Chapter 28-30

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Chapter 28

My 4 soon to be sister in laws are sitting around the coffee table, we’re painting toenails, green muddy facial junk drying on our face. Jamie is telling me all these funny stories about Bruno when he was little. When we get our nails done, I get us together and take a group shot and send it off to Bru, then we all wash our faces, pour some wine and turn on ‘The Notebook’.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. It’s Lacey, she sent me a picture of them. I respond back with a picture of Phil and I, and then say ‘Why are swamp people invading my house?’ Drinks are flowing and I’m dancing, girls are trying to get up on me, I mean why wouldn’t they? I’m a sexy ass mother fucker. After a few more drinks, I finally give in and dance with a few girls. I know that Lacey doesn’t care as long as I keep my hands above the waist and my lips to myself. This one girl though, started getting a little dirty, trying to move my hands lower, putting her mouth all over my neck. I tried to push her away, but girl was determined. Dre saw her and pulled her away.

When the movie is over we all decide that we’re calling it a night, which is good, cause I’m tired, and I don’t want to have bags under my eyes tomorrow. I hug all the girls and tell them bye, Tahiti is coming over tomorrow to help me with my makeup. By the time I brush my teeth and pull one of Bru’s t-shirts on it’s almost 11, yeah I know hard core partier right here. I’m almost asleep when I hear a huge crash! I start freaking out, I’m in a house I don’t know that well, I don’t even know the address, in case I need to call 911! “Booooootaaaaaaaaaay!” I hear from the hallway. “Bru, is that you?” I ask getting up, when I turn the light on I see him lying on the floor in the hallway, with a side table on top of him. “Bruno, what are you doing?” “Unf,” is all he can say as he smacks his hand on the floor. “Bru, are you okay?” I pull the table off of him and sit it back against the wall. “Someone put that fucking shelf in the middle of the walk way, and then a frog bit my toe and made me fall,” his breath smells horrible of liquor. “Well someone got trashed tonight didn’t they?” I help him up off the floor, and practically carry him to bed. As soon as his butt hit the bed he passed out. I stripped his pants and shoes off and pushed him over and climbed in next to him.


I’m awaked by Bruno climbing over me and running to the bathroom. The nurse in me kicks in and I climb out of bed. I grab 2 washcloths, run them under cold water and hand one to him and put the other on the back of his neck. “Will you please not look at me while I’m dying? Don’t you think it’s kinda gross to watch someone puke?” Bruno says in between his heaving. “You forget I’m a mother and a nurse. Puke doesn’t bother me at all babe. Plus I love you, and I want to make you feel better.” I squat down and rub his back, feeling sorry for him, until I see the lipstick on the collar of his t-shirt. “Bruno, what the fuck is this?” He pulls his shirt off over his head and looks at it. “Well it looks like lipstick, but don’t over react,” he says putting his head back into the toilet. I get up and walk out on the patio and smoke.

“Babe, please don’t be mad at me,” Bruno says, walking out onto the patio. “How can I not be mad at you, you came home trashed last night and you have lipstick on the collar of your shirt.” “I swear to you nothing happened, I was just dancing with a girl, I kept my hands high and everything, she tried to kiss on me, I pushed her away and had Dre take care of her,” Bruno sucks at lying, I can tell he’s telling the truth right now. “Okay look, you have never giving me a reason to doubt you before, so I’m going to believe you.” He comes over and kisses my forehead and walks back inside. When I come back in, he’s in bed with the blanket over his head, “Booty, will you close those blinds, it’s too hot to be under this blanket.” I close the blinds and head down stairs, grab some Gatorade and head back up and get some Tylenol. “Here Bru, take this and drink this whole bottle. By the way, your shelf in the hallway is trashed, and so is the vase that was sitting on it.”

I went back to sleep for a couple of hours, then Lacey made me get out of bed. We had to leave in 2 hours. Tahiti was in the bathroom, curling Lace’s hair. “What up TT? Excuse me while I pee.” “Bruno, you are so nasty!” Tahiti said, throwing a brush at me. I started laughing and kicked them out so I could shower. When I got out, Lacey’s hair and make were done. She was sitting on the bed, playing on my laptop. “Where’s T at?” I asked when I opened the bathroom door, “She went down stairs to work on her hair, since you kicked her out of the bathroom.” I closed the door and then dropped my towel. “Bru, I just got my hair and makeup done, don’t think you’re getting anything right now.”

