Chapter 25-27

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Chapter 25

I have to say that I have plenty of self control for not getting up and ripping this bitch a new one. I kind of felt bad for eavesdropping but who cares. He’s MY boyfriend and they fooled around behind MY back, so I think I have every right to know exactly what is about to go down. 

“What is there to talk about?” I asked trying to stand in front of the crack of the door. “Well can I come in so we can discuss a few things?” She said stepping closer to me. “No, I’m busy.” “Busy doing what, getting the next trick pregnant and then dropping her like nothing ever happened.” I knew that Karmin could hear every word and I hated the fact that she had to hear it a second time. I looked back to her still sitting on the couch waiting for me and then back at Carla. “Look, you need to shut the hell up, it wasn’t even like that.” I whispered. Usually I would never talk to a female that way but she was pissing me off. I squeezed my way through the small opening I left in the door and shut it behind me.

“Hurry up and say what you need to say Carla.” I said crossing my arms. “I miss you Bruno, and I want you to be here for us.” “First of all, miss what? We only fucked a couple times, no one said we were in any type of relationship.” “I know but…” She stepped towards me and ran her finger down my chest. “Stop.” I said backing up a little bit. The last thing I need is for her to be touching me like that. “And second, you don’t even know if..that’s mine.” I said looking down to her stomach. Ugh, I hated even thinking about it. 

It’s been like 10 minutes and I’ve been sitting here staring at a blurred picture on the paused TV screen. I wanted to go out there because my trust for Bruno was about a 2 right now. I laid on the couch wiggling my feet back and forth out of anxiety hoping that he would walk back through the door at any moment. “Seriously..” I whispered to myself. I just rolled my eyes as I flung the blanket off of me and walked up the stairs to the bathroom in Bruno’s bedroom, the only one that I even knew about in this house. As I walked past his bed I saw a little blue notebook that was pretty raggedy and the cover almost ripped all the way off. I switched directions and walked towards his bed. As I pushed one side of my hair behind my ear I picked it up and opened it. 

After realizing that I was flipping through pages and pages of song lyrics, some crossed out and scribbled, highlighted and circled, something told me to shut the notebook, but one of the pages caught my eye. The top of it read ‘Karmin’s Birthday Song’ I smiled and glanced over a few of the words trying not to spoil anything for myself. I ran my fingers across the page and slowly closed the book. He really loves you Karmin I thought to myself. In that moment something came over me. It was like my conscience was telling me to forgive him because everyone makes mistakes. If I was to keep holding this one mistake against him I might as well throw this relationship out the door because it will never work. 

“Why would you do that!?” I said raising my voice at her. She just shook her head and shrugged her shoulder. “I don’t know Bruno, okay! I guess I wanted to be with you so bad so I thought making you think we were gonna have a baby would make you stick around.” I let out a sarcastic laugh and put my hand up to my chin trying to think of a way to tell her that she is psychotic and mental without using those exact words. “You are psychotic and mental.” I said pointing at her. Oh well, that’s the best way I could put it. “Look, I’m done fuckin around with you Carla, it was a huge mistake.” I left her with that and walked back inside. I felt a sense of relief knowing that the whole pregnancy thing was just a sick joke. 

“Babe?!” I heard Bruno holler from downstairs. I set the notebook down and rushed to the bathroom. “Yeah, in the bathroom!” I yelled back. I heard him run up the stairs and I hurried and pulled my pants down to pee. “Don’t come in here Bru!” I knew he would anyways. “Too late.” He said leaning against the door frame. “Really! while I’m peeing?!” “My house, my rules, and rule number one is that I’m aloud to watch my girlfriend pee if I want.” I really didn’t care that he watched me, I just loved playing around with him. “Shut up Bru.” I said laughing at him. He smiled back and walked towards the other side of his room to leave me some privacy. I finished up and washed my hands. 

“Sooo.” I said walking towards him wondering what went on downstairs. “Sooo what?” He answered putting his hands on my hips. I looked up to him kind of getting lost in his eyes. Every time I looked at him I got all caught up in his new hair and those damn eyes. They pierced me every time, but in a good way. “Oh yeah, she lied.” He said quickly. “Lied about..being pregnant?” I asked as I furrowing my eyebrows out of confusion. “Yep!” He said that with a huge smile on his face. “Someones happy!” “Yeah because I don’t have to have a baby with that thing some people call a girl…and hopefully practice for when me.” He said pointing to himself. “And you.” Pointing at me. “Want to have babies in like 15 years.” “By practice, you mean…” “That’s exactly what I mean.” He said raising his eyebrow.

