy so it will go by fast. I’ll call you when I leave work.” “Okay bye Momma.”

I pull the covers over my head and try to go back to sleep, but it’s not possible, I’m too excited. After taking a shower I walk down stairs, my mom is sitting on the couch, watching the news. She looks up and smiles, “Morning my Brunito,” “Morning Ma,” I say and head to the kitchen to get some juice. “Let me fix you some breakfast son,” she says as she comes up behind me. I pour a glass of juice and sit at the island watching my mom put bacon in the pan. “What time does Lacey come in, Bruno?” “7, I don’t know what I’m going to do all day to make the day go faster.” “Well you could take your Mother shopping,” she says looking up to me with a little smile. “I like that idea Ma. That’s what we will do.” “I’m so happy for you Brunito, and I can’t wait to meet your Lacey.” “You’re going to love her Ma, aside from you she is the single most wonderful, inspiring woman I have ever met.” “She has kids though Bru, doesn’t that scare you? When you have children you can’t go out and go wild like you do. You have a responsibility and you can’t just say ‘I don’t feel like being there today, I think I’ll go to the bar instead.’ That’s not how it works when you have a family.” Here we go with the lecture. “Momma, you don’t understand, I haven’t gone out in months! I don’t even really want to go out anymore you know. I would rather sit at home with her and her kids and eat popcorn and watch movies. I love those kids.” There is a shock look plastered on my mom’s face. “If she makes you feel that way, then you have yourself a keeper Bruno.”

The next 3 hours flew by, we were super busy. “Day, have a great weekend,” I said as I hugged her goodbye. “No, YOU have a great weekend, your dress is gonna look amazing, I can’t wait to see you all made up and on TV, Kelsey and I are gonna be cheering for you!” I’m so nervous, I’ve been to a couple events here in NY with Bruno, but they were small, and this is important to Bruno, so it freaks me out even worse! “Day, I’m gonna have a heart attack over this, shit I have to go! I’ll call you when I land and get settled ok!” I kiss her cheek and run out the door looking for a cab. I brought my luggage to work, and I’m going to change at the airport if I have time, if not then I guess I’ll have to change on the plane. Once I get in the cab, I text Bruno, ‘off work, calling kids, call you in a few XO’. Greg answers quick, “Hey, how are the kids doing?” “They are good, they actually are working on their homework and having a snack,” We talk for a few minutes, I’m really happy that things have calmed down with him and I, we used to fight so badly and now we are actually friendly towards each other. We hang up and I call Bruno, “Hey baby, 7 more hours! Ok, now that I say it that’s still a long time. BOOOO,” He starts laughing, “See I told you soo, it’s dragging.” We get off the phone and I rush to my plane.

I sleep on the first stretch of the flight. When I get to my connection, I have an hour between flights so I head to the bathroom and change clothes. The next flight is 3 more hours, I try to read, but my mind is all over the place. I’m so nervous about meeting the rest of his family. When we finally land, I text Dre and let him know, he lets me know that he is waiting by the luggage area. Then I text Dana and Bru and let them both know that I didn’t die on the plane ride. Dana cusses me for waking her, Bruno’s text is more exciting, ‘FRIKIKIKIKIKIKI, I just peed my pants.’ He cracks me up! Finally after forever we are able to get off the plane, and I practically run to baggage claim. I almost jump into Dre’s arms I’m so excited to see him. He looks scary but really he’s a big teddy bear, dude likes cats, I mean come on! “DREEEEEEE! I’m so happy to see you!” “ Yeah yeah yeah.” When my bag comes, I point it out and Dre grabs it, “let’s go, Bruno is dying for you to be there already,” he says rolling his eyes.

Apparently this rehearsal is a big one, it’s the first time they are on the actual stage, mapping out exactly what they are planning on doing. We walk into the building, and Dre makes me wait to go into the auditorium until they come to a stopping point. When I finally walk in, Bruno is standing at the mic, directing the guys, making changes in what they just did, then he looks my way. “Booootaaaay!” He says, ripping his guitar off and throwing it at someone I can’t see. Then he’s running across the stage, and down the stairs, when he finally gets to me, he picks me up and spins me around. Then he kisses me, I swear the room is still spinning, but I know we have stopped, it’s just the kiss. “Oh God, I’ve missed you Lace,” he whispers against my lips. 