“You ruin all my fun!” Bruno says stomping his foot and sticking his bottom lip out. I get up off the bed and come towards him. “Don’t touch my hair!” I say as I wrap my arms around his waist. “I can’t resist those puppy eyes B,” “Does that mean I get some then?” “Ha, No, but I’ll love on you for a second.” We break away from each other and Bruno gets dressed. I help Bruno with his hair, and Dre comes to pick him up. “I’ll see you on the red carpet sweet thang,” He says kissing me good bye.


Bernie, Tahiti and I load into the car and drive through town. When we get a block away the car stops and Bruno hops in. “Look at all the sexy ladies in my car,” he says rubbing his hands together. “Sometimes I worry about you son,” Bernie says teasing him. When we get to the red carpet, the car stops and they open the door. Immediately people start screaming at Bruno, we walk down, stopping every once in a while, Bruno answering questions, singing autographs for fans and taking pictures. One lady asked him who he brought, and he actually introduced me as his fiancée! I don’t know why it made me so excited but it did.

We finally got inside the auditorium and got seated, I couldn’t believe all the people! Throughout the show we moved seats 3 or 4 times, and then they finally put us up front when Bruno left to get ready for his performance. After 2 awards were presented the lights went out and they introduced him. “Here he is Mr. Doo-wop himself, bringing us his new single off his upcoming album. Bruno Mars!” The crowd erupted. When the music started playing, Bruno caught my eye, put his hand over his heart and winked at me, I kissed my fingertips and started dancing along with the music. His performance was perfect, the crowd was on their feet when he was over. Bruno’s back! 


Chapter 29

Were just pulling up to the after party, my feet are killing me from these shoes. Bernie went home already but Tahiti is gonna party with us. We get out and walk another short red carpet. Right before we get to the door, Bruno says, “Babe, look who it is.” I turn around and almost have a heart attack. There standing just feet away from me is Justin Timberlake! This is going to be bad, I know Bruno is going to go say hi to him and make me come with him, and then he’s going to give me a hard time all night over it. “Hey Bruno, how’s it going man?” He says when sees us. “What’s up Justin?” I’m trying to look anywhere but at the first guy I ever fan-girled over. “Justin, this is my fiancée Lacey,” Bruno says, squeezing my hand. He sticks his hand out to shake my hand, “Nice to meet you Lacey, and congrats.” Without removing my hand from my mouth, I extend my other hand and shake it, “Oh My God, thank you.” I’m shaking, Bruno is laughing, and Justin is looking at us like we are crazy. “Ok then, well nice to see you Bruno, and nice to meet you Lacey,” he says then turn around and walks off.

“Bru, I can’t believe you did that to me.” “What! You just met Justin Timberlake! Why are you getting so upset?” “Yeah I just made an ass out of myself.” He kisses my cheek and tells me it was ok. When we get inside the place is packed. We made it through the rest of the night, rubbing shoulders with other celebrities without me acting a fool. After I had a few drinks in me, I started to relax and have fun. “Booty, are you ready to go home? We have a plane to catch tomorrow morning.” “I’m just starting to have fun Bru!” “But baby,” he says snuggling into my neck, “We could have more fun at home.” He pulls away and looks up at me, giving me his puppy eyes. I grab his face and kiss him passionately, “Alright Bru, let’s go.” When we find Dre and Tahiti, we start to head for the door, “Hey guys, I think I’m gonna stay for a little longer. I’ll catch a cab,” Tahiti says, looking back at the group of people she was just dancing with. “Are you sure T?” “Yep. I’ll come by in the morning before you guys head back.” She kissed us and walked back to her group.

When we got home, we said goodbye to Dre and snuck upstairs. “You were amazing tonight Bru,” I said, pulling my hair up. He came up behind me, kissing my shoulder as he unzipped my dress. “Well I’m about to be amazing again love.” He pulled his jacket off and kicked his shoes across the room. Then he sat on the bed, motioning for me to sit in his lap. I crawled into his lap, straddling him. “I saw you dancing out there,” he said as I started to unbutton his shirt. “Hmmm, did you like what you saw?” I kissed his chin then pulled back raising my eyebrow waiting for an answer. “I did, I love watching you while I sing songs that I write about you,” he lifts me up, and sets me on the bed and walks across the room. “It’s your turn to watch me now, booty,” he says as he plugs his Ipod into it’s speakers, he scrolls around for a second and then a slow sexy beat starts playing.