Chapter 26 

This is for all you dirty hooligans out there! :)

I bit my lip and looked up to him as he backed me up to his bed. “I’m not gonna let you say no this time.” He said seductively. I leaned back onto the bed and he followed crawling on top of me right after. “What about our movie?” I whispered grabbing onto the collar of his green and yellow button up. “We’ll make our own.” He joked while he was already on his way to the button of my jeans. He was able to get them halfway off of me until we were both caught off guard when his phone rang all the way from downstairs. “Better get that Bruuu.” I said teasing him. “Are you fucking serious.” He whispered to himself. I laughed again and watched him stomp his way down the stairs, it was like a child who got denied some candy. Too cute. 

I waited in the bed for a second and heard Bruno’s voice approach the bedroom. “Okay…yeah…alright..I’m on my way…” He closed his phone and tossed it onto the bed. “Who was that?” I asked sitting up. “Fucking dumb ass Ryan.” “What happened?” “He got caught stealing, idiot.” I tried to hold in my laugh because I knew Bruno was only upset at the fact that we were interrupted for the second time today and I could clearly see that he was excited by looking at the huge bulge in his pants. “Do you want me to come?” I asked buttoning my pants back up. “Yeah, I can at least look at you since obviously touching you is just not going to happen today.” He said sarcastically. “Don’t worry babe, it’ll happen.” I said all seductively. “Karmin.” He said flatly. “Yeah?” “Bending over right in front of me to ‘tie your shoe’…not helping.” I laughed and stood back up. I was teasing him on purpose again. 

“This traffic is horrible.” Karmin said fixing her hair in the mirror. For some reason when she did little things like that I got so turned on. I watched while she twisted her hair up into a bun. She looked over at me. “Babe, it’s green.” I quickly stepped on the gas and concentrated back on the road. The traffic tonight was literally stop and go, stop and go. It’s been about 10 minutes and we’ve gotten nowhere. While waiting at yet another stoplight I reached over to Karmins thigh. She looked down at my hand and placed hers on top of mine. Slowly, I inched my way up to the button on her jeans not taking an eye off the car in front of me. “Bru, what are you doing babe.” “Getting a head start.” “Head start for what?” “For when I lay it on you later.” She laughed and I continued with unbuttoning her jeans. I don’t know why she was laughing, because I was dead serious. 

At first I felt a little weird letting him touch me like that in the car, but then I thought that one day I’ll look back on this memory and laugh at the stupid things we did when we were young. I lifted my butt up and wiggled out of my jeans as best as I could. Bruno slowly ran his fingers up and down my bare thigh. He was being so gentle that it almost tickled, but it felt so good at the same time. I looked over at his face and he was calm and relaxed as if we did this everyday. It was kind of sexy. I reached over to his pants and rubbed him where he was still bulging from 15 minutes ago. He bit his lip trying to focus on driving. Neither of us were saying a word to each other which made the whole thing 10 times more desirable. I reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled him out of his jeans while he slipped his hand into my underwear. He began moving his finger in a slow circular motion and I stroked him up and down repeatedly. He let out a soft groan and I sped up a little. I spread my legs a little bit allowing him to reach further inside.

“Baby” he said quietly. “Yeah Bru?” “Would you ever, you know?” I had no clue. “Would I ever what?” He looked down at himself and then back up at me. “I mean I-I don’t know.” Honestly I’ve never given it much thought. “I just don’t want you to, you know.” “What?” He asked looking back at the road. “I don’t want to like, swallow your, you know.” I had a hard time talking like that, it was just embarrassing. He laughed at how non-descriptive I was being. “Are you asking me to, right now?” Without actually saying yes, I knew he wanted me to. “If you don’t want to you don’t have to, I was just-” “Shh.” I said holding my finger up to his lips. 

She reached across her body and took her seat belt off. As she leaned over to me she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down just to the middle of the thighs. For some reason I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I’m glad it was. I continued driving, trying my best to stay focused on the road and before I had a moment to prepare she took me into her mouth. I put both of my hands on the steering wheel and looked to my left and right to make sure no one was staring. “Damn baby.” I moaned out of pleasure looking down to hear quickly.

I focused hard on my movements. I kind of didn’t want to mess up since this was my first time ever doing this. I could tell it felt really good to him. His breathing increased and he could barely control the sounds he was making. It felt good to pleasure him like this since he has been the one pleasing me most of the time. I continued going at a steady pace and I could feel him getting harder by the second. “Baby get up.” He said quickly. I lifted my head and looked up to the road and then back at him. “What’s wrong Bru?” I asked sitting back in my seat. “Fuck this…I can’t wait.” He said pulling into a random parking lot.

To be continued… ;)

Chapter 27

This is for all you VERY dirty hooligans out there :)

As he pulled into a parking spot off to the side of an old out of business gas station, I waited anxiously for what he was going to do to me next. He quickly put the car into park and at the same time shot his seat back as far as it could go. “Come here baby.” he said quietly while he axiously grabbed at my arm. I carefully climbed over to his seat and on top of him as he wrapped his arms around my hips. I leaned down and kissed him wildly not even thinking about the fact that we were in his Jeep, in a public parking lot, and late picking up Ryan. He reached down to my panties tugging at them trying to pull them off of my curves while still trying his best to focus on his tongue that was moving uncontrollably inside of my mouth. I nearly ripped opened his button up shirt trying to get as close to his skin as I possibly could. 

