Chapter 25-28

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Chapter 25 Part 1

The next day, Katie gathered me and the girls to spend the day at the beach. Before going, we met up with Brody, Phil and Ari for breakfast. “Girl, I’m so sorry about last night.” Phil said. We told the girls what happened last night then after I told them what happened with me and my dad. Everyone was quiet. “When will your dad be accepting?” Jo asked. I shrugged. “I guess I just need to be patent. Once it’s August and I move out, perhaps it will open my dad’s eyes and he will change his perspective.” I think everyone was expecting me to mention something about Bruno in that sentence, but I’ve been trying not to speak about him. 
I decided to change the subject. “So when are you guys leaving for your trip?” Again, I didn’t mention the “H” word: Hawaii. “We’re leaving next Monday.” Brody said. “We’ll arrive there before 4th of July.” I looked down at my food. I really wished they could take me with them. “Are you ok, sweetie?” Ari asked me. I looked up at them and they saw my tears. I quickly tried to wipe them away. “I just miss him.” I said quietly. “I can’t stop missing him.” Phil nodded. “Don’t worry, I bet you anything he’s missing you too.”

After breakfast, the girls and I prepared to head to the beach. We said our final goodbyes to the guys. They were planning to spend the rest of the week with their families and finishing up errands they needed to do before they leave. Phil pulled me aside. “You know girl, you can always call me if there’s anything you need. I know you just have your girlfriends here, but if you need a big brother to lean on, I’m here.” I smiled and gave him a hug. “Thanks bro.” I said. 
Once we got to the beach, the girls dashed out of Katie’s car while I sat inside. I opened the car door slowly and looked to the ocean. Bruno was out there across the Pacific. “Come on!” Jo yelled out at me. “Get your ass in the water!” I walked towards the girls and entered the water. I let both my feet in first. I didn’t want to push myself in. I wanted to swim out and keep swimming until I reached Bruno. “Are you ok?” Amy asked. I turned around and the three of them looked back at me with worry on their faces. The beach fell silent, but it was all in my mind. I looked back at the direction of Hawaii then back at the girls. Then I remembered about Bruno’s hickey. “Is it still there? The mark on my neck?” I felt faint and cold. The girls looked at one another, confused. “I’m sorry, but it’s not there anymore. It faded away.” Amy said, sadly. I knew it. Before, I told myself that when Bruno’s love mark faded, then I had to finally move on and try to enjoy the rest of the summer without him.
The beach waves were hitting our bodies. “Maybe this was a bad idea.” Amy said. “Let’s go-,” But before she could finish her sentence, I turned and started to swim towards Hawaii.


Chapter 25 Part 2

The girls dragged me back to the beach. When I started swimming out, the girls panicked. “What the hell were you trying to do?!” Katie asked outraged. I laid on the sand, keeping my composure. “She was swimming to Hawaii.” Jo responded in a low whisper. “I knew we shouldn’t have come.” Amy repeated. “Let’s just leave now.” Katie demanded. They started walking towards the parking lot. I looked back at the ocean and groaned. “Look I’m sorry.” I called out. The girls turned around. “I just freaked, ok? I miss Bruno much but I know I need to just try to move on.” Katie inspected me. “Will you try to relax?” I nodded my head. “Bruno said he wanted me to enjoy my summer with you guys so that’s what I’ll do.” “Are you sure you can stay sane for the rest of the summer?” Jo asked. I sighed. “I promise you guys. I will try not to think about Bruno for the rest of the summer, ok?”

Bruno’s POV
It was Friday afternoon. Mom was out at the grocery store buying the food for the BBQ tonight. Eric was out in the backyard preparing the grill. “You can sit this one out.” Eric told me this morning. “You have a lot on your mind right now and you are so distracted, you might burn the house down.” 
I stayed inside the house. My nephews ran around the house while my sisters stood in the kitchen gossiping and preparing a few side dishes. I went to the guest room and checked my phone for some messages. Phil sent me a few photos from their trip to Disneyland. Just looking at her smile lifted my spirit. It’s almost been over a week since we last spoke. I looked over the photos and the last text message was from Phil. “She’s doing great. We had so much fun. Perhaps you can join us next time. Oh, and try to enjoy your summer. You will be back in LA in no time. The guys and I will be coming next week so we’ll see you soon.”