His hips start swaying and he slowly turns around. I smack my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Is he really going to strip for me? He runs his hands through his hair, and down his neck, chest and then slowly finishes the buttons I didn’t get to. He lets his shirt slide down his arms as he’s walking towards me. When he gets to me, he takes his shirt off, wraps it around my wrists and pushes me into the bed. Using his shirt like cuffs, he stretches my arms high above my head as he works his way from my ears to my hip bones, leaving little kisses and nips along the way down. Just for a second he grinds into me, when I let out a little moan he stands up, steps back and starts working at his belt as he begins to sway his hips again. When his pants are finally free, he lets them drop, steps out of them and then walks back over to me. He grabs my tied wrist again and pushes me back down. I want him so bad that it’s painful. “I love you soo much Lacey,” He says, and for the next hour he shows me.


We’ve been home for a week now. We’re finally getting back into the swing of things, Bruno working at the studio and taking a break every evening to come home and have dinner. I transferred to a clinic, my hours are so much easier now. Bruno and I have been talking about a quiet little wedding with just immediate family in Hawaii, no date has been set, but he’s leaving soon to go on his American leg of his tour.

“Hellllloooo nurse,” he calls, as he walks in. “Hey Bru, how’s things going at the studio?” I kiss him and then set some plate on the table. The kids hear us and come running, “Bunooooo!” They are both screaming, Brayden has gotten so used to Kensley calling him that, he now says it too. “You guys are awesome, I love getting greeted like this every time I walk in the door, it’s like having 2 dogs that can go poop in the toilet!” He pats their heads and walks to the piano and sits down. “Did you just compare my perfect little children to dogs?” “Yeah, and what you gonna do about it?” He gets up pounds his chest and walks towards me. “Bruno, you are so weird.” “Well so are you, so let’s be weird together,” he says sliding his arms around me. “Mom’s weird enough,” Bray yells at us. Bruno and I bust out in our weird dance that we like to do to embarrass the kids. “Your mom’s not weird, she is cool,” He kisses my cheek and takes dinner to the table. We all talk about our day and then Bruno says, “Tomorrow I need you to come somewhere with me.” “Where are we going?” “Legal stuff,” he says, not wanting the kids to catch on. We finish dinner, and Bru loads the dishwasher while I help the kids get their stuff together for school the next day.

After the kids go to bed, Bruno and I spend some time tangled up with each other in bed. He sings me little snippets of songs he’s working on, and tells me his plans for his tour that starts in 6 weeks. “I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be gone for so long Bru.” I’m laying in my favorite position, on my stomach, head on his chest, leg thrown over his. He runs his hand through my hair and says, “You can come out every weekend that the kids are with Greg.” “That’s only every other weekend though, I hate being away from you. I miss you when you’re down the road at the studio.” “Then quit your job and come with me, we can get the kids a teacher to travel with us.” I lift my head and look at him for a second, “I can’t do that to them Bru, they aren’t used to that stuff yet, maybe I could bring them out to a few shows, but they really don’t know “who” you are outside of home. I think that would be scary to them.” We are trying so hard to keep them out of the spotlight, although they have experienced the paparazzi a few times, we always tell them we don’t know who they are or what they want. After a few more minutes, Bru gets up and heads back to the studio. I stay up a little longer and foolishly google Bruno’s name, there are so many pictures of him and I, so many rumors that are nowhere near close to the truth. And then like an idiot I check my twitter, all the hate that is being thrown at me for being with him is starting to get to me. 


Chapter 30

“Basically what the preup states is, If you guys were to divorce, then you will receive 40%,” “No,” I interrupt him. “No?” Bruno is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. “Yes, Bruno. No. You can take that prenup and shred it, I won’t sign that,” Bruno takes his hat off and rubs his head in frustration. “Well, what do you want it to say? I mean do you want more?” I can’t believe he is even asking this. “No. While I understand the need for a prenup, to protect both of us, “in case”, I hate it. It’s like were both saying, those vows are not going to be taken seriously. Here babe, just in case you can’t lose weight after I knock you up and decide I want to be with someone skinnier, younger, prettier than you. I’ll pay you off.” Bruno stands up abruptly, “That is not what I’m trying to say! Is that really what you think of me?” His lawyer is starting to get a nervous look on his face. “No, Bruno that’s not what I think of you.” “Then what do you want the fucking prenup to say smart ass?” He’s pacing the floor now. “The only way I will sign a prenup is if it say this, and only this. “I will get what I walked into this relationship with, my building here in New York. That’s all I want, I don’t want any of your money, any houses, cars or whatever we purchase while we are together, unless I contribute to it financially,” I grab my purse stand up and walk out.

