Chapter 27

14/03/2012 22:34

"Bruno stop now!" I laugh at him holding up a bag of frozen chicken wings.

"What?!" He asks back with a serious face and big eyes just to crack a smile in the next second.

I step to him, take the wings out of his hand and throw them back into the fridge. "I think you need some lesson of what you can take with you for a picnic!" I grin at him. 

"Oh you can gimme a lesson anytime, babe." He says while he turns me around and presses me against the cold fridge kissing me deeply. Then we hear someone coughing and turn our heads. "Sorry ma'm." Bruno pulls me away from the fridge so the woman can open it. We walk away holding hands and right when we are around the corner we burst out laughing. 

"See that happens when you don't let me get my beloved chicken wings." He says after get himself together and wiping some tears who came from all the laughter.

I punch him lightly on his shoulder. "Silly! How you even wanna eat wings at a picnic?"

"We're close to the studio we could crisp them up there..."

I glance at him. "No studio today! You forgot?"

"No babe." He kisses me again and puts on his seductive look. "But you know if I don't get chicken you have to gimme me some other meat today." He says while grabbing my ass and squeezing it.

I push him back. "Hey we're in a market, there are kids around, filthy boy!" I smirk at him and run away. "Hunt ya meat, hunt ya meat." I yell laughing out loud. Of course I bump into someone when I turn the corner. I don't know when I behaved so childish like that last, but it feels damn good. Bruno is right behind me, wrapping his arms around me when I almost fall back and we can't stop laughing. After some seconds I open my eyes and wipe all my tears away. I look at the person I hit to apologize. I stare at him. I know this man.

"Hi!" I say surprised.

"Hey!" He says back.

"I know you!" 

"Yeah, I know you too. From Roxy's... but erm sorry I forgot your name."

"No prob, I forgot yours too." I chuckle. 

"Well mine is Phred..."

"With Ph not F, right?!"

"Yeah... and your's was?"

"Caroline, but you can call me Caro... and this is Bruno, my boyfriend..." I turn to Bruno who raises his fist a bit and they do this soft fist-to-fist punch saying their heys to each other.

"You were DJ-ing that night, weren't you?"


"But I never saw you again since then..."

"Well I was busy. I got into all this producing and writing songs stuff..."

"Oh really? I write my own songs too. I have a band, ya know..."

"Cool! What kind of?"

I back up a bit and say. "Hey guys you can talk a bit and I get the rest of the groceries, ok?"

"But I don't wanna take too much of your time." Phred says.

"Oh you don't, actually you save me time if you take care of him for a while. He's not a big help, ya know." I say smirking.

Bruno sticks out his tongue and Phred grins. "A'right." He takes out his ipod and gives one ear bud to Bruno. I smile and turn around going to the fruit and vegetable section. It's such a sunny day and fresh fruit and smoothies are just the right thing for a picnic. I so look forward staying there the whole afternoon, only looking to the sky, cuddling, talking, listening to music. This one-on-one time got so rare the last months. I'm happy for Bruno that he got so much jobs and he really enjoys it, although he hopes that they soon leave him on a track and he finally get recognizes as a singer too, not only as a songwriter. But I miss him so much already. And as most as I want him to make it as an artist I know from my experience that time will only get less when he has to do all the touring and interviewing. I sigh. But I love him, more than Tony if that even is possible and I just want the best for him and that is fulfilling his dream. If that means I have to back up and see him less, I'm willing to do that. Oh god. I exactly think like in the past. Didn't I promise myself to be more selfish? I let my head hand down and shake it lightly. But as long as it makes me happy it's ok, isn't it? And seeing him happy makes me happy. Okay! Stop now, Caro! You def think to much! It's your last day with Bruno! Don't worry about the future! Just enjoy the present! Just go with it!

When I got everything I go back to the guys, they still listen to music and talk at the same time. He looks so happy and I smile. He looks up and sees me and immediately smiles bigger. I reach them and he puts an arm around my shoulder.