“Let me finish what I started first.” She said at a low whisper as she slipped down between my legs. I bit my lip as I watched her get comfortable trying to maneuver around the gas pedal and brake down by my feet. I tried not to watch her too close because I knew she would feel embarrassed. Instead, I threw my head back onto the headrest out of pleasure after she took all of me in her mouth once again. “Mmm..fuck..” I whispered to myself. 

I peaked up to Bruno to find his face in his hands and head shot back. I smiled a little bit through my movements satisfied at what I saw. I sat up a bit more on my knees and started to go at it hastily. His legs tightened up and I could literally feel him pulsing inside of my mouth. He reached down for my hair and gathered what he could into his hands completely messing up the bun that I just created. I could hear him breathing in deeply through his teeth and knew that any moment he was about to cum. 

I watched her as she crawled back on top of me planting herself on my lap. With both of her hands she reached down and grabbed her shirt pulling it over her head not taking her eyes off of my for a single moment. Immediately I reached around her back and struggled to undo her bra, when I finally did, I removed it from her body and tossed it onto the passengers seat. At this point she was completely naked. 

She started at kissing me again as I groped all up and down her body with both of my hands. It was silky smooth and her sweet scent lingered all throughout the car. I took a moment to reach down to the latch on the side of my seat as we fell backwards into a more comfortable position. 

“Let me taste you baby.” I heard Bruno say quietly through his kisses. “Anything you want.” With that, he grabbed a hold of my hips and pushed me up towards the back seat as he slid down in his. I wasn’t expecting for him to make this move on me but I was so in the moment that I was up for anything. Every inch of me was so sensitive to his touch after wanting him so bad for for the last few minutes. 

My entire body was thrown over the headrest and onto the backseat while his chest was almost all the way under the steering wheel. I lowered my hips closer to his face and he took my ass into his hands as his tongue made his way between my thighs. I swear the juices that he was creating inside of me felt like they were pouring out of my body. I let out small moans here and there as he continued passing over my sensitive spots with his tongue. The variety he was creating down there was out of this world. For a second he would go slow and passionate and in the blink of an eye he would switch it up to a faster and more kinky deed. 

After going about my business for quite a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. This was all just a big tease and I needed to be inside of her like… an hour ago. I shifted back up in my seat and she positioned her self back on top of me. She leaned down and allowed me to lick all up and down her neck while she grinded on atop my erection. “Bru I need you, now.” She moaned in my ear. I stretched over to the glove compartment and grabbed a condom out of it. It seemed like I always some stashed somewhere, but that’s a good thing I guess. As usual I ripped the corner off with my teeth and spit it out as I slid the condom onto myself in a hurry. 

As soon as he settled the condom onto himself I inched my way on top of him until he filled me up completely. I let my hands fall to his chest as I rode him at a steady tempo. He settled his grip onto my hips and we focused our eyes on each other the entire time. I continued at my movements for awhile before I decided on speeding things up. I placed my hands behind my back and rested them onto his knees allowing him to drive himself deeper inside of me. I tossed my head back at the almost painful pleasure that I was receiving and my body followed accidentally hitting the steering wheel sounding off the horn. “Shit.” I whispered. We both looked at each other and laughed. I covered my mouth with one hand but he gave me a reassuring nod that it was okay.

Everything was feeling ‘first-class’ by now. I had my eye on every centimeter that her body was made up of. Little beads of sweat started to form on her chest as did mine. The windows started to fog up because of the humidity that we were creating inside. My lips curled into a small smile as I continued to watch her move on top of me. The sounds of her love-making weren’t comparable to anything I’ve heard before. It was like music to my ears. I focused on every melodic sound that escaped her lips and it brought me closer and closer to the edge. “Im bout to cum baby.” I told her under my breathe. She nodded and kept on with her flow. Just before I was there I let go of her hips and sat up on my elbows as I focused on this feeling. I groaned hard at not only the enjoyment but the loud cries that she let out as she came with me. 

I felt the orgasm roam throughout my entire body. It made its way from the top of my head all the way down to the tip of my toes for what seemed like several minutes. I collapsed on top of his body and laid my head on his chest that I must add was hot and slippery. As soon as our breathing returned back to normal I slowly climbed back over to my seat and searched around for all the pieces of my clothing that were thrown around the car. We spent the next few minutes gathering ourselves back to normal and recovering from that amazing experience we just shared. “Ready to head out?” He asked me strapping his seat belt across his chest. “Yeah.” I replied smiling at him. If that’s what make-up sex is like, I don’t mind arguing with him all the time…