Chapter 27-30

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Chapter 27:

We woke up the next morning in each other’s arms. He kissed my forehead and started humming.

“Hi.” I whispered up to him, he kissed my lips and smiled. “Last night was amazing.” 

“Something I’ll always remember.” he winked. 

We got up got dressed, I saw all the scratches on his back and arms. We walked downstairs and Dre was sleeping on the couch.

“Damn you two were loud! I barely got any sleep!” He said hearing us walk down the steps.

“Ya boy’s just that good.” Bruno said smiling. Dre rolled his eyes. 

“A heads up woulda been nice though, could have left for a minute, I turned up the TV, but it didn’t help much.”

“I’ll make breakfast. Need you to get your strength back up.” I said and gave Bruno a kiss on the lips.

“And it starts already.” he said licking his lips. I went in the kitchen and made french toast, sausage links, bacon, and potatoes. 

“Damn something smells amazing!” Bruno said walking in the kitchen followed by Dre.

“I’ll fix you guys a plate, sit down.” I gave them each three pieces of french toast, two scoops of potatoes, and they picked if they wanted sausage, bacon or both.

“Damn, my baby can cook!” Bruno said stuffing his face. 

“If you don’t mind I’d like to make all the food so you don’t burn this kitchen down.” I smiled taking a bite.

“That is ay-okay with me.” he said taking another bite. When we were close to done eating, Bruno got a call.

“Damn right now?” pause, “I wanted to spend the day with my baby.” pause, “How long?” pause, “Fine.” he hung up. “Kenny needs me.”

“I need you too though.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I know, baby. I’ll be back later though.”

“Alright.” I said dropping my arms and taking a piece of french toast and dipping it in syrup before putting it in my mouth. He leaned over and kissed me.

“Mmm, sweet like sugar.” he said licking the syrup off his lips. He finished his food left.




I drove over to the studio and found everyone waiting for me.

“Damn bro what happened to your arms?” Phil asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” I smiled remembering last night.

“Somebody got some..!!” Phil’s laughed.

“Not to brag, but…twice.” I said quietly. I looked at my arms. “It’s on my back too.” I laughed. Kenji lifted my shirt and told me there were three long scratches on each side of my back starting towards my neck and went diagonally down and out to my sides.

“I’m guessin it was good? You don’t get marks on your back and arms if it’s not good!”

“I’m not gonna tell you.” I said.

“Oh c’mon.”

“Naw, you horny bastards get the hell outta here.” I laughed.

“You would with any other girl, why not Nicholle.”

“Because she’s my fucking wife.”

“Wow, seriously? You‘ve all of a sudden decided to hold out on us?” Phil said.

“Yeah dude.” I said getting mad. “Now get off it I’m not gonna tell you about me and my wife’s sex life!” I turned around and saw Nicholle standing there.

 “You forgot your phone.” she smiled handing it to me. “Thanks for sticking up for me like that.”

“Of course.” I said. She kissed me on the lips but held it longer than usual. She looked around me and gave the guys and evil glare, they chuckled.  She gave me one more quick kiss then walked away, I had my eyes on one spot. 


Chapter 28:


I got in the backseat and Cliff drove me home. When we got there Loba was sitting on the door step.

“What are you doing here?” I asked getting out of the car.

“The tickets are here!” she said holding an envelope.

“Oh, I had forgotten all about the tickets!”

“Is Alexie still coming with us?”

“I’ll have to call Tt and ask. Why don’t you come in.” I said opening the door. We walked in, Cliff did a quick search of the place and said there was no one there.

“What was that all about?”

“Oh just a crazy girl trying to kill me.” I said casually.

“Oh oka- wait, What?”

“Alex, Bruno’s assistant, she put up the video of Bruno and he fired her. She always hated me because I’m with him. She broke in, left all this crap on the wall, tore up our bedroom and left a voodoo doll.”

“Voodoo doll? This bitch is nuts!” 

“Yeah, so Bruno hired three more security guards. Not to mention we have Hoolie.”

