Chapter 25-27

01/11/2011 20:07

Chapter 25

This chapter has adult parts, I don’t want to offend people, but if you don’t like reading things like that, then don’t read it and save me the abuse. Enjoy you horny Hooligans! :)

The moonlight shines down on us both, nothing’s happened yet, but we’re both anticipating. Still kissing each other on the lips I push Bruno over to the corner where I first saw him and Emma fooling around. Sex in the studio, how perfect. I run my fingers through his hair and gently pull, Bruno moans and grinds his hips against me. FUCK. He’s hard, really hard. I suppress the urge to get down on my knees and sort that out for him. Instead I gently graze my hand there and he starts to give me the deepest French kiss ever, I can’t help but suppress a moan but I happily give him my tongue too. We slowly undress each other in the moonlight. Nothing is awkward, until I start to fumble with his buttons. DAMN. That’s such a me thing to do, the nerves are getting to me. He whispers “No need to be nervous, you’ve got me all night” and I melt in to his arms. I get through all of his buttons and throw his shirt on the floor, I run my hands all over his bare chest, and he feels so damn good. My clothes need to be gone too, I need to feel Bruno with all of me. He places his hands on my hips and grabs the end of my shirt and just waits, as if he’s waiting for my approval. Such a gentleman, whilst kissing I nod and he removes my shirt and throws it somewhere. I start on his pants and remove them fast with his help, he’s eager now, and he does the same with mine, but I don’t want to rush this. I pull Bruno down to the floor with me, but somehow he manages to pull me on top of him. I’ll have to fix that later. He runs his hands all over my body not being shy about touching me. I don’t object, I let him have me anyway he wants, I let him have all of me.

Everything is getting really hot and steamy, we’re both getting out of breath, our underwear is just sticking to us and we both have this uncontrollable burning that we need fulfilled. There’s always been a problem with the heating in here, it’s gonna get hotter. Not that I care. I see a drop of sweat roll down Bruno’s neck and I can’t control myself. I use my tongue to lick it up. This turns him on as I feel him play with my bra straps and he whispers “Fuck”. I’m already sweating like mad so the straps just slip off my arms. He then undoes the clasp and takes my bra off. I look at his face and his eyes are still closed. In some ways I want him to look at me and see all of me. Before I can do anything else, he rolls us over so he’s now on top of me and starts on my neck. I love it when he kisses my neck, I feel him on my collarbone and lower to my chest. He starts kissing my boobs, he’s never done this before. It feels amazing, I have to try as hard as I can to suppress moaning him name. He uses his lips, tongue and hands to almost bring me to the point of pure ecstasy. I need to feel Bruno inside me. NOW. Without even knowing what I’m doing, I whisper “Baby, please” all out of breath. He understands my need for him and he comes back up to my lips and starts kissing me again. If I died now, I would die happy in Bruno’s arms.

We both remove every last part of clothing between us and finally, after all of the anticipating, waiting, yearning and dreaming. I feel Bruno inside me. I am now officially all his. Just as we both reach our climax. All sweaty and out of breath, Bruno looks deep in to my eyes and whispers “I love you” “I love you more” and he replies whilst shaking his head “Not possible”


Chapter 26

We find an old blanket to cover ourselves with and I wake up in Bruno’s arms. Perfection. Did last night really happen!? I replay it over and over in my mind and start smiling like a fool whilst clutching my necklace round my neck. “What are you smiling at?” FUCK, I look up to see him smiling too. “I was smiling at how irresistible you are” I say bluntly “And what are you smiling at?” “The same thing, and how we actually had sex in the studio” The way he said that made my heart skip a beat. *We had sex* I had sex with the man of my dreams, and we waited and it made it all that more special. Bruno rolls us over so he’s on top again. “I remember this position quite well” I say and he laughs. “I love you Lexii, I’ve known it for a long time, but I was just waiting for the right moment to say it” and I melt. “I love you too Bruno” is all I manage to get out before he leans in and kisses me. “Wanna replay last night?” He says between kisses. “Fuck yes…..but we can’t” He lifts his head up in shock “Why!?” “Because Bruno, I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re in the studio and its 5am. Jacques will be here in an hour” “I’ll be quick” and he starts to move lower down my body. OH MY GOD. I stop him before he goes too far. “No stop, please!” “Leeexxxx” he moans in protest. “Later, I promise. Let’s just get out of here now ok?” “Fine” and he gets up and tries to find our clothes. They really ended up in the weirdest of places. I can’t help but stare at his body. God Damn. “Would you mind not staring at me please?” he says with a raised eyebrow. At least I think he has a raised eyebrow, I’m not really staring at his face. He throws some clothes at me and I snap out of it. He gets changed and says “Baby can I keep these?” I burst out laughing!! “Hell no you can’t! Now give them back! You pervert” “Pervert? Lex that hurts” “Give me back my underwear now Bruno!” “Why are you still wrapped up in the sheet? You realise I saw everything last night” I don’t really feel comfortable exposing myself to Bruno like that, it’s different when we’re having sex, but to just out rightly be naked in front of someone so perfect as him intimidates me a little. When I don’t reply, I think he understands. “Baby, you’re beautiful, in every way to me” “Don’t watch me get changed, please?” I say as I look down at the floor. “I promise” and he turns around whilst I get changed. We make sure everything looks normal. So we basically make sure it looks like no one just had sex in here and we leave for my place. Bruno stops off at his place first to get some clothes, he insisted on taking a shower at my place. It’d be so much easier if Bruno lived with me, then he’d never have to leave for clothes and my house is much nicer and bigger than his, and he wouldn’t have to worry about paying rent. But I could never suggest that to him.