Soon it was already the evening. My mother’s family was over at the house. My relatives would come up to me and Eric and asked about how we were doing, just catching up. I kept my answers to the minimal. “Oh don’t mind Bruno,” Tahiti said to one of my cousins. “He’s recovering from a broken heart.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. 
I went inside the house, away from the people and the noise. I snuck into the guest room and just when I was about to close the door, I heard a familiar voice. “You can’t outrun your Uncle John!” I turned around and Uncle John was in the hallway, with a big grin on his face. 
“Hey.” I greeted him. I slowly sat on the bed while Uncle John entered the guest room and closed the door behind him. “Wow Bruno, I haven’t seen you this down-in-the-dumps since you were in high school.” I shrugged and leaned back on the bed. “Bruno,” Uncle John said, getting himself prepared for hearing my problem. “you can tell me what’s been going on.” I straighten myself up on the bed. I was getting nervous but this was my Uncle John for crying out loud! I was able to open myself up about so many topics. “Are you sure, Uncle John?” I asked, killing time. “Bruno, no matter what, I will help you in any way.” 
Then I told him everything. I told him about meeting her in my classroom. I explained about how different and mature she was. I explained the struggles we were having because of her parents and our age difference. I tried to avoid eye contact with my uncle but from what I could tell, he didn’t look happy. Finally, I explained why I moved up my trip. 
Uncle John had his hand over his mouth in deep thought with a hint of shock. “She was a student of yours.” Uncle John said, trying to put the pieces together. “But nothing happened during the school year?” “I swear to you nothing happened.” I said. “We kept our distance but yet we had mutual feelings towards each other.” 
“But she was a student! Your student!” Uncle John exclaimed. “I understand why her father reacted the way he did.” Uncle John got up from the bed and started to pace back and forth in deep thought. “Uncle John, you said I could come to you with my dilemma.” I said, pleading. “I need your advice with this and how to tell my family.” 
“I don’t know about this.” Uncle John said. “I would say tell your dad first, and then tell your mom.” I nodded in understanding. “But Bruno I just don’t know how or why,” His voice trailed off. He was just confused about this whole thing. “I love her, Uncle John. I’ve never felt this way before.” He looked at me with a sad smile on his face. 
I then remembered I saved the photos of her on my phone. “See? Isn’t she just the sweetest girl?” I gave him my phone and as he looked at each photo, a smile would appear on his face. “She is lovely Bruno, but isn’t she too young for you?” “Only by 8 years.” I responded. “Can you support me, Uncle John? Help me try to get though to my family about this?” Uncle John sighed. “I’ll have to think about this, Bruno. I hope you know how much trouble you can get into just for this girl.”


Chapter 26

Bruno’s POV

The next day, I called up my dad. “Oh hey Bruno! I heard you came home a week early. Wanna come by this afternoon? Bring along Eric.” “Uh I rather come by myself.” I said clearing my throat. “There’s some things I want to talk to you about.”
“Is everything ok, Bruno? Do you need me to help bail you out of some trouble?” Dad sounded concerned like how Uncle John was. “It’s nothing major, dad,” I said. “I just need your advice and your guidance about a situation I’m in.” I sighed, thinking about what my dad’s reaction would be.

After we set up a time to meet up, I go into the kitchen where Tahiti was feeding the boys. She stayed the night, saying the boys wanted to spend the day with me. I had promised I would take them to the beach once I came back to Hawaii. “And don’t be moping around.” Tahiti said, packing the boys’ backpack. “Just try to clear your head and enjoy your time here.” I didn’t answer her back, knowing she was right. I nodded and smiled at the boys while they ran up and hugged me. I needed to put on my brave face for my nephews.