“Right. Damn that’s scary! Are you getting a restraining order?”

“I want to. But I gotta talk to Bruno about it.”

“I don’t know why he would say no though.”

“When I first brought it up, he seemed hesitant. Maybe I’ll cook him a nice big dinner tonight and ask him about it then.”

“Oouuh, dinner and…dessert?”

“God! Nosey are we?”

“Can’t help it!”

I laughed. “Well maybe I don’t know.”

“Have you guys even…yet?”

“How do you think I’m pregnant?!” I laughed.

“I meant since then stupid.”

“Well, a few times, most recently twice last night.” I smiled.

“Damn you guys are like rabbits!”

“Oh be quiet! I feel bad though.”


“I kinda scratched him, bad.”

“What! That good?”

“Oh yeah! Scratches on his back and arms.” I said quietly.

“Details keep going!”

“I can’t. He stuck up for our privacy with his friends. I have to do the same.”

“Fine.” she fake pouted. “What are you gonna make him?”

“I’m thinking chicken parmesan. I love making it.” 

“Well you’re gonna need a while so I’ll get out of your hair.”

“I’ll see you Saturday.” I gave her a hug and let her out.

Cliff drove me to the store, and I bought everything I would need for tonight’s dinner.

“Babe what time will you be home?” I called Bruno.

“About an hour.”

“Perfect. Love you bye.”

“Love you.” I hung up and got to work cooking. I made enough for Bruno, Cliff and myself.  It was a little over and hour later and Bruno still wasn’t home. 

“Cliff you can eat now if you’re hungry.” 

“Please, I’m starved. Having to smell it all day, I’m ready.” he laughed.

“Alright.” I smiled and fixed his plate. He sat at the island in the kitchen and ate.

“Oh my god this is amazing!” 

“Thanks.” I smiled. “Breadstick?” I asked and put a basket full of them on the table. He grabbed one and dipped it in the sauce. An hour and a half after Bruno said he’d be home I decided to give him a call. I didn’t wanna be clingy, but his food is getting cold. I called him and no answer. Three more hours passed and still no call no show.

“Bruno I’m starting to get worried.” I left as a message on his voice mail. At 2am I decided to go to sleep. I guess practice just ran late. I really hope he’s okay though. I said goodnight to Cliff and went upstairs. i laid in bed with my phone in my hand waiting for him to call, he never did.

When i woke up and i was still alone.

"Bruno?" i called, no answer. i got out of bed and walked downstairs. there was a piece of paper on the counter top.


'I'm sorry i couldn’t make it last night, practice ran late. dinner was delicious! had to go back to the studio, have a concert at the end of the week, practice practice practice!

love B'


Was what the piece of paper said.


Chapter 29:

I was glad he was okay but mad he still was gone. I sat on the couch watching TV, resting as Bruno would call it, around 5pm Bruno came home. He barged through the door and ran upstairs.

"Hello to you too."

"Hey babe sorry about last night." he yelled from upstairs.

"It's fine. Can we talk?"

"Quickly i have to get back."

"I think we should get a restraining order."

"Against who?" he said running down the stairs. He threw his phone on the couch and went in the kitchen. it started vibrating, i looked over and it was a 10-didget number, i wrote it down.

"Phone's ringing."

"Don't get it!" he yelled and ran to the couch jumping over the coffee table.

"Hello?" he asked. he looked at me then turned around. "Yeah, i know. i'm coming." he hung up put the phone in his pocket and ran back in the kitchen.

"What has gotten into you, what's going on?" i asked him.

"That was the studio calling, nothing i just have to hurry and get back."

"Alright, about the restraining order."

"Right, against who?"


"Sorry love i have to go." he walked in the living room.

"When will you be back?"

"Tendsj." he mumbled out the door. i said there not understanding what just happened. i looked at the number i wrote down earlier. Something isn't adding up. i ate dinner alone again, and waited up till ten.

i sent Bruno a text, 'Babe, when will you be home?' about a half hour later he texted back, 'idk'.

wow he can't call, or even spell out the whole words? i tried to not let it bother me.