She leans in and kisses me again, “I missed you too Bru,” when I let her down a single tear is threatening to escape her eye. I wipe it away and take her in with my eyes, She’s wearing my favorite skirt, the one that earned her the name ‘Booty’, a white tank, jean jacket and a pair of chucks with bright pink shoelaces. “You ready to go say ‘Hi’ to everyone?” “Everyone? You mean they are all…here?” “Mmhmm,” I say grabbing her hand, leading her to the front. All the guys are sitting at the edge of the stage, playing on their phones. “Hey Bootyful,” Phil calls out to her. She lets go of my hand and gives him a hug. “Hey Phil, how’s Urbana and the kids?” “Great, you will see them tomorrow, now get over there and meet my boys family,” he laughs as he pushes her away.

My mom is the first to hug her, “Bernie, it’s so nice to finally meet you in person!” Mom kisses her cheek and whispers in her ear, causing Lacey to laugh. I’m pretty sure my mom will just take over and introduce her to my sisters so I step back and watch. Putting her hand on Lacey’s back she introduces her to Tahiti and Presley, Lacey’s shy about meeting new people and I’ve told my family that. They hug her and then Mom takes her over to Jamie, “I already know this lady, Ma. Now leave her alone before you overwhelm her!” Mom just turns and walks over to me while Lace hugs Jamie and Tiara. Presley says something that has them all busting up, she knows how to get shy people to open up.

“Well Brunito, she’s here,” “Finally, she’s finally here.” We talk for a few minutes and then I clear my throat. “Are you gonna stand over there talking to my sisters this whole time or are you gonna come back and give yo boy some attention?” She turns and looks at me, sticks her finger up to her lip and shushes me and turns back around! My sisters bust up laughing. After a second she skips over to me. “Hey guys!” She yells over my shoulder to the rest of the guys as she puts herself between my legs. “So how much longer are you gonna rehearse tonight?” I look down at my watch and then up to her lips. I can’t resist so I lean in and give her the lightest peck possible. “I think if we do one more run through we will be good for the night.”

He reaches around and pinches my butt, causing me to jump, kisses me real fast and gets up. “Hey guys let’s do one more run through and call it a night!” I walk back over to his sisters and mom while everyone is getting back to their spots. “What are they singing?” “You don’t know? Well if he hasn’t told you then it’s supposed to be a surprise, and I’m not giving it up,” Jamie says. Bruno looks at me and winks, “Okay guys we have a packed house, cameras are on us. Let’s fuck this stage up right quick,” Phil says into the mic. It takes me a minute but I figure out what they are playing. It’s the song he started at my mom’s house, I only know this because of the words, but everything else is completely different. It’s amazing! I grab Tiara’s hand and start dancing, soon all of us are acting like were at a concert.

When the songs over, we all scream our heads off, and Bruno tells the guys, “BBQ at my house tomorrow!” I walk to the edge of the stage as Bruno hands his guitar off, and walks down the stairs. 30 minutes later after we have said goodbye to everyone, we load into the car, Dre is driving and Bernie is sitting up front. Bruno wraps his arms around me and pulls me close whispering into my ear, “I can’t wait to get my hands on you,” his words send a tingle to my thighs. Bruno knows, I turn and put my lets over his and lean back into him. “I can’t wait for you to get other things on me,” I whisper back. “Dirty Birdie,” Dre says from the front seat, and we all start laughing. My face flushes, I swear I said that quiet enough, but apparently not.

Bernie is staying with Bruno while she is in town. When we pull up he says, “Ma, Lace and I are gonna go upstairs for a few.” He grabs my hand and leads me in, Dre following behind with my bag. “Dre, give me that! I’m sorry, I forgot about it.” Bruno grabs my bag and I follow him upstairs to his room. He closes the door and sets my bag down, I walk into the middle of the room and stop, taking it all in. Coming up behind me, he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses the back of my neck. “Now about that ‘other things’ you wanted me to put all over you.” I turn around and kiss him, “I missed these arms,” I say rubbing my hands up and down his arms. “Well don’t you worry about that, cause they aren’t leaving again anytime soon.”

His lips found mine again as he pulled my jacket off. We only broke our kiss each time long enough to shed a piece of clothing. Our hands reuniting with each other’s bodies and then his lips explored kissing my neck and shoulders. He picked me up, lifting me high enough that his mouth could find my breast. I gave a little shriek and swung my legs until they latched around him. I rubbed against him as hard as I could. Bruno loved monkey sex. “You ready for this?” “mmhmm,” I mumbled as I bit his earlobe. He moaned. And then he was inside me, deep inside me and he was staggering backwards to land in his chair, which tipped back for just a second. After a moment of surprise I began working my hips. It went on and on until I could feel the increased tension, the almost-there feeling of impending release. He lifted me up and flopped us on the bed, never leaving me. “Go hard,” I said urgently. “Oh Goooood.” Then I moaned so loud, my head falling back. “Oh Bruu,” I said, when my aftershocks were still rippling through me. The little vein in his forehead was starting to pop out, I knew he was close. In seconds he fell into the rhythm I knew meant he was there, “Oh fuuuuuck Laccccccccccce,” he gasped and gave me one last huge thrust followed by a sound that might be found only in the jungle.