While at the beach, I sat close to the boys. We made a sandcastle and I really felt at ease. I looked towards the setting sun. She would’ve had loved this. Ok I need to clear my mind off of her. 
I brought along a small beach ball and the boys and I were playing catch along the shore. A young woman, about in her early 20s, walked by us. She smiled while watching Zyah chase after the ball. “They are so cute! Are they yours?” I didn’t want to be rude. “My nephews.” Is all I responded. She smiled at us and nodded. “Well they are lucky to have a great uncle like you.” I didn’t know how to respond to her flirting but thank goodness Zyah started to get cranky. I smiled politely. “Uh oh, I guess we better go.”

On the drive home, I thought about how I had a chance to flirt back with that lady. Somehow, thanks to Zyah, I realized where my path takes me and it takes me to my girlfriend. I said a quiet prayer while I continued to drive. I hope my dad can understand to my dilemma. 
After I dropped off the boys at Tahiti’s house, I made my way to dad’s house. I was surprised to see him waiting for me on the porch swing. He greeted me with a smile and a hug. “Missed you, son!” He exclaimed. We went inside the house and I held my breath.

“So tell me about your problem.” Dad said. He gave me a glass of Pepsi. I took a sip to calm my nerves. We sat at the dining table. “Dad, it’s about this girl.” Dad smiled. “Oh yes! The girls told me you just got out of a relationship.” 
“She was a student of mine.” I just spit it out. My dad’s face turned to shock. “I waited until she graduated to make my move.” I quickly told him everything and how Phil convinced me to move my trip up. 
The more I explained, the worse my father’s expression got. “Bruno, I just can’t believe you.” he said after I told him everything. “You can’t keep this going on. I recommend leaving that school district. Or perhaps move back here. You can find a job here before August.” I was shocked he would think like this.
“I can’t just leave her! I love her! And she just turned 18 and will be moving out in August when she starts college.” “But she was your student, Peter!” My dad said. Using my birth name was never a good sign. “What happens if her dad does go to the school board? Even if you said y’all got together after graduation, her dad still can convince the school board to terminate you and you may be even arrested if he files charges!” 
Even though my dad was right, I just wished he could be on my side. “Have you told your mom yet?” I shook my head. “I’m planning on telling her later.” “Peter,” Dad said, looking into my eyes. “Your mom will not take this easy. I don’t think you should tell her.” “But I want to.” I said. “I promised my girlfriend that I will tell you guys and-,” “But I don’t think this is a good idea.” Dad said, interrupting me. “I love her.” I repeated.
“Peter,” Dad said. “Are you sure you are in love with this girl?” I nodded. “With all my heart.” Dad sighed. “You are a grown man, with a career and you make your own money. I don’t like how this is going for you. I don’t agree with your decision but I’ll try to support you in any way.” I smiled and hugged him. “But Bruno,” Dad said in his serious and stern voice. “Your mom will not like this one bit. And your sisters will not take the news well. Don’t tell them and whatever happens when you go back to Los Angeles, stay out of trouble.”


Chapter 27

Bruno’s POV

After I came home, I called Phil and told him how my week was. I told him about my talks with Uncle John and my dad. “What do you think, Phil?” I asked. “I shouldn’t tell my mom?” I could imagine Phil on the other line, pondering the question. “I think wait until like the last few days of the trip.” Phil answered. “Just lay low, try to enjoy your time with your family, and afterwards, prepare what you will say to your mom.” 
That seemed like a good idea. “So,” I couldn’t help mentioning. “How is she doing?” Phil laughed. “Dude! Don’t worry about her. She’s doing great. We had breakfast the other day.” I smiled. “I was thinking of texting her or calling her to let her know how it’s going over here. I also want to tell her how Uncle John and my dad reacted.” 
“Dude, you shouldn’t text her!” Phil said. “Go the romantic route and write her a letter. A heartfelt letter.” That was such a great idea! “Yeah,” Phil continued. “like handwrite it, don’t type. Make it long and detailed. She’ll love it and she will keep that letter for the rest of her life!”

That night, I started my letter. Eric left mom’s house to stay with his wife in a hotel, so I had complete privacy. I laid back on the bed against my headboard, and thought about how to start my letter. I smiled to myself when I wrote the first paragraph.