"Cliff!" i yelled at around midnight.

"What's up?"

"I'm going to bed now, keep a listen, i don't know when Bruno will be back, if you hear a noise it could be anyone or anything."

"Alright, you're safe with me." he said and i went upstairs. i rubbed my stomach until i fell asleep.

i woke up in the morning and Bruno was actually laying next to me. his phone started ringing and he hopped up.

"What?" he said into it. "Right now? I was sleeping though. FINE!" he yelled. he looked over at me.

"I'm sorry you probably don't recognize me anymore." i said and stood up.

"Come on."

"Let me refresh your memory. i'm your wife! You know, the one person you're supposed to love and talk to?" he smiled. "Save your smiles for the studio." i walked past him, he tried to hug me but i dodged his arms and went in the bathroom. i closed and locked the door.

"Nicholle, come out."

"No, go to work Bruno."


"GO!" i yelled. he let out a sigh.

"I love you." he whispered and walked down stairs. i heard the door close and his car drive away. i opened the door slowly and went downstairs.

"Am i doing something wrong?" i asked Cliff.

"No, of course not."

"Then what is it, am i disgusting to look at? because i'm bigger with babies in me?"

"No huh, come sit." he said and rubbed the seat next to him.

"The past two days he's been ignoring me. staying late at the studio, freaking out when the phone rings, leaves the room to talk. either i've changed or he's cheating." i let a single tear fall.

"He's a musician, his career is gonna be crazy sometimes."

"Okay i get the long hours, but he could let me know if he's not gonna be here for dinner, or not jump over the fucking coffee table when the phone rings so i don't answer it. i've seen him a total of 3 minutes in the past two days and thanks it." he looked at me. "Do you think he's cheating?" he was silent, i started crying.

"He wouldn't cheat on you, he loves you."

"Then explain all this." i said through sobs.

"I mean, his behavior kinda spells it out, but-"

"OH you have Kenny’s number right?"

"Yeah, let me see it." i compared my number to his number, they were completely different. "They don’t match." i whispered.


"THEY DON'T FUCKING MATCH!" i yelled. i started crying harder.

"Nicholle i'm sorry." he opened his arms and i leaned over in them.

"He's gonna abandon me and his two children." i put my hands on my stomach, there was a little bump. "Whoa." i kept my hands in the same area and it happened again. "The baby kicked." i said. "Wanna feel?" he smiled i replaced his hand with mine, he felt it.

"Oh my god that's amazing." i smiled glad someone was here with me, but sad it wasn't Bruno. the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." i said and walked over.

"Hey baby!" My Tt said when i opened the door.


"Remember you said for me to Bring Alexie by on Thursday and you would watch her till the concert on Saturday?"

"Right, of course!" she gave my 6y/o cousin a kiss and left.

"Lexie this is Cliff." i told her.

"Cliff? like clifford the dawg?"

"Yes." he laughed.

"This is your boyfriend?" she turned around put her hand on her hip and bended her thumb backwards at him.

"No, he's here to keep us safe!"

"Oohh, okay good." she ran over and played with Hoolie. a few hours later i made us dinner. 


Chapter 30:

Alexie wanted macaroni and cheese and ribs, so that's what i made.

"What's for dinner?" Bruno said walking in the kitchen.

"Excuse me, who are you?" i asked.

"Ha ha, very funny."

"No it's not funny! i feel like we're strangers. Cliff is more my husband right now then you are."

"That's not fair."

"Why not? Because it's for your 'job'?" I said and walked out of the kitchen.

"What do you mean my 'job'? you know i have a private concert Saturday, i need to practice." He said following me.

"Okay, what about the phone calls, you run a marathon to get to it, before i can even see it."

"Just Kenny." Cliff cleared his throat letting me know that's not Kenny's number. i starred at him. "What you don’t think it's his number?"

"No, let me call him i have a question."

"You can’t...he's sleeping." i shook my head, rolled my eyes and walked away from him.