Chapter 24

21/03/2012 20:27

Tonight was one of the best nights I’ve ever had. We left the theme park around 10 pm. Phil drove all of us home. He first dropped off Katie then Amy and Jo. On our way to take me home, I was drifting on and off to sleep while I leaned my head against the car window. I started thinking about Bruno’s first day in Hawaii and if he is thinking about me. 
I haven’t thought about him all day. Well, there were moments when he crossed my mind. One moment was when we got soaked in Splash Mountain. We took a group photo with Mickey Mouse dripping wet in our clothes. We just forgot to change into our bathing suits beforehand. We basically spent the whole day in our bathing suits. Brody took a group photo of us and said “Oh Bruno is going to flip!” Phil made a face as to say “Shut up dude!” They both looked at me to check if I got upset of their mention of Bruno. I just stared back at them emotionless. 
I kept looking out the car window. Brody and Ari were going through the photos they took. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Brody mouthing something to Ari that I could’ve sworn had to do with Bruno. I lifted my head towards the guys and saw Brody sending copies of photos to Bruno. Before I could react, I realized I was already home. 
Phil, Ari, and Brody walked me to my front door. “Let’s hope your dad doesn’t go psycho like the last time.” Phil said. We got to the door and as soon as I unlocked it, my dad was near the door, waiting for me. I tried to smile and to greet me dad. He didn’t look impressed. My mom walked into the living room while we entered the house. She smiled and greeted me and the guys. “So did you guys have fun?” my mom asked. She offered the guys some drinks and tried to be a good hostess while my dad sat on his recliner, eyeing the guys. “My wife told me all about you three.” Dad said, suspiciously. We all looked at one another in nervousness. I sighed and groaned. I knew where this was going. “Dad, please don’t-,” “So how is Bruno doing in Hawaii?” Dad said ‘Hawaii’ like it was Neverland. I looked at my mom for help. She tried to intervene but didn’t succeed. 
“He’s doing ok I guess.” Said Phil, standing his ground. “But I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss this subject right now.” Phil turned towards me and realized the sadness that was oozing through me. Ari and Brody realized it too. “Maybe we should go.” Brody suggested. We looked at my dad once more and saw suspicion in his eyes. 
We all got up and went outside to Phil’s van. I hugged each guy and thanked them for the day out. They even hugged my mom, who also thanked them for ‘bringing light to my daughter’s eyes again’. We all smiled when she said that. They then shook my dad’s hand, just to be polite. “Tell Bruno I say ‘hi’!” my dad called out while Phil started the engine. 
Once they drove away, I rushed inside the house, fuming with anger. “Why did you do that?!” I asked, loud and angry to my father. “Why did you even bring up Bruno?!” I started to cry. Mom tried to put her arm around me for comfort, but I moved out of her way. “Today was such a great day! I didn’t spend my whole day thinking about him! I was having fun and being happy and now you ruined it!” Dad just walked toward his recliner, just letting every word just fall onto the floor. 
“How do I know you’re not just lying to me.” my dad said, turning on the TV. “How do I know Bruno is really in Hawaii? How do I know you just spent your whole day with him, and using your friends as decoys?” I shook my head in disbelief. Tears flowing down my cheeks. “How could you say that?! HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT?!” I yelled. “He is in Hawaii! He is with his family! Why would I spend my evenings crying myself to sleep if he was still in LA?!” My dad looked down at the TV remote. I was getting to him but I didn’t care anymore. “You just keep pushing and pushing me away when the only man I love is across the Pacific Ocean and my own father can’t even support his only daughter?!” I ran up the stairs to my room and slammed the door. 
I fell onto the bed and sobbed. I could hear my parents arguing again downstairs. I grabbed my phone, aching to hear Bruno’s comforting voice. Instead I texted Katie: “Can we do something tomorrow? I can skip work for the day. I need another day out.”