I can’t believe this! “I’m really sorry, excuse me for just a second.” I run out the door, in search of Lacey. She’s at the elevator door. “Lace, will you stop for just a second?” “Bruno, what do you want from me?” She has a defeated look on her face. “Baby,” I say taking her in my arms, “What is all this about?” “I hate this, why can’t you just be a regular guy? You know I would love you if you had 3 dollars in your checking account and were struggling to pay your bills right?” I don’t understand what is going through her head right now. “Yes, I know that. Babe, please just come back in there and let’s figure this out.” “Only if you put it how I want it, I don’t care what you want when it comes to this,” she says, moving my hand off her hip. “Lace, I don’t understand why you’re acting like this. I just want you to be taken care of if something does happen. If we split up, I don’t want you to have to struggle, I want to take care of you and the kids.” At that moment the elevator door opens, “There is a thing called life insurance, for “if something happens”, If we get a divorce, I don’t want anything from you. I appreciate the thought Bruno I really do, but those are not your children Bruno, they have a father that takes care of them. You know what I want,” She touches my chest right over my heart, “this,” and with that she steps into the elevator and a tear rolls down her face as the door closes between us.     

Dana came over crawled into bed with me and cried while we stuffed our faces with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watched The Vow. “Lace, I don’t understand why you acted that way though, I mean what he offered in the prenup was a lot. Most women have to fight for child support,” It’s the first time she has said anything to me since she got here. “That’s the thing Day, I don’t know why I got so offended. I guess cause I have been getting some hate on Twitter, people saying that I’m a gold digger and that I’m ugly and questioning me as to why Bruno would marry a nobody. When I heard the lawyer say that I just kinda flipped out. I feel like Bruno might think it’s about money to me, and it’s the last thing I want.” Fresh tears are rolling down my face. I feel like I’ve been foolish and I’ve let all these people that know nothing about Bruno and mine’s relationship just ruin it. Dana took me in her arms and hugged me until I passed out from exhaustion. Bruno didn’t come home tonight.


I wake up feeling like I have the worst hangover in the world. That’s exactly what it is, an emotional hangover. I get up and climb into the shower. Letting the hot water and steam wash away all of my pain. “I’ll do that for you,” Bruno said, climbing into the shower with me. I gasped, just short of a shriek. I hadn’t heard him come in. Bruno took the soap out of my hands and lathered up his own, set the soap back in its little niche, and began to wash my arms, raising each in turn to stroke my armpit, down my side, never touching my breasts, which were practically quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted. “Have I told you that I’m sorry?” he asked. I shook my head still unable to speak. “Then I am a fool,” he said, moving one hand in a circular motion over my stomach. “Turn around, Booty.”

I turn my back to him, and he began to work on that. His fingers are very strong and very clever and I had the most relaxed and cleanest set of shoulder blades in New York by the time he was done. I could feel part of Bruno pressed against my back. He shampooed my hair next. I took the soap from the niche and lathered up my fingers as I stepped very close to him, I began to work on his chest. I closed my lips around his right nipple and sucked. He liked that a lot. His hands pressed against the back of my head. “Bite, a little,” he whispered, and I used my teeth. His hands began to move restlessly over whatever bit of skin they could find, stroking and teasing. When he pulled away, he decided to return the favor, bending down a little. While his mouth closed over my breast his hand glided between my legs. I gave a little moan and did a little moving. He has amazing fingers.

The next thing I knew, the water was off and he was drying me with a towel, and I was drying him with another. Then he scooped me up and carried me to bed. He laid me down and crawled in between my legs, his fingers and mouth became busy exploring my body and he was pressing heavily into my thigh. I was so horny, curling my fingers in his hair, scratching his back, anything I could reach really. Suddenly he was ready, putting himself at the right spot.

“Lacey,” he said hoarsely, and pushed. Though I’d been prepared, I still cried out with shock. After a moment, he said, “Don’t close your eyes. Look at me, Lace.” The way he said my name was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name no other man had ever used before or would ever after. “Watch me,” he said in my ear, and pulled out. I tried to yank him back, but he began kissing his way down my body, making strategic stops, and I was hovering on the golden edge of an orgasm when he got all the way down. His mouth was talented, and his fingers soon took place. He looked up the length of my body to make sure I was watching, I was, then he turned his face to my inner thigh, nuzzling it, his fingers moving steadily now, faster and faster. I may have made a noise, I’m sure I did, but in the next second I was floating on the most powerful climax I have ever had. When I came back to earth, Bruno was kissing my mouth again, and I could taste my own fluids on him, then he was back inside of me and it happened all over again.

His moment came right after, as I was still experiencing aftershocks. He screamed out something, and I’m sure neither of us could recreate the sound he made if we wanted to. Then he closed his eyes and collapsed on top of me. After a minute, he rolled over onto his elbow. “I’m really sorry about yesterday baby. Day called me after you fell asleep last night and told me everything. You have every right to react the way you did.”