Chapter 26-30

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We walked into the living room and all of Bruno’s family was there already. Minus his dad. Tahiti was the first one to run over to me and give me a hug.

“Oh Melanie! It’s been far too long! I can’t believe you’ve stuck with my good for nothing brother!” She said digging Bruno in the ribs.

Next there was Jaime, she came right up to me and took my hands in hers and shouted, “Where have you been! You promised to keep in touch!” She glanced down and saw something on my hand and some kind of emotion registered on her face. All of a sudden she screamed.

“What is this!?” She shrieked holding the finger with my engagement ring on it.

At this point Bruno’s mom had entered the room again. “Oh Jaime quit squealing. Why are you squealing anyway?” She asked as curiosity took over.

“LOOK AT MEL’S HAND.” Jaime screamed again pointing repeatedly at my hand.

There were several gasps all around the room and Bruno was by my side moments later wrapping his arm around my waist. 
“Yes it’s true. That’s one of the two things that we actually came to talk to you about.” Bruno explained to the room full of shocked and excited faces.

Presley was the first one to speak, “Congrats you guys! You need to start planning the wedding straight away. Of course I’m going to help you. I’m just amazing at wed-”

She was interrupted by Bruno’s mom, “Shut up for a second Pres. My boy’s getting married. I can’t believe it,” She walked over to us and took my ring hand in hers admiring it, “You sure do know how to spoil the girl don’t you Brunito. Do treat him good won’t you Melanie dear?” She asked me.

“Of course I will Mrs. Hernandez. He’s too amazing.” I smiled at Bruno.

“Please call me Bernie Mel!” She was smiling at me now. A moment later she turned her attention to Bruno, “You said there were two things Bruno? What else have you done?”

“Mom, please sit down.” He instructed her and the rest of the family did as well. I felt deja vu as this was just like the time I told my parents. Hopefully this was about to go a little better. Maybe there will be no heart attacks.

“What is it then Bruno?” Bernie asked when Bruno didn’t immediately start.

“Well, you see…..” He drifted off and started playing with the ring on his finger.

“You see I’m pregnant.” I said plainly.

There were another set of gasps that went around the room.

Including one by the open front door. There was a girl standing there.

“Amrita!” Bruno exclaimed.

“Is this true?” Amrita asked Bruno.

“Who are you?” I asked her.

“I’m Amrita who are you? And whose baby are you carrying?” She asked me back.

“I’m Melanie. And I’m carrying Bruno’s, my fiances baby.” I snapped back.

“That’s not possible!” She snarled.

“Amrita please!” Bruno begged.

“Why isn’t it possible?” I asked her.

She screamed back, “Because I’m his girlfriend!”


Bruno’s POV

“What the fuck Amrita?” I shouted.

“What the fuck Bruno?” Melanie shouted at me at the same time.

“No, Mel! This really isn’t what it looks like at all baby!” I said softly to Mel. She was getting really upset.

“Ugh! How could I ever have… just ugh!!! I’m not your fucking baby!,” She was struggling with something on her finger and threw it at me, “Engagements off dickhead.” With that she stormed upstairs with tears forming in her eyes.

“Mel!” I shouted after her.

“Fuck you Peter Gene Hernandez!” She bellowed back to me.

I looked at the floor to see what she threw at me, it was the engagement ring I gave her.

At that moment in time I felt my heart break, the woman I loved hated me. I came back to the world when Amrita was in front of me with her arms around my neck. I hastily threw her arms off me as I was getting really wound up.

“Why are you here Amrita!” I boomed, “You knew it was over so why the fuck are you here? How did you know I was here? Now look what you’ve done!” I angrily flung my arms towards the stairs which Mel had stormed up moments ago.
“I’ve missed you bru-bru.” Amrita whispered to me running her fingers through my hair.

I pushed her hand away. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I snapped.

My mom was next to me now with her hand on my shoulder, “Brunito, sort this out. I’m going to see Melanie.” Bernie said, “I want you gone by the time I get her to come back downstairs.” She said this time to Amrita who had moved away from me slightly. Then my mom disappeared upstairs.

I directed my eyes to the floor and spoke quietly, “Get out of here Am, you really shouldn’t have came and you know that you are not my girlfriend. We ended things a long time ago and now I love Melanie. I’ll be lucky if I get her back now thanks to you!”