After catching our breath, we jumped in the tub to wash up, threw on our swim suits and headed down stairs. The smell of mom’s cooking hit me hard, instantly my stomach started growling. “Listen to you, making all sorts of animal sounds tonight,” Lacey said, poking my ribs. “You wait till I turn tiger on you Booty,” I said wrapping my arms around her, burying my face in her breast. “Aaahhh, Stop Bruuu!” “Listen to you too, like a couple of high school kids,” Mom said throwing a grape at me. We sit down at the island and talk to her while she is cooking. “This is nice, sitting down and watching someone else cook,” Lacey says. “What my Brunito doesn’t cook for you?” “I wouldn’t call putting poptarts in the toaster cooking.” “Hey! I make cereal too!” Mom starts laughing, “Bruno always had me or his sisters to cook for him. I guess we spoiled him.” “Hey there’s nothing wrong with that! I love cooking for him too,” Lace said, leaning over to lay her head on my shoulder.

We ate and then Bernie said she was calling it a night. I made us both a drink and then we went outside to the pool. We climbed into the pool and just sat on the bottom stair, sitting between his legs, arms wrapped around me, this is where I belong, I miss his arms when he has to go out of town. I miss his smile, the way his whole face lights up when he sees me, his laugh. I told him all this sitting there in his pool, how much I loved him, how much he meant to me. After a little while he got up, and ran inside. I got up and wrapped a towel around me, heading inside to make another drink. “Lace, stay right there,” he called from his second story bedroom window. In a minute he came running back out. Grabbed my face and kissed me with an intensity that I didn’t know he had. He looked me in the eye, took my hands in his and lowered himself to his knees. 



I can’t believe I’m doing this. Actually I can, I planned on doing this, just not at this exact moment. “Lacey, I love you so much. Everything about you. I love how you fit into my arms, how you laugh at my jokes, and hog the bed. I love your horrible white girl dancing, your big ol’ booty, how your hair looks when you wake up in the morning. I love your, no, our routines, how no matter what time I come home, you’re always prepared to cook me a hot meal, or rub my back when I have a stressful day. I love our bubble bath talks. I love how you’ve raised your children to think for themselves and not judge too quickly. I look forward to the day we instill those same things in our future children. I love how you treat me like I’m a regular guy, how you bring me back down to earth and keep me there when my head starts to swell. I love how you look at me as ‘Bruno Hernandez’ and how you look at ‘Bruno Mars’ like two completely different men.” Tears are freely flowing down her face, the face of the woman I’m proposing to. “Baby, I love you so much. Without you I would be lost, you’ve helped me figure out who I am, who I want to be. You support every decision I make, even when you don’t agree, and when I’m wrong you’re there to hold my hand and help me fix my mistakes. Lace, I can’t imagine life without you,” pulling the ring out of the waist band in my shorts, I hold it up, take a deep breath and say, “Will you marry me?”

My hands are clamped so tight over my mouth, I’m crying like a fool, there is no way I can form words to answer. The only thing I can manage is a nod of my head. Bruno stands up, takes my face in his hands kissing me. When we break the kiss, he says, “You will! You will marry me?” His eyes are lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. “Yes, Bruno. I will, there is nothing I would rather do actually,” I say through tears, my voice distorted with emotion. Again, he picks me up, spins me around and screams, “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” When he lets me down, he slips the ring off his finger and onto mine. Bruno knows me well, it’s a simple ring, probably 1 carat, princess cut, with 4 little diamonds trailing along both sides of the band.