As soon as we get inside Bruno says “Wanna shower with me?” “As much as I’d love t-“ He stops my talking with a kiss “Don’t object, just say yes” “Well I was gonna say, I’m reeaallyy tired, maybe we could take a nap and shower when we wake up?” “Oh, that could work I suppose. I really tired you out last night huh?” He says with a smirk, I ignore him and go upstairs, he follows closely behind and we just collapse on the bed and fall asleep. Bruno was right, he really did wear me out last night.

I wake up and find Bruno next to my window smoking, he looks so sexy when he smokes. “Good morning beautiful” he says as he walks over to me and hands me his cigarette. I look at the clock and its now 10am. “Good morning” and I take a long needed drag from it. When I’m with Bruno I forget to smoke, but when I finally have one it feels so amazing. “How long have you been awake for?” “About an hour” “You should have woken me, what did you do in that time?” “I just watched you sleep, you looked so peaceful. And you were whispering my name” “REALLY!?” “No, but you could have been”. It’s weird, I just want to sit here and tell him how much I love him, I just want to say it to him over and over again, but I don’t think he loves me the same way. He can’t love me the same way, I’m nothing compared to him, I just don’t believe that anyone can love me back the same way that I love Bruno. “Baby, what are you thinking” he says as he rubs my lower back. I take a deep breath, I might as well tell him in not so many words “Nothing, just about how much I love you” “But I love you more, remember?” “I remember” “Good, now how about that shower?” “How about we take separate showers?” I tease. “Or, you could take a shower and I could watch” Such a guy response, I decide to play along. “Where’s the fun in that?” “Oh believe me, I’ll enjoy it.” “Nope, I’m not in the mood for a shower” I say as I sit back on the bed and cross my legs and arms. He raises his eyebrow and starts to undress. My eyes pop open. He undresses to just his boxers and stops. “Something huge caught your eye Lex?” “Nope” and I look away, why am I playing hard to get again? Before I have any more time to reconsider this stupid idea, Bruno lifts me up and carries me in to the bathroom. “This could be considered as rape you know!” I say through laughter “It’s only rape if the other person doesn’t want it. We both know you want to take a shower with me” Damn he’s right, but I stay silent. I wonder what he’s gonna do next. “Lex, you can either make this hard for me or easy” “I think I’m already used to making things hard for you” “Fuck yeah you are” he leans in and kisses me, whilst simultaneously turning the water on in the shower and standing so we’re both under the water. “FUCK IT’S FREEZING!” “Quick! Take your clothes off and my body heat will warm you up!” The water starts to warm up by itself, but we’re both already soaked and I’m fully clothed. Without knowing what’s happening, Bruno starts to undress me and we finally take a shower together. If you can call what we did having a shower.

When we get out and get changed, I see my phone flashing. 17 missed calls and a txt from Jacques. I open the txt and it reads “Did you forget about the CCTV in the studio? ;)” HOLY FUCK.