I looked up and she was stood right in front of me her eyes boring into mine. “I still love you Bruno” She said softly.

“Well I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way. Now please leave my house and never come back. I need to go and fix my heart now.” I was gently pushing Amrita towards the door whilst I was saying this and when I finished I slammed the door in her face. Why the fuck would she do that?! UGH. Just don’t think of it Peter! Mel’s upstairs, she’s broken, go fix her. I scooped the engagement ring off the floor and I shook myself and made my way up the stairs towards the bathroom where I heard Melanie’s sobs coming from. My mom was still outside of the door.
“She won’t let me in.” she said, “She doesn’t want to see anyone, is Amrita gone?” She asked me.

“Yeah she’s gone” I said with a tone of sadness in my voice.

“Good. Why was she here? Didn’t she know you two were over?” She asked me.

“She ‘missed me’” I said using my hands to show my sarcasm, “She’s delusional, I can’t believe she did that! I hope Mel’s okay mom, I really do. I don’t want to fuck it up this time.”

“You need to sort this one out my son, I’ll leave you two alone for a while.” She said and patted me on the back and she went back down the stairs.

I slowly walked over to the bathroom door and knocked 3 times. There was no answer. I knocked again and quietly said, “Mel? Baby? Please let me in, just let me explain. It’s pretty difficult to do this through a door.”

I heard the door unlock and seen Melanie sit down in the bathtub. She had mascara all down her face from crying. I walked over to her and sat down on the side of the tub and rubbed her shoulder. She flinched away from my hand at the touch.

“Don’t touch me.” She scolded.

“Mel, you have to understand.” I said throwing my hands up in exasperation, “She isn’t my girlfriend. Do you honestly think that I would have asked you to marry me if I had a girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” Mel said simply.

“No I wouldn’t. I’ve told you I love you so much. Isn’t that enough?” I asked her.

She just shrugged her shoulders.

“Melanie, honey. It was over between me and Amrita a long, long time ago,” I really emphasized the longs, I looked down in my hands as I said “She just never got it in her head and she’s been telling the papers and journalists that we are a thing. I’ve told them to ignore and I just guess it’s gone to her head. You’re the one for me. The only one for me.”

I looked back up to see Mel crying again.

“Baby what’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I believe you now Bruno. It’s…. It’s just I kissed Jasper last week.” She practically mouthed.

I felt my heart break for the second time in one day.



OOOKAY so there may be a little bit of sexy time ;)

“What?!” I shouted.

“I was drunk! And he came round when you were at the studio!” She whispered, her eyes distant.

“You shout at me for having a girlfriend that wasn’t even my fucking girlfriend and you’re going round making out with your exes now?” The pitch of my voice got higher and higher with each word.
HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME?! Jasper cheated on her for fuck sake. Even with her best friend. He deserved to rot in hell for all I care. I was going to kill him. WHY?

“Why?” I asked her. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes.

“I told you I was drunk. Well, he just showed up. And…. and well it just happened. I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t, and then you asked me to marry you and we we’re just so happy!” She explained.

“But you still kissed him didn’t you Melanie!” I shouted and stood up to walk out of the bathroom. Mel grabbed my hand before I could leave. She had fresh tears coming from her eyes now and it made my stomach drop. Okay, she kissed him. It was just a kiss. I still loved her. I couldn’t leave her.

“Please Bruno. Please don’t go. I love you so much. You’re the on I love. I was drunk. It was a mistake. I wish it was you that came home.” She was talking loudly to me now.

“Was it just a kiss?” I asked her, my eyes directly on hers now.

“Yes I promise you.” She insisted squeezing my hand that was still in hers.

“Then it’s okay. We all make mistakes.” I said sitting back down on the bath beside her. I took the ring out of my pocket and held it up.

“I’m hoping you would like this back?” I asked her, the corner of my mouth tilting up into a smile.

“Yes. More than anything Petey.” She replied.

She held her hand out to me and for the second time in 48 hours I placed the ring onto her finger. I swear each time I do it, it feels better and better.