For the next 3 days, I would write a little at a time. I also participated with my family and activities. I was starting to feel better. I even bought a disposable camera. I would take pictures of me and my family having fun. I thought it would be a treat to add the photos along with my letter. “That’s such a sweet idea.” My mom said. The girls just rolled their eyes. We went to the park on the first day. On the second day, we went to a luau. The third day, we all went to the beach and then the zoo.

After the third day, I’ve completed my letter. I folded it up and placed it in an envelope. The next day, I plan on developing the photos and mailing them out soon. I placed the envelope inside a book in the drawer beside my bed. I wanted to make sure no one will find it. 
That night, for the first time in a long time, I finally was able to fall asleep fast and sound. I just had a good feeling about everything.


Chapter 28


Bruno’s POV

I was walking down the school’s hallway. The lights were off and the halls were empty. The sound of my footsteps echoed throughout the place. I was looking in every classroom. I didn’t know what I was looking for until I heard her giggling. 
My heart started to pound fast. She’s here! I started to follow the sound. I missed her terribly. I looked ahead and saw her shadow running down the hall. I hurried along, jogging then running towards her. Then in a classroom, she called out my name. 
I slowly walked into the classroom. I recognized it as my classroom. She took my breath away. She was sitting on my desk, smiling a very naughty smile. “Hello Mr. Hernandez.” She said in a seductive tone. She was wearing a schoolgirl uniform: tight white button up shirt, very short plaid skirt, and knee-high socks. She looked so appetizing. 
“Did you miss me?” She asked, whispering. I couldn’t help myself. I reached over and gave her a long and passionate kiss. I ran my fingers through her hair. I traced my fingers along her body. When my hand reached her skirt, she laughed. She leaned her head against my ear and whispered “I’m not wearing panties.” 
My eyes grew wide as I placed my hand under the skirt. No panties at all. I inserted my fingers inside her. She was already wet. Her head threw back while I pleasured her. She whispered my name soft and slowly. She came so much, her wetness spilled all over my desk. “I gotta taste you.” I whispered in her ear. 
I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them. I missed her taste so bad. I lowered myself to be eye level with her pussy. I raised the skirt higher. I licked gently while she shivered. She pulled my hair while I inserted my tongue inside her. “Oh Bruno!” She gasped. Her breathing increased while I moved my tongue in circular motions. She came again, this time in my mouth. 
I licked it all up and stood up. I kissed her while she helped me undo my belt buckle. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered. I just couldn’t help myself. I jammed my dick inside her and fucked her with all my might. She screamed while pulling on my shirt. “BRUNO! OH GOD!” She screamed. 
I thrust harder and faster. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how she felt inside. Sweat was dripping down my face. I wanted to stop, just so I could take my shirt off. But I couldn’t, not now. She came for me again. I sighed at the rush of her wetness hitting against my body.
“My turn.” I whispered. I continued to pleasure her when all of a sudden, she started to laugh. I couldn’t figure out why she was laughing. I ignored it and kept my rhythm going. I kissed her neck but she kept laughing. I made eye contact with her. “Oh my God, what is he doing?!” she cried out. I was so confused. Suddenly, I felt her fading away. I couldn’t feel her. I couldn’t feel anything.

My body jolted awake. I was covered in sweat, my heart was racing. I was not alone. I turned my body and saw Ari, Phil, Brody, Eric, and my good friend, Ryan, laughing their fucking heads off. 
Phil and Ryan were crying with laughter. Ari was on the ground, holding his stomach and laughing uncontrollably. Eric sat at the edge of my bed, his face in his hands, laughing and crying with joy at the same time. “WHAT THE-” I yelled out. The guys couldn’t answer. “Oh damn, Bruno.” Eric said. “I can’t believe you!” “Oh God, we heard EVERYTHING!” Ryan said, laughing and wiping away his tears. 
The guys then mocked the moans I was making in my sleep. I looked down and realized both my hands were in my pants. I had a wet dream, and had the wet pants to prove it. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” I yelled. The guys obeyed, but kept laughing all the way out of the room. Once they left, I buried my face into my pillow. I was so embarrassed. I was also disappointed. “It was just a dream.” I said to myself. “Only a dream.”