Chapter 24

12/03/2012 16:58

Ok guys this chapter is from Bruno's POV coz I felt like it's better to write it that way... Enjoy! :)


The last 2 months were pretty crazy. So much happened. We're putting songs together in record time and had sessions with other artists in other studios every week. Bana got the baby 5 weeks ago and I want Phil to have time for them as much as possible, so I'm in the studio like 24/7. I hate that I couldn't keep what I promised Caro but she takes it very well. Especially because 2 days after the show she'll fly to Germany again to help her Mom and then she gonna come back with her niece. I'd love to accompany her but I can't afford staying away for 2 weeks, maybe for 1 but the flights are too expensive. But her Mom considers coming to visit us at Christmas. I wanna go to Hawaii, now that I can pay for the flights and her mom could come with us. Just thinking about seeing all my fam again makes me all excited, I already know what I'm gonna present everybody.

Caro at least didn't have much time as well because of the MJ show. It's not the biggest event she organised but some problems came up she had to deal with. Two sponsors called off and it looked like they didn't have enough money then but luckily Jaime got in as the main sponsor. They got like best friends and Jaime now always tells me to treat her right. I just love that my 2 women work together. The bad thing is they see each other more than I see them. I guess that's my fate. At least I see them today. It's 4 days before the show and all the acts showed up and we're about to do a run through. It makes me incredible proud seeing Caro bossing everyone around, she has the total control and everybody does what she says. Yesterday night she was the complete opposite. It was one of the rare evenings we spent together and she was so nervous about today. I had to calm her down and hold her in my arms the whole night. When I watch her now acting all so professional I just love her more. I'm the only one who knows her 2 sides and both are amazing. I feel so lucky to found her.

"Ok everyone we have a break now for 40 minutes. Be back in time!" Caro yells and everyone gets up and heads outside. I walk towards her when I see a guy stepping beside her. I didn't see him performing with one of the bands, but he carries a guitar case. They hug tightly and she smiles at him, but not with her business smile, it's like she knows him better. I frown on this a bit. I'm not jealous it's just I don't expect her to smile like that now. Anyways I'm gonna stay cool.

"Hey darling, I'm starving. You wanna grab some food with me quick?" I ask and wrap my arms around her.

She tenses up a bit like she's uncomfortable that I hug her. "Erm yeah..." She turns her head towards this guy and I let her go. "You wanna come with us?" Why is she asking him? I'd like to spend some one-on-one time with my girl and not with this random dude, dressed all in black and with this short braided strand of hair. Why is he even here?

"Yeah sure." He answers. Great! There go my 30 private minutes with her. 

"Nice." She smiles at him big. Can she please stop that now?! I cough lightly and she turns to me again. "Oh yeah, by the way this is Bruno my boyfriend." By the way is she fucking kidding me? She puts her hand on my shoulder and points to him. "And this is Kenji. He plays guitar and I know him for aaaages." She starts giggling at the last 2 words. He smirks too. What the fuck? 

I shake his hand shortly and greet him back. "For ages hm? So why didn't I meet you earlier?"

"Oh cause he was touring all over Europe with this Indie band. He just came back some days ago." We start to walk outside slowly and she continues. "But they are a little bit weird and he backed out. He likes to play in another band, who plays more mainstream-like." She takes my hand and squeezes it lightly. I look at her and see her gazing at me with big eyes. What does she mean? No! She don't want me to get this dude in my band?! No way!

I mumble and nod lightly. "Hmhm... Well we don't need a guitarist but if I hear something I'll tell you..."

"Okay... thanks." He says back. "I watch you performing and I really like how you imitate Michael. There are not many who can do it so authentic." He grins at Caro. "You didn't lie at all. He's really good." She smiles back big. What the fuck is going on here? Who is this guy? They obviously met or phoned the last days if they could talk about me. But she didn't mention him with one word.   

"Thanks." I'm not really in the mood talking to him. "I'm doin this for the last 10 years, so I gotta do it well somehow..." 

She grins a bit at me but immediately turns to Kenji again. "You know he's always so humble and doesn't brag all over the place with his skills." Why she gives him so much attention? It's like she wanna impress him how good and talented I am. "But now tell me more about the tour. Where have you been? What did you see? I wanna know everything!"