"This guy is really good tho!" He puts out the ear bud and gives it back to Phred. "Yo man we gotta go now, but gimme ya number and I hitcha up. We def gotta work togetha!" I love when he talks in that slang. All I can do is just smiling. 

"Sure." Phred responses. "It's 1800..."

"Wait!" Bruno interrupts him, takes out his phone and gives it to me with a pleading look.

I smirk when I take it and see Phred's questioning face. "He just got this phone and let's say he's no tech freak!" I explain.

Phred laughs a bit and says his number. I type it in Bruno's phone and save it. "Should I call you? So you got his number too?" I ask and Phred nods. I let it ring two times and hang up, then give it Bruno back. 

"Thanks, babe." He gives me a peck on my cheek and puts his phone back into his pants pocket. 

We say goodbye to Phred and walk out after paying.


The park looks amazing even better the last time we've been here. They planted some more flowers around the fountain and along the trails and on the other end there's a small playground for children now. Some kids are playing there. We walk to the fountain and lay the blanket on the grass. Then we lay down on it both on our backs and my head on Bruno's stomach. 

"Tell me more about Isabella now. I mean she comes with you in 2 weeks and stays here for quite a while, so I need to know something..."

"Hm... you know she just turned 16 and she really isn't so much into boys yet, at least what I heard... she loves to play soccer and volleyball and she plays drums and a bit guitar. Her father taught her, but since my sister and he divorced 4 years ago, they don't have so much time anymore to practise together..."

"That's kinda sad..."

"Yeah but she's in a band at school, so it's not that she doesn't play anymore at all... but she refuses to get a private music teacher. I think because her dad taught her and she doesn't wanna replace him...."

"Hm... I'm excited to hear her play! Maybe she lets me or Eric teach her some..."

"Yeah that would be great." I take his hand and play with his fingers. "Eric's gonna be a good dad. The baby comes in about 2 months and he's so nervous, Cindia told me. Actually more than her." I grin. "You know she told me last Wednesday she had light contractions and Eric suddenly grabbed that big bag out of the closet and wanted to drag her into the car. She stopped him and did this breathings you know that ease her and everything was fine again. And when she asked him why he grabbed that bag, he said he packed it for the birth when she's in the hospital. She looked what's in there cause it was so big and there was like 2 pieces of any possible clothes she could need. From socks to underwear, shirts, skirts, dresses, sweats, even towels she already missed and not even that he bought baby clothes and toys, a snuggie... she was so touched that she started to cry. Isn't that cute?" I look at him and he grins.

"Yeah Eric is such a softie, like a big panda." I continue playing with his fingers. "I didn't know about that, but I know he will be an amazing dad!" We lay there for some seconds smiling when he takes one of my hand which plays with his fingers causing me to stop. "You think I would be a good dad, too?"

I turn my head so that I can look into his eyes. "Of course you will!" I say without hesitation. "You're so caring and playful and you can teach your kids a lot of things, playing instruments, really good dad material!" 

I smirk and he chuckles. "Well thanks. And you know I think you will be a great mom as well!" He leans on his arm and comes close to me giving me a peck on my lips. "But not in near future, okay?!"

I nod. "Now feed me, daddy!" I say grinning and opening my mouth.

He laughs. "Hm I know what I can put in this mouth..."

I quickly close my mouth pressing my lips hard and sit up. "Oh you're such a perv!" I say disgusted punching him lightly against his chest. 

"As if you wouldn't enjoy it!" He says back laughing.

"Oh god, I meant fruits!" I grab the grocery bag and take out the cup filled with melone pieces. "See water melone. I meant these."

He chuckles and starts poking softly in my side. "What if I don't want melone in pieces but in a whole?" He grabs my waiste and pulls me on my back throwing his face on and between my breasts. 

"Stop! Stop! No! Hahahaha! That fuckin tickles me!" I yell out almost dying from laughing. 

