Chapter 2

23/04/2011 16:41

I arrived at my college and headed to my class. It was nice to see my friends and chat with them.


Amy was my bestfriend, she had always been there for me through the good times and the bad.

She had seen me in every form and mood imaginable. The happy mood, sad mood, angry mood, and also my devil mood.  They always made me happy and were always there to support me. But today it seemed like there was something else in my mind. The cute guy I had met at the store was flashing in my head and I wished I could meet him again.

“you seem out of this world today” my friend Amy said as she punched my shoulder.

“I met this cute guy at this store today”

“Oh girl, what’s his name?”

“I don’t know” I said as I shrugged.

“What! you don’t know his name!” she laughed hysterically

“Umm….yeah I just knocked over him at the store, and then he said bye and left, end of story”

“Do you like him?”

“he did seem really cute, haha, but I’d probably never see him again”

“well, why don’t you go to the store at the same time tomorrow and see if he shows up if he felt

the same way about you” she said with a serious face.

“maybe I will” I smiled putting on my evil smile


The next day was a Saturday and I was glad I didn’t have college so I got dressed in my pretty summer dress and decided to take a trip to the store. “Why am I even wasting my time on someone who I don’t even know or someone who won’t even show up” I said as I slapped myself.

“Well at least, I could go buy something, I’m craving for some chocolate bars right now” I thought to myself and I hopped into my car.


I drove along my street looking at all the mums walking their kids to the park on a beautiful Saturday morning. They looked so happy just hopping on the sidewalk with smiles on their faces, but what was I doing on my Saturday, yes that’s right, I was going to the store in hopes of meeting a guy whose name I don’t even know! “you’re stupid” I said to myself looking at the front mirror as I pulled over at the store.

I looked at myself one last time in the car window “you look damn fine baby” I said as I turned on my swag and started walking into the store. As i passed the magazine stand,  I looked at my phone and it was the exact time I met him yesterday so I turned my head everywhere looking at everyone like an idiot or more like a lost kid searching for his mum. I swear it felt like I stood there for hours frantically searching for him or any sign of him. After like 30 minutes I decided it was a waste just standing there so I just laughed it off and headed to get some chocolate bars. I looked at all the different varieties of chocolate bars and decided I was going to go with snickers.

As I grabbed a snickers bar, I felt someone touch the behind of my shoulder. It scared me out of my wits and as chills ran down my spine I heard a voice say “wrong choice baby, snickers got nothing on a Mars bar!!”

“HUH” I said as I turned around

And there he was, the man I wanted to see just looking into my eyes, staring into my soul. He smelled really fragrant like lavenders and mint, such a pleasant fragrance that you just couldn’t describe it my mere words.


“oops sorry, didn’t mean to” he said

“yeah whatever” I grinned


I put my ‘I don’t care you’re here’ look on my face although I was smiling inside like crazy because he showed up just like I wanted. I couldn’t believe he actually showed up. Does he like me too, I wondered. Maybe he did come to the store to see me or it was all just a coincidence but either way I got what I wanted.


“whats with the mars bar” I asked

“oh ” he said as he smiled, “im Bruno Mars” he held out his hand

“Mars??? Is that your real name??” I asked

“I wont tell ya until you tell me your name” he said jokingly

“im Ashley” I said with a smile


And then he started telling me about how his real name was Peter but his dad started calling him Bruno since he was two because he looked chubby like this big fat wrestler back in his days.


“really? How about the Mars” I laughed

“oh that just came joking around in the studio, saying im out of this world”

“seriously.…wait, studio??”

“yeah, im a musician” he said as he told me everything about his band and how he was trying to

make it in the music industry.

“that’s nice, good luck with that”

“Thanks, oh by the way did u happen to be searching for me” he asked with a corny face

“yeah right, in your dreams, I just came by to do some shopping” I lied


He came closer to me and I could feel his smell so strong and powerful that it was like drug. I can feel me getting attracted to him like a magnet. It was all happening so fast I didn’t even know what type of feelings I had for him. How can I just fall for a guy just like that? is this love or something else? So many questions that I didn’t know the answer for but as of now, I knew I had the biggest smile on my face in a long time and I liked it that way.


“you sure can daydream” Bruno whispered to my neck snapping me back to reality

I stood there all blushing not knowing what to do, after all I was staring at his face.

“yeah, I drift off sometimes” 

“you’re cute when you blush you know”

“umm…thanks” I said blushing again

“I really…hmm…never mind” he started muttering

“what is it”

“oh your smile was so beautiful, it made me speechless”

“you’re an idiot”

“well, you’re about to fall in love with this idiot”

“no im not!!!" I threw a mars bar at him

“whats your favorite food then”

“why are you asking?”        

“damn…girl you ask a lot of questions”

“I love icecream, cake, smarties...”

"stop!!! You are such a kid” he laughed, “alright wanna get some ice cream??”

I nodded my head, yes, without any hesitation, and we walked to this icecream parlor near the store.