I leaned my head against hers and kissed her on the lips. “Never do that again.” I mumbled against her lips. I kissed her again. With more passion this time and I felt her kiss back. She bit my bottom lip. Damn that turned me on. I pulled away from her then but I kept hold of her hands.
“Girl don’t get me started. You know I can’t finish, my whole family’s downstairs.” I said to her quietly.
“Then let’s leave now.” She said pulling me back to her and kissing me on the lips.

“Fine with me.” I said standing up. She pushed me against the wall and pressed her lips to mine again and I felt her tongue trace my top lip.

“You’re such a tease Mellie.” I breathed.

“I want you inside me Peter.” She said back.
I’ve never known her so demanding. “Now that I can’t protest with.” I mumbled.

She slipped her jeans and underwear off and I pulled down my jeans. I shut the bathroom door and pushed her against the wall. I was ready to go and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I put myself inside her slowly. I felt her shiver as I slid myself in. I started thrusting quickly and deeply. Mel’s breath became faster and she tangled her hands in my hair, she moved her hands to my back and started tugging on my skin. I felt myself ready to burst as Mel started moaning louder and louder, “SHHH!” I breathed in her ear.

“So- ah-orry” She moaned back.
I started going faster and faster as I got nearer and nearer.

All of a sudden the bathroom door flew open and Jaime walked in. She screamed and ran out. I pulled myself out of Mel and zipped up my pants quickly.

I looked at Mel and we started laughing.

“Shit’s gonna go down.” She said pointing towards the door.

Oh man.



I decided to run out of the door and try to catch Jaime before she got downstairs. I had no such luck and walked in to find her telling the whole room.

“Oh and here’s the lover boy now.” Jaime said looking up to my eyes as I entered the room, “Thank you for mentally scarring me. Couldn’t you have at least locked the door?”

“Sorry Jaime. Just couldn’t help myself could I.” I winked at her and she groaned.

“Ugh Bruno you make me sick.” Jaime retorted.

Mel came to stand beside me and she took my hand. I squeezed her hand tight and turned my gaze on her. “Don’t listen to Jaime.” I whispered. She nodded her head in reply.

This time it was my mom who spoke.

“So you’re pregnant?” She asked Melanie.

“Yeah, I am.” She replied. “And I’m so happy. I’m so happy I get to have this baby with Bruno.”

A smile lit up my moms face, “Then I’m happy for you. You really are going to be amazing parents.” She came over to me and took me into a hug. She whispered in my ear, “Be careful with this one Brunito. She’s special. It’s clear she loves you, and I’m pretty sure she’d catch a grenade for you.”

I whispered back in her ear, “I know mom. I love her to pieces I really do. You don’t need to say my lyrics to me all the time you know.”

When we had finished speaking my mom straightened up and gave Mel a hug and kissed her on the cheek. When she turned back around she said to me and Melanie, “Please refrain yourselves from having sex in my bathroom next time please. Or at least lock the door. Poor Jaime. Scarred for life.” She then creased over in laughter and the whole room burst out laughing, including Jaime.

“We could hear you two from down here bro!” Eric shouted from the sofa.

“Yeah! Do you always sound like a girl Peter?” Presley laughed.

Melanie giggled beside me. “Yeah he does,” She said, “Every time”

I so did not sound like a girl!

“HEY! I’m very manly! Just look at these muscles!” I joked flexing my arms.

“Nah, that’s just fat.” Eric said.

“You guys suck.” I laughed. “I’ll see you later okay?” I walked over to my mom and kissed her on the cheek.

“Where are you going Bru?” She asked me.

“We need to go to the hospital, Mel’s dad had a heart attack.” I replied hesitantly. There were several gasps from around the room, “Yeah he didn’t react as well as you all did to the pregnancy news.”

“Poor David.” My mom was saying, “He’s so young.”

“Well we need to get going,” I said over my shoulder tugging Melanie along beside me.

We got in the car and I started driving to the hospital. All of a sudden Mel’s phone rang.

“It’s Hayley.” She said. Oh yeah, I forgot she was staying in the apartment.

Mel flipped open the phone and answered, “What’s up?” She said.

She was quiet for a while just mmming and ahhing. Suddenly she said “NO WAY! HOW? WHEN?” Tears started to trickle down from her eyes so I pulled the car into the nearest parking space.