He mumbles something but I can't understand him when he suddenly stops and grabs his phone out of his pocket. He gets on his knees and look at the phone letting out a small sigh. I lean on my arms when he answers the call.

"Ari man I told you no calls today!.... Yeah, in the park with Caro... yeah you disturb us... it's ok man, what's up?.... What?" His look turns from annoyed into shocked. "Are you fuckin wit me now?... The Travie McCoy from the Gym Class Heroes?... fool, I know there's no other with the same name... why did he come?... What? Really?... Fuck man I can't!" He looks at me. "It's her last day, I promised her, man. Can't he come again like tomorrow?" I sit up and look at him mouthing What? "Wait a min." He takes the phone from his ear and looks at me. "Baby, Travie McCoy just came into the studio. You know he heard the demo from 'Billionaire' and likes it so much that he wanna work on it with us for his next album. I know I promi..."

I put my finger on his mouth causing him to stop talking. "Bruno it's ok. I know you're a fan of them. Com'on let's go. Anyways I still need to pack..."

He gives me a peck on my forehead and jumps up. "Ari?... yo man I'm there in 10 minutes." He puts his phone back into his pocket and helps me get up. We get all the stuff together and walk back to the car and drive off. 

It only takes a few minutes to the studio when I let him out he says. "Babe take your time with all your packing and when you ready you can come around, a'right? I know you like the Heroes too!" 

I smile at him and shrug with my shoulder. He smirks and leans over. At least he kisses me now and not only gives me a peck. We part and he says. "I love you! You're the best. And I won't forget about the melones." The last bit he says with a wink.

I shake my head grinning and he gets out. "I love you too. See you later."

He shuts the door and I drive off. On my way home I buy some biscuits and chocolate I always buy for my mom when I fly to Germany. Although we only spent like about an hour alone together I'm happy and fully satisfied. And fuck he gonna work with Travie McCoy and I'm gonna meet him later! When I tell my sister about that she will be jealous as shit. I laugh to myself, maybe I can ask him for an autograph?

I arrive at home and do all the packing. I'm fast and think what else I could do. I call my mom. I totally forgot about the time difference. So we only talk for some minutes because she was almost asleep. Then I decide to varnish my nails. I bought this blood red polish and it really looks great. Somehow I want to go shopping now, buying a nice red shirt which fits to my nails. Thanks to Ryan's shakes and his training program I lost some pounds the last weeks and I'm more comfortable in my skin. I wait until the polish is dry and then drive to the mall. After an hour I found a cute red tanktop and simple black flats and this cool long necklace with black feathers, it fits perfectly to my dark blue skinny jeans I'm wearing. I pay for everything and put it all on. Then I drive to the studio. On my way to the recording room I already can hear drums and happy shouting. I open the door carefully and step in. Wow all of the Heroes are here. Shit I forgot my camera, well luckily Ryan is here too and his phone camera is pretty good. Bruno sits behind the drums playing a beat in different speeds. When he sees me his eyes pop out and he jumps up. 

"Hey there you are!" He yells and walks towards me. He gives me a quick kiss. "Hey guys this is my girl, Caro."

"Hey ho Caro! What's uuuuupp?" Travie says waving his hand. 

I wave back and answer. "I'm good. You?"

He snaps with his fingers. "Aaaallll goooodd!" The other guys burst out laughing.

I lean to Bruno and whisper. "Are they drunk or high?"

He pushes me out of the door and closes it behind us. "Babe, you don't know what just happened!"

"Well how should I? I wasn't here..." I smirk.

He glances at me. "Smart ass."

"Whatever... Tell me!"

He smiles big at me, hugs me, kisses me on my forehead and then looks at me with this happy big grin.

"Bruno, what the fuck happened? You're so happy!" I smile but look confused and curious.

"Babe, finally... it happened!"

"Baby, I don't understand! What happened?"

He takes my hands and squeezes them. I let out a small squeak and he does so too. Now this really gets awkward. I hardly think if I've ever seen him that happy and squeaking. He calms down a bit and finally he tells me...