Chapter 27

“FUCK!!!!” I scream and collapse on the bed. Bruno comes rushing next to me “Baby, what’s wrong!?” I’m speechless and hand him my phone. “What’s CCTV?” “Security cameras” “Oh shit” and he sits next to me. I rush over and light a cigarette and hand Bruno one too. He waits a while then says “So, we basically, without knowing of course, made a sex tape?” I burst out laughing, I think that’s the only sane thing I can do at this point. “Yeah baby, we have a sex tape. Oh God and Jacques has seen it! I bet that perverts just watching it over and over again….” Bruno thinks for a while and says “Well, if he does decide to watch it over and over, I was on top last night, so he’s just gonna get a nice shot of my ass” I burst out laughing and lie back on the bed pulling Bruno with me. “Oh God, we gotta face him later, and I wonder what made him check the cameras? He never does, maybe we didn’t leave the room the way we found it” “Well, we’ll find out later I suppose” “Baby.” “Lexii” I get up and sit on Bruno’s legs whilst he’s still lying back on the bed. “I wanna see it” “WHAT!?” He bursts out, almost choking on his cigarette, I take it from him and stub it out and repeat myself. “I wanna see it” “You wanna see our sex tape?” “Yes” “Really!?” “Yes” “Baby, last night wasn’t some of my best work, let’s make a new one now and you can watch that” “No, I’m serious!! I wanna see it!!” “You are some freaky sexy lady Lex; will he let you have the tape?” “Probably not…..” “I wonder how that conversation would go though, Hey Jacques, can I have the sex tape that I unintentionally made with my boyfriend? I wanna watch it when I’m alone because it was one of the best nights of my life” He just took the conversation from being a joke to becoming deadly serious. I lean in and say “No, it was THE best night of my life” This time he leans up and kisses me.

Whilst Bruno’s on the phone I quickly call Mid to sort something for Bruno out. “Hey Mid, any word on the new Flo Rida project?” “YES! They said they’d be happy to have them produce the track!” “Seriously!?” “Yuhuh! Now get your ass over here so they can sign the papers and get to work” “Ok, see you soon, bye” FUCK YES! When Bruno, Ari and Phil take this job, this means that Bruno will finally be making money and he might get recognised. “BRUNO!!!!” He’s just gotten off the phone so I run up to him. “Baby, I got you a job, I got you on the new flo rida project!” “You did!? Wait, but how? We’re nobody’s, how did they accept!?” “Well I told them on the phone to just trust me, I know how amazing you are, how all of you are and I told them to just listen to me, and they did!” He’s smiling like a fool; I can’t explain how happy it’s made me to know that I’ve made him this happy. “Jeeeeez Lex, Flo Rida? Really? We better no fuck this one up” “I know you won’t” and he grabs me and gives me such an intense kiss that I don’t even bother to pull away. Next thing I know our clothes are flying everywhere and we’re having sex in the hallway. Someone could have walked in, but to be honest, I just don’t care at this point….

“I get to be on top next time” I say as I start to get dressed and we leave for the studio. Oh God, I’m dreading having to see Jacques today. “You want me to go inside with you to his office?” Bruno asks. “No thanks, I’ll just go myself and deal with his taunting, you go find Mid and start signing the papers”. Slowly I walk up to his office and knock twice “Come in Lexii” Fuck. I open the door and walk in. “Hey Jac” “Lexii, got my txt this morning did we?” “Yes, look Jac; just get on with it please?” “Get on with what? How you use my studio as a fuck shack of something? What were you even thinking?” “I’m sorry ok?” “Sorrys not good enough you whore” “Well a sorry is all you’re gonna get out of me” “I didn’t even see anything anyway, you’re stupid boyfriend was on top of you the whole night” “You’re sick you are, and don’t call him stupid, he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be” “Yeah right, at least I’ve made something of myself, what’s he done ehh? He talks about how he’s struggled, how he had to sell his instruments to make money and how he got signed then dropped. Why do you think he got dropped ehh? Because he is SHIT, he can’t sing for shit, he can’t write for shit, he can’t produce for shit and he sure as hell can’t pick decent girls to date.”Shut up Jac, I’ll leave, I swear I’ll leave and never come back here again, don’t push me too far. Now take everything back.” “Fine, I take everything back, apart from the girlfriend part, you really are fucked up, I don’t know what he sees in you” As I turn to leave, Jac places his hand on my shoulder and says “By the way, you need to be here in California for the new Katy Perry record, you can’t leave the country do you hear me?” That’s weird, why is he saying that? I had no intention of leaving the country. “Fine, whatever” I say as I leave and make my way in to the studio. I expect everyone to greet me when I walk in, but everyone’s silent. Something’s wrong. Bruno says “You can’t leave the country can you?” How did he know that? “No I can’t, why? And how did you know that?” I’m getting scared now. “We’ve been asked to produce for a group in London for a month” “When!?” “This month, we leave in two days” I feel like I’m gonna pass out, I storm back in to Jacques’ office, I’m gonna kill him, I don’t care anymore. I quit.