Kenji smirks and starts telling us. When I hear him talking about all this touring I feel how much I want to do that too. I hope some day I'm able to tour the world with my own songs. There's nothing more I wanna do. Slowly I start to like him. He's different to me, calm and serious, but how he sees things is really interesting. The 40 minutes go by fast and we go back. Caro instantly turns back into her bossy role again. Kenji soon leaves and we exchange numbers. Before he goes he says goodbye to Caro extensively. Eric even looks at me with a raised eyebrow when he sees that they hug several times and kiss on each other's cheek. I just shrug with my shoulder like it's nothing. But inside I tense, I so can't wait to ask her later about him. 


"Oh god I can't believe you're jealous of Kenji." She says laughing on our way back to my flat.

"I'm not jealous! I just wanna know from where you know him..." 

She laughs more and strokes over my cheek. "There's nothing to worry baby. He's just a good friend!" 

I back my head a bit so she can't touch it anymore. "Why can't you just tell me?" I'm slightly annoyed.

"It's a long story..."

"I got time..."

"Since when do YOU have time?" She breaths out sighing halfly. 

"Don't you start like this now!"

"I didn't start anything! You are the one getting angry over nothing. Do I ask about every girl you know how you met her? No! Because I don't wanna spend the less time we had the last weeks with talking about other people. Plus I trust you. Maybe you should trust me too."

"I DO trust you. Is it so bad that I wanna know about him. I mean you haven't seen him for some time but when you hugged and smiled at each other it seemed like you were pretty near..."

"Hm... cause we ARE near. Like I said he's a good friend, I know him now for 8 years..."

"Okay... you fucked?"

"Oh god Bruno. I won't say anything more about this topic now."

"So that means he fucked you! Great! You wanted me to get him in my band! I can't believe that!"

She opens her mouth but shuts it after 2 seconds again. The whole rest of the drive she stays silent. Damn! Why is she making it such a secret? I didn't want it to get a big deal when I asked about him. This turned out totally wrong. 

We arrive at my flat where she parked her car earlier. It was planned that she sleeps here and drives to work tomorrow with her car. But when we got out instead of walking with me to the door, she heads to the opposite side.

"Hey! Where ya goin?" 

She turns around but keeps walking. "To my car. I don't wanna stay here if we just keep on arguing..."

I sigh and run after her. "Babe. I don't wanna argue as well. Please stay!"

"Only if you promise me that you stop asking about Kenji!" She says sternly.

"I promise!"

She looks at me with doubt leaning her head a bit to the side.

I take her hand and repeat. "I promise, really!"

"Okay." She finally says and I pull her close to me kissing her.

We go back slowly. "I'm sorry. I think I'm just stressed so much..."

"I know Bru, I know. You work hard..." She strokes over my hair resting her hand on the backside of my neck, playing with some of my curls. "I love you."

"I love you too." I say back and glance over to her smiling. "And I miss spending time with you. You know what... After the show. the 2 days you gonna be here before you fly to Germany, we go the park near the studio and just stay there the whole afternoon like we did before we got together. You remember?"

"Of course! How could I ever forget this! This is my favorite song you perform cause it's about me. Well at least most of it..."

"I gonna write a whole song only about you, soon. When I got a little bit more time..."

She only smiles lightly. I know she doesn't believe that, but I'm gonna surprise her, if only I would have more time...

We walk into my flat and I turn on the TV. There's nothing good, so we decide to watch a DVD. Of course I want to see Dumb and dumber and as always Caro agrees if we watch afterwards Love actually. Well I won't let it come so far but I let her think so. The first movie is almost at the end when my phone rings. I look at it, it's my dad and I pause the movie. 

I answer the call with Hey dad. While I'm talking Caro stands up and goes to the bathroom. When she gets back, I already finished the call. I stand up and take her hand smiling big at her.

"What's up?" She asks curiously. 

I hug her tight. "I'm so happy, baby. My dad just told me he gonna come to LA tomorrow! He got a spontaneous offer for a job next week and he decided to come earlier. So he can visit Eric, Jaime and me." I smile even more. "I'm gonna see my dad again after 2 years! And he gonna see me perform with my band! And most of all he gonna meet YOU!"

I see her swallowing. "That's wonderful!" She says and I hug her again. He so gonna love her!



He's so happy and smiles from ear to ear. l'm happy for him too, but I'm always nervous when I meet parents. The last time is 6 years ago and went terrible. He hugs me again. Luckily he can't see my face then! We're now together for 5 months. One day that has to happen... but so soon? He's coming tomorrow. Oh shit! I so hope he likes me!