The first thing I do when I wake up is look at my hand, yep ring is there! I turn my head to look at my handsome fiancé, whom is awake and smiling at me. “Morning beautiful,” he says kissing my neck. “MMMMM, morning Bru, what time is it?” “9, but by New York time, you’re sleeping the day away! Come on, we have a million people coming over for the BBQ.” I groan and pull myself out of bed, after peeing, brushing my teeth and hair, I head down stairs. Bruno is sitting at the island, talking to Bernie. She’s making him bacon and eggs. “Morning Momma,” I say hugging her. “You know Brunito, I’m sure that the whole block knows both yours and Lacey’s name after last night.” “Oh My God, I’m so sorry Bernie,” I say, tears are forming in my eyes. “Lace, show my mom your hand,” Bruno says as he gets up and walks towards me.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus, Brunito you did it? I thought you were gonna wait till today,” Mom is fanning her face, tears threatening to spill. She wraps Lacey and I in a hug. “I’m so happy for you both.” When she pulls away she wraps both of her arms around me, kisses my cheek and squeezes me tight. “Wait, you knew about this?” Lacey, says as she takes a seat. “Mom and I went shopping yesterday, we were trying to pass time before you got here, and we were talking about you. Then we past a jewelry store, and I said ‘Mom, let’s go in, I’m ready to take the next step’ I never thought twice, I actually couldn’t wait any longer.” “Awe, Bru. I love you so much, I’m glad you didn’t wait longer. Although, I would have waited forever for you.” When I lift her hand up and kiss her fingertips, my mom gasps. “What Mom, are you okay?” “Oh Bruno, Your father used to do that to me when we were first dating.” “Pops used to kiss your fingertips?” “Yeah, but I think he stopped before you were born, you are a Peter after all,” she reaches across the island and pats my hand. “I love you Mom.”

“What are we doing for this BBQ Bruno, do we need food or do you already have everything?” “Ryan is making his Bruh Bruh Burgers. Everyone else is bringing something. I’m just supplying alcohol and the house!” “I’m cooking too, don’t you worry Lacey, you just sit back and have fun, this will be like a little engagement party for you two,” Bernie adds. “If this is a party for us, them fools better be bringing me some good stuff then, I want presents!” “Bruno, you are such a kid sometimes,” I say shaking my head, “I’m gonna go upstairs and get actual clothes on, and maybe do something with my hair.”

Instead, I lie down on the bed and call my mom. She’s so excited I can hardly get a word in. “Mom, I’m gonna go, we’re having a lot of people over today and I need to get around. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you.” Bruno walks in a few minutes later and throws himself at me. “Baby we gotta get to the liquor store,” this only sends him into belting out his song. He suddenly stops, when I’m changing my shirt. “Baby, Baby, wait come here,” he says, coming towards me with his arms out. “Them boobies, they would win the Miss America Booby Competition, if there were such a thing,” he says, taking one of them in his mouth. “Bru,” I gasped. “Bru, people are gonna be here soon, you have things to do before they get here.” I’m trying to push him off of me but it’s not working, instead, he bends down and picks me up, carrying me to the bed. He slowly lowers me onto the bed climbing between my legs, all the while kissing and biting my neck, and shoulders. “I’ll call Dre and have him take care of it,” he says, letting his mouth explore lower. I grab his chin and pull him back up, “NO, You won’t, you said YOU would do it, it’s our responsibility to take care of it, not Dre’s! Get up, get dressed and let’s go take care of this, then maybe we will have time to take care of that,” I say pointing to the bulge in his pants, “before everyone gets here.” I kiss him one more time and push him up. 



I managed to throw clothes on and drag Bruno to the liquor store. The amount of alcohol we bought was unreal, but I guess when you have around 50 people coming that’s how much you need. “Booty, we should not tell anyone about your ring, and see how many people notice.” “Okay, Bru, but you know, your Mom is gonna tell everyone.” “We’ll have her keep it a secret.” When we get back we fill Bernie in on our plan. Then we sneak upstairs for a quickie. Minutes after we are finished, someone is banging on the bedroom door, “Open the mother fucking door, nigga.” Phil. I run to the bathroom, and hear Bruno open the door, “What the fuck are you doing, opening the door wrapped in a blanket? Have you lost your mind?” “What are you doing, banging on my door, like you’re the police?” They both start laughing hysterically. “But really doe, we all showin up and you up here getting your dick wet.” I have to cover my mouth to keep them from hearing me laughing at them. “Give me 5 minutes, I’ll be down.” And he slams the door.

“Booty, everyone is showing up, we gotta go down,” “Bru, I just heard Phil tell you that, why are you acting like you’re delivering me some great message?” I can’t help but smile, wrapping my arms around her waist, I say, “You’re feeling feisty today huh? Don’t think just cause I put that ring on your finger you can get a big head,” I says kissing her neck. “Your head is big enough for the both of us B,” she smacks my butt and then walks away. Slips on her bikini and a dress and then heads down stairs.

“Lacey! Hey girl!” Urbana is coming towards me with the cutest little girl in her arms. “This must be, Zaima! Look at you pretty girl,” I say, twirling one of her curls in my hand. Urbana snatches my hand away, looking at my ring, “Is this what I think it is?” Her voice is getting a little loud, “Shhh, we’re trying to keep it a secret for a little bit, see who all notices,” I say putting my finger up to my lips. She smacks her hand over her mouth, trying to keep herself from getting excited. “This is gonna kill me,” she says jumping up and down. All of the sudden, Phil comes and takes the baby out of her arms, “What are you crazy girls talking about now?” Bruno walks up behind me, and lifts my hand, “I’m assuming this is what we are talking about right?” Before I know it, Phil has Bruno and me and Urbana wrapped into a big group hug and somehow we are all jumping and screaming.

“Ok, y’all are crazy,” Presley says, coming over to us, “What are we getting excited for?” “Umm, nothing!” We all scratch our heads and walk away, “Jerks!” The rest of the day goes amazing, Bruno and Phil were standing by the pool, and I managed to push them both in effortlessly. They got me back later. After we ate, Bruno stood up on his chair and yelled out to get everyone’s attention. “Hey everyone, I just want to say how much I love and preshiate every single one of you.” “Brunz gettin emotional,” someone yelled out. “Okay shit guys, look, I just wanted to tell you that Lace and I are engaged! That is all, now get back to the party!” Everyone clapped and cheered for us, and then we got swarmed by his sisters.       

Eventually everyone except his sisters and Eric left. The girls were gonna hang out for a while tonight and we were gonna do mani/pedis and facials to get ready for the VMA’s. “Lace, have you played for my mom yet?” Jamie asked. “No, I haven’t had a chance to since I got here,” I looked up at Bruno, I haven’t noticed a piano anywhere in the house, but then I haven’t really seen the whole house yet. “Where is your piano Bru?” “It’s down stairs, it’s only a keyboard, I’m going to have to buy a better one and put it up here, so you can play when you want to Booty. I’ll go get it and bring it up.” He kissed me and headed down stairs. “I’ve never seen Bruno act like this with any girl he’s ever dated,” Tiara said. “That’s cause, Lacey is different than all those other girls, I changed when I met my wife too, he’s happy, and he’s over that whole play boy thing,” Eric said. “Eric, that’s so sweet,” “It’s the truth, you make him happy, you call him on his bullshit. Not a lot of girls would do that. They would let him get away with murder because of who he is,” Eric’s usually always pretty silly, so this was a big surprise for me. Usually he’s just giving me a hard time or making fun of me. “I love you like a little sister Lace, and I’m glad Bruno met you.” “Hey now, here I come, y’all better stop talking crap before I hear you,” Bruno says coming up the stairs. Eric gets up and helps him, “Thanks Bro, this was heavier than I thought,” He says catching his breath.

They sit the keyboard on the coffee table and plug it in, I started playing Moonlight Sonata. It was one of Bruno’s favorites, and every time I played it, I remembered the first day we spent together, our first kiss, I look up from my hands to Bruno. He was watching my eyes, when our eyes locked, we both broke into a smile. “Ok Booty, play our song, I don’t think anyone in this room besides you and I have heard it.” I start playing, and after a bit, Bruno starts singing ‘Forever Is Never Too Long.’ When we’re done, Bernie and the girls have tears in their eyes. “Where did that come from Brunito?” “Lacey, was playing it one day, and the words just started coming, I called Phil over and we wrote it, Lacey came up with the music.” “Alright you guys make me sick, I’m heading home,” Eric said laughing, he got up and hugged Bruno, kissed Bernie, and high fived the rest of us girls. “See you in a couple hours, Bro,” Bruno called out as he headed for the door.

After a few minutes his sisters all headed home to grab stuff for tonight. I asked Bernie to sing for me, Bruno is always telling me how great she is. He was right, she has a jazzy voice, it shocked me, before she started singing I assumed that she would sing like Bruno, but it’s so different than his. “That was amazing Bernie.” We play around for a little bit longer, Bernie and Bruno singing back and forth. “Well I guess I better get heading to Jamie’s house,” Bernie says getting up. She is watching all the kids tonight so the girls can come hang out.

I followed Bruno upstairs, watching him get around, he was singing and dancing all over the place. “Booty, you sure you’ll be alright tonight?” “Bruno, stop! I’m a big girl. I think I can handle hanging out with your sisters and pamper myself,” I say throwing myself down on the bed, “Are you sure, you will be alright tonight?” He looks at me and smiles his mischievous smile, he strokes his chin for a second and then says, “ Are you kidding me, you’re talking to Bruno Mars. This pimp can handle anything,” out the side of his mouth. He climbs in between my legs and kisses me, “Well just remember, what you have waiting for you at home, pimp,” I grab his shirt and pull him back in, losing myself in his kiss.