“Yeah, I’ll phone back later. See you later Hayls.” She said and flipped her phone shut.

Mel crawled over the gearstick and sat in my lap turning her face into my neck, I felt my shirt get wet with her tears.

“What’s wrong Mel?” I asked her after some time had past. She sat up straight sniffling and I lifted my thumb up to wipe away the tears.

“It’s…. It’s Jas-Jasper.” She sniveled. She started sobbing again so I asked her again.

“What happened?”

“He died last night Bruno.” She said.

I felt my stomach hit the floor.



Melanies POV

“He died last night Bruno.” I said and fresh tears sprang to my eyes. I hated him so much, but why was I crying so much. I can’t believe it. Jasper. Dead. It can’t be it just can’t.

I buried my face back into Bruno’s neck and cried for a while. He started rubbing my back.

“It’s going to be okay Mel. It’s all going to be okay.” He was saying quietly. I felt moisture touch my forehead. I looked up at Bruno and he was crying too. He hated Jasper. Why?

“Why are you crying Bru?” I asked him touching the fresh tear that was about to escape his eye.

“I’m not sure. I think I’m sad, but I also hate to see you cry like that. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart even more that you are crying about a man that you once loved.”

“Bruno,” I said sternly taking his face in my hands and making him look at me, “I loved Jasper nowhere near the amount that I do you. Don’t you ever forget that.” I squeezed his cheeks and kissed his lips. I could taste his tears on his lips. He sniffed and wiped his eyes.

“Come on lets get back to the hotel.” He said.
“No I want to go see my dad.” I demanded.

“Are you sure Mel?” Bruno asked me.

“Yeah. I need to know if he’s okay.” I replied.

“Sure, sure. Come on then let’s go.”


About twenty minutes later we pulled up outside the hospital and I got out of the car quickly. I looked at my phone and I had about ten messages about Jasper. I could feel this haunting me already. I put my phone back in my pocket and grabbed Bruno’s hand and we walked into the hospital.

Once we were inside I went up to the receptionist. “Um hello, can you please tell me which room David Franklin is in please?”

“What relation are you?” The receptionist asked me.

“Oh. I’m his daughter.” I replied.

“He’s in room 305. It’s on the third floor. Take the elevator.” She instructed me.

I walked back over to Bruno and explained to him the directions we had to take in order to reach my dads room. We made it there in no time and it was really easy to find. As we stood outside the door I got butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Bruno knocked on the door for me and slowly opened it. I walked in to find my mom asleep on the chair in the corner. My dad however was sat up awake.

“Oh great your back.” He muttered under his breath.

“Dad I just came to see how you were. I’ve been concerned about you all day.” I snapped at him.
“Don’t you raise your voice at me young lady! You may be knocked up but your still my daughter!” He said. I think he tried to shout but his voice seemed to fail him. He seemed to be in a really weak condition.

“Dad, me and Bruno have some other news for you. Well two pieces actually.” I explained to him.

“What, twins?” He smirked at his own joke.

“No dad. We’re going to get married. Bruno proposed after we brought you to the hospital. And I said yes!” I beamed.

“Fine by me.” He said sourly.

“Can’t you be happy for me dad?” I asked him.

“Happy for what?” My mom asked. She had woken up and was now standing up with curiosity on her face.
“Me and Bruno are getting married.” I said again.

“Oh congratulations!” My mom at least seemed more excited than my dad.

“Wait, you said there were two pieces of news? Can’t get any better than this.” My dad asked.

“Dad. I’m sorry. But Jasper died.” I said with my eyes directed towards the floor.

“What?” He breathed.

My dad started hyperventilating and he was going red in the face. I ran over to his side and put the oxygen mask on him. All of a sudden all of the machines in the room were going crazy. Suddenly doctors came bursting in the room pushing me out of the room.

“MY DAD!” I screamed at them. “SAVE HIM!”

“Ma’am you need to leave now!” The doctor replied.

“DAD!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

I heard a scream to my side and look over to see my mom in tears. “NO! NOT AGAIN!” She was screaming.

We were interrupted by the sound of the defibrillator being charged. That normally wasn’t good. Oh no. Oh no. No my dad can’t die. He just can’t!