Chapter 2

25/04/2011 16:01

We just got here and already I'm amazed. My apartment sucks compared to this place!! Aww well, I'm still bokin' awesome... (slight gasp) He's just sitting there, listening to music...He looks so amazing... And I'm here, to work under him, my goodness I love my life!!! Seems like the song is over, he's taking off the headphones.

B: Well, hey. Who are you?

A: (Blushing) Oh uhm Phil told me to sit in here, I'm sorry if I'm intruding...

B: Naw, you're cool. What's your name beautiful?

A: Ansley Kenning, but you can just call me Ansley, or use the full name, I don't mind... (nervous giigle)

B: (Laughs lightly) Alright, he went and got you. Awesomeness. I'm Bruno, and I want you.

A: (BLUSHING) Uhm, excuse me?

B: Oops, I meant that I want to work with you. Sorry.

A: It's fine.

B: I've seen some of your lyrical work, I'm impressed.

A: Thank you, I've been a fan for a while.

B: (smiles) Awesome. So, tell me about Ansley.

A: Uhm, okay. I'm 22, and I love music with soul, I'm recently single, and I'm a total Starbuck's addict.

B: Coolness. I'm Peter, but you can call me Bruno, I'm 25, and a fan of laziness.

A: (giggles) Coolness.

B: Wow, I can't wait to work with you.

A: Thank you, and me either.

B: So when can we start Ansley?

A: Today is good.

B: Okay, can I do something real fast?

A: Go for it.

B: (Leans foward and runs a hand through my hair) Hmm, thicker than I thought...

A: (Blushing) Uhm...

B: Sorry if that was sorta awkward...

A: It's alright.

B: Uhm, just had an idea, but I don't wanna say it outloud with you in the room.

A: Alright, I'll just go home. See you tomorrow?

B: Huh?

A: You were gonna get your idea out, right?

B: No, I don't want you to leave.

A: Uhm, thanks. (smiles)

B: You're welcome!

A: You're one cool boss.

B: Boss? Nope, I'm not your boss.

A: What??

B: We work together, not me dominating you.

A: Oh okay. I like that.

B: I like you. (smiles)

A: I like you too. (smiles) We sound like a bunch of teens...

B: Awesomeness. So let's go to your house and get to work!

A: Yeah, I'd rather stay here.

B: Alright.

A: But it is kinda late.

B: Woah, you've been here ALL DAY!

A: I know, time for me to leave, huh?

B: I wish you could stay.

A: We have tomorrow. (hugs him)

B: (kisses me on the forehead) Tomorrow